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  1. I've got a red green opinion! 😀
  2. I've been working on my 200 that hasn't run for several years. Got it started, but it doesn't respond to the throttle. It runs decent at a medium idle, if I give it full throttle it will rev up and then fall back to medium idle. If I move the throttle lever slowly, it doesn't respond at all. I'm thinking governor needs lubrication at the least? It appears that I need to remove the radiator and fan to get good access to remove the front cover? Any advice would be welcome.
  3. Can't help but think of this 😂
  4. Seeded oats Monday and Tuesday, rain Wed.
  5. Really liked "Meet me in Montana". Also reminds me of this less glamorous, more blue collar duet of David Frizzell and Shelly West. Way back when, on Sunday mornings there was a radio show on with Jerry Clower (the country comic) as one of the co-hosts. I remember being amused that whenever they would play a Dan Seals song, he would carry on about how wonderful it was that he was now making that goooood country music instead of that eeevil rock and roll (England Dan & John Ford Coley).
  6. scraglycat

    New joke

    That'd be my dad! He would wipe the blade off on his pantleg first though. 😃 Slice watermelon too!
  7. I wore out a greatest hits cassette back in the day. Couple of my favorites.
  8. And poor 'ol Earl can't slow down.
  9. As long as y'all are driving fast
  10. And I'll bet "engineering firm" got paid 50-70k for their work.
  11. Fail! That would be the last time a plantation owner required a slave give up his bowl of rice in exchange for shelter.
  12. I just got one from All States. Not terribly expensive. They are not side specific, however the late 86 and 88 series have mounting holes higher in the glass.
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