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  1. td-18, Wow 10 more projects! Awesome. Building questions: What size are your overhead doors? What is your ceiling height? I am working on a building design. Yours is nice and clean and organized! Regards, Chris
  2. James, Looks like another project! Congratulations! Looking forward to the progress! Regards, Chris
  3. Tj01, Nice work on your new WD. The cultivators look complete. Here is one of my AC's Regards, Chris
  4. Tanker, You have been very busy! Good to see the kids involved too! Awesome truck project! Thanks for the updates! Regards, Chris
  5. KoO, That was awesome walk around! Great that your daughter did this video! Wonderful that you have all these antique machines up running and moving! Thank you! Regards, Chris
  6. Tanker, Too bad you couldnt get the yellow one from Fat Charlie! Looks to be pretty complete! Regards, Chris
  7. Tony, Just checked in to see how you and the truck are doing! Its AWESOME! Thanks for bringing us up to date and posting the pictures of the little red binder! Regards, Chris
  8. Charlie, I had missed this because I am usually over in the construction section. Your getting the right folks over in this section to help you. I give you a pat on the back for getting the broken bolts drilled and re-tapped. For not having much experience you sure are getting after it. If it has gas, spark and compression it will run. Maybe not good but it should fire! My TD6 a cousin to your tractor has given me many new learning experiences too. Wishin you the best with your new toy! Regards, Chris
  9. The Bunns, Not funny but I did this with my TD6. Never thought about the battery charger on the tracks after it fired up. Found it when I got off to do something or the cords were dragging! Mine was flat as a 'sail cat' Regards, Chris
  10. KoO, Thanks for the update and HAPPY Easter! Can you find 10 folks to run all those at one time? Remind me what the details are on the unit in the last picture. It is very interesting snow machine. people mover. Our snow is pretty much gone here but we did get a dusting a couple days ago. I just mowed the lawn yesterday for the first time!:) Regards, Chris
  11. Rick, I have never pulled the engine on one of these but my best guess is that it is the correct way to remove and replace the ring gear. I would get the new one too. Yes pricy, but what isnt now days. A month ago it cost $100 just to fill up my pick up truck. All that work you want it to function when its supposed to!:) That bolt you have in the back hole is always a tough one for me to get started. Just not much room back in there. If your starter checks out you saved the price of the ring gear. I put more than $300 in starter repairs. Had to get a new armature. Thanks for the update and pictures. I have been busy cutting wood for making syrup next spring, mowing lawn and thinking about building a little shed for some of my junk. Regards, Chris
  12. Tj01, The painting process can be a project! I have done 3 of these WD series tractors and they have a lot of parts! Come over and join us on the Allis forum also. Folks would love to see your tractors and projects. Regards, Chris
  13. Pete, Your making good progress! I like the idea of the gas grill! Thanks for the update! Nice when they will start! I need to get my TD6 home. Regards, Chris
  14. Pete, Good progress, lots of wrench turning there! Thanks for the update and sharing the pictures too. Any other things to do while your in there? Are the blocks under it solid? Just want you to be safe. Regards, Chris
  15. Pete, Can you get the new ring gear? Probably the easiest part of the whole job is actualling replacing the ring gear, getting to that point , not so much! Keep us up to date. I have a WD45 shift tower project and will start cutting wood soon for next years syrup. Regards, Chris
  16. Dennis, Your moving right along with the Fordson! Thanks for the updates and pictures. Regards, Chris
  17. Tj01, Hope things go well with the Allis. I have a soft spot for these too. I have had 6 in the last 6 years. Some better than others when they came home. Some getting a refurb. Regards, Chris
  18. Duey, Enjoyed the read! Thanks for all the updates along the way with the grader. I remember my one and only experience in a grader all day with my uncle Clair grading a dirt road about 2 miles from where I grew up. Hadn't thought about that time with him in 60 years! It was very hot and I was in the way most of the time. I was maybe bored as he didnt let me run any controls that I can remember, and I kept sliding across the seat. I remember the wheels pivoting/leaning at odd angles compared to a farm tractor. Have never been in a grader since. Regards, Chris
  19. George, Welcome to the forum. Several TD6 owners here too. Glad you have your family tractor back in the family. Regards, Chris
  20. Folks, Have been very busy with the maple syrup season. just boiled the last syrup of the season today. Our small operation keeps me busy. Had 200 folks come through the sugarhouse this past weekend! Regards, Chris
  21. Rick, Good pictures of the '6' in the snow doing some work! Nice to have a machine that can help with tasks like that too. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Regards, Chris
  22. Rawleigh, Folks, Yes you can! Please pm me. I know we are not supposed to sell things on here I understand that. We have made almost 100 gallons of delicious syrup branded as FIRE & ICE due to the way we have made it during the cold weather this year! Here is what it looks like towards the sugarhouse today. Off to help tap some trees with a friend tomorrow too. Much more and would have to get Matt to bring the TD6 home! Regards, Chris
  23. Folks, I visited Matt while he was making syrup a few days ago and the TD6 is right there standing ready, Matt on his Allis D14 at his sugarhouse. Grandson Nic and his two boys, Cooper and Rhett cooking hot dogs in the maple syrup arch at our sugarhouse. We are making some awesome syrup this season. Golden Delicate which has been given the name FIRE & ICE syrup. Due to the cold weather freezing the sap and the roaring fire to make it into almost clear syrup Just like My Great grandfather made a hundred years ago. Also marshmellows dont take long to cook. Hope things are good in RED land! Regards, Chris
  24. Morning, You might get some more comments if you posted in the construction section. Yes you need some parts. They are out there. There is a salvage yard with a TD6 near Pittsburgh, closer to Zelienople. Burg Implement. Try them. Good luck with your project. Regards, Chris
  25. Folks, Very quiet here. waiting for warmer weather and the trees to let the sap flow. Syrup season is here in North west Pennsylvania. We have set 600 taps and made 50+ gallons of very nice Golden Delicate maple syrup. I spoke with Matt about the TD6 bucket rebuild. We would like to do that this spring, after syrup season. Hoping he will haul the TD6 to the local show grounds for display this summer too. I really need to think about a heavier trailer. Regards, Chris
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