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  1. Google gumbas sauce. That is Mike M who won the court case. An interesting fellow. I have to give him credit for standing up for himself.
  2. I was trying to refrain from saying Wolf is an idiot but between him and the guy that needed a sex change to find himself making our medical decisions what else can I say?
  3. I know the owner of this restaurant. I had heard about the outcome last week and am glad he won. Lebanon county refused some of the governor's orders early on and for punishment the governor stripped funding. I'm not sure how the funding all played out.
  4. Rumors were that the game commission reintroduced them in the mountains years back and they have worked there way across the state from there. Don't know if there is any truth to that though.
  5. Work started on our house addition. I'm pondering if we should tie a stand by generator into the place. Main needs are water both for the livestock and mums along with typical household stuff. I have one of the largest plug in gas powered generac models. I can't remember what it puts out but it would do our whole old place. Problems include dead battery, very heavy and hard to move even on wheels, limited run time on a tank of fuel and of course stale fuel. What do you like and not like for stand by generators? Fuel would be propane. Anything beyond the home owner stuff gets real
  6. Very sorry to here. There was a fatal accident here this summer where a lawn mower collided with a motorcycle and the guy on the motorcycle died.
  7. I was wondering myself if it was painted yellow at the factory. Would like to see some pics. If you are talking trade and not sell outright you aren't going to get much out of it.
  8. Think I had said before we are by the state game lands and Blue Marsh. Havent seen any yet. My insurance guy thinks they could hassle our sheep. I don't know about the full size ones but surely lambs would be an easy meal ticket. Right or wrong we put them in at night. I have talked to others who raise sheep and they don't bother putting their animals in at night. Interesting that they are a suburban area animal as much as in the wilds. Kind of like white tail deer i guess. The deer live from the mountains to the farms to the neighborhoods.
  9. Exeter township. Please tread lightly. I didn't have the hunters permission to post the pic. My dad sent it to me because we were just talking about coyotes a few days prior.
  10. I had the same question. Was just reading about it. A ctl is rigid while mtl is not. I'm guessing the mtl really follows the terrain?
  11. This was taking right against Reading PA today by someone my dad works with. (My dad is at retirement age but says he has no reason to retire). He was bow hunting deer. He said he didn't kill it with the first arrow and it was barking like a dog. He started second guessing himself and thought maybe he did kill someones dog until he got a closer look at the thing. I have only seen one once and that was at our old place. Surely these things must be all over the place even if they aren't everywhere in large numbers.
  12. The owner of this machine says the larger svl95 is much smoother riding with a longer stance. I don't think I would want to own an asv style machine.
  13. I'm just curious if any of you run one on your farm. Seems like they almost wouldn't be necessary for normal livestock work in this area. Dirt movers have a Kubota svl75 track skid steer here that I ran a bit today. The machine has about 1600hrs on it and 1st set of tracks lasted 1400 hrs. Not having run much earth moving equipment I'll say I am thoroughly impressed at what this machine is capable of. The down side is the ride quality absolutely stinks compared to a wheeled machine. My late 90s gehl 4625 rides much smoother then this thing. When the time comes I would serious
  14. Appears that it is modern day hate crime on innocent people. Unbelievable. I hope they catch the sob.
  15. Congratulations Bill. In this day and age not to many people have 50 years together. Quite an accomplishment.
  16. It isn't a race. Usually people don't reply to a topic if they don't have anything constructive to add. This forum is visited by a overwhelming wealth of knowledge and most of us share a love of machinery, being outside, and the various activities around the outdoors, farming, tractors, etc. Cocky responses are a turn off and in the past have caused some of the most knowledable IH experts to shy away. Just a plea to tone it down, enjoy being on here, and learn everything you can.
  17. I remember rim guard. That may be a specific brand name of beat juice type stuff. Can't remember for sure.
  18. Looking down the hill at our place. Some of the cattle. Mums. More cattle. Sudangrass Triticale emerging yesterday.
  19. Are they drying it and then storing it to feed later? Were you going to store it yourself or do you need to move it either way? What would they pay if they bought shelled corn from the mill or elevator? If they are drying it themselves elevator day price minus drying charges or actual drying costs? If you were hauling it yourself how far would you have to move it and what are those costs? Lots of variables but I would start with at least what I would get somewhere else Could be a win win for both of you. I don't have any of my own corn but i just looked and here (PA) we are $4
  20. Those are some outstanding ears. Not really familiar with your part of the country. I think we average 50 some inches of rain a year where we are at. I'm guessing you are drier then that? Is that irrigated corn?
  21. I have a 362c but I think I bought it before the mtronic was an option. I think I've had it 4 or 5 years? They were about new to market when I bought it. Also have a homeowner level 180c. I actually go to the 180 when just tree trimming. If I remember right the 362 was close to 800 out the door with a box, tax etc. Not cheap by any means but I figured if it doesn't get stolen it should last me a life time.
  22. 82 model Economy Powerking has frame mounted 3 point so area is wide enough that lift arms are just straight steel. Also a pick of the valve someone rigged up for the hitch lift. It is pretty conveniently located for lifting cultivator etc.
  23. I don't but sounds interesting. Any pics?
  24. The data plate isn't pictured online. I'll be by there again next week. If it is still there I'll stop and look.
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