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  1. Thanks for the link , I was too lazy to look back! Great work on a unique machine! Those were some heavy bales! Regards, Chris
  2. Tony, Wow those are some big castings! We don't think about all the parts in a machine like this. The hunt for parts! Yes you have the three machines to make one, Sounds about right. One of the issues is that you wont have many folks that can chime in and help you with a issue. So no support other than us cheering you on to the finish. Hate to ask but what is the final color? I see lots of yellow in the last pictures! And I assume you will do some small amount of bailing for demos?? At our local tractor club we were given a McCormick 2 row corn picker. Our president has worked on in to get it running, moving, picking, and repaired parts and some new chains. But man is it worn and tattered. Another question which I may have missed? What was the driving reason to restor/ refurb one of these bailers? What year is this late 40's? We did not have a wire baler. Do you have a matching hay rake and mowing machine in the wings too?:) I do agree there are many levels of restoration. I call my work RCP "Refurb, Clean ,and Paint" Regards, Chris
  3. Tony, I have followed a couple of your threads! Awesome pictures and documentation! I had at one time thought of restoring Antique farm equipment. I think your thread will stop me from doing that!:) A couple tractor projects are enough for me! Your work is top notch! Regards, Chris
  4. Snush, Welcome! You may want to also post over in the construction portion of the forum! Good looking dirt pusher! I like the Holden! Regards, Chris
  5. Tony, The 806 bean cutter looks great! You did a nice job putting all that work into getting it fully functional! The little touches and fixing things sounds like what you do! I like it! Thanks for all the great pictures! Regards, Chris
  6. Pete, I would assume your neighbors dont give you much grief. Anyone with two dozers is a neighbor not to make mad!:) Regards, Chris
  7. Pete, Wow you have been busy. On the alternator. I had a exciter wire coming from the alternator back to the Accessories terminal. it had a small diode so electric would not go back to the switch. I dont think either #1 or # 2 were grounded. You have the other one going on the same post as the battery. But I cant remember which terminal was which? I do have electrical diagram around here somewhere. Could it be that you have #1 and # 2 terminal reversed? Regards, Chris
  8. Folks, I had a chance to see my TD6 tonight. Matt has been dong some work around his sugarhouse and he moved his New Idea picker with it. Regards, Chris
  9. Pete, On the gaskets: I sometimes find them inside a roll of gasket material from, NAPA. I picked up a set of hole punches and it makes a pretty fair looking gasket with a little effort. Nice work getting it all buttoned up! My hat is off to you! You have improved the machine and controlled leaks too! Regards, Chris
  10. Pete, Nice compact area! looks a lot like my work areas too! Good to be inside warm and dry! I was just teasing you on the switches! Are you able to find the gaskets and bearings for replacement? Regards, Chris
  11. Hardtail, Thanks! So back of engine, bell housing , in front of clutch. Lot going on in there! Pete, Your getting pretty fancy with all the switches and stuff! Regards, Chris
  12. Pete, That looks good. You are down in the inner reaches of that machine. Did you find the heart? Can you do a shot beack further for us to get a look at where you are working. Still dont have my bearings! (no pun intended!) You did good on the alternator mounting. You must get a welder! I dont know what I would do without being able to stick some steel together with the old Mig! Regards, Chris
  13. Hojon, Welcome to the forum! We need some information on your tracked machine.I thought my brakes were bad but ended up they just needed adjusted. But mine could turn a little both directions. I think I would get it running first. But that's just me. You may also want to start a new thread about your machine too. Regards, Chris
  14. Pete, I finished the popcorn and just reading this makes me tired!:) Your doing a great job and I am learning about some areas of a TD6 machine where I have never gone and hope I may not have to. I give you lots of credit hanging in there on this work! Looks like you have a good support team that have BTDT. Regards, Chris
  15. DSDC, That looks like work! Lots of folks will be happy! Regards, Chris
  16. Pete, Well that looks like fun! NOT! Looks like it may be tough to get a hold of the outer race? Going to have to get creative! I'm going for popcorn! Regards, Chris
  17. exSW, Well that is the snowball effect for sure! Next you will be residing the barn too?:) Nice work cutting out the beam from that white oak log! You might have a place on the Barnwood builder show! Regards, Chris
