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  1. Folks, Careful what you ask for! Some shots! Nothing fancy here. Old man, old machine, playing in the dirt. Maggie helping a little Getting it started. I have to stand outside and use a bar to engage the starter. While reaching through and holding the gas lever down. I have to get this system fixed to start again from the cockpit. Clean up of pile of debris Heading back across some fields to the slab pile. In this picture you can almost see the pile in the center on the edge of the woods. Maybe 1/8 mile trip. Got a chance to try third and fourth gears! Neighbors pond behind my place Did not put the hood on for this adventure. There were 120 cord of slabs here a couple years ago. I used the "6" to push some of the piles of sorted edgings away from the main pile. Most of the greenish mud is from the edge of the bean field I had to skirt around. It was well lubricated! Hydraulics drift down, track adjusters need serious help, does not charge, temp gage not working, starter not great. but it still wants to work! Getting way better at running the controls of the "6". and it is starting to turn to the right a little better without the brake applied. If I tap the brake it turns very good both directions. I have some rubber grips I may put on the bucket levers. Uncle Jack must have worn these out! Turning left! I just don't have much room for my left knee between the clutch and the turning lever. When I shut it down it switched over to gas with out stalling, So I guess I am learning. Starter seems to be getting weaker all the time. I need to pull it, which sounds easy, any suggestions or tricks? I see three bolts are there more in the back? Regards, Chris
  2. Good work! I can now see what the inside frame work looks like on my TD6! Your making good progress! Thanks for posting the pictures! Regards, Chris
  3. If you put it away with all the starting issues sorted out I think you'll be surprised at how easily it comes to life. Folks, I had the battery charger on the TD6 over night on 2 amp. Weather was mild but rainy today and this evening I thought I should try to start the old girl. I had not read the above post from exSW but he was right on the money! I put gas in it, and it fired up on about the second rev. Let it warm up on gas and it switched over to diesel real easy and smooth! I hauled a bucket load of debris back to the woods and proceeded to head down the old slab pile to do some rearranging. We this worked better than I would have imagined! For a small machine it still has good power and all the main systems functioned as required. Turns both directions (better to the left than the right) very slow with no brake applied. Spins and turns very sharp when brake is applied. So the obligatory start and move every 6 months has been done! And I pushed big piles of old slabs out of the way to allow me to get to some hopefully better wood for syrup making. I did more work in a hour that I could have done in a week by hand. It earned its keep today. The diesel purred along very steady. When I got back to the house it was dark. Tried to shut done back to gas but it stalled. Had to get off and restart it and let it cool down on gas for a little while. Still a bunch of issues on this machine, Will see if it gets any attention this summer Track adjusters and frame rail work. Electrical, starter, generator and all wiring. Seating needs to be improved! When is that dirt moving day in Western New York around Fathers day? Hope things are good in RED land! Regards, Chris
  4. Guess I need a kick in the pants to get the TD6 started and see if it will move! Been too busy on other spring projects and new to me tractors too. Hope things are good out there in dirt moving land! Regards, Chris
  5. Haven't touched the TD6 yet. It has been very wet and dismal for the last week. I have started to cut and split wood for the house. I would like to take the TD6 back to the slab pile and move some wood around with it. Then maybe I could get to some better slabs for filling the sugarhouse woodshed for next season. Regards, Chris
  6. Wow! Does that look Good! Great work and documentation on the restoration. Not sure my TD6 will ever get that much attention. Nice shop too. Regards, Chris
  7. Folks, Just celebrated a birthday for this thread. Time flies! Well our syrup season is done we made about 180 gallons of syrup. I just acquired two more projects for the summer that may get priority over the TD6? I bought a fifth wheel trailer to haul my tractors and toys then went and bought another tractor. (1958 D17 Allis). Right now its still tarped. If I do get a chance to work on the dozer, it will be to work on: - Track adjusters and the worn parts in the track systems first. - Then the starter and generator and charging systems. - Third would be improved seating. Hope things are good pushing dirt and digging holes! Well that was strange. Just got a call from a guy that might want to come and look at the TD6. Time will tell. Regards, Chris
