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  1. Getting dry here. Rains have missed us last few times including today.
  2. The guy I had mowing for me before i bought a discbine had triple pottingers on a fendt. His doesn't have conditioners. I think he was narrower folded up then my 12ft mower is. Very hard (dangerous) to move a 12ft center pull mower any distance around here. Narrow roads and crazy drivers.
  3. No idea but I'm guessing the surface rust on the rims isn't from the liquid. There are some proprietary corrosion free concoctions out there. Rim guard comes to mind? I bought a tractor from the south once and they had filled all 4 tires with water.
  4. Didn't want to derail dirt floor pool's thread. Random Ramblings: 1. My wife likes to send me pics of things sitting along the road that she thinks I would be interested in. She sent me this yesterday when she went for blood work. 1900 hours and asking for $19,995 for a 90s New Holland. I kept the picture with the phone number and price out. Insanity in my opinion. 2. Anyone have thoughts on Wacker Neuson skid steers? They seem to be gaining in popularity. Fence guy has 2 new I believe. Says warranty is really good. 3. Jcb just don't seem as popular. Maybe a bad rap from their earlier years and backhoes? @EquipmentJunkie any insight? Assume your dealer is Hoober. My old neighbor but a new jcb 525-80? Telehandler 3 or 4 years ago. Seems happy with it.
  5. A crying shame that the dealer wouldn't support you with a loaner when you had breakdowns. I've had a loaner several times. Typically they charge pickup and delivery only which if they are moving my machine doesn't cost anything. One time I had one for a week or so and they charged me $100.00. The loaner(s) are usual a used for sale machine off the lot.
  6. That stinks. At least it didn't take a shed or barn full of stuff with it.
  7. Any chance an exhaust shop can make that out of steel or are you trying to have it correct?
  8. That is a neat old piece. Depending on what is missing I would think the best thing to do would be to find a tractor pulled ground drive spreader that you can adapt parts off of.
  9. Geeze I don't know. I would plan on a full engine rebuild and hope for the best. I can fix little things but I'm not able or willing to tackle that. I think it would cost me $5000 for a rebuild and another $1000 for a used head if the head is cracked. While it is apart there is a possibility of a clutch and worn splines on the ipto shaft. Saying all this plan for the worst hope for the best. I'm not trying to jump to conclusions but buyer beware on any used tractor with significant age or hours. If it is the right tractor for you there is always the just keep fixing it mentality no matter what but you have to ask yourself does this tractor fit what you are trying to get done. Once you get deep into it the only way to get your money back is to use it alot. Guys restoring is much different then someone looking for a tractor going to the field to work and earn its keep. All my opinion of course.
  10. That looks like a fair amount of smoke coming out of the exhaust in your picture. I've learned now matter how good they seem they are going to need stuff. My d282 has a little bit of blow by out of the breather. Not serious puffing though. About 2 weeks ago we ran it stationary for 25 hours on a potting mixer. When we were done there was a softball sized area of black on the ground below the breather. Run away or plan on big $ if it is dripping every 5 seconds. If your paying someone to rebuild it you will have more then you paid for it in the rebuild.
  11. I should add although i have a want for one it isn't really a need. It looks like I won't be affording one anytime soon.
  12. As they say here some farm with money and some farm for money.
  13. Any transaction in cash over $10,000 as in $10,000.01 requires filling a CTR or currency transaction report with Uncle Sam. The dealer probably just didnt want to be a part of a ctr. We deal with Western Union at my day job and have to test on the basic regulations once per year. I believe the whole ctr thing is to prevent money laundering aka moving money from illegal activities.
  14. Esch is plain sect. No internet I would guess. It looks like $91.40 retail in 2021 according to TN Hillbillys catalog. Is that hard tire just pressed on there? My 2 balers are in a shed down the road so I can't walk out and take a look...
  15. I'm afraid there is a real shortage here or at least very tight inventory. You have some very good points that I 100% agree with. New construction is out of control between labor and materials. A $400000 home now was $200000 not that long ago. I don't see how a young couple or family working average jobs can afford that much. Not to get to into it but rents are almost becoming unaffordable too. Just wait until interst on all the variable rate investment loans go up and the landlords start passing that on.
  16. A few years ago we started using a property mgmt company for finding us tenants. Every single one has been relocations for their work and all have been outstanding. Probably the best thing we ever did in the rental business.
  17. I was just thinking there must be a lot of money in fireworks. Tents everywhere around here too. Closest guy has a pretty nice pickup and 5th wheel camper where they stay next to the tent. Last I checked most of the smaller fireworks came from China.
  18. I forgot about them. My go to baler experts buy a lot of parts from Esch. Esch would be the first place to go to other then used. Side note Esch is the maker of the mini balers for the decorative straw market and also no till drills.
  19. I could have used some of those baler parts over the years.
  20. I would think the suburban with a 4spd is a rare bird.
  21. Definitely would bring more here. Too bad I couldn't afford to get them here.
  22. Deere had a sycle that would belly mount under a 3010/2510 etc. I think you could then use a conditioner on the rear pto. A couple have come up for sale here over the years. I almost but one once.
  23. That is interesting. Lots of old trucks dump trucks have been converted aroundn here. Mostly they all rub off the tractor remotes. I've seen a few with a pto shaft hooked up to a pump but nothing like that.
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