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  1. Ok thanks guys for letting me know about the advertizing/selling thing on the forum. Most of the other forums I am on have some type of classified portion. Regards, Chris
  2. Guys, Thanks for the advice on people, clubs and dozers:). I understand, I have done tons for others, and organizations. You can get burnt and burnt out, with nothing done at home. Sorry I have been busy with our Maple Taste and Tour weekend and carwlers are low on the list. I was thinking about possibly removing the loader and frame work at some point? Just looking for some suggestions. I know the machine would not be much good for anything other than driving around or pulling something at that point. The loader is just so restrictive with the frame work in the seating area. And as a last thing after reviewing the dozer more this summer is that I may just decide to sell it? If so then I will advertise it on here. Hope things are good pushing dirt! Regards, Chris
  3. Coffeecreek, Well that's too bad about the people thing. It takes all kinds to make a world and there all here! I figured you would know Dave G. Thanks for the brake information. I like to use McMacter-Carr also. Great place to get hardware and about anything. Plus you can get parts quick! Guess I need to get a avatar on here. Not sure I like the silhouette. Regards, Chris
  4. I did a drive by and the IH dozer was still there. I really should get it home so I could play with it a little more. Maybe this spring. Killdozer, Thanks for the comments on the brakes. Coffeecreek, Are you invloved with the Sagertown show? Regards, Chris
  5. Thanks Guys, Coffecreek I will try to keep that show in mind. I do belong to the PSGES. Looking forwrad to cleaning up a couple of the WD's for the July show. Thanks for the info on the brakes. that makes it sound a little easier:) Hope to set some taps tomorrow.
  6. IH Folks, Ok trying to figure out replying to multiple quotes on here. The forums can somedays be harder than working on the equipment. Thanks for letting me know it wont be easy to steer. I had that feeling. Looks like a man with four hands and a very strong back was required to run one of these machines. I need to move this up the work list and look at it when the weather breaks. I will eventually get some more pictures of the track adjusters. This maching needs several power washings to be able to get through the dirt and the grease. (My Uncle loved to weld and maintaine his own equipment. He got every thing he could out of this old girl.) I think he bought it used in 1954? I dont have a clue about brake bands, but that sounds like a project down in the innards of this unit. How big of a job is that and are parts aviable for these machines. It started on the new plugs I think they might might be #386? Cant remember getting old. Standing on the brakes did not seem to help much. But I really did not move it much yet. Still learning. Yea we are from the great north PA region:) Yea looks like we could use some upholstery work too. Scratching my head. I dont think this has a MAG. Almost sure I remember filing the points in the distributor when I did the tune up. Thanks guys for the comments. I will dig around for some more pictures of the TD6. On a related note I have the grease tank that came with it. Small maybe 4-5 gallon unit, Red with IH on the side and has a hose and a pump handle. Maybe out for a while as our Maple syrup season is going to be starting this week. Lots to do!
  7. Scooter, Since I am not a dozer operator and this was the first time moving one of these I am sure I am not a very good judge. Seems like you had to pull the sterring levers about back to you to get it to steer. My daughters boyfriend ran the track off the right side. We knew they we pretty loose. I do have a manual that came with it. Right now its aging under about 2 feet of snow. Which in hind site I should have tarped it last fall:) I am sure of one thing the battery charger in the one photo was no match for the dozer, I forgot to unhook it and ran over it:) Flat as a pancake. Lift went up and down, seems to have leaks around the cylinders. I did a farmers tune up on it. I put in the plugs shown, new plug wires. Cleaned the points. And once I had it fired up on gas I was pretty sure it would run on diesel. Just had to prime the filters and lines. A little coaxing and it switched over to diesel as the manual described. Kind of tricky but with help from a friend we got it running well enough to get it loaded, and unloaded.
  8. Hi, I am a new member to the forum. Thanks for having me. I now have a TD6 dozer loader in the family that has been very well used. My Uncle used it in his sand and gravel business in the 50's and 60's. I got it started last spring and have moved it to my daughters property where it has sat most of the time. I joined the forum to learn more about this machine and to decide what I want to do with it in the future. Here are some pictures. its pretty rough and has lots of welding done on it. Tracks are very loose and the sterring doesnt seem to work very well. I changed the plugs but had not found the extend ones.
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