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  1. Alfalfa likes well drained soil, and a ph of 6.5 to 7. A good stand of high yielding alfalfa will use a good amount of potash, I also like to add 20 lbs of sulpher, preferably in the form of gypsum to potentially get some benefit from the calcium as well. Without the dairy herd I've gotten away from seeding a pure stand of alfalfa. I went kind of low budget this year, 12 lbs. of $120 a bag alfalfa, 2 1/2 lbs orchard grass, 3 lbs tall fescue, and 2 lbs medium fescue. Total cost was $100/acre for seed. Nurse crop of oats will either be combined or harvested as balage. Seed cost for that was about $25/acre. Put 100 lb 18-46-0 and 250 lb 0-0-60 on for fertilizer. Cost was about $65/acre, potash levels in that field were pretty low. Seeded into soybean stubble.
  2. Wife snapped this one, darned dogs wallowing down the rye.
  3. The deer are a vermin, but the little guys are so darn cute.
  4. If I move again (in retirement) it will be to West Virginia...or maybe southwest Virginia.
  5. Oh, and one more thing. It may be a local thing but our tax accountant in VA is aghast at how high our Iowa taxes are.
  6. Funny thing about diesel prices, when traveling between VA and IA, the cheapest diesel was always around Champagne. About 40-50 cents cheaper than IA and made damn sure I didn't have to buy any in IN.
  7. C'mon man, I see green😟. Ruins the whole picture!🙃
  8. Yup, you're a pansy. My dad stays 2 years ahead cutting firewood as his primary source of heat for his house and shop in north Iowa winters. Helped him load 17 saw logs last week, he's 87. BTW... I'm a pansy too.
  9. Back in the day, we used 3 lbs of atrazine and crop oil. Nothing grew but corn, just had to go back to corn the next year. About 10 bucks an acre if I recall correctly.
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