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  1. ih crazy

    Couple 966 Pre-Buy Inspection Questions

    I agree with mule, it looks honest, it has seen some paint at some point, and the problem's I can see $500 would take care of. It does look like it has fluid in rear tires, I wouldn't be too concerned with axle, I wonder if it had a cab once, hence the 56 series fenders, if the price is right I wouldn't be afraid of it.
  2. ih crazy

    1466 speed trans question

    That is normal to have a little end play in that bearing on that lower shaft, I've put new bearings in from ag parts and cnh both will have that slight end play
  3. ih crazy

    New 1456 and new to red power

    Welcome to the forum, and very nice tractors you have there.
  4. ih crazy

    Weekend Auction Results-Genoa,WI

    Thanks, for the results ELS, I wanted to go but couldn't. Was the 1086 original paint??
  5. ih crazy

    Tilt steering wheel on 66 series

    Yes, they were an option, no tilt wheels offered on 06 series from the factory.
  6. ih crazy

    Tach issues

    Good advice, also sometimes where the tach cable goes into the elbow the square drive can wear out, I have replaced a few elbows over the years, more so than the plastic gear.
  7. ih crazy

    Original Paint IH Tractors and Equipment photos

    all have original paint yet.
  8. ih crazy

    IH 1063 Length

    I could use one,I'm in NE IA where are you located??
  9. ih crazy

    Overhaul kits

    I have installed reliance kits in D358, D407,D436,and D466's and have had good luck with them so far, just my 2 cents.
  10. ih crazy

    Installing pistons on DT361

    You can usually do two at a time
  11. ih crazy

    Cyclo Planter? What is 20/20 Row Flow?

    Looks to be a 800 thru 955 to me, I have the selectro kit on my 900 8rw I love it ,it Shuts off every two rows, the planter is for sale.
  12. ih crazy

    540 PTO Differences????

    They did have the option for the heavy clutch pack,or the light clutch packs on the dual speed pto's.
  13. ih crazy

    I like these retro paint look

    Kinda the same paint as my old 95, I want it!!!
  14. ih crazy

    1086pto linkage problem

    The seat #31 would sit below the spring #28. That is prolly your issue if the spring is going inside the guide, the linkage will move too easy.
  15. ih crazy

    Some 1486/66/56 eye candy for today

    Very nice 1466, I'll play