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  1. A lot of history there and a good reference for engine collecting.
  2. My heater gave me fits for awhile. Couple random thoughts: They like clean kerosene not diesel. Even the multi fuel ones. Igniter is hopefully your issue and is just sooted up. Clean it. Check filter and nozzle. Clean or replace. The circuit board went bad in mine. When they go bad it may not even be worth it. What is the blinking light for or do you have just one light for ignition issues?
  3. Bees are definitely a ton of work and hard to keep alive if you have a freezing climate over winter. In PA your apiary is supposed to be registered. Unless you are actively managing and performing splits, catching swarms, etc you will be buying package bees each spring. Lots of people try thinking it is going to be this great hobby and end up giving up. For the amount of $ you would get tied up in equipment you might as well gain a permanent right of way through court.
  4. Looks like it belongs in a salvage yard. Unless it meant something to someone I would say it is junk.
  5. Registered weight in PA too. Registering 12k and 14k trailers down to 10k to avoid cdl happens every day. I have a 12k livestock trailer and a 12k deckover both registered at 10k.
  6. I feel like there is a regular one too that doesn't say vegetarian. I wonder what the difference is?
  7. I've been working with the creek police. If you take government money for projects here you must fence out or buffer stream/wet lands by 30 ft. I said we are under 30ft at some places but close. They said they don't think anyone will be out here with a tape measure to split hairs. 150ft on a ditch is rediculous. With the current state of uncertainty we don't need to be squeezing agriculture, transportation, or manufacturing.
  8. But until you put the side extensions on to load 4000lbs of feathers it will be very tall and top heavy.
  9. A steal but if you are going to keep it long term maybe they will be happy it is being well cared for.
  10. Safe ice is rare here. Every 2 to 3 years we might get a week of safe ice. Trouble is someone usually ventures out when they shouldn't and the situation ends tragically.
  11. I wonder how they squat with 4000lbs npk in them?
  12. This must vary state to state. People even play the register down game with pickups here.
  13. I think in PA as soon as you register your trailer over 10k gvw you need a cdl to move it down the road. I have 2 trailers registered down to 10k gvw. One is in the farm name and one personal name. I guess if it is in the farm name moving farm product we would be exempt but with it not registered for it's full capacity we would again be illegal over 10k. If I had registered it up I can't use it for personal use. The laws are a trap. All is fine and dandy until you get in a wreck of any kind.
  14. 2 comments The camper exemption is a loophole for sure. Not that I want retired guys to get a cdl for their motorhome but I've seen a lot of incompetent travel trailer drivers etc. I worked at a campground in my youth. I think the pickup and 10k trailer weight is pretty misunderstood. With all the mini excavators and skid loaders being hauled around I suspect there are some illegal loads.
  15. With all the regulations how is the equipment rental business? It is pretty big here for both homeowner and contractors renting from a rental yard.
  16. There are definitely some kids operating this equipment that shouldn't be, at least out on the road anyway. There was a fatal accident last year where someone fell asleep in a car and ran into a fendt tanker tractor head on. The tractor operator reacted appropriately and wasn't at fault. Im not so sure an inexperienced operator would have had the same outcome.
  17. Good lord. So if I run my loader down the road to pickup bales on a property I own I need a license, a plate, etc? What is next? They forgot the license to move in together or pro create. I would say get married but many just shack up anymore.
  18. A little off topic but why would anyone blend fuel on their own? It just seems like a lot of work unless they have multiple bulk tanks or have the fuel supplier blend it for them. We either have dyed or undyed number 1. Our fuel supplier will put additives in for winter etc at time of delivery if requested.
  19. Looking good. Glad we know who you are in case we ever run into you.
  20. Just checked. Looks like they have some used parts. Maybe I'm getting soft but the price doesn't seem that outrageous to me.
  21. So with appropriate license and registration you could haul more then 12000 lbs cargo depending on tongue weight? That seems pretty good to me and would cover about any skid steer or mini excavator even with a one ton pallet on the front of the trailer. I like the tilt idea but it isn't my money and I won't be the one using it. Kauffman is a good name I believe.
  22. What is the empty weight on the tilt deck?
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