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  1. I get a beep when I have the parking brake handle pulled up on my 9230. Make sure its all the way down and the wire / switch is good.
  2. Sounds like the rear end was essentially unchanged from the M to the 686.....
  3. What model is the 4th picture?
  4. Don't have much info, but saw an auction listing "20 miles E of St Louis" that has a 1206 & 1256 listed. Anybody from down that area can elucidate?
  5. Everyone is talking loader, but I don't see any other signs of that on the tractor - no bracket shading, lights are on sides of hood, has a front grill guard with hitch, etc. My guess is this was a road mowing tractor---and the weights were there to provide extra low weight to help prevent rollovers.
  6. Actually, yes. Our old NH 67 baler rarely missed a bale....as long as you pulled the first 20' out of the twine bundle first.
  7. Ive seen diesel engines that have sat a lot longer than 10 years fire right up. Filters, fuel, batteries, make sure its loose.
  8. I get it. Maybe no personal attachment to the tractor even though its a family tractor, don't want to piddle around with a 40-50 yo machine all the time, maybe just buy a late model NH or JD yard/garden tractor that is smaller. Even a 706 is pretty big if all you are doing is yard maintenence. That is seriously a very sharp 706. If its in as good of running condition as its paint, really its only downside is that its painted (not original). Depending on where you live, that tractor could be anywhere from $6500 to $12000. Or more with the right bidders I guess I would ask the family if anybody else wants to purchase the "heirloom", and if not then ask around (who worked on the equipment for your Uncle) about local prices.
  9. Hmmmm.....Actually you got me semistumped already. Changing the harness on the AHHC should not affect the engagement of the thresher---the only thing I can think of is you actually have a short in the new wiring that is opening a circuit breaker that feeds everything. Unfortunately, I do not have full schematics for the 16xx combines, I don't have the engage schematic. I'm attaching a print of the OEM 16xx wiring diagram for the AHHC....notice it never touches the engage functions anywhere! DOes the new harness prevent engagement of the thresher if you do not plug it into the head, if its just connected in the electronics compartment? BTW, I don't think the wiring is right, look at the wire colors shown below for the header pot, and make sure the right wire ends up in the correct pin in the plug at the header.
  10. My 666, once side slid right out by hand, the other..... I ended up using a porta power to pump oil into the area, and making a big wrench which allowed me to beat the tube around (twist). I got it to move back and forth an 1/8"....then a little more, than finally a 20T jack & a portapower with special blocking and beating it back and forth got it moving outward.....it fought me the whole way out. Ended up breaking the wrench - should have had heaver plates on the pin. I probably should have gone clear around as stated.
  11. Looking that over, I really wonder if that cab isn't "homemade" by a really talented guy. Based it off the IH cab, and made his own. It just looks built out of heavier material than you would expect to see on a factory unit. Anybody who could make the custom manifolds for that engine could also make the cab, IMO.
  12. 16V is way too high... Disconnect the alternator before you fry something else. Then see if things work just on a normally charged battery.
  13. Wow. Where are the guys writing the tractor books going to go get there pics now? Pretty sure many of those tractors feature heavily in lots of tractor books.
  14. Lots of "out of stock"..... There are mirrors advertised by A.S.A.P. on Amazon of all things.... THe pictures show 2 different styles, wondering if anybody has used these.
  15. You will do more "damage" one time stuck spinning one rear tire in the mud/snow, whatever. In other words none.
  16. I suggest you contact Eric @ Porch Electric. Just get a new harness and eliminate the headache. As I've stated before, I'm an electrical engineer, have a full wiring shop.....and get my tractor harnesses from Porch's. It just isn't worth trying to fix or rebuild them myself! He may also be able to help with the diagram.
  17. That stuff is like baling wire....I've used it for tank straps, insulator spacers, battery tray cushion, spreader paddles, and a hundred other things. I can't believe I didn't think of that for the fenders! I know what I'll be doing this winter....
  18. Plowing is just like that....John Deere (the guy) did not invent the plow as is so often stated. He just recreated the plow using a steel that would shine up - because the cast metal plows of the time would not work in heavy clay midwest soils. The same HP that pulls a 6-16 bottom in really sandy soils, may only pull 4-12 in hard clay sod.
  19. The only problem I have with the new ROPS w/o the canopy, is the fenders vibrate & rattle. I wish there was a good way to rubber mount them, rather than solid bolts to the ROPS. You need a bigger hole in the ROPS plates, & a rubber grommet & inner metal sleeve, I think.
  20. One of the past parts I bought for my 4386 was a brake caliper. It cost me $1000 for a good used one....I thought this was absolutely insane. Until I went to buy a new brake caliper for the FNH 9030. THis is basically similar to a caliper on a 1 ton truck......but REMAN cost was $1700!!!
  21. You haven't cussed until you duck under that branch only to have it smack you hard on the back of the head as the Rops catches it and it whiplashes forward.... Great decision on the Iron Bull ROPS to keep you safe! I put one on my 666 a while back, also very happy. Now, consider your hearing so you can hear the grandkids! I strongly encourage you to buy some cab liner foam or similar and glue under the cap. It will greatly quiet down the sound reverb.
  22. Correct, but.... its easy to think of them as being the same. "They took the 1466 rear housing, and slapped a special front cover plate and a special pinion shaft for a yoke on the front." is the easiest way to describe it to somebody who hasn't seen one! The 4366 was not, but pretty sure my early 4386 front end was pressure lubed, IIRC, I sent my service manual off with the tractor! Going off memory of what I read in the manual. Maybe it was only the later ones, but I think mine was as well. Totally get you on not checking the rear end enough - sealed and no leaks, so it must be fine right??
  23. Ask a tire dealer about getting used tires, they just laugh at you. I tried to find a set of used rims & tires for my 9230 to replace the "drawbolt" duals, kept watching the big parts places like Worthington....everytime they would post a new tractor with usable tires and I'd call....they would already be gone. They have a set of green (stieger) rims w/o tires that would fit. Pretty sure there are standing orders for any good used tires that come in. Finally just caved and spent the money on 4 new and still got the drawbolt duals. I really hope you can find something, likely off of a junk combine. Very sharp 4366!
  24. Actually I bet its more than 2. For instance the 3pt lift adjusters--one looks like an 86, the other looks --weird. Parts from a 706 to a 88 series may be on that "beauty". My dad would have called that a junkyard dog - somebody built it out of usable parts found in the junkyard.....lets see, this motor will fit this clutch will fit this rear end. Heck it could even have different axles on each side! We had a Ford 800 that the yard guys put together.....and it was a lot more "correct" than that. Still never knew until you matched parts what version of anything it had on it.
  25. I bought an 806 one time, guy threw the 3pt backhoe in for free. 2 buckets, a 24" and a 12" with a kicker flap. I had to work on the joystick controller, (aluminum housing was worn out and snap rings would blow out allowing a shower of oil to fountain all over you) , I machined a plate to bolt over the whole thing to hold all the spools in. Its a 2 stick, and works great now. The 806 is gone, the backhoe is still waiting for the next water pipe leak. Dug a bunch of foundation trenches & water lines with that narrow bucket! I also have used a "real" TLB....and yes, no comparison. Still way better than a shovel!
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