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  1. Tj01,


    Tires match, tin looks straight. it looks like a keeper. Take your time on the clean and paint. Its a lot of work. I too have some Allis-Chalmers lurking in my yard and garage. I dont have a CA. YET!:) Good luck with your tractor. I will invite you to come over and visit us on the Unofficial Allis Forum also. Good bunch of Orange brains there too!



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  2. On 10/12/2019 at 6:55 PM, Rusty shackleford said:

    That would look sweet with a goosneck and haul puller tractors on it

    Now that right there is almost where I could go with a project like a big truck! (Highjacking the rat rod thread now) The dream: A orange 56 Ford F800 with updated power unit and tranny pulling a gooseneck with two early 50's orange Allis-Chalmers pulling tractors! Dang! Stop me!!!!! I will be watching this thread!

    Good luck with your build on this big IH truck!




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  3. Dennis,

     I like this old stuff too! Your project is well worth the effort. There are some good and great glues out there. I would probably glue and also brad nail it in place too. I just purchased a drop down desk that was my grandmothers, and I remember using it as a kid growing up in the house. When I found out it was for sale I immediately bought it and gave it to my wife for our 50th anniversary of being together.

     I also restored/ refinished a child's dresser that was mine when I was born and gave it to our first great grandson! It had the joints that were common for a short time in the late 1800's. I enjoy working with wood, I just don't have a wood shop.

    Your doing a great job saving your Dad's desk! Good to have friends that will help you out. Thanks for posting the pictures too!




  4. Duey_C,

    Thanks, on the tractors.

    I was lucky in some ways that my TD6 project only herniated one disc between L4 and L5,  IIRC. That happened in August of 2017. As usual the health system forced me to jump through all the medical hoops and took about 3 months before I could see the surgeon. I had back surgery on the day after Thanksgiving 2017, and it relieved the majority (95%) of the sciatic leg pain immediately. Recovery was slower than I wanted but I was in pretty good shape by Feb 2018 and ready to make syrup. I did go to therapy 2 or 3 times a week.

    As much discomfort as I was in, if it happened again I would have the surgery in a heart beat.

      I would not have been able to get that orange tractor done and many other projects if I would have let it go.

    To answer your question they went in and removed the portion of the herniated disc that was pushing on the nerve which stopped the pain down my left leg. Had about 1.5 inch long incision. Would have been home the same day but had to stay over night due to some med reactions.

    Here is that off color WD45 at the local fair, antique pulls, with Adam (son) driving.


    Hope that helps!




  5. Dennis,

     I was lazy and did not refurb my track adjusters. I just stretched the track tight and put in a shim collar/ spacer around the adjuster. A quick farmer fix. I am pretty sure that if I had taken the track apart and started work on the under carriage it would still be in a pile in the yard. I choose to jerry rig it and keep the old girl moving.

    I know I did not answer your question. 



  6. Folks,

     Some random photos of the crew working on putting on a new roof on the soup kitchen at out local tractor show. The TD6 was pressed into action and Matt and I took turns helping with it.





    Mike making some adjustments for the new roof:



    Bigger boys with bigger toys!



    Yep needs a new roof now:


    Any one have a UNIT crane to help out too! Yep!


    With clam shell bucket:



    Matt his truck and the 6:




    The TD6 ran well, came up to operating temp, oil pressure was good and charging rate near 14 volts, pressure gage on fuel pump in green operating range. Had some oil leak under the TD6 not sure where that is coming from. I may have a hard time getting this tracked loader away from Matt. He likes it a lot, and is good with the machine too.





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  7. Folks,

    The TD6 starter switch was assembled with a new spring. Worked good and starter fired the engine up immediately. Next was the key stitch. The NAPA metal switches are no good. Feels like a box of rocks! So changed that for a marine plastic switch. 

    Matt wanted to haul the TD6 to our local tractor show grounds and do some demo work tomorrow. So I got it cleaned up a little,


    Matt's trailer


    His IH Ford fits right in haulling the TD6


    Me with the load:






  8. Dennis, Folks,

     Thanks, Two things: The young man that pulled the starter handle reminds me of myself 50 years ago and doesnt know his own strength.:) And second it was probably just time for the 60 plus year old spring to just give up. I am going to try to get the switch off this morning and pick up a replacement spring, in the near future. Yea I have had a lot of starter issues, just add this to the long list! Was good to get it going and moving. 

    Matt has a big trailer and will haul the TD6 to my daughters. I have some dirt to move around her pond and also fill in some low spots in her yard. Will be a good project for the old man and his old machine too! We will get pictures.

    I took the switch apart and have a new old spring that I will put in place.



  9. Folks,

     Its been a while. I try to get he TD6 out to stretch its legs a couple times a year. My friend Matt stopped and he is a IH guy so it seemed fitting. A few instructions and he was good to go on the tracked loader. It started on the first revolution of the engine. Switched to diesel easy. Steering clutches worked fine. Matt said it steered pretty good compared to some old CATs he was running at the local tractor show.


    Couple times up and down the drive.


    I even got in on the action:


    He liked it, and wants to take it home!

    When we changed back to gas I could hear this sound, like something was running dry, turns out it was the starter! The spring that pulls the switch to the open position failed and it had been running the whole time we we were playing! It was too hot to touch! Unhooked the battery cable and stopped that. Will need to take the switch off (again) and find a new compression spring to rebuild it. Hope  it didn't hurt the starter! Yikes!

    I did get my orange project finished too.


    Hope things are good in RED land!

    Thanks for checking in on me too.



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  10. td-18,

    WAIT! you have two or three more of these waiting in the wings too? Wow! Nice collection! Those cherry pickers do a nice job. I have one. Your track system is looking great! You got a really nice gloss to the paint. I always have a heck of a time with the paint part of these projects.



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