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  1. Dennis, Good to see you at the Pioneer Steam show this summer! HOT! Did you find your vaporizor? I have a picture of my dad on a Fordson in about 1923 or 24! My Great uncle was a dealer in over your way. Regards, Chris
  2. Pete, I have seen pictures like this on here before! Looks like lot of close tight work to me! I hope to not have to do this as my TD6 has a tall frame work around the station, It would be reall hard to get in there and work. Thanks for the updates and pictures. Good you can find the parts you need. That's always encouraging! Regards, Chris
  3. Ray, Never had one apart! YET! But I just completed a wet clutch refurb in a off color orange tractor. And I had to replace one of the three hand clutch discs as it was worn and did not look nearly as good as the other two. Sounds like you may have found your problem. Hope you can resolve and or find the new components to get this right clutch working as it should. Regards, Chris
  4. Pete, May not help, but NAPA has the soft copper bendable tubing. Might work??? Good luck on your lines. I looked through my pictures and didnt see much that might help you. Regards, Chris
  5. Red-to-go, Its been a few days have you made progress? I know sometimes I just like to keep working and to heck with documenting stuff! Hope it going good on the machine repairs! Regards, Chris
  6. Pete, I have a bunch of pictures but not sure what pump I have anyway. If any of those will help on the lines let me know. Congratulations on getting it running! My guess is that it was way better inside the engine than you think. I would like to bore scope a old locked engine someday. I worked on getting one free , to run, like that in a 55 Ford. It burned a quart every 50 miles! Hope you have way better luck. I did similar to what Jim said but did not clean all the lines. But mine had been started a year before I got it. I did eventually change the fuel filters. Keep going! Regards, Chris
  7. Looking forward to more pictures. Again the construction portion might get you a little more action? Regards, Chris
  8. Pid, Heck of a machine you have there! I would wear a seat belt when lifting a bucket full that high! Could be a wild ride! Friend of mine has a much older IH fork lift. I will try to remember and get a picture. Regards, Chris
  9. Pete, I just completed a engine overhaul on a off color orange unit of similar size. I was fortunate to find all the parts I needed. My guess is that you can still get a engine kit??? Expense? Well nothing is cheap anymore I would estimate $2000 or more depending on the machine work required? Is it worth it? Well for me its cheaper that beer and a shrink! Also worth it if you want a good working engine. Hopefully the rest of the machine makes a engine overhaul worth the time money and effort. You will for sure learn a bunch! There are good folks on here that will support and cheer you on too. Regards, Chris
  10. Folks, Matt moving the TD6 from the show grounds. Unit crane in background. Regards, Chris
  11. td-18, Looking real sharp! Track systems look new! Thanks for the updates! Regards, Chris
  12. Pete, Thanks for the pictures of the rear light! I have to see if I have one of those bottom brackets? I don't have fenders like you do. Since I have this ATECO loader frame. But there is a area there but its above where your fenders are. Still should work. Regards, Chris
  13. Tony, Your mods will make it a even better ride for you. I have sunk my small fortune into orange tractors lately. At least that's what the wife says!:) They are my 55/56 Ford Victoria car. I can take them and play in the dirt too! I think your doing great. Really like the pictures and documentation on your very nice IH truck! Regards, Chris
  14. Red-to-go, OK sounds like you are on your way to recovering from a bad situation! Cutting the bolt was the ticket. I was afraid it might end up being a touch and a ten pound hammer!:) Your now on the road back to a moving machine. The nuts and bolts will sort them selves out too. Thanks for the picture and update on your project! Regards, Chris
  15. Pete, I think you hit on the magic temp. I went to 450 for 30 minutes. Seemed to work well! Glad you got this done. You will like it and it will only take another 60 years to need a new one!:) Regards, Chris
  16. Pete, This would be a great project to go with the TD6! And was in the family too. Trying to get caught up with your work! Can you please take a couple pictures of the rear light on your TD6? I still have that to do on mine and would like to get it in the correct location and mounting bracket. Glad you have another machine now too. But what is Hank going to play with in the sand box?? Regards, Chris
