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  1. Went to farm & fleet and bought a 50cc bottle of 1% injectable ivermectrin. Take 1cc/cwt orally on day one, day four, and once a week after that along with vitamin D supplement. (not medical advice) I got that protocol from one vet, asked another vet his opinion and he told me he didn't know if it would prevent covid, but he would guarantee I'd never have pin worms.
  2. Amazing how hot a fire can get in the back of a building. A couple pics of the discbine. Warped drive shaft. No fuel within 10 ft. Twisted frame. Again, the only fuel close is the tire and conditioning rolls.
  3. I followed that thread too, and thought about it just about every time I plugged a tractor in. I talked to both the insurance adjuster and investigator about it and neither seemed convinced that a GFCI would have been the answer.
  4. My adjuster told me that the salvage yard will put a value on the equipment based on pictures and they will come pick it up. We'll see what they say, but the loader would have to be no more than scrap price to justify the expense of rebuilding it.
  5. I've got plenty of hay for myself, just a little less to sell.
  6. Yes on the block heater. IH 6588, MF 2150 3x3 baler, NH 7450 discbine, Anderson bale wrapper, NH 166 inverter, GP YP625a planter, 1460 parts combine, and a Farmall M that was purchased new by my grandpa. The M might be salvageable, it was closest to the door and didn't seem to get the worst of it, although that may just be wishful thinking.
  7. I agree. Adjuster said he will send pictures to the salvage yard and they will put a value on it. I'm trying to determine a dollar figure where I would say "it's worth more than that to me."
  8. "Build back better"......seems like I've heard that before. I'm getting a head start on the rest of you. I have nothing and I will be happy. (insert sarcasm emoji here) Oops, hope I don't get put in a time out.?
  9. My main takeaway to be on guard for would be make sure your insurance is up to date! Machinery Pete says an 8 year old piece of equipment is bringing more today than the same piece was bringing 4 years ago. It's difficult to fathom that you might lose an entire shed full of equipment in an instant.
  10. Plugged tractor in at about 12:20. Went home for lunch. Got call from law enforcement center at 1:07 telling me that the machine shed was on fire. The loader is the only thing that appears remotely salvageable. They pulled the 5240 out to get to the burning hay. Couple pictures of the rest of the mess.
  11. I had a really bad day. I'm looking for thoughts on whether the 520 loader would have the structural integrity compromised. I have no idea yet what the salvage buyback cost will be. If nothing else, would the loader brackets have any value? FWIW, it's a 5240.
  12. This is mine. It's a carhart that came to me from Farm Credit. The ones that I prefer have "fuzzy" earlaps, although I haven't seen one of those for many years.
  13. Thanks for all the information. Tractor is on a retirement auction next month. (If it was a consignment I'm sure I would run). I'll have to talk to the owner and take it for a test drive and go from there. fwiw we do have a local AC dealer that has been here forever.
  14. I've been kind of passively looking for a boxcar magnum for my big square baler. Wife likes baling, but hates running the 6588. She doesn't like how it steers, how it shifts, and it is loud. I stumbled across a mid 90's Agco-Allis 9655 with around 4000 hrs. A little research shows that these tractors are powered by an IH 466 rebadged as a Detroit. Transmission is a Funk 18 speed powershift that is also in some White and New Holland tractors of that era. Looks to me like a poor man's magnum, but I might struggle to get by the fugly factor. Anybody have experience or opinions on these tractors?
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