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  1. Folks, Shop called today and had the grill guard pushed back out. Picked that up and did some grinding smoothing, hammering and straightening on it this afternoon. Very warm temps and high humidity here. Still have a bunch of work to do on it to get it back looking decent again. Will take some pictures along the way, and try to get them posted. At this point I dont think I am going to pull the radiator. Trying to decide if some of this should be painted? Regards, Chris
  2. Folks, I will start another thread with pictures of the TD18 in action. Several stories with pictures! While looking at my TD6 today I see that the top radiator casting has the lower left corner broken/ gone. I assume this is not good? Will try to get some pictures. Met several Red Power fans at the show this past weekend. Including PA Shovel. And invited some folks to come and join us on here too. Regards, Chris
  3. That work was impressive to stuff the Denso inside a Generator case! Slick! I went with a Denso on the TD6. Its not restored but I wanted it to charge! it does! Tanker if you go tht route you dont need the voltage regulator. But you will have a custom electrical system. I made mine negative ground, and replaced the ammeter with