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  1. exSW, Learning that too. The tree/ rocks stopped it pretty good. Made some good ruts in the yard. But was diggiing in:) Did more work (or destruction) in five miniutes than I could have done (or can fix) in five days. Regards, Chris
  2. Folks, Adjusted the steering clutches. It helped a little. Seems to turn much better to the right when I pull the right lever and stomp on that brake. I actually pivoted right around a couple of times to the right. Going to the left not so good. You can get it to turn to the left, but better have a couple acres of room:)! Not sure that brake is grabbing as well as the right brake. Added taller stops for steering handles. Which brought the sticks closer. When all done still had to pull to far back towards the operator. May mean that the clutches are bad? Took covers off inspection areas. Found brake pads looked pretty good. At least there was something there about 1/4 inch thick. They may need adjusted too? Will have to look into that. ANy chance I can free up these clutches more? Our grandson Nic stoipped by, so I put him to work taking pictures. Yea thats me on the TD-6. These really are not very big machines. Very cozy in the cockpit! Had to try the steering out in the neighbors field. Opps sorry about that! Tried so smooth some of the big lumps:) I think its the state law that you have to push a tree over, and dig out some rocks, if you have a dozer! Made some nice ruts in the soft yard too. Found I had the steering clutches adjusted to tight as the dozer just stopped moving, neither fowrard or reverse. I thought the TD-6 was going to be lawn art! Then I decided to lossen both steering clutch turnbuckles and off we went again. Played in the mud a little. This is the diesel fuel line that was leaking. After removal found that the solder joint had failed at the ferrel. Re-soldered this and fixed the leak issue. Little things make me feel like I have made some progress. Its the lower line in this picture. Trying to understand why the Run on gas lever wont snap over center? Looks like the bent end of the rod broke and was welded. Still not sure what needs to be done here? Have to keep holding this lever down while it runs on gas. It has a vertical spring and a bent rod behind the dash that look lkie they should be what keeps it over centrer? Tried the adjustment nuts but that did not seem to help. Well we can run it this way but it needs attention. If some one has pictures or anything from service manual. That would be great too. I did get a lot of the thick coating of greaes off the engine and components from that power washing. How do I check to see if there is enough oil in the pump? Took the drains off the secondary and primary filters and a bunch of black stuff came out prior to cleaner deisel. Filters are on the list. Regards, Chris
  3. Weather was very nice today! I did pick up a return spring for the steering lever. The hardware had only one:( And I guessed at the length and stiffness. I will try it when I get a chance and then adjust the clutchs if possible. What are the chances that Uncle Jack actually changed the dry clutches and they are just out of adjustment? Yea I doubt it too. My luck just doens't go that way on this old iron! In regards to the under carraige: I was going to also ask on the very worn and or broken right rail weldment. Is it possible to make these new? Or add gussets/ fish plates? Also if the rollers are very bad or worn are there replacements available?? Just trying to get a idea of availability and or costs if I was to dive into this machine at some point. Regards, Chris
  4. Good suggestion on the track adjusters. The threads dont look good at all. I do like to fab things so that is not out of the question. Regards, Chris
  5. Ron, Your right I dont need 6000 posts. I do appreciate the opinions and suggestions. OK I am not going to scrap it! I was at a friends house and he had RFD show on with a lot of IH products at some show. Then they showed a TD-6 that was nice looking and that helped secure the fact that it may be around for a while:) That one was a 1944 and was very similar to the 52 model that I have. Just did not have the bucket/ or blade. They said in good working order they could pull a 4 bottom plow. I agree with fixing little things and getting to know the tractor first. I am going to try to spend some time on it if the weather is good next week. That right frame rail looks like it was cracked and welded. I think it may be able to be fixed/ repaired/ reinforced. well any thing can be fixed , given enough time and money. But with this machine setting out side and winter coming on It may not happen for a while. Regards, Chris
  6. Thanks Rick! I will keep that in mind. Off to play for the day. Regards, Chris
  7. Folks, I need more feed back good or bad, scrap it or keep it comments!??? almost 6000 views and not many words! You folks must do less talk and more action? I did untarp the TD-6 today and soaked the steering clutch lever adjusters. Got the four lock nuts loose and lengthened the rods. I lenghtened them maybe a inch or so. and shot them with a good dose of PB Blaster. The levers dont come back nearly as far. But I dont have a feel yet. I did not have time to start the machine so not sure if I made any improvement. Weather is turning sour so I may not be able to try the adjustments this weekend? Book says I am going the wrong way, that i need the shorten the turnbuckle. So I may need to revisit that. Also I noticed that I do not have any release springs on either side of the turn buckles. May try to find some right sized springs. Currently the steering levers are falling all the way forward against the throttle lever. Much much more to learn. I did notice that the right frame rail looks like it had cracked and was welded and re-cracked behind the idler. Looks like the idle wheel is tiped towards the tractor at the top! Not a good thing. The track adjusters look like they are in bad shape. And the rails are very worn where the idler support castings fit. Regards, Chris
  8. Rawleigh99 ,Going to try to do that in next day or so, good suggestion. Right now everything is blowing sideways:) Regards, Chris
  9. cont, These pictures are not of very high quality, but at this time neither is the old TD-6! TD-6 at rest cover/ shield must have had a rock fall on it? Pump is still working. light need some attention someday. again way down the list. Right side idler Right side drive sprocket. shield is pretty much toast. back view draw bar primary and secondary diesel filters. Note this was before I power washed the unit, so there is a lot of dirt and grease. Here is the leaking fuel fitting, right above the sediment bowl. picture of the starter. the worn notch in the side panel is from starting it with a piece of pipe as a lever against the cam of the starter switch. throttle linkage left idler and bent rock shield. left center cover. left rear sprocket. lower track rollers. hydraulic resivoir and control valves rear adjuster for track left side. These may need lots of attention?? adjuster for track right side. carb side of engine. Thats it for now. Thanks for taking a look. I dont have a real plan for this machine at the time. Its been moved about 20 feet and is tarped. Spent some time reading thru the manual I have this morning. Weather may get warmer next week and I may look at the steering clutch adjustments. I see blue silicone around the cover so Uncle Jack was in there within the last 10 years:) Neighbor recommemds that I should strip off the loader frame work and hydraulics to get at the steering and brakes? Again comments are welome. Scrap is way down right now so its safe for the time being:) Regards, Chris
  10. Folks a bunch of pictures as this TD-6 gets moved home. Any comments and or suggestions are more than welcome. Neighbor gets the honors of loading and unloading. couple shots from the operators station. notice how well its charging. Not so much after a bath. That is probably the least of my worries. Hour meter. Which I have no clue if its working. Gear shifter area. more in next thread ran out of room.
  11. Folks , I had to fire the TD6 up again and move it about 20 feet. It was just going to be too close to the sugarhouse when we get to plowing snow. Always amazed at how it fires up! I have tried several times to tighten up that leaking fuel fitting on the diesel going into the sediment bowl area. Just does not want to stop dripping. I assume the fuel is draining from the filters. Also now that I have power washed it, the charging system is not working:( Hope things are good out there moving dirt! Just read through all of stageone's posts on his restoration work just amazing! Regards, Chris
  12. Thank you for the tip on the books. Regards, Chris
  13. Rick, I have one tatered and worn operators manual.It has pretty good general descriptions but not too much detail. Way better than nothing at this time. Regards, Chris
  14. Guys, Some progress on the old TD6. Its home! My neighbor was so kind as to take his trailer over to my daughter and bring the dozer home. I had him load it. He had his hands full since he is used to stuff that actually responds:) He did a nice job loading and unloading it. I did get some pictures that I will be sharing in the next day or so. Made my first attempt at a repair before it got dark. I noticed a diesel fuel leak from going into the side of the engine. Had to make a custom tool from a old wrench but it seemed to stop the leak. Since the machine will be outside this winter it will get tarped soon. Will give me some time to plan what I want to do with this unit. It had not been started in several months, and I was suprized it fired up pretty easy. Regards, Chris
  15. Kevin, I think you hit it. Tinkering and lube! This machine has such a large ammount of dirt/ oil/ grease covering everything. On one hand it is a protective covering. On the other it may be impeading operation! Hope to get this home in a month. If it is closer to the tools it may get some attention. I was considering taking the loader off and just havinging the cralwer unit any thoughts? There are many areas wher it has been repaired. Anyone out there looking at TD6's???? Regards, Chris
  16. Guys that commented about moving and steering these. Thank You very much! I worked hours on old farm equipment, and definetly understand that these machines are not the joystick air conditioned rides of today. I just never ran a dirt mover, so I am not a good judge of what is the correct feel. But I really like monkeing with old equipment. Here are pictures of the 1950 Allis WD's I have. These were owned by the same uncle that had the TD6. This WD was VERY worn out, but the engine was in pretty good shape. (ran good) This is a WD he owned also, Was my dad and moms prior. Just a well used tractor with a good running engine. Here are the same tractors. Picture of the TD6 cockpit. I did get the TD6 running again the other day. ( I had run it out of fuel. It gets a little easier each time. Put in 5 gallon of diesel, opened the top vent on the primary ( I think) filter, until fuel and air came out. Started the engine on gas, bled each of the injectors a little till the air bubbles stopped. And it ran ok on diesel in a minute or so. Current starting technique is to stand next to the TD6 on the left hand side. Reach into the cockpit, check for neutral, check for clutch disengaged. Flip on the key, Pull the gas lever down, ( it does not stay locked?) Grab a 2 foot piece of pipe to use as a lever against the starter switch. (the starting feature, handle in the cockpit does not engage the starter properly) Engine starts up very well on gas. Let it run a minute for warm up, Slowly release gas lever with right hand while pulling the diesel handle forward. I moved the machine a few feet and checked the steering clutches and brakes as I made a gentle u turn. Trying to get a better feel for the workings. We threw a track once I dont want to be to rough on it until I can check some of the track adjustments. And I know they are well worn at best. Regards, Chris
  17. Arm rests? We have no armrests:) I have talked to the neighbor and he is going to haul the TD6 home for me. Regards, Chris
  18. Guys, You folks have forgot more about dozers than I will ever know! Thanks for the comments! I will look at the book again. I did a little reading about adjusting the hand levers. Shows a four inch movement in the book at correct adjustment. Well there have about a 24 inch movement now, so there may be some problems lurking inside this machine? There was something about turning with the levers. And if you wanted a hard pivot you used the brake pedal. More to learn. Its one thing to learn on a machine as it was new, compared to learning on a machine that is very worn! Is there spell check on here some where? I am the worlds worst speller! Regards, Chris
  19. I am not sure how my Uncle worked inside this cockpit? He was 6 foot and 180 ( I am 6'2 and 210). and this machine is built for a small very quick moving 5 handed person:) After 4 hours on the TD6, I was beat to a pulp! And had a bad case of numb butt from the old wooden crate for a seat. I did move some dirt though, and now I thik I want to bring it home to play with it a little more:) I am still pulling levers, stopming on pedals ,and learning! I have to get over to it tomorrow and try to get it started again. Regards, Chris
  20. Guys I guess I will jump in too. First your T-6 looks very good and following your posts, you have done a good job going over some of the details in the two radiators! I will be watching and learning. I have a TD-6 Dozer/ loader, that was my uncles, Very worn and well used, compared to the pictures of yours. I do have a parts manual, it is TC-23D International parts catalog. I also have a repair and service manual. If there is something I can look up for you let me know. I was surprised to hear that the gas engines may be better than the diesels. Would not have expected that. But thats why i am here, to learn! Your wiring doesnt look any worse than the two 1950 AC WD tractors I restored in the last year. Both were re-wired from scratch with alternators, switches and gages. Makes a very nice clean dependable system. Keep up the good work and thanks for serving! Regards, Chris
  21. Couple more things I found a picture of the TD6 It is labled in the lower left corner "L-TD-6W #274" The color of the picture is kind of sepia in color. It also has notes in the upper left corner. "NOTE. 1. EXCELLENT VISIBILITY. 2. RIGID TRACK FRAME EQUALIZER BAR. 3. SCARIFIER ATTACHMEN IN CARRY POSITION (Not sure this came with the machine?) 4. RUGGED AND PERFECTLY BALANCED." The loader has decal ATECO on the bucket and side of operators station. Back on these brakes, is it worth while for me to try to adjust the steering lever linkage length? And or the brake linkage length? Regards, Chris
  22. Guys, I had a chance to spend some quality time with the TD6. Charged up the battery. filled the gas tank, and then the brain gave out and I forgot that you need to pull down the lever to get gas to flow. I did get the screen cleaned out in the gas line into the carb as I was checking things. Once I had gas the engine fired right up. And started running on diesel right away. I moved some dirt and did not run the tracks off. Steering is very sluggish to poor but I am not a good judge. The brakes for steering both worked but have issues as they dont react quickly. I did enough work that it got well warmed up! I got warmed up too. Regards, Chris
  23. I have to stop reading other threads on IH dirt pusher projects! From getting them home to restoration work. Would like to have someone stop by and tell me how bad or good this old TD6 is? Regards, Chris
  24. Magicmikey, Thanks, I may have to get in touch with Doug. If this loader would hold together we have a lot of dirt that could be moved around a pond. But when the right track came off it scared the guy that was operating it and I dont have a clue as to where to start to make sure the tracks are adjusted as well as they could be. I dont need another money pit, but would put several hours into wrenching on it, if the results were positive. I am afraid its worn pretty bad in most areas! Regards, Chris
  25. Was wondering if anyone in the area is looking at one of these units????? Very interesting machine. It does run and move. Always interested in chatting about equipment. Regards, Chris
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