  17. Red-to-go, Sounds like your more than a little frustrated with the machine and yourself. I think most of us have these types of major machine issue happen at one time or another. And that is why some folks walk away. I doubt if you will do that. But it doesnt sound like a easy simple fix either. Not ever having the steering clutches out of mine I cant help much. This is not something you will find in a tech manual. So I assume you have gone quickly through your best case and worse case sceniros? Can you actually get to the nut that has come loose? Sorry I am not much help. I bet there is someone on here that will be able to help! Pictures may help to generate some ideas? Regards, Chris
  18. Pete, I wold agree with Dennis, I dont think you need to do the freezer thing with the flywheel portion. I baked the ring in my shop oven for 45 minutes at 400 F. First try was not long enough heating and I had to tap it back off. I have only done one of these (Allis) I chose to get a new ring gear. I didnt want to do this again!:) Mine was readily available. My luck would be that the tractor would stop at a bad spot on the rotated ring gear and not start! Regards, Chris
  19. Td-18, Your restoration work is awesome! It also lets me see some of the components that might need refurbished on mine. Thank you for posting the pictures as you finish the assembly! Your weather and background looks very nice. Regards, Chris
  20. Folks, Some random photos of the crew working on putting on a new roof on the soup kitchen at out local tractor show. The TD6 was pressed into action and Matt and I took turns helping with it. Mike making some adjustments for the new roof: Bigger boys with bigger toys! Yep needs a new roof now: Any one have a UNIT crane to help out too! Yep! With clam shell bucket: Matt his truck and the 6: The TD6 ran well, came up to operating temp, oil pressure was good and charging rate near 14 volts, pressure gage on fuel pump in green operating range. Had some oil leak under the TD6 not sure where that is coming from. I may have a hard time getting this tracked loader away from Matt. He likes it a lot, and is good with the machine too. Regards, Chris
  21. Pete, You have been very busy! My tractor has so much loader frame stuff on it that I cant even think about pulling the engine. Looks like you have the right tools to get the job done. I don't know about the ring gear reversal? I know on my orange tractors it goes on just one way. But they can be marked and rotated (clocked) to put new teeth to engage the starter. I put a new one on the Allis engine I just completed. Thanks for the update. Regards, Chris
  22. Folks, The TD6 starter switch was assembled with a new spring. Worked good and starter fired the engine up immediately. Next was the key stitch. The NAPA metal switches are no good. Feels like a box of rocks! So changed that for a marine plastic switch. Matt wanted to haul the TD6 to our local tractor show grounds and do some demo work tomorrow. So I got it cleaned up a little, Matt's trailer His IH Ford fits right in haulling the TD6 Me with the load: Regards, Chris
  23. Pete, I see now. With Hanks machine you should be able to get one going. You sound like me I hate to see them not in working order. Good luck with the WC. The Allis Forum is where I spend a lot of time. Good folks over there too. Regards, Chris
  24. Dennis, Folks, Thanks, Two things: The young man that pulled the starter handle reminds me of myself 50 years ago and doesnt know his own strength.:) And second it was probably just time for the 60 plus year old spring to just give up. I am going to try to get the switch off this morning and pick up a replacement spring, in the near future. Yea I have had a lot of starter issues, just add this to the long list! Was good to get it going and moving. Matt has a big trailer and will haul the TD6 to my daughters. I have some dirt to move around her pond and also fill in some low spots in her yard. Will be a good project for the old man and his old machine too! We will get pictures. I took the switch apart and have a new old spring that I will put in place. Regards, Chris
  25. Peter, Reminds me of some of my projects. I have not gone into my TD6 to this depth. But I am watching! Be careful. Your doing great! What is the plan for this machine? They are starting to multiply!:) Regards, Chris
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