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  1. ih crazy

    Added cost of farming deer country

    My 9 year old nephew Got this one last spring discing with the 1086, both front and rear tires and yes the rear where brand new two weeks prior.
  2. ih crazy

    886 vs 986

    Ya those 360 engines really have great power, especially with a turbo, they burn less fuel than a 986 with the 436 also.
  3. ih crazy

    886 vs 986

    My 886 also has a turbo, it will keep up with a stock 1086 most days.
  4. ih crazy

    1086 issue

    Could be, I would put a gage on the big bottom plug on mcv to start with, you will know then.
  5. ih crazy

    886 Gremlin's

    Lachlan, on the TA ,did it come with the drive gear that goes on the countershaft?? Did you verify the correct number of teeth on the IPTO shaft that you replaced with the one you took out, both things could cause the symtoms you described??As far as the release bearing you may want to make sure you have the proper freeplay on the pedal.
  6. ih crazy

    Electrical box under meter and gen throw switch

    Dale that green box is called a Terminal box commonly used back in the day, the 200amp main panel that mule showed will work, just make sure your URD underground wires dont have any bad spots in them,since they haven't had any conduit over them for protection over the last few years. And make sure you have proper overcurrent protection between meter socket and green box as stated, and please be safe.
  7. ih crazy

    Kidney stones

    Mike hope you get that 5th one out! I had my first stone last spring, I was filling the cornplanter with seed one night and the pain came on, didn't know what the h it was and lasted 10min and went away, next attack came to me approximately the same time 3 days later pain was a lot worse this time laid on the floor helpless till it went away. Third time I had it attack, wife said your going to the ER, they gave me hydrocodone and pain was gone 7mm stone they said. Long story short i forgot the pee sceen a few days when i was spraying corn and went for a checkup a few days later and doctors said they couldn't find it,and they figured I had passed it good i sighed. Well while i was at the RPRU last year the pain came on the worst of all!!! Lets just say i could not get home fast enough that day 4hr. Drive seemed like eternity.. I did finally pass the bugger a few days later so I fell your pain, it was by far the worst pain I have ever experienced!!! Hang in there!!!! Below is a pic of mine.
  8. ih crazy

    Electrical box under meter and gen throw switch

    Not sure if you have a generator hookup or not but that box is called a transfer switch?? Or maybe you are wanting just a terminal box that goes below the 200amp main disconnect?? You can pm me I am a master electrician a few days of the year.
  9. ih crazy

    86 Series Cab Memories

    Oh yes, l remember bumping my head on the back windows of our tractors many times. More in the year-a-round cabs on 686 and 966 than the 1486, but I was always happy to be riding with my dad! I made a few of these for my kids.
  10. More good words and pics from hydro 70, keep them coming!!!
  11. ih crazy

    F350 fuel pump help

    We had a 06 f150 that the fuel pump module (aluminum housing) is bolted to the metal pickup frame, corroded between frame and module and got moisture in it and caused problems. The update was rubber bushings between frame and module.
  12. ih crazy

    Made a little progress finally!

    24 deg. Btdc. Is correct, looking awesome Mike!
  13. ih crazy

    TIres for 966

    I like the 23.radials, I just took a set of field and roads off the 1086 when it was in the shop anyway getting a T/A. It rides really nice down the road now.
  14. ih crazy

    Rear main d358 886

    Just to add to Pete I believe the aluminum plate also has some oil pan bolts that attach to it that need to be taken out if my memory serves me right.
  15. ih crazy

    Looking for a lifter d310

    Is the 358 the same?? I may have a few good ones from an overhaul. I will look next time I'm at the shop.