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  1. Tanker, Congratulations for making the flyer! That T6 jumps right out of the page! Sounds like a great show! Have fun and post a bunch of pictures for us too. Regards, Chris
  2. Pete, Glad you got that working! Nice when they charge and start when you want! Regards, Chris
  3. Tony, Those knotters look complex! About like rebuilding a external engine! Thanks for the updates and pictures. Regards, Chris
  4. Dennis, Your brazing work looks as good as any I have seen. Should finish up real nice! I have no Idea what happened to the Fordson. Its long gone and so are the folks that knew anything about it. I assume it may have been a early one maybe a 17 or 18? I may have another picture of it running a thresher. The grandparents moved up here from WV about 1915 ish. Regards, Chris
  5. I saw that over on the Allis forum and immediately thought of KoO getting some of his machines from under water. They say they are going to get it running too! Regards, Chris
  6. R190, If your asking me? The diode, if used goes in the exciter wire with the stripe towards the alternator. Correct? Regards, Chris
  7. Peter, I now see and read that you have a positive ground alternator. I didnt know they made them So I did learn something today. I just change all mine over to neg qround 12 volt systems. Hope Steve or someone can help you more than I did. So the 12volt positive ground alternator saved what components? Regards, Chris
  8. Pete, Are you saying you still have a 12 volt voltage regulator in the system too? Regards, Chris
  9. Pete, I have some pictures and diagrams. First here is the same alternator you have on one of my tractors the #2 terminal from the small area with 2 terminals goes to the large post on the alternator. So based on your sketch you have that correct. Then the small wire from the #1 terminal would be the one for the bulb. I use a diode a 1 amp 50 volt, in the exciter wire. So you have that correct too. I included a sketch of what the TD6 wiring would have looked like if I had chose to use the Delco alternator like you have. These are the switches I like to use: Regards, Chris
  10. Pete, This was the diagram I used on the TD6. Granted its not the same alternator. Its the one wire Denso. This may or may not help? Let me try to find the wiring for another tractor using the same alternator as yours. Regards, Chris
  11. Peter, I had sucess with the little Denso unit I installed. I am for sure not a expert on electrical. But I do know someone that is. Please google B&B Electronics. Steve works on this type of stuff all the time. He maybe able to talk you through it. I have a electrical diagram for the work I did on my TD6 I will see if I can find it. Might help. But I dont uses a light. In fact the little Denso was a true one wire system and it charges good. Now I do change mine over to voltmeters. Which was a recommendation from Steve at B&B. I will look around and try to find some of my information. Dont give up. I see one thing in your sketch. I believe these alternators require a negative ground system. I believe your alternator should be feeding the positive side of your battery. Regards, Chris
  12. Whats in the Barn?, Very nice Case! Great that you have this family tractor! It looks fresh and new! Regards, Chris
  13. Dennis, Picture/s I promised you. My Dad in around 1924 (he was born in 1920). Picture was taken by his mom, my grandmother on farm in Monroe Center Ohio on the Fordson. Notice that even the dirt looks old. And how old would the tractor be? It looks like its 50 years old! Been rode hard and put away wet many times! Top picture has less glare when I took it. Regards, Chris
  14. Tj, The CA looks fresh and sharp! Regards, Chris
  15. Tony, The baler is going to be a great piece. You folks have really done a good job bringing this unit back to show quality. Just dont see that happen often. I can see why, what a lot of work!:) Regards, Chris
  16. Tony, Thanks for the updates! I always thought one action caused at least 5 new actions! The truck looks great. "low ridin binder"! or "candy apple corn crusher" or "sweet binder" Its going to preform and handle like a new truck with all the up grades too! Regards, Chris
  17. MH, Very nice! Its not the "old 7230" anymore! Thanks for the tips on the paint and the nice pictures too. It looks like new! Regards, Chris
  18. Dennis, It is looking good! Major items accomplished.Thanks for posting these. The pictures will help someone with their project! I still owe you a picture of my Dad on the Fordson too. Will try to get a picture of a picture and post for you. Year would have been around 1924, getting close to 100 years. Wow. As a reminder to all of us: Pictures are of little to no value unless shared with others. If my grandmother had not taken a lot of pictures I would not have the back story on our family's lives before I was around. Regards, Chris
  19. Salam, Thanks for all the great documentation on your restoration work! I enjoyed it! Regards, Chris
  20. Dennis, Was looking at another thread you were posting on. I did not realize you had all those nice orange tractors too! Regards, Chris
  21. Tj Looking good on the manifold change. Get the new gaskets too. And check for flatness on the head. They can sometimes get eroded on the head, which will affect the seal of manifold to head. Also if the studs have necking or corrosion it might be a good time to change those too? Just be very careful if you back those out they can break off. Regards, Chris
  22. Brody and Dad, You guys saved my life this snowy afternoon in NWPA! As usual I was checking the construction section and thought I would look over here too. You and your Dad have done a great job bringing this tractor back to good working order! I read the whole thread. What I also saw was the nice Allis WD that you folks had done also! That's where I have a real problem!:) These old tractors can tug at your heart strings, and your wallet too! They can easily become toys that you just dont part with easily! Really enjoyed your pictures and documentation along the way. And yes If I had a 240 that looked like that I would be very proud of it! You have made it look like a VERY sharp detailed and fully functional tractor again. Yes, if you can swing it, get those plows from the yard too. Then load it up and go to a plow day! Regards, Chris
  23. Old F20, I had never considered being a professional slacker but believe I could be trained and adapt to it pretty easy! Your shop is......... well, ........ awesome! I lke your ideas of the curtains to contain dust dirt fumes. Do you have a heated floor? Thanks for posting the nice project pictures of your rare IH tractors, your shop and and helpers too! Regards, Chris
  24. Dennis, Looking good! Now I hope your working towards the Summer show in July 17, 18 , 19 2020 at Sagertown PA! Ford is the feature tractor. Would like to have you bring your Fordson. Regards, Chris
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