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  1. Rawleigh, The jar may work fine on the upper portion. I need the oil bath portion, metal cup, at the bottom. I have no clue where it went in the 60 years this was used? May have been stolen? Regards, Chris
  2. Folks, I did received the new to me headlight for the TD6 today. I purchased this from eBay and was happy to find that it looks pretty good. (Although I have not opened it up yet!) Several others have surfaced recently too. So I guess they are out there. It has a few dents in the back and a couple screws in the bezel missing. Soaked the fasteners with PB Blaster today. This one and the one on the tractor are on the list of things to do this spring. Disassemble, clean, and paint, get new bulbs and rewire into the circuit. I think I can work on the dents when I get the lens out. I don't know what the chain was for ? Looks to be part of the mounting system?? The mesh and lens and bezel look pretty good at this point. I will be using the base and swivel from my old smashed light. Note that this one is red not black and gray, so it probably was repainted at least once in its life. Regards, Chris
  3. Still need that bottom air cleaner cup. Maybe someone has one out there they would part with from a parts machine? On a similar note: I did find a headlight assembly for the TD6. I will try to take some pictures when it gets here. Will probably have to find bulbs and then do the wiring updates. Looking forward to that little project this spring. I have a light problem Most of the things I work on I just have to get the lights working! Not sure what that's about! I thinks it all started one night when I wanted to plant corn all night with one of Dad's old WD's. The lights never worked. I jerry rigged them to keep planting for a couple hours that night. Have never been right since!:) Regards, Chris
  4. Folks, Looking for a good used bottom cup for the air cleaner on the TD6. Also will a std mason jar fit the air cleaner cover? Another question: My diesel throttle handle seems to be bent over top of the air cleaner cover. Anyone ever try to heat and straighten one of these?? I would hate to break it. But it is hard to get your hand on the handle? Regards, Chris
  5. Rawleigh, Yes, I know! Seems like I have to wear a helmet when I go out this stuff keeps falling on me too! Regards, Chris
  6. Rawleigh, Thanks! I see you have a F600 dump truck. I have been looking at a 1956 F800. I had a All-Crop for a little while and sold it. Regards, Chris
  7. Guys, When I first got my Dad's Allis WD completed. I took a short ride almost every day in the summer! Yes some spring fever happening and none too soon! I have spent way too much time riding the computer and forums! Maple syrup season gets me going too! Time to spend some time outside, as this area comes out of the grip of winter! Unseasonably warm this week, for mid January. I may pressure wash the mud from the TD6 tracks tomorrow. Just to clean up the toys after the big boys play with them. I did have a question? I was looking for TD6 information on the web and up pops several pictures of my dozer. The added lever for the starter and the new ignition switch. Was wondering how these get added? I guess someone has posted them?? Not a big deal. I have plans for this big IH toy and some of my small IH toys this summer. The IH Cub Cadet 147 and implements and hopefully the TD6 will be at our local tractor show mid July in Sagerstown PA. I haven't decided how much clean up I want to tackle on the "6". Those pesky track adjusters are on my list of projects. Here is a couple off topic IH pictures of the 147R (red) and the train of implements. http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee170/Sugarmaker/147R/147R and train 2016/DSC05307.jpg[/IMG] Regards, Chris
  8. Folks, Not to exciting, just some mud on the tracks! Which amazingly I have not run off yet! Regards, Chris
  9. Folks, The weather was more favorable today, so on my list of things to do was to fire up the TD6 and test the steering. It had been setting since fall and I wanted to make sure that the clutches were not froze up. Also wanted to test the starting systems from a cold start. Added some fresh gas and opened the gas shut off valve. ( I was surprised that there still was some gas left in the tank. Turned on the diesel fuel supply valve. ( I had seen a fuel line leak near the starter and was worried that it might have drained the filters) Pulled the gas handle down into the gas position and it stayed! Nice! pulled out the choke. turned on the key and pulled the starter lever. it fired right up, stalled several times as I adjusted the choke. After running for a minute or so It smoothed out and ran on gas. The switch over to Diesel went well and it spooled right up and the exhaust cleared from some whit smoke at the switch over. Took a spin back to the woods and the clutches and brakes worked as they should. Got up into third gear. Shut down back to gas worked well. Sure was nice having all the things work from the cockpit. Another successful little adventure with the TD6. Regards, Chris
  10. Rawleigh99, Thanks for sharing the welding information on the repairs! Regards, Chris
  11. Chumduffy, Would like to see your dozer sometime. You guys have a get together in the spring? Let me know. I had a uncle and still have some relatives near Smethport. Uncle lived in Cyclone. About 2.5 hrs or so from you. Do you have some pictures of your TD6? Regards, Chris
  12. I guess I didn't weigh in on this but yes if this is info on repairs is available to be posted, it would be great! Regards, Chris
  13. Thanks guys! I can weld a little, so that may be a way to repair those worn upper rollers. Currently the weather in the big outside open air garage is just too cool for this old boy. Regards, Chris
  14. Folks, Thanks! I haven't looked for too many parts yet. But I have looked at all the links to places that have parts in the sticky. Wow lots of places to look. Is there a place that had the rollers? Looks like I may need at least one upper roller for the TD6. Regards, Chris
  15. IH folks, Happy New Year! One of my 2017 goals is to do some much needed work on the TD6 track adjusters. Without a shop this will probably done outside in the big garage!:) Also looking forward to seeing how the improved starting system preforms. We are having a local tractor show featuring IH equipment and I would like to take the TD6 in its work clothes if I can get someone to haul it for me. Have a great and safe 2017. Regards, Chris
