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    8910,5130,856,1440, 1972 4x4 Cheyenne ,1969 SS Chevelle and camaro, salt water fishin
    Want 1066 or 1466 cab and 1456

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  1. My 8910 did that. , there is an idler gear between pumps and transmission in a bolt on housing . My shafts and housing was worn badly at only 5500hrs . Not a bad fix .
  2. I took two 1/8 inch thick flat steel , about an inch wide ,bent two 90degree bends and drilled hole in each end . Then connect clutch bolt to hub bolt . Locks clutch, been that way 4 years now. About A dollar in all.
  3. As a kid a seen several of those taken to school with 1466s and 1086s . They were junk and sold and traded . Couldn't hardly get a bid at auctions in the early eightys.
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