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  1. Dennis, I bet they have some very dark walnut stain that would get you close to the same shade. Is that flat Alice in those pictures? Nice job bringing your dad's desk back into service. I like this old furniture also. I did that old dresser of mine and just bought a drop front desk that was in my grandmothers house! Love the family history connections. Hope the kids, grand kids, and great grandkids appreciate the old pieces too! You did real good! It is a unique writing desk! Regards, Chris
  2. DSDC, Ahhhh Yes either a sugarhouse or a very nice operation to make spirits!:) Come visit Maple Trader.com if you want to talk maple stuff. Not sure where you are located? We are having a great maple event Lake Erie Maple Expo this Friday and Saturday Nov 8 and 9th ,in Albion PA. 16401 (zip). www.pamaple.org Yes I see folks that have given up on all types of machines too. They can suck up the time and the dollars and have many, many things that need fixed. Will be interesting to see if your loader system is a factory unit or home built? Sounds factory or a good craftsman! Looks like your TD6 has found a good home! Regards, Chris
  3. DSDC, I am a little lost without mine near by. It will be inside for the winter which is a good thing compared to the blue tarp it sets under here at home. I like your area where your TD6 sets! Hop deep is your lean to area 12-14 feet? I love lean to's I need the building to add on the lean to!:) It sounds like you know your way around these types of machines pretty well. Hhad the same feeling as you trying to run all the controls!:) You said your grill needs work? Looks pretty good to me. Went with the 165 degree temp thermostat, of course I didn't get the right one twice, third time was a charm. Pretty typical of how I work. Had similar issues not coming up to operating temps. I have formed a bond with this old TD6 loader since it was my uncles. He never abused it just used the heck out of it. Thanks for the pictures too. It sure helps us get up to speed on your machine! Which sure looks like a keeper! It should go back to gas if everything is functioning. Does it start good on gas? Might need a tune up? And also could be 7 other things too!:) Regards, Chris
  4. DSDC, Welcome, Thanks for coming aboard! Great picture! I haven't seen a loader like that yet either. But I am pretty new to the whole TD6 thing. You have a good looking machine that is doing some work for you right now. Others like Pete are down in the trenches trying hard to get one working and moving! I have done some minor repairs on mine. I am better at cosmetics than hydraulics. My "6" has "float", you raise it and it floats down!:) You may have checked out my thread one the unit I have. If I can help let me know. Looking forward to more pictures too! Yea hard to believe these are in the 65-70 year old range! Regards, Chris
  5. Thanks Tony! Your right about the age thing too! Regards, Chris
  6. Tj01, Welcome! Tires match, tin looks straight. it looks like a keeper. Take your time on the clean and paint. Its a lot of work. I too have some Allis-Chalmers lurking in my yard and garage. I dont have a CA. YET!:) Good luck with your tractor. I will invite you to come over and visit us on the Unofficial Allis Forum also. Good bunch of Orange brains there too! Regards, Chris
  7. AK, Nice Merc! I had a 55 crown Vic, sold that project 20 years ago. Miss it some days. Had it in the family for 30 years. Your truck project is coming along nicely! Regards, Chris
  8. Now that right there is almost where I could go with a project like a big truck! (Highjacking the rat rod thread now) The dream: A orange 56 Ford F800 with updated power unit and tranny pulling a gooseneck with two early 50's orange Allis-Chalmers pulling tractors! Dang! Stop me!!!!! I will be watching this thread! Good luck with your build on this big IH truck! Regards, Chris
  9. Nice project! Thanks for the updates! Maybe I will get some ideas for another project too! I have my eye on 56 Ford F-800 that would be a nice money pit! Never thought about making it even shorter and putting a pickup bed on it. Hummm!:) Regards, Chris
  10. Ds, Welcome! Sounds like you have the parts to put it together (extra engine) Looks pretty good to me. But I may not be a good judge?:) I would be interested in the side panels if your going to scrap it! Also the construction portion of the forum would be a good place to get more responses too. Regards, Chris
