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  1. I think a v12 had 291cubic inches
  2. I would use IH corn head gearbox grease.
  3. With Striker782 on the intravance is bad excessive exhaust temperature and no power.
  4. Idle screw 1 1/2 out main jet start 2 1/2 out then when warmed up fast idle screw main jet in till runs rough then out till rough put jet in the middle the idle engine and adjust idle jet in or out till runs the smoothes.
  5. There is a friction disc behind the throttle lever. Take the hood off behind lever and you can get to it . There is also a counter spring under the gas tank rear of the starter that may be gone this spring keeps the pull pressure the same thru the full range of the lever.
  6. You have to fill the axle housing to the plug on the side of the housing which is about a third of the way up
  7. A 995 had a turbo charged Nuess 4cylinder in it.
  8. SnapOn makes a plastic rail for big wrenches red for smaller wrenches black for big ones.
  9. SnapOn makes a plastic rail for big wrenches red for smaller wrenches black for big ones.
  10. These brackets don't go on a 127 all you need is the sub frame.
  11. My machine was built September 22 1978 that make it an early 1979 production run.
  12. If you have a early 1460 the rear of the rotor fit over the rear of the drive and a new rotor will not fit with out changing the rear of the rotor cage and drive . I tore up the drive on my1460 the dealership I worked at had a slightly rock damaged specialty rotor tried to install it hit the rear of the cage so I just fixed the rear of the rotor.
  13. Corn picker side shields attaching bracket?
  14. I was able to get new seals at Nappa they were able to match them if your gear is not broken.
  15. Why do you have a filter on the pressure side of the pump?
  16. We had a 560d turning 75 horsepower pulled 4 14s most of the time in 3 gear but had 60 acres you got down to TA 2nd . So I think 4 14 s or 16s would be find
  17. Heat treated 759-3835 and 759-3811 Hard surfaced 759-3843 and 759-3850
  18. The problem I think is a signal line check valve on the tractor leaking . Had a hyd problem with a 240 on a planter and the problem was with the checks but can't remember the details of the issue way too many problems and Barley pops since then
  19. Close the concaves to 3,rotor at 300 ,fast spockets on cornhead and every other wire pulled on front concaves . Also put vanes in fast position the problem is that you are over thrashing the crop because you are keeping it in the rotor to long . With the concaves at 8 you are losing traction on the crop with it at 3 it will move faster through the rotor and the corn will get pushed Thu the concaves quicker and not get ground up.
  20. Change the letters around in Corona and it spells racoon!
  21. Item 12 is the venturi it has to fit tight you may have it in upside down. Is it plastic ? Plastic ones have a tendency to warped if the engine backfired.
  22. Find a good used metal one there better than poly the poly has problem with static electricity holding shucks on the head and a good polished metal head will pick up down corn better in my opinion
  23. Steiner tractor has new ones for a 450 part #IHS3404
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