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  1. Folks, Its been a while. I try to get he TD6 out to stretch its legs a couple times a year. My friend Matt stopped and he is a IH guy so it seemed fitting. A few instructions and he was good to go on the tracked loader. It started on the first revolution of the engine. Switched to diesel easy. Steering clutches worked fine. Matt said it steered pretty good compared to some old CATs he was running at the local tractor show. Couple times up and down the drive. I even got in on the action: He liked it, and wants to take it home! When we changed back to gas I could hear this sound, like something was running dry, turns out it was the starter! The spring that pulls the switch to the open position failed and it had been running the whole time we we were playing! It was too hot to touch! Unhooked the battery cable and stopped that. Will need to take the switch off (again) and find a new compression spring to rebuild it. Hope it didn't hurt the starter! Yikes! I did get my orange project finished too. Hope things are good in RED land! Thanks for checking in on me too. Regards, Chris
  2. Td-18, Duals Rule! Nice 18! I would like to take my TD6 to the local tractor show. Just for fun! Regards, Chris
  3. td-18, WAIT! you have two or three more of these waiting in the wings too? Wow! Nice collection! Those cherry pickers do a nice job. I have one. Your track system is looking great! You got a really nice gloss to the paint. I always have a heck of a time with the paint part of these projects. Regards, Chris
  4. GHar, You have taken on a large yellow project! Will try to check in on you from time to time. You some how solved the linkage problem in a couple of posts. At that rate this will be pushing dirt in no time!:) BTW good pictures and documentation too! That really helps folks understand what they are going through. Regards, Chris
  5. td-18, Thanks for the nice shots of the track support guides painted in primer. Almost makes the job look possible! Do you use a forklift or a crane for the lifting? That is going to be almost too nice to use to push dirt! Regards, Chris
  6. td-18, Just awesome! I am in same stages on my orange project tractor. I seen the corks which are correct in these I believe because my TD6 still has them in there. But as I refub some projects it would be nice to have a couple dozen corks of various sizes to plug holes for painting! Not sure how expensive corks are now days. Maybe hobby stores or on line?? Anyway your under carriage is going to look great and function as new! That would be real nice to not have to worry about running a track off and having all the adjustments and things working as they should! But then there almost too nice to go out and do work!:! Regards, Chris
  7. TD18, Not sure I will ever do ( refurb, clean and paint) one of these old machines, but it is sure nice to see your detailed work on a machine similar to mine. Keep at it! Paint, then assembly, your getting closer to the finish! Regards, Chris
  8. Duey, Folks Thanks! I dont think the finance manager will allow a full TD6 restoration! These rubber tired beasts are a huge drain on the wallet. The tracked machines want all the money and then some more! I try to make some little improvements to the old TD6 occasionally but it is VERY worn from years of hard work in gravel pits loading my Uncle Jack's dump trucks. I would like to get some pictures of his outfit back in the day. I may try to contact my Aunt and see if there are any pictures. Sorry its off color, but I have a orange problem! Current status: I was even looking at old small blue tractors yesterday! What is wrong with me?:) Regards, Chris
  9. Folks, My off topic project, 1954 Allis Chalmers WD45 Narrow Front. Happy Fathers Day! Regards, Chris
  10. North, Folks, Maple season was good for our little operation. Made 180+ gallons of syrup. I currently have the evaporator completely torn apart for the 20 year rebuild!:) New insulation, fire brick some stainless for a custom stack base, and new base stack. Another project for this summer/ fall. Regards, Chris
  11. Folks, Haven't been on in a while. And I have not done a spring start up of the TD6! Currently working on a off color Persion orange tractor and its taking all my spare time and money. So the TD6 waits as usual. I don't have any small jobs lined up for it yet but I have thought about building a garage so It might get some work to do around there if I get off my duff! I have that rear light that needs installed when i do get it un-tarped! Hope things are good in RED land! Always makes me smile when I do get the old IH running and moving! It is in way better shape than when I brought it home. And its only cost me one back surgery! Not bad!:) Regards, Chris
  12. Tanker, Good to hear from you. With weather getting nicer here the TD6 comes up the list to get out and play. Your headlights look good. I still have a nice tail light to install too. Will your truck carry the T6 ok? Regards, Chris
  13. Pete, Very nice 50's collection! I like the 55 bird. I had a 55 Crown Vic. Regards, Chris
  14. Pete, Awesome you got the starter operational! Thanks for letting us know, Good pictures and video. Do you have to use the brakes to turn? Regards, Chris
  15. Pete, I had several starter events on my TD6. Sounds typical for these old units. They have started many times and get worn. I believe the engagement can be adjusted by a jam nut on a thread? Wait I think you have a different starter than I have. Now I will need to go back and look through my pictures. I Believe mine has a adjustment for the throw of the pinion gear. It is also the adjustment as to when the contacts mate. What I did right or wrong on a tractor of a different color which had similar issues was to improve the engagement and remove all the burrs from the ring gear and the starter gear. Small dremmel tool and a lot of patience moving the engine one tooth at a time with a pry bar and getting in there and cleaning up the teeth. Then I took the starter apart and relocated washers and shims to allow the starter gear to move towards the ring gear by maybe another 1/8 inch or more. That tractor is still working good! I have a handle on the right side of the cockpit that your supposed to pull to engage the starter gear and at the same time make contact for power at the switch on top of the starter. When I got it it was not working. I now have it working but only with a added (chrome) power handle added. Very odd arangement. I have lubed and adjusted and just never could get the leverage to start the tractor with just the handle. Maybe others will comment? The linkage to get all the way to the starter just seems too long and or weak? Found a couple of my current original starter pictures: So mine is not a typical spring loaded bendix. You manually engage and disengage the starter gear on this unit. I believe this is original. Doesn't mean yours wont work. I did not have any luck finding replacement starters for these old girls either. So not sure but my guess is that your new style starter may not have had the correct throw to get in deep and engage the flywheel? Therefore the nashing of teeth?? Just a guess. Regards, Chris