  11. Dennis, I like this old stuff too! Your project is well worth the effort. There are some good and great glues out there. I would probably glue and also brad nail it in place too. I just purchased a drop down desk that was my grandmothers, and I remember using it as a kid growing up in the house. When I found out it was for sale I immediately bought it and gave it to my wife for our 50th anniversary of being together. I also restored/ refinished a child's dresser that was mine when I was born and gave it to our first great grandson! It had the joints that were common for a short time in the late 1800's. I enjoy working with wood, I just don't have a wood shop. Your doing a great job saving your Dad's desk! Good to have friends that will help you out. Thanks for posting the pictures too! Regards, Chris
  12. Very nice second unit. Looks like this one should be the primary??:) Regards, Chris
  13. Love the project and the spark resistant pare! Learn a little each day! Thanks for the pictures of the progress! Regards, Chris
  14. Very nice collection and back story. I like to see them leaning like that last picture, just resting waiting for you. I have brought several units home similar to those. Good luck and have fun! Regards, Chris
  15. Dennis, Good to see you at the Pioneer Steam show this summer! HOT! Did you find your vaporizor? I have a picture of my dad on a Fordson in about 1923 or 24! My Great uncle was a dealer in over your way. Regards, Chris
  16. Looking forward to more pictures. Again the construction portion might get you a little more action? Regards, Chris
  17. td-18, Looking real sharp! Track systems look new! Thanks for the updates! Regards, Chris
  18. Tony, Your mods will make it a even better ride for you. I have sunk my small fortune into orange tractors lately. At least that's what the wife says!:) They are my 55/56 Ford Victoria car. I can take them and play in the dirt too! I think your doing great. Really like the pictures and documentation on your very nice IH truck! Regards, Chris
  19. Td-18, Your restoration work is awesome! It also lets me see some of the components that might need refurbished on mine. Thank you for posting the pictures as you finish the assembly! Your weather and background looks very nice. Regards, Chris
  20. Td-18, Duals Rule! Nice 18! I would like to take my TD6 to the local tractor show. Just for fun! Regards, Chris
  21. td-18, WAIT! you have two or three more of these waiting in the wings too? Wow! Nice collection! Those cherry pickers do a nice job. I have one. Your track system is looking great! You got a really nice gloss to the paint. I always have a heck of a time with the paint part of these projects. Regards, Chris
  22. td-18, Thanks for the nice shots of the track support guides painted in primer. Almost makes the job look possible! Do you use a forklift or a crane for the lifting? That is going to be almost too nice to use to push dirt! Regards, Chris
  23. td-18, Just awesome! I am in same stages on my orange project tractor. I seen the corks which are correct in these I believe because my TD6 still has them in there. But as I refub some projects it would be nice to have a couple dozen corks of various sizes to plug holes for painting! Not sure how expensive corks are now days. Maybe hobby stores or on line?? Anyway your under carriage is going to look great and function as new! That would be real nice to not have to worry about running a track off and having all the adjustments and things working as they should! But then there almost too nice to go out and do work!:! Regards, Chris
  24. TD18, Not sure I will ever do ( refurb, clean and paint) one of these old machines, but it is sure nice to see your detailed work on a machine similar to mine. Keep at it! Paint, then assembly, your getting closer to the finish! Regards, Chris
  25. Folks, Happened by on this topic. Yes the electrolysis process works well its a line of site process so it won't get in holes unless you place a anode in there too. I use it on a lot of sheet metal. I have it set up outside and generally run it at 2 amp. Arm and Hammer washing soda is what I use in the water to promote the process. Have done many parts over the last 5-6 years. IH, AC, and Massey. I like it for sheet metal as it removes most of the paint too. No its not acid dip and its not sandblasting! But if you have a tank and some time its way better than grinding paint and rust. Generally I feel I have a hard time keeping up with the finish work. It works all day and night!:) Here is a picture of a WD (Allis) fender in the tank: Electrolysis did not get it 100% but there was some plastic filler on this fender. Lots of time and its going to be ready for paint this spring. Here is the WD grill in the E tank: New screen and some body work, in primer. Regards, Chris
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