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  1. pilot knob can do them they look great ad in red power
  2. it wasnt until mid to late 61 when they went to black dash on row crops i believe the utilitys stayed gray all the way through production but i could be wrong on that ih called that gray gun metal gray has a blueish tint to it
  3. nice unit you have i see it does have barn buster axles a word of warning though the last set of front axle boots i tried to put on would just tear apart poor rubber compound took them back and went without plus the price was ungodly
  4. this is what i have been told also
  5. thanks for posting ih forever i couldnt find mine today i use the cylinder all the time
  6. 560DT

    Phase two B?

    not a bad lookin unit there dont be afraid to call herr hydro on tryin to diagnose things they are very helpful lawrence kansas add in red power btw i see you got the optional cant see much muffler with it lol
  7. sorry i didnt make to the shop after work today have a snow storm goin on here now will get there tommorrow because i will be movin snow with 560 and 200 blade
  8. will look tommorrow unless some else chimes in sooner
  9. iwishihada1466 glad to see you didnt scimp on lights its nice to be able to see what your doing love the nice clean floor also
  10. wonder why the exhaust is farther forward
  11. sandhiller i see a opening in the fence cows may get out
  12. what kevinj said use a little heat to do it have straightened alot of them also use the 7 dollar gasket from mother case ive had pretty good luck that way
  13. i assume on the ring there is snap ring and a machine washer under steering wheel carrier ball has same thing just in front of it
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