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  1. Axial Flow engine gear case leak repair question

    Might try gl5 90 weight in gearcase. I have run 90 weight in finals, gearcase, and tranny instead of hytran for 15 years in both my 1440s. Not one failure in thousands of hours. Better luck than what I had with hytran. Fellow taught me this years' ago that wore out many an axial flows.
  2. IH CAT II/III quick hitch repair

    Some older implemets don' t have quite enough room ,I have a jd that was torched for clearance.
  3. How far would you drive a tractor home

    Done it several times , early sunday mornings are great.very little cars.
  4. How far would you drive a tractor home

    I'l drive it for half trucking fee. By the time u get up with driver, meet him, chain up,drive back, unload. You could have it home and have eat lunch.
  5. Crispy 7120 Combine

    Seen a few friction fires like that before , insurance papers and payment book rubbing together.
  6. 7240 High EGT's

    Agree, I started stretching rod bolts 20 years ago much more accurate than an torque wrench, and quickly identifies bad bolts.
  7. What would you do 986 engine!

    1440 combine bring $1000 running in the south . Same engine.
  8. 5140 power shift only works in 1st

    Don't buy the China ones, did that last year . One not working and all leaking now .
  9. 1660 combine

    Just from memory 500 rotor low gear, 1/2 top ,3/8 bottom seives, fan 850. Will get u close.
  10. 1460 Hystat pump

    Agree control valve and servo orings seeped pretty bad on my 1440 , found sizes and ordered online. Way better for 20 dollar fix.
  11. 1440 Bean head

    A few more posts and you'll want a 30ft .
  12. 1440 Bean head

    17.5 will be fine as long as vines aren't green and flowing well down auger.
  13. 1440 Bean head

    Have two 1440s one with specialty rotor and one standard. 15 ft is perfect. Have a 13, 15, and 17.5 . 13 works good in tough beans. 17.5 in small dry beans.
  14. Magnum hydraulic remotes

    Just went through this.replaced all but one oring on spool , left spool in place ,lots of orings and backup rings all sold separately but 300 bucks worth. Did not remove from tractor. Just get a big clean table lay it all out clean and replace kinda time consuming though. Had bought spool rings but could see them from bottom looked OK couldn't get cables loose. Keep orings labeled and diagram handy .
  15. 1568 whereabouts?

    Thanks, just kinda shows how hard farming and times were then we really have it pretty good. He was just a simple ,hard working, un educated, God fearing man. Only implement we still have that came with it is a sickle bar mower still in his barn.