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  1. Our one owner 686, grandpa bought it new, has the 310 German, year-a-round cab, and 16.9x38 Firestones.
  2. I don't know how narrow it is set, but if you have room to get a air hammer in they work wonders.
  3. What year by chance? F/R OR F/N/R option? I would check the fuses and relays on the right side of the dash, if I remember correctly there is a reverse cut out relay. Hopefully CIH TECH will chime in. And welcome to the forum.
  4. Thanks, the 88s we have are our big horses also, we still fill 4 stave and 2 harvestore silos.
  5. The flat plate with the two holes that connects the linkage to the hydraulic valve is a good place to start, those holes usually start to egg out.
  6. Great tractor's, although I like my 56,86 series just as much. Funny thing is if you look close in the picture there are 3 1486's and you can see the dual of the mx285 lol.
  7. A few small differences in the rear end, and the 54 being intercooled and inline pump is the only differences that I've discovered, don't rule out the right little 5088 mine runs with our 54's.
  8. did you guys get snow in Minnesota?
  9. That is great information, thanks for sharing!!
  10. I believe the original post said hydro 186
  11. Leave ring gear on axle, and I make sure the sun gear stays in the rear end.
  12. 1970 1026 gold demo 13000+ hrs only thing done to my knowledge was flex plate, hydro, crankshaft dampener, and injection pump was leaking so replaced. And obviously a couple sets of tires.
  13. It should fit snug in the trans housing.
  14. I may know a guy down here by me in NE IA that might have one for sale off a 1456 if it's not too far away???
  15. Thanks, 4yr old on the seat, and 10yr old nephew out back Tedding hay.
  16. My 1220, and 900 planters spraying rig, and was cultivating some late planted corn today.
  17. I have used our 966 on the case ih 8570 , but was careful when turning down hill on the sidehills, we normally use the 1486 or the 5488.
  18. I'm not sure, I will call tomorrow and find out.
  19. The last DT436 I overhauled, I used a kit from RF ENGINES out of Michigan, FP diesel on package, which is Federal Mogule I believe. My AG Parts Rep got me in touch with them, good quality.
  20. Me with the 5088 I bought in March, breaking in my fresh engine overhaul, and my 10 year old nephew in the 1486. Finally drying out a little.
  21. Yes, they were an option, no tilt wheels offered on 06 series from the factory.
  22. That is some NICE iron, that 5.9 looks like it was born in there!!
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