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  1. Installed a400 horsepower 855 in a 4586 it ran for years without any problems. The hardest part was the hydraulic system had to get a gear reduction pump because engine auxiliary drive wasn't heavy enough to drive pump. Keep in mind that the differential and final drives are 1466and 966 parts. Added 11 inches in frame if I remember right used low mount turbo manifold. If you let the air out of front tires it makes it a lot easier to work on.
  2. If you our talking about the hose by the right front corner of the battery box that comes off the lines coming from the front that is the supply line, you don't pinch it off. You bleedthe brakes just like a car one side at a time, have somebody pump up the brake hold it down while opening bleeder repeat till air is gone. You should have the tractor running to replace the oil your losing by bleeding.
  3. The loader looks like a Freeman . We had a Freeman on a 504 and it looks just like that loader.
  4. Does the loader work right if you put the tractor valve on demand? Hydraulic system on a 300 is an open center so oil will go to less load . To get the system to work with it teed like it is plumbed you would need a flow divider in the system. The easiest way to plumb the loader valve is hook it up like a remote rear cylinder and wire the valve on when you use the loader.
  5. 400 PTO has its own oil supply there for probably the seal is bad on the front of the PTO
  6. That tractor was a cab tractor can tell by the cab wiring in front of shifter and side lights. You want to check the platform cab used a wider one. Also front weights didn't have angle hole.
  7. There is a difference between 06 and 56 series fenders both in mounting brackets and the sheet metal . The sheet metal on the 56 series has a reflector brackets on it 06 don't. The mounting brackets on the 06 series uses 3/4 ubolt and no side brackets to platform.
  8. Sometimes the metering Spool in the pump sticks on the plunger inside he pump.
  9. I need to know the color of gold IH use on the gold demos.
  10. I have a customer that needs new door seals for a 66 series deluxe cab were can he get them?
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