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  1. I don't think it was ever acceptable. Here we still stop and prosecute shoplifters. The rules of engagement are not in our favor but we still pick them off. This will of course change as soon as someone gets hurt. Organized crime and Johnny on heroin don't usually have much to loose. They are brazen. The person stopping them has everything to loose. These companies adopt their policies to protect their employees, customers, and of course themselves. Scenario: Johnny Herion steals a crap ton of razors. He is observed and the rules of engagement are met. Johnny is confronted. He freaks out and bowls over grandma Sally while making a run for it. Grandma Sally breaks her hip and never recovers, ultimately passing away. Outcome: Johnny doesn't have a pot to piss in. The retailer pays Grandma Sally's medical expenses but then the family sues the retailer because they created this situation knowing that Johnny was desperate and dangerous when they engaged him. It is a loose loose situation. What if said perp pulls a gun, knife, etc? The scum of the earth have nothing to loose.
  2. Baiting is a big crime here in our part of PA. Much worse then trespassing.
  3. At one point I was neighbors with a guy who had about 100 of them. I like them.
  4. Lots of good stuff there. I don't know Jesse but I applaud the honest descriptions on the hydro, unknown hours etc.
  5. It is nice. I'm a new holland guy. Knotters look foreign to me.
  6. First one I have seen. At the horse place where I deliver hay. The internet says it is a Massey?
  7. Call again. Be firm. Find out when it will be refunded. If they don't do it light em up. Email or call the magazine owners next.
  8. No idea on the Netherlands. I know my own nitrogen isn't running away. I couldn't even afford to put down what I wanted to last year. On the Chesapeake when Pennsylvania was Penns woods I imagine the streams ran clean even after heavy rain. I am a huge proponent of agriculture however we can't even get stream bank fencing or even get the cattle out of the streams. This causes erosion whenever there are heavy rains and all this washes into the Chesapeake. Land is mostly no till so it isn't coming off of most farmers fields. Urban sprall and development has played a huge role as storm water management is only in recent years. On older development storm water is just dumped into the streams washing everyone's lawn chemicals with it. I don't know how we fix the Chesapeake. Man has changed the landscape so much.
  9. Just seeing this. Yes he advertises on Craigslist here in Pennsylvania too.
  10. This is a greenie article and not indicative of the bigger picture. Do you know any farmers that over apply nitrogen or any other fertilizers? The only buildup in any soil locally would be P and K. They are the limiters to manure application at any poultry and hog farms that land applied manure for many many years. I don't dispute nutrients wash into the bay in our region but it isn't due to excess application. Who could afford to do waste nitrogen? Maybe we should ban lawn fertilizer. How much of that is applied?
  11. Buying out farms and shutting them down. Wonder what they plan to do with the land. Maybe a park for the starving people.
  12. I'm sorry for your situation Dale. Based off what everyone else has said this type of situation sounds almost almost rampant. We see it here too. Greed is the devils work.
  13. Now that is wide! I don't see them getting that big around here.
  14. My favorite is when they have their lady friends name on their neck.
  15. Welcome back. Nice pic. Weather stunk here too. Our May was the same, cold. Then we had the driest summer since the 1990s.
  16. I know nothing about mulchers other then trying to hire one. Do you do enough mulching to check out one of the purpose built machines? The game comission has one and there is one sitting at the Bobcat dealer.
  17. I'm in too much of a hurry almost everyday. Sometimes I wonder what for.
  18. Putting the walk in cooler to work. Yes, someone left the hind legs on their deer. I promise I am a conservative person but I do believe November temperatures are warmer then 20+ years ago. I remember freezing during our gun season. The days of temps cold enough to hang deer in the backyard seem to be gone.
  19. Nothing special about our place. This building and most everything was here. At one point this building was used for sows and pigs on a non slatted setup. There is some trenches that gravity flow out the back. Hope this gives you some ideas. Telephone pole pole barn. Heavy duty galvanized fence panels probably from the pig days. They are easily moved with a rod going down through them and we have a bunch of extra. Makes it easy to make maternity pens, sick bay, etc as needed. Premier 1 hay feeder. 4 panels don't fit a round bale so I tied it to the side. The small bales are too valuable on the horse market to feed to the sheep. Scale for weighing finished lambs. Target weight is close to 100lbs for us. The walkway can be used as an alley with the Scale in it. Scale is on wheels. Feed trough for feeding grain. Usually we don't feed grain except to the lambs we are growing and finishing. Skid loader cleanout. It's tight but it fits. Auto waterer is too low to the ground and needs to be cleaned out 2x a month or so. Small little open shed works good for keeping rams and weaning sheep or show and tell with perspective buyers. This is tentatively going to be removed or relocated with a manure storage going in its place.
  20. PA changed the rules this year for the special regulation areas (urban jungle). They used to be shotgun only but now allow straight walled cartridges. 4570 and 444 come to mind like you said. I see there is a new 350 legend that is available in several bolt action models. Putting a plug in place of the magazine on a bolt gun would be pretty easy. We don't have the silly 1 round rule. Maybe with all these new regulations some manufacturers will step up to fill the void. For the time being they still allow traditional calibers where we are at. It probably should be changed in our county but it would spell mutiny.
  21. I'm going to watch this and report back. I just have to make the time.
  22. No buck here yet. My son (15) and I had at least 15 deer in sight throughout the day. At the end of the day we decided it would be nice to each get a doe. We each shot one around 450pm. I was trying to look online at proper deer density. Everything points to us having too many. We skinned these out and have them in the walk in. Lots of fat cover presumably from my triticale?
  23. Sure have. My opinion is 20+ years ago any buck in PA was a good one.
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