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  1. scraglycat

    Hitch hikers

    I wonder if he's Dale from King Of The Hill Edit: Oops, wrong fictional tv character, should have said Boomhaur.
  2. scraglycat

    Goose Neck repair

    Didn't have time to brake, plowed right through the Ranger, thankfully no injuries. Gooseneck coupler broke and the trailer just pushed into the rear bumper of the truck. Tow truck had to hook to the trailer and towed it to a trailer center for a new post.
  3. scraglycat

    Goose Neck repair

    This is what happened to mine. I was loaded with a 1066 and a 340, traveling about 35 mph when a guy in a Ford Ranger pulled out of a gas station in front of me. Hit him just ahead of his drivers side door.
  4. scraglycat

    The cattle thread

    Do ovines count?
  5. scraglycat

    Duramax diesel problem

    My '08 did the same thing yesterday in -25. Code reader said low fuel rail pressure. I think I'll leave it parked till it warms up some, fill the tank, add some power service, and see if that doesn't solve the problem.
  6. scraglycat

    tool pouches

    You can get these wrench rings at Harbor Freight, 2 for $1.99.$10_37074&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrujLtqSS4AIVxVYNCh2YtwLCEAQYBCABEgKcAvD_BwE
  7. scraglycat

    Hardest starting tractor

    I love my 706, but the d310 is the hardest starting tractor i've ever had. If it's down around zero I don't even think about it except in an emergency, then it's plug it in, have ether handy, and pray. The 3020 however is my winter chore tractor because if plugged in for an hour, it will start.
  8. scraglycat

    The Dog Thread

    "Case" waiting impatiently at the door.
  9. scraglycat

    Opinion on saying.

    Is this the shirt you are looking for?
  10. scraglycat

    Opinion on saying.

    Old mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to fetch her poor daughter a dress. When she got there the cupboard was bare and so was her daughter I guess.....
  11. scraglycat

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    I'll bet that was painful.