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  1. Salam, Thanks for all the great documentation on your restoration work! I enjoyed it! Regards, Chris
  2. Dennis, Was looking at another thread you were posting on. I did not realize you had all those nice orange tractors too! Regards, Chris
  3. Tj Looking good on the manifold change. Get the new gaskets too. And check for flatness on the head. They can sometimes get eroded on the head, which will affect the seal of manifold to head. Also if the studs have necking or corrosion it might be a good time to change those too? Just be very careful if you back those out they can break off. Regards, Chris
  4. Brody and Dad, You guys saved my life this snowy afternoon in NWPA! As usual I was checking the construction section and thought I would look over here too. You and your Dad have done a great job bringing this tractor back to good working order! I read the whole thread. What I also saw was the nice Allis WD that you folks had done also! That's where I have a real problem!:) These old tractors can tug at your heart strings, and your wallet too! They can easily become toys that you just dont part with easily! Really enjoyed your pictures and documentation along the way. And yes If I had a 240 that looked like that I would be very proud of it! You have made it look like a VERY sharp detailed and fully functional tractor again. Yes, if you can swing it, get those plows from the yard too. Then load it up and go to a plow day! Regards, Chris
  5. Old F20, I had never considered being a professional slacker but believe I could be trained and adapt to it pretty easy! Your shop is......... well, ........ awesome! I lke your ideas of the curtains to contain dust dirt fumes. Do you have a heated floor? Thanks for posting the nice project pictures of your rare IH tractors, your shop and and helpers too! Regards, Chris
  6. Dennis, Looking good! Now I hope your working towards the Summer show in July 17, 18 , 19 2020 at Sagertown PA! Ford is the feature tractor. Would like to have you bring your Fordson. Regards, Chris
  7. Hojon, I think the stainless dog dish is still working as the bottom for the air box. Dog still isn't happy!:) Speaking of air box I need to get out there and work on a orange one. regards, Chris
  8. Ian, I read it but not sure what the answer is. I will go with the part that Europe was way ahead of us in mfg spark plugs theory. Thanks, Chris
  9. The lower picture looks to be close to original. The upper picture looks like something I would do to try to tighten the track. Mine are both in need of repair. I dont even have them on the list of things to do at this time. You may have seen in my thread that I pushed the track tight and inserted a spacer ring to take up the slop in the adjuster. It works but is not adjustable. A true farmer fix. My uncle would be proud of me! Regards, Chris
  10. Rick, I have the rock guards on the idler, not sure if they were on the drive sprockets? If it did they were gone when I got it. That grill guard was heavily damaged/ caved in when I found the tractor. Also some how the sheet metal grill had seen better days too. I have no idea how that happened behind that heavy guard? Your tracks and rails look to be in way better shape than mine! Regards, Chris
  11. Vic, Your right, your thumb would work too!:) Why are spark plugs metric? Guess I need to google that. I can see them setting around the big desk in the meeting room. 1in the early 1900's or before, triyng to decide what thread size to make in the heads for spark plugs!:) Regards, Chris
  12. Rick, Nice shot of your dozer doing work pushing snow! We have not had hardly any snow. Only plowed the drive a couple times with the Jubilee. Thanks for posting the update. I had some trouble starting my TD6, and had to pretty much go through the whole wiring system. New cables and the works. Seems much better now. Regards, Chris
  13. Hojon, I didnt go back and look but sounds like your referring to electrolysis parts cleaning. Thanks for the reminder. I have a piece that needs cleaning for another tractor. Might fire it up. But should make a smaller tank too. Regards, Chris
  14. Thanks guys, I thought to older TD6's had just the back roller. Matt may have replacement coming. Yep the old machines have just a little track sag. Regards, Chris
  15. Folks, Update on the TD6 and some observations: Matt is storing this inside: Drained the old hydraulic oil it was dark and dirty.Filled the tank with 7 gallons of fresh 70 wt hydraulic oil. Out comes Matt with the TD6 Testing the drift down, it was very good and held well, Also let me get a good look at how worn the bucket is. Matt has ideas of replacing portions of the bucket and cutting edge. You can see what happens when I now have a good new phone to take pictures! Dozer started right up all systems seemed to work as they should for a almost 70 year old machine. Thanks for checking in on me. Question: Did these have the second (front) top roller for the track to ride on? Regards, Chris
  16. Folks, Happy New Year! All our kids, grandkids and great grandkids were here for Christmas. Our little house was busting at he seams!:) Tree is down and we are hunkered down for this small snow storm. Tomorrow I will be going to help friend Matt work on the TD6. He is threatening to change the hydraulic oil. I am going to supervise. I did get a new phone so I will try to get some pictures. Regards, Chris
  17. Folks, Just checking in! A couple weeks I will have to go to Matt's for the annual firing up of the TD6. Will try to get some pictures too. I did notice that some of my old pictures are not showing up in first pages of this long thread. These were probably photobucket pictures? Merry Christmas to all the forum members! Hope things are good in Red Power land! Regards, Chris
  18. Dennis, Glad you found your vaporizer. Wooden parts in a old antique carb? Never heard of such a thing? As you say they must have been desperate to get a tractor functioning! And if the parts were close to being the right shape, maybe it did run pretty well? You know gas is not that smart, to tell if its wood or steel! Regards, Chris
  19. Tony, Thanks for the update! It is looking very good! Always nice when assembly starts too! Regards, Chris
  20. Folks, I talked to Matt where the TD6 resides and he had some news. The TD6 is under his new lean to on which I helped him put up, on the back of his sugarhouse. He also took his picker to the local tractor show grounds and helped the president pick the rest of the corn. He said they had several gravity boxes full of great looking red corn! He said it worked great! Nice to see this old equipment still working! Regards, Chris
  21. Thanks for the link , I was too lazy to look back! Great work on a unique machine! Those were some heavy bales! Regards, Chris
  22. Tony, Wow those are some big castings! We don't think about all the parts in a machine like this. The hunt for parts! Yes you have the three machines to make one, Sounds about right. One of the issues is that you wont have many folks that can chime in and help you with a issue. So no support other than us cheering you on to the finish. Hate to ask but what is the final color? I see lots of yellow in the last pictures! And I assume you will do some small amount of bailing for demos?? At our local tractor club we were given a McCormick 2 row corn picker. Our president has worked on in to get it running, moving, picking, and repaired parts and some new chains. But man is it worn and tattered. Another question which I may have missed? What was the driving reason to restor/ refurb one of these bailers? What year is this late 40's? We did not have a wire baler. Do you have a matching hay rake and mowing machine in the wings too?:) I do agree there are many levels of restoration. I call my work RCP "Refurb, Clean ,and Paint" Regards, Chris
  23. Tony, I have followed a couple of your threads! Awesome pictures and documentation! I had at one time thought of restoring Antique farm equipment. I think your thread will stop me from doing that!:) A couple tractor projects are enough for me! Your work is top notch! Regards, Chris
  24. Snush, Welcome! You may want to also post over in the construction portion of the forum! Good looking dirt pusher! I like the Holden! Regards, Chris
  25. Tony, The 806 bean cutter looks great! You did a nice job putting all that work into getting it fully functional! The little touches and fixing things sounds like what you do! I like it! Thanks for all the great pictures! Regards, Chris
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