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  1. You might try posting in the construction portion of the forum also. Regards, Chris
  2. Hector,

     Do you have any TD18 clutch parts?



  3. Dennis, That front axle looks good. Must have been a good strong design from Ford. That tractor is not a lightweight! Thanks for the update. Regards, Chris
  4. Dennis, Thanks for the update! Good luck with your hip. The tractor will wait! Regards, Chris
  5. Dennis, Just found this! Great pictures of your Fordson Build! I had a chance to get close to one this summer. I decided to paint the one in front of our show grounds entry gate in Sagerstown PA. It is in really rough shape. I do have a picture of my dad on a family Fordson in about 1924 (he was 4 then). Even the dirt looks old in that picture! Your doing a great job and yes as someone mention you will have a lot of money in it! BTW any updates?? Regards, Chris
  6. 163154, Wow i think you did need a clutch! Good job finding and documenting the parts. Regards, Chris
  7. Blkrull, Not a expert on these but I do have one. Sounds like something is stuck in the mid range position! (Thats about the best I could come up with, sorry:)) The guys over in the construction section might be able to help too. I have gotten a lot of good information from them to make improvements on my TD6. Looks like a good clean machine you have. Regards, Chris
  8. Td18, Haven't heard much on this awesome T6 restoration? Any progress pictures? Regards, Chris
  9. I am getting caught up again on your work! I read the entire thread! You have really done a nice job bringing this tractor back from the weeds! Your work is similar to mine too. I call it refurbish, clean, and paint! Your doing very good and really enjoyed all the pictures of your tractor and your work. I have some IH tractors but currently stuck in the world of Persian Orange! FYI Don't worry about the 'crickets'! You have 15,200 views! Folks are watching from every corner of the world. As told to me by a wise man on this forum, when I commented about the same thing. " You wouldn't want everyone to comment! You would be overwhelmed!" Regards, Chris
  10. MAC, Nice looking truck! Body / bed look to be in good condition. Could look like this someday? Regards, Chris
  11. Will, This TD6 with loader version will lift high enough will load a dump truck. It earned its keep loading sand and gravel and also dug several basements and ponds. Now it gets to rest and take it easy most of the time. The interpiller is a great build project. His custom built bucket doesn't lift as high but would be very useful! Regards, Chris
  12. The construction portion of the forum might be of help also. Nice looking machine you have! Regards, Chris
  13. Will, You mean like this? Mine is a older early 50's model. Our little TD6 earning its keep. This TD6 was equipped with the ATECO (American Tractor Equipment Company) loader when my uncle bought it in the mid 50's. He used it in his sand and gravel business for 20 years. I got it from his estate several years ago. It runs drives and steers but is worn. You can fine my thread in the construction forum. I have no idea how many were made. Your TD6 may be of a different configuration. Regards, Chris
  14. Will, Good luck with your farm! I need to get down to West Virginia to visit where my great grandfather lived 100 years ago. That is in Gilmer County. The TD6 steering clutches are said to be some tough projects. The construction forum would be a good place to visit. Lots of experience there on these TD6 machines. Regards, Chris
  15. You might want to post over in the construction forum also? Lots of TD6 guys there too. Good luck with your project! Regards, Chris
  16. Wow! Your doing it right! Track components look pretty good! I dont even want to think about how bad my undercarriage components may be!:) Looks very good! Thanks for posting the updates! Regards, Chris
  17. Redwood, 

    Price seems reasonable. Any pictures? I will hold off a little while.



    1. Redwood


      I will take some photos later today or tomorrow

  18. TD-18, What is the current status on the 6? Awesome restoration and attention to details! I just noticed your hand clutch handle is way forward compared to mine. Never had thought about it, but is it adjustable for location? Regards, Chris
  19. Very nice work on the restoration! Thanks for taking the time to post all the pictures too. Makes me want to go restore something! Regards, Chris
  20. It looks like the correct color to me! Yes rare to see two at a show the same color! Regards, Chris
  21. Mouglman, Sounds like you dont have the tabs in the back of the grill. My TD6 had the tabs. most were still ok. I used a little larger hardware cloth with 1/4 inch squares. Hope the correct police dont have me take it back out!:) Some pictures on my thread too. Regards, Chris
  22. Very nice! Your work is outstanding! Thanks for the update and pictures! Regards, Chris
  23. So I take it that the blue is masking for the black to be painted in the background? It looks like a real nice original emblem! Hang on to it they seem to be tough to find. Regards, Chris
  24. Your work is superb! Love the details! My brain just cant go that deep. I stop at clean it and paint it. I see your a Ford guy too! Trucks and cars! Great! The TD is looking really sharp! Thanks for the updates and pictures! Regards, Chris
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