  16. Pete, You have the 6 moving under its own power?? It sure looks good back together! You have been busy! Regards, Chris
  17. Folks, Not much happening except for cold weather the next few days. It would be a good test for the TD6 starting upgrades if I attempted to start it mid week, at 9 degrees F! No projects for it this winter as the snow has been taken care of with the Ford Jubilee! Might fire it up and move it up in front of the sugarhouse for kids to look at during our big Maple open house in 2 weeks. Just a warmer picture as a reminder that spring will be coming at some point! Hope things are good in RED land! Regards, Chris
  18. Folks, Happened by on this topic. Yes the electrolysis process works well its a line of site process so it won't get in holes unless you place a anode in there too. I use it on a lot of sheet metal. I have it set up outside and generally run it at 2 amp. Arm and Hammer washing soda is what I use in the water to promote the process. Have done many parts over the last 5-6 years. IH, AC, and Massey. I like it for sheet metal as it removes most of the paint too. No its not acid dip and its not sandblasting! But if you have a tank and some time its way better than grinding paint and rust. Generally I feel I have a hard time keeping up with the finish work. It works all day and night!:) Here is a picture of a WD (Allis) fender in the tank: Electrolysis did not get it 100% but there was some plastic filler on this fender. Lots of time and its going to be ready for paint this spring. Here is the WD grill in the E tank: New screen and some body work, in primer. Regards, Chris
  19. You might try posting in the construction portion of the forum also. Regards, Chris
  20. exSW, I agree! This one seams to start pretty good now that I have the starter and primary wires in good shape (rebuilt/new). Looking for that big snow for a excuse to get out and play with it! Regards, Chris
  21. Hector,

     Do you have any TD18 clutch parts?



  22. Pete, You are the man! Hey my guess is your going to get a pm from someone on that front hook! Someone on here needs one for their restoration!:) The muffler looks great! How did you clean and what paint did you use? I have a IH muffler on mine too. I see the rusted out are on the bottom of what I believe is the shutter system. I have not seen a shutter system up close. I would look at replacing that entire bottom piece with a new one. If you cant do it I am sure a local fab shop could make a new one? Unless I am missing something? Wow sure would be nice to be able to service my TD6 from the front end like that! More clean up and paint for you! Good luck! Keep us posted! Regards, Chris
  23. Pete, Oh my! You have it bad! I hope you have read some of the great restoration threads on here too. Your doing what I should have done on mine when I was into it. That is have the radiator cleaned! I wish you the best. I am not going to tel you when to stop. Looking real good on the thermostat housing. Yea refufb, clean and paint (RCP) can take over your life for a while if your not careful. I just completed several weeks of work on off color tractor parts which I hope to finish coat this spring. Tools are always good!:) That E tank along with a sandblaster will be your friend cleaning up parts too! One of those 275 gallon cage tanks with the top cut out would make a nice big E tank! Regards, Chris
  24. North, Folks, Thanks on the buck. I said trophy but in reality those horns got cut off and are hanging in the building! It will have to be a really nice buck for me to spend the $500 for a shoulder mount! My son and grandson have some really nice big racks. Like you I am more of a meat hunter. Been hunting 50 plus years and this may be the most points I have ever gotten on a PA buck. I made some Kielbasi and venison jerky which was a big hit with the family. I should be hunting right now but resting after a morning with me working and the TD6 watching and laughing! It got light duty today, Started well (I got to thinking, dangerous I know, This doesn't have a bendix. it made the same whirring sound this morning on the first engagement of the starter?) Anyway it started ok and we headed out to the front yard to make some nice ruts in the soft ground! For the wife and neighbors to laugh at. And for me to bump over this summer. I forked the leaves out of the ditch and the TD6 did the work of hauling and dumping them. Yea just about like a kid and a big toy! The three trunked Ash tree (behind the dozer) is dying and is going to have to come down in the near future! We have lost a bunch of maples and now the ash are not in good shape. Had three full buckets of leaves. It just laughed, as it has never had to do leaves, in its life! So we have some good tracks in the yard too!:) Some day when I run out of things to do I want to run a good stiff 3 x 3 angle iron across the top edge of that bucket to straighten it up a bit, Just might show a little better. Temp just got to the edge of the RUN area of the gage. It did come up, so it may very well be the gage? It also was only setting and idling. I think the new thermostat is working ok. After a lot of hours playing with this tractor I am finally getting comfortable with the old girl and how it basically works. Power washed the undercarriage and back up on blocks! I would like to see pictures of your team and sleigh too! Some days I miss having horses. I know how much work they are too. Regards, Chris
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