  8. Well folks, Syrup season is coming to a close. Hope to get back at some of the big issues with the TD6. I have a bunch or dirt to move and it could be skidding logs out too! Need to get crackin! Regards, Chris
  9. Folks, Since we are now in winter mode, the TD-6 loader will set tarped till spring. Dresser unit: On a separate but related subject I did get to help my neighbor work on the left side final drive on his Dresser TD-9 it is a 1977 I think. Anyway it had damaged the shaft and bull gear. He got good used parts and I just helped bolt the final drive back on the tractor. That machine has wet clutches for steering. Was interesting to work on it I learned some things. Luckily he has a nice big heated garage with a jib crane to do the lifting. Allis WD project: Just completed some other outside tractor activity too. I have a Allis WD at my daughters and It would not start when we needed to plow snow. I ended up changing and up dating a lot of things and finally got it started a couple days ago. I removed to old mag (it needed some parts so decided to go with distributor instead). And (here's the RED tie in) installed a IH distributor. Yep! They fit fine. Just are in the horizontal position vs the Allis vertical type. New points condenser, cap, inside cover, rotor, cap, 12 volt coil, coil bracket, new plug wires, new plugs, new key switch, drained the gas tank, removed and took the carb apart twice, removed charged and installed the battery twice! Finally knew I had a gas issue when I took the plugs out and squirted fresh gas in the cylinders and it fired right up for a couple seconds. Yikes it was cold out there during this event Thought of KoO. Maple syrup: We are getting ready for maple syrup season which will keep me busy till mid April. We are small scale producer with 650 taps This makes the spring go buy quicker. Regards, Chris
  10. D, Figured I was not the first one to think about that spacer idea! Well we are in cold blizzard conditions. The cat and dog are in the living room. The wood furnace has it about 72 in here and the wife and I are just hunkered down for a good old winters storm. The old TD-6 is tarped and is going to have to wait for a warm spell. Regards, Chris
  11. Thanks guys, On the track pin I may take a wire brush to the outsides of the pins on the left side. That may show something. I will look for the indentation as mentioned. Just finished our deer season today. When I got home it was dark I primed the 50 cal and stepped out back. And fired it. WOW! I had forgotten how much fire works goes off in front of your eye! Weather is going to turn cold but that's good since we need a good freeze before the maple season kicks in. Question on the track adjusters. Is there a option to move the idler ahead like with a come-along and then put a spacer in there. This is assuming I cant get the screw to turn. Regards, Chris
  12. Folks, There is something I may try next time I get the TD-6 running. I have not tried to stop the tractor by pulling back both steering levers. So If I pull those back and it stops and then I release (push forward) the hand clutch. Maybe it will come out of gear easier? Lets see, that will take four hands! Could be worth a shot though. I did not really notice this shifting issue much before, but I guess I really haven't run it that much either. Just don't want to break anything. I was impressed that the machine now moves and turns as well as it does. I still don't have room for my left knee between the steering clutch when pulled back and the hand clutch lever! Still many things to work on like the entire electrical system. Question on these starters: Even the original book says not to crank these more than a couple short duration times or they get hot. Why were they built like that? Also, If I was to remove the starter and have it gone over would it be any better for extended crank time? I need to check all the wiring and the generator also. Details, details! I have more questions than answers: So on the track master link the right side is very obvious. The thru pin has two flats and a hole through for a retaining pin. This is on the out side of the right track. On the left track I have not found a similar master link area, Would it be on the inside near the tractor? Also I need several grouser bolts/nuts ( at least one grouser is loose). Where is a good place to get them? Dealer? Regards, Chris
  13. exSW, I have not tried to adjust the hand clutch. I have read about it, but it seems to function OK. Well now that you mention it, maybe that is a part of the problem? It just seems like its in the tranny? Regards, Chris
