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  1. Folks, Gleaner, Thanks! You might be out of place with all this RED around you? PA is big where are you? There wasn't much magic here. Used a 3/8 extension and hammer on to a piece of rail, for the reshaping tools. Gentle reshaping back to correct form on rib at a time. They are not bad to reshape, the metal works good. Start with a bar that's not too far out. Work it straight. It will build your confidence too. Plan to spend a day on a grill like this. You can't hurt it much. My grill is a 10 footer. But looks better than being mashed up. Regards, Chris
  2. Looks great! I mowed a lot with one. Most of the time was good. Down clover had to be mowed only in one direction. So had to run bak to the other end of the field to start again. I scrapped one of these a couple years ago when cleaning out my uncles farm. If I remember the orange on the wheels might have been just a little brighter orange??? Regards Chris
  3. Dennis, I am not a metal worker. I just have basic tools. Those heavily dented areas may be a challenge. I don't have a English wheel. I might be dangerous if I had the right tools and training! There is a forum called Metal Meet Forum. All they talk about is shaping metals. I don't know how to shrink metal like the hammered area below your grill. Regards, Chris
  4. Tony, Spent most of the night reading your posts on this awesome IH truck build! The truck looks outstanding! Congratulations! thank you for bringing us with you on the journey. I am usually over on the construction portion of Red Power. Found your truck thread and was captivated! The strip and repaint even had me going OH NO! I wish you the best on the car show circuit too. Flawless is pretty hard to beat! Hope you can great a few of those $75 plastic trophies that you can dust. And along the way have a great time visiting and answering questions! There will be a lot because, it will stand out among the Ford and Chevys. Most folks will never have heard of a IH truck! So you will have a lot of explaining to do! Regards, Chris
  5. Wow! You have taken on a big project. Thanks for all the pictures. Having done a couple tractors I can relate. But the ones I have done have been worn but undercover. Yours is a challenge. You might want to consider a big electrolysis tank for some of the parts? Nice that your dad is working with you on this family tractor! Regards, Chris
  6. They could be repaired. I have done a couple that were not to good. Before: finished: Regards, Chris
  7. It looks a lot like the TD6 grill I worked on earlier this summer. You can do it! Some buffing::) primer: top coat: Installed: Regards, Chris
  8. My that 400 looks really good! Thanks for the update. Regards, Chris
  9. Ok I know the D17 was pretty off color for this site:) so here is some red using the same theme. A little paint, but lots of original patina and functional repairs too! Regards, Chris
  10. Dennis, Just a awesome job on bringing the SMTA back! Now I can see what you have been up to other than checking up on me on the construction portion of the forum. Will try to keep up with your progress on the truck too. Regards, Chris
  11. Ok now that may be the look I am going for on my TD6. After seeing these I think mine might look acceptable with some repaired, and painted parts. Thanks for posting these pictures. It is a lot of work to get them looking totaly show ready. And most folks dont want to do work them and get them dirty after all that effort and details. I would like to get some items, like lights restored/ working. I kind of did this "work clothes" thing with the D17 tractor I bought a couple years ago. Got all the systems working, but did not do finished paint except for the repaired grill headlights and front wheels. Regards, Chris
  12. That is a great looking TD9! Welcome! You folks make this look easy! Regards, Chris
  13. Hi, I just got branding irons from Maple Hunter decals in Indiana. Although I am not a good judge of the quality, I was very happy with these. Regards, Chris
  14. Can anyone post pictures of the grill tool/s? I am working on a TD6 damaged grill and just using tools from the tool box that seem to work. BTW thats a pretty straight tractor! Regards, Chris
  15. That is YIKES nice!!!! Every thing looks better than new! Fantastic work and details! Makes me want to go fire my old machine up! The dash and gauges turned out real good. I see you went with an alternator upgrade too. What shows do you have planned for it? Regards, Chris
  16. Very nice work! It will be a show piece inside and out! That grill is in amazing shape! Thanks for sharing your progress! You have been busy! You cant take that in the dirt!:) Regards, Chris
  17. Wow you do nice custom work! Thanks for posting all the pictures! Regards, Chris
  18. Ok, your never planning to push dirt and mud with this are you?? Sure is looking pretty! Mine is in such sad shape. Every nut and bolt on the frame would be a fight! Regards, Chris
  19. That engine really turned out nice too! Thanks for posting the pictures as you progress. Regards, Chris
  20. Wow! Does that look Good! Great work and documentation on the restoration. Not sure my TD6 will ever get that much attention. Nice shop too. Regards, Chris
  21. Very nice work bringing this tractor back to life. Thanks for posting these pictures. Regards, Chris
  22. Chris, Very nice pictures! Thanks for posting. I had the chance to mow grass at our local tractor show grounds this summer with one of these and a Woods 5 foot belly mower. Nice little tractors that run well and drove good! You have done a lot of work on the tractor! It will make a nice addition to the family. Looks a lot like the things I bring home. You did good on the initial price also. Regards, Chris
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