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  1. i just got a v-belt from the auto parts store for mine years ago that worked great
  2. 8665 is the number to match ih 901 it has a light green tint to it wich is what u want i think i use delstar paint if i remember correctly
  3. 935 would be the correct color
  4. i ll be damn RIP charlie
  5. im almost bettin that one doesnt have a ecm lol
  6. what do ya all think about the smell of the shell hy tran i sure dont like it
  7. nice lookin unit u got there
  8. not what i was expecting
  9. i see it has a tach also very nice job
  10. i think u are on to something there shoshoe
  11. that would be the way to go but that is my opinion
  12. you can remove the spring and plastic valve behind the mcv at lower right corner and install that plug instead u wont have steering or brakes when its not running reason so is sometimes those valves can give trouble but not to often
  13. put a 66 starter on my 282 and what a improvement
  14. wonder what the cost is for an hours rent
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