  18. nomorejohndeere, Interesting configuration also! Probably works ok. Regards, Chris
  19. Guys, T6, I dont think any one is going to know on the slightly differnt light. And if you get really realy desparte we might be able to make a deal and swap lights? I Think I have a mate to your red one, that I was going to use as my rear work light? Probably a picture of it in my thread some where? DSDC, Thanks for the invite. I dont have a trailer heavy enough to haul my little lug! Would be fun to play in the dirt for sure. Remember I am NOT a operator! I just own one of these old machines! As for the adjustments I took lessons from guys on here and had a good book in my hands which I followed the instructions for steering and brake adjustments. I was fortunate that mine did not have rusted up steering clutches, and there was still brake pads, to allow adjustments to happen. Mine now steers like it would have when it was 30 years old instead of like new! Will be looking forward to info on making syrup too! Off to work in the sugarhouse. Regards, Chris
  20. DSDC, Just dont see the side shields often! Note there are two pieces to each side I think. Get all 4 parts! See if you can get them! In fact buy the whole machine! I dont have the hook either. You must have picked up on my light screen not being at 45 degrees??:) Bugged the heck out of me when I found that! Yes I am going to mount a rear light someday. It did not have one originally on mine but I love lights! Just have to have it! Similar location but I dont have fenders. I do have a skid plate platform in that location. Regards, Chris
  21. Folks, I was poking around on the Antiques Tractor Forum and found a yellow tracked unit with a loader much like this. I will see if I can find and copy the picture. Regards, Chris
  22. T6, I see the slightly different style. In hind site you should have bought all six! Us crazy guys are looking for these. I still have one to add as a back up light, which I dont think wasa option. But my unit is not original just functional! Regards, Chris
  23. T6, I noticed that your lights are a smaller size than mine but they look a lot like the lights in the picture of the ATECO Mulit-Loader sepia. Are they original to the tractor? That mulit-loader tractor looks a little light duty compared to viewing these heavy steel plated loader frames like we have. Have you considered adding the front grill guard back on? I see you have side shields too. Did you find or fab those? Ok sow there is a tractor show in Astubula Ohio in Williamsfield July 3, 4, 5th. This is Northwest Ohio area. I might be able to get Matt to bring my TD6 to that show? Its closer to me than to you but still in between us. Might be a spot to meet?? Nor sure what their feature tractor is for 2020? https://ashtabulaantiqueengineclub.com/ Doesnt match up with IH stuff this year. Doesnt mean we couldn't go?? or http://www.historicalengine.org/ in Burton on or around July 26-27 , they are featuring IH vs John Deere. So we would fit in there, to support the IH side. Regards, Chris
  24. DSDC, The brass lid locking ring has come loose from the top of the radiator casting neck. Maybe lost? I believe they are one of those unobtainable items as mmi suggests? I found mine inside the original cap, a DUH! moment! Since its a non pressurized system I guess it doesn't matter much if the cap just sets on there and bounces around! Mine was that way for years probably and must have worked OK. I just like to get things back in good functioning working order as the wallet allows. Should have tried soldering rather than brazing! Your current rear cover may work just fine for a long time and have a good story with it too!:) Regards, Chris
  25. DSDC, I am good on the gaskets Thanks! And thanks for reading the book! Just what I do and in other areas too. Like Allis Chalmers forum and Maple trader.com too. I dont do face book hardely at all. Probably where I should be but am too lazy to learn. I do have a lot of maple pictures too. Glad to see your making syrup! Good project in the spring. You have a totaly different starting system but sounds like it works well. I like to be able to start them from the cockpit/ in the seat if possible. Dont need any accidents! I like your elevated seat. The low cost lawn mower seat works ok in mine. I have been trying to get better on the body work thing for the past 50 years. Still learning but my skills are acceptable for these tractors not show cars! My TD6 has less than new under carriage and I am not even a judge of how bad it may be? Folks on here have given me suggestions on improvements. I just dont have the shop to tear into it. And as some one mentioned I dont do enough with it to do a full re-furb on the old girl! There are some great resto threads on here about similar dozers. Awesome work these folks do. Looking forward to following along with you! Regards, Chris
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