  16. Folks, Was running around in the cold weather today and took some close up pictures to show how worn this old TD6 is. Anything can be fixed some things take longer and require more money! But this is a good time of the year to jaw about it. As the cold and snow close in around us. Right front idler support, worn gap, rail and slider portion. I jammed a piece of steel in the back to remove some of the slack and it is still there. This top roller has a bad worn flat spot too! Left idler support and worn areas. This is the side that the large threads is stripped out. Where Jack added this pusher nut on the stripped thread that is pretty much toast. Thinking of just cutting this whole threaded portion out. If I get the track off someday! Actually if I had the track off and idler moved forward it would fall out. But was thinking if I could not get the track apart easily I could let the idler come back and remove the track as a unit. At that point I would need to cut it out. Cant tell if this top roller has the same flat spot? May be up on top? Any ideas of fixing those rollers or do you just try to find better used ones? Regards, Chris
  17. Folks we are up to a foot + of snow in the last two days. Last day of rifle season for deer in PA. I was fortunate to harvest a small doe last night. The TD6 waits! Maybe I will look on line to see if I can find a water temp gauge and thermocouple. Regards, Chris
  18. Rawleigh, Coffee creek, and Red-to-go, Thanks for the support. This gives me several ideas and options for the idler adjustment screw and the worn areas on the front of the frame. If I can get it apart I have a good shop close by that can build/ weld about anything I need. We got about a foot of snow last night so today the wood fire feels real good and I am doing way more setting around than anything else!:) Have another project in mind not IH related. Friend has a 1956 Ford F800 Big Job that he is willing to part with. It was a fire truck. Frame has been shortened. Fire truck box has been removed. Not sure I need something like this? Anyone into vintage trucks, have suggestions? Regards, Chris
  19. Ian, Thanks! This looks like it has some extra steel welded on to try to reduce some of the clearance and load a few more gravel orders!:) I dont know what I may get into but I will check in the book and see what those shims looked like. Do you guys just add weld to build up these worn frames?? Regards, Chris
  20. Folks, Thinking ahead towards spring! I am thinking about the track adjusters on this TD6. I know that i just need to dive in and start. But the weather is going to get bad. So now is the time to plan a little, maybe with your help i can develop a good plan. Some pictures: Left adjuster screw has the trhreads stripped out in the rear housing. The two bolts that attach the front flange to the back of the idler are sheared off / broken and the threads remains in the yoke of the idler. This side I have not tried to take out the track pin. I was thinking the following. Maybe just cut the old threaded rod into sections and remove it. Then allow the idler to move back. Remove the track. slide the idler off the rail and start repairs. Maybe there is a easier/ better way??? Open to ideas! Next the right side: This side has the loose track pin, should knock out easily after the small cross pin is removed. So I could remove the track by taking it apart. The adjuster on this side has one bolt in the front flange. Very rusted. Un sure if the threads are stripped in the adjuster bolt on this side? This side the rail system looks like it has been bent and broke and rewelded. This may need the idler removed, not sure after that. These rails are very worn(both sides) and the matching sliders on the idlers are VERY worn also. Not sure of the possible fix for those? I would kind of like to repair both sides the same way if possible. Rather than cobble both sides differently. Just seems like a good goal! Regards, Chris
  21. Good evening, I had a issue with this small spring.:) (Like a dog with a bone sometimes:)) Once I cleaned some of the dirt away and found how this is supposed to work, I went to the vast warehouse and found a small tension spring that might be about the right spring rate. Shortened it, re-bent a hook on one end, and installed it. Lubed the pivot joint for the spring loaded pawl and the rod joint, going through to the other side of the engine. It seems as if its going to work just fine. The gas handle stayed down each time I tried it. What a simple fix! Thanks to folks like magicmikey and M Diesel on here, this problem is now understood and maybe even fixed for some time. Wonder how long that little return spring had been missing? I bet years and Uncle Jack just came up with a work around all that time. This should be much easier to start and shut down now! Thanks again Mike and Gary!!! some pictures: gas handle in the down position (running on gas) pawl is spring loaded up and holds the cam. Gas handle in the up position to run on diesel. spring is in tension and pawl is in down position. gas handle stays in the gas on position! Regards, Chris
  22. Red power folks, Thanks for checking in on me! First notice how nice and clean the picture above is from Mike. Well take a look at the years of accumulation in this picture of my TD6. I just stuck the camera in there and took a few shots. Yikes what a mess. I see now that I am missing the small spring towards the back of the machine. Maybe this is the key to getting that gas handle to lock into the down 'gas' position? Sure would be great if that fixed the problem. Would be nice not to have to hold that lever down till the switch over to diesel. Now to find a spring. I think I will just go to the hardware store and try to find something close. But, I have the long spring in the front of the mechanism. Other news: Looking at the track adjuster on the left side I noticed that the two bolts at the front of the adjuster were missing or broken. So I tried to turn the track adjuster. Well it turned alright, a little too easy. The threads are stripped out inside the casting! Not sure what the fix will be for that unit??? Its going to have to come apart someday. Regards, Chris
  23. Magicmikey, Thank you! Those are awesome pictures of the spring set up! Next time I pull the tarp off the TD6 I will look for those behind the carb. Regards, Chris
  24. Folks, Happy Thanksgiving! About all I have done to the old TD6 is squirt blaster on the track adjusters. Looks like one side has a broken casting where the lock bolt goes through. Regards, Chris
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