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  1. 1486 pto part problem

    Then it would be the later 86 style with hyd brakes in the unit.
  2. German overhaul options

    I wonder if Endurance still makes a kit? I used one of them a few years ago. I have installed a few Reliance kits in 407s and 466/436 with good results but not any 310 or 358s.
  3. 1466 no start

    The key switch should have power even if clutch safety switch is bad,and on one side of starter push button, clutch safety switch is in series to the solenoid from the other terminal on starter button. So if no power at the key you probably have a bad connection at solenoid or at key switch or a bad wire. Oh, no fuse from the factory on that just on lights. Good luck.
  4. harmonic balancer

    I think the last one we got was from A&I about half price if my memory is right
  5. Our 1086

    I'm like you, gotta have the radio, not up very loud but some sound is nice! The inj.pump primer is not hard to replace, and if you have the wedgelock tool wheels aren't hard to move. I really like my old 7.3L too, best engines as far as I'm concerned.
  6. 5140 vs 5240

    I think the neutral position on the reverser was on 1994 and newer Maxxums. Our 5240 just has the blinking warning light on the dash for the parking brake. As far as hours go depends alot on how they are taken care of and how hard they have been worked, dad's has almost 20k.
  7. Our 1086

    Tunes are a must to make long days and nights go good!! Nice 1086 and ford 7.3 that's what we run too.
  8. Forum issues

    Yep all day today.
  9. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    I have gotten the factory looking undersized arms from A&I in the past, they work if the splines on the spindle are not wore too bad.
  10. IH. Top link question

    The rusty short one is for a 504u and the rest are all different. I'd sure like to know how many different part #s of toplinks IH made???
  11. 886 oil leak

    There is also a oring on the transmission brake shaft that sometimes leaks, I would put a new one in and check trans brake pad while cover is off.
  12. 666, 656, 404 at dealership

    666 has a D312
  13. My first combine

    Very nice machine's, and thanks for sharing.
  14. IH 766 setting valves

    You can also use a 3/4" socket on one of the 3 bolts that hold the crank damper on
  15. Tires and Rims

    We like 16.9's on our 656,666,686 verses the 15.5 on 14" rims and have 2 826's and 886 with 16.9's also. That would be my vote for the 756 ,now on the 826 depending on your usage if heavy field work I'd stay with the 34". And like others said the 15 will have better traction with the 20.8. Tire decisions can get tough to decide at times. Pic of 16.9's on 666 and 826