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  1. $500 I think. May have been $600. It was nice too. Hydraulic deck lift and hydraulic outlets out the front.
  2. There was a large collection that sold out at the Lebanon fairgrounds a few years ago and prices were softer there. There is no way anyone could redo one for $3600 so I guess a deal compared to what you would get in one.
  3. They just sold a beautiful working dairy farm 25 minutes from here in 2 tracts for almost 5 million. There is no end in sight for real estate around here.
  4. I would love an old track loader or even a dozer but it just seems like they become expensive relics once they are aged and tired. You are more ambitious then me. Hope you can get er going.
  5. Mowed the last of the season. Yes, I know the sudangrass isn't supposed to have heads on it. I would love to hear a chopping vs baling debate. We would have to bag it if we had it chopped. Baling Monday I hope.
  6. Crops look good. I see you have the same problems with birds as I do.
  7. Neighbors had a small auction today. A few prices. Farmall H $3600: professionally painted by Stauffer Tractor years ago. Super nice. Runs out 100%. I had figured $2500. Farmall A $3300: decent repaint sold with mounted sickle mower. Good mechanically. Farmall Cub $1000: not great paint. Kubota B1750 $7200: 1250 hours. Super nice. Ag tires. Mfd. I figured 5k. Kubot l3710 $16400: 650 hours soft doors/enclosure. Loader. Super nice. I figured $14k. What could have been vt fireman's 2 bottom trailer plow $180. Could use shares. (Bolt on) pretty nice. The cultivators I posted about. $30. I bought them. Not sure if I will ever use them but wouldn't mind mounting them on my H someday.
  8. Prayers for you and your wife. I can't give advise other then stay positive.
  9. Looks about like some of our fields. I left a lot laying where it was just too wet. I agree on the plastic. Hopefully I can sell off as much as I need to. I told the wife today that if I can't sell all this wrapped hay we will have to fill the barn with some cattle next summer while the cows are all out on pasture. 😁
  10. Congratulations on your purchase. Parts a plenty on that tractor if it is a naa/jubilee.
  11. Wow 50,000 between changes. Seems like a lot but I'm obviously not a big truck guy. How many months between changes?
  12. There is a similar looking AC plow on rubber coming up for sale this weekend locally here. Coming to PA anytime soon?
  13. Wish I could understand what they are saying. I like all the old videos.
  14. I've seen Amish baling high moisture green alfalfa like that. Never got to see how they wrap it though. Can't imagine the small square baler likes all that wet crop.
  15. Thanks for sharing all your experiences. As troy dairy would say we made marshmallow bales. We just have one 3 acre patch and the sudangrass left to go. This will all be baled and wrapped. The sudangrass should yield really good. Would have liked to make more dry hay this year. We will have plenty of baleage to liquidate over winter.
  16. Question for you. Why do you transfer the bag into the silo? Does it just help with how your feed system is set up?
  17. Pumpkins are bringing good money at all the produce auctions here. I'm 2 years without growing them. I should get back in it but there is only so much time and I'm about out of it on a daily/weekly basis.
  18. Thanks. Wouldn't start this morning without opening lines. Started fine this afternoon. I hope to limp it along for a couple weeks. Definitely one of our busiest times of the year. As a work friend says "running to the end" everyday right now.
  19. On my 5250 I have a joystick and then run the bale grabber off the remotes. There are 3rd function kits out there but operating something like this off the remote lever works great for me.
  20. Once you have it clean keep it topped off with fuel when sitting to prevent future rust.
  21. Aren't you in Canada? Wild weather swings. You guys must be bone dry. Opposite here still lots and lots of wet spots to go around.
  22. No, but a very neat piece of history. I would put it on my shelf.😁
  23. Tedded my hay 3 different times. Such a heavy dew this morning that it never even burned off in the shade of the trees. Filled one wagon load of questionable hay put through the 311 late afternoon. Thrower broke some bales. Played with thrower then slip clutch on pickup started causing issues. Chain must have jumped a link, clutch got hot, and then just kept slipping. I tightened the springs up one turn but still causing issues. Jammed the pickup full when clutch slipped. Gave up and called the baler wrapper guy for tomorrow. Wasted a ton of time tedding and raking. Tomorrow I'll pull 2 rows into 1 and get er done. What a waste of time. No more small bales until next season. I should have none better but I have a guy buying small squares weekly at a good price and I won't make it through on them.
  24. Very interesting theory. It wouldn't start cold this morning. Had to open injector line and it popped off. I don't really have much time to fuss with it right now but I will trace the fuel line. Could dirty filters be as suggested be part of the issue? Dirty filters wouldn't let air in the line though?
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