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  1. AK, Nice Merc! I had a 55 crown Vic, sold that project 20 years ago. Miss it some days. Had it in the family for 30 years. Your truck project is coming along nicely! Regards, Chris
  2. Now that right there is almost where I could go with a project like a big truck! (Highjacking the rat rod thread now) The dream: A orange 56 Ford F800 with updated power unit and tranny pulling a gooseneck with two early 50's orange Allis-Chalmers pulling tractors! Dang! Stop me!!!!! I will be watching this thread! Good luck with your build on this big IH truck! Regards, Chris
  3. Nice project! Thanks for the updates! Maybe I will get some ideas for another project too! I have my eye on 56 Ford F-800 that would be a nice money pit! Never thought about making it even shorter and putting a pickup bed on it. Hummm!:) Regards, Chris
  4. Ds, Welcome! Sounds like you have the parts to put it together (extra engine) Looks pretty good to me. But I may not be a good judge?:) I would be interested in the side panels if your going to scrap it! Also the construction portion of the forum would be a good place to get more responses too. Regards, Chris
  5. Pete, You have been busy de-greasing the insides on the tranny! Looks great. I can see gears now. Keep up the work on it. I know there are a lot of moves to get it operational again. too! Thanks for posting the progress update. Regards, Chris
  6. Pete, As greasy as that is I think I would go for it and use gasoline to try to cut it. The grease of goop doesn't look like it will come out without a fight! You have a good start at getting it cleaned up in there! You can do it! Regards, Chris
  7. Dennis, I like this old stuff too! Your project is well worth the effort. There are some good and great glues out there. I would probably glue and also brad nail it in place too. I just purchased a drop down desk that was my grandmothers, and I remember using it as a kid growing up in the house. When I found out it was for sale I immediately bought it and gave it to my wife for our 50th anniversary of being together. I also restored/ refinished a child's dresser that was mine when I was born and gave it to our first great grandson! It had the joints that were common for a short time in the late 1800's. I enjoy working with wood, I just don't have a wood shop. Your doing a great job saving your Dad's desk! Good to have friends that will help you out. Thanks for posting the pictures too! Regards, Chris
  8. Rob, Excellent! You have done a tone of work to get back to working steering clutches! That slope where it stopped did not look like it was fun to work around either! Hope the rest of the machine goes back together well and your moving dirt in the near future too! Regards, Chris
  9. Duey, Your welcome! Hope you can get your back fixed up! No fun to be in pain! Regards, Chris
  10. Rob, I think the toughest part on these old machines is when they have to be put down for some reason! We all want to save them. Some we can't. I wish you the best on this clutch work. Whats the worst that could happen? You might need to buy a new set for the other side?? Or are you doing both?? Regards, Chris
  11. Duey_C, Thanks, on the tractors. I was lucky in some ways that my TD6 project only herniated one disc between L4 and L5, IIRC. That happened in August of 2017. As usual the health system forced me to jump through all the medical hoops and took about 3 months before I could see the surgeon. I had back surgery on the day after Thanksgiving 2017, and it relieved the majority (95%) of the sciatic leg pain immediately. Recovery was slower than I wanted but I was in pretty good shape by Feb 2018 and ready to make syrup. I did go to therapy 2 or 3 times a week. As much discomfort as I was in, if it happened again I would have the surgery in a heart beat. I would not have been able to get that orange tractor done and many other projects if I would have let it go. To answer your question they went in and removed the portion of the herniated disc that was pushing on the nerve which stopped the pain down my left leg. Had about 1.5 inch long incision. Would have been home the same day but had to stay over night due to some med reactions. Here is that off color WD45 at the local fair, antique pulls, with Adam (son) driving. Hope that helps! Regards, Chris
  12. Pete, You have a large project! Good skills there. I see welding, grinding, machining going on! Thanks for the update and pictures! Regards, Chris
  13. Dennis, I was lazy and did not refurb my track adjusters. I just stretched the track tight and put in a shim collar/ spacer around the adjuster. A quick farmer fix. I am pretty sure that if I had taken the track apart and started work on the under carriage it would still be in a pile in the yard. I choose to jerry rig it and keep the old girl moving. I know I did not answer your question. Regards, Chris
  14. tthams, Sorry to here of your dad passing. Good luck with your machine! Looks like your in good hands. Regards, Chris
  15. Very nice second unit. Looks like this one should be the primary??:) Regards, Chris
  16. Love the project and the spark resistant pare! Learn a little each day! Thanks for the pictures of the progress! Regards, Chris
  17. Very nice collection and back story. I like to see them leaning like that last picture, just resting waiting for you. I have brought several units home similar to those. Good luck and have fun! Regards, Chris
  18. If you can get a new one Plate or disc and measure it you might be then able to check the used ones and determine how bad they are worn?? Maybe?? My clutch disc was worn about .020 inch, less than a new one. But that was a different clutch system too. Also just a good visual of new vs old might give you a clue. I guess I agree with Lou. If in doubt change them out! Regards, Chris
  19. Dennis, Good to see you at the Pioneer Steam show this summer! HOT! Did you find your vaporizor? I have a picture of my dad on a Fordson in about 1923 or 24! My Great uncle was a dealer in over your way. Regards, Chris
  20. Pete, I have seen pictures like this on here before! Looks like lot of close tight work to me! I hope to not have to do this as my TD6 has a tall frame work around the station, It would be reall hard to get in there and work. Thanks for the updates and pictures. Good you can find the parts you need. That's always encouraging! Regards, Chris
  21. Ray, Never had one apart! YET! But I just completed a wet clutch refurb in a off color orange tractor. And I had to replace one of the three hand clutch discs as it was worn and did not look nearly as good as the other two. Sounds like you may have found your problem. Hope you can resolve and or find the new components to get this right clutch working as it should. Regards, Chris
  22. Pete, May not help, but NAPA has the soft copper bendable tubing. Might work??? Good luck on your lines. I looked through my pictures and didnt see much that might help you. Regards, Chris
  23. Red-to-go, Its been a few days have you made progress? I know sometimes I just like to keep working and to heck with documenting stuff! Hope it going good on the machine repairs! Regards, Chris
  24. Pete, I have a bunch of pictures but not sure what pump I have anyway. If any of those will help on the lines let me know. Congratulations on getting it running! My guess is that it was way better inside the engine than you think. I would like to bore scope a old locked engine someday. I worked on getting one free , to run, like that in a 55 Ford. It burned a quart every 50 miles! Hope you have way better luck. I did similar to what Jim said but did not clean all the lines. But mine had been started a year before I got it. I did eventually change the fuel filters. Keep going! Regards, Chris
  25. Looking forward to more pictures. Again the construction portion might get you a little more action? Regards, Chris
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