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  1. My 8910 did that. , there is an idler gear between pumps and transmission in a bolt on housing . My shafts and housing was worn badly at only 5500hrs . Not a bad fix .
  2. I took two 1/8 inch thick flat steel , about an inch wide ,bent two 90degree bends and drilled hole in each end . Then connect clutch bolt to hub bolt . Locks clutch, been that way 4 years now. About A dollar in all.
  3. As a kid a seen several of those taken to school with 1466s and 1086s . They were junk and sold and traded . Couldn't hardly get a bid at auctions in the early eightys.
  4. Changed mine in yard with an excavator boom over it and a big comealong. Could set a pole each side of machine and a beam on top.
  5. peanut

    8910 alternator

    Also noticed water pump needs replacement. Nearest case is dealer is 100 miles. Anyone know if any 8.3 truck pump will fit?
  6. Switched tractor off and restarted few minutes later . Alternator light on , checked voltage around 12.3 volts ,also air conditioner stopped at same time ? Blower motor works just not cooling all other electrical ok. Will new alternator fix or a relay?
  7. peanut


    I have an 8910 not turned up, basically same. Night and day difference in 1086. Pulls an 11 shank just fine.
  8. After trashing 2 sets of 3eh batteries. Just made simple battery trays from angle iron on top of originals. Converted to 2 875 amp 12 volts. Will never go back. Also flushed and cleaned fuel tank. Best two things ever done to my 856. Mines no show piece just high hour original working daily.
  9. Might try gl5 90 weight in gearcase. I have run 90 weight in finals, gearcase, and tranny instead of hytran for 15 years in both my 1440s. Not one failure in thousands of hours. Better luck than what I had with hytran. Fellow taught me this years' ago that wore out many an axial flows.
  10. Some older implemets don' t have quite enough room ,I have a jd that was torched for clearance.
  11. Done it several times , early sunday mornings are great.very little cars.
  12. I'l drive it for half trucking fee. By the time u get up with driver, meet him, chain up,drive back, unload. You could have it home and have eat lunch.
  13. Buy an blue ribbon Ih manual for injector pump on ebay, mine was about 10 bucks, fixed 2 pumps myself you definitely want the book. Think the o rings are square edges
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