  14. Thanks Dave, We may hunt tomorrow. Rawleigh, Thanks, I will get a liquid filled one. Well a update on the TD-6 status. A friend came over and with a little bit of help we got the pin back in the right track. Still cant find the master link in the left side? I charged the battery, filled the little gas tank half way, and it started up on gas after the third try. The starter was smoking pretty good. Opened the bleeder on top of the primary fuel filter canister and in about 30 seconds it was venting diesel fuel well. Cracked each injector and bled those. After a couple minutes on gas I made the switch to diesel and it transitioned as it should. Very smooth! I moved the TD-6 up and down the drive for a few minutes getting the new liquids moving. All systems seemed to work. But the transmission seems to not want to come out of gear smoothly/easily? Have to really pull on the shifter, any ideas? When I went back to gas it stalled. I restarted it immediately and let it cool down on gas. Thanks for the support! Regards, Chris
  15. Dave, If it was mine we would cut up and grind most into burger. Weather is just right. I have three more days of season left. Brent took this doe to local processor. Brent with the big doe and his Traditions front stuffer. The dog in orange! We were back at the house drinking coffee by 2:00. Regards, Chris
  16. M, Thanks! Should this be a liquid filled gage or a dry gage? I assume its 1/4 NPTF thread? Regards, Chris
  17. Folks, Not IH related, but this afternoon I put on a little drive on the daughters 95 acre woodlot. Friend Brent harvested a nice big doe from a typical herd of three deer. Any day you can get one of these speed beef on the ground with a smoke pole is a good day! I didn't carry a gun on this drive and used my sling shot and iron ore pellets to keep the deer moving. Put them right in his lap for a 25 yard standing shot. What a thrill hearing that 50 cal go off while on the other side of the woods.The big deer went 50 yards, and would have stayed, but he bumped it and it went another 75 yards. We had snow and good trail so it was not hard to find. Pictures coming:) Regards, Chris
  18. Thanks, I will get some and try it! Regards, Chris
  19. Rawleigh99, Ok not a problem. I found several gages that may work. Just trying to see what pressure range would be good? Some reading after the fact shows that i should have pulled the screen out of the inside of the sediment bowl too. Maybe next time. Also says to remove a small filter in the line. I will look at that item in the near future. Will hunt whitetails this afternoon. Regards, Chris
  20. I would be Ok with that. Do you have any details of the part number? I will look online for small back mount pressure gage. Any idea of the correct pressure range? The original gage had "change filter" low pressure zone. Regards, Chris
  21. Oh, I think it would start on gas. Although the old starter is a little slow and weak. I just procrastinate really well too. I need to get that right track pin back in place before I get to excited about having it running and moving. Cheryl is so excited when I spend a half of a day working on the dozer:) Regards, Chris
  22. M, Thanks for the support. I am very much still learning, and am not a diesel guy at all. When I do get a chance to start it on gas I will bleed the primary and let a little air out of the injectors prior to switching to diesel. Regards, Chris
  23. Folks, Some pictures: I may have gotten a piece of grass between the bowl and gasket? I can see it in the pictures. Rear (Auxiliary) filter full and vented. Regards, Chris
  24. Dave/ Kevin That pan removal looks like a much warmer weather project! Well the status on the sediment bowl removal clean up, new homemade cork gasket and installation seems to have been a success. I turned the fuel on and did not have any leaks that I could see. It sure wasn't poring out like before! Filled the AUX filter till the fuel ran out the air vent. Put the bottom cover on the pan at the sediment bowl area. After all that, I did see just a little fuel in the inside of the cover. Hoping it came from over flow on the AUX canister. Question. Will the Primary diesel fuel filter fill with on its own? It says the tractor has to be running to bleed? Anyway I left the bleeder open for a couple hours and no fuel came out? Too cold to start it today. Maybe towards the end of the week? Then I should be able to get the filters bled and the injectors bled too. So if you hear a ruckus from NW PA, you will know, its only the old TD-6 firing up! Oh I did take a couple pictures. Pretty exciting stuff:) I just need to find the camera and get them down loaded. Regards, Chris
  25. You better hang on to that fuel pressure gage! You might need it! I have not looked on line for it or called the local dealer yet. Regards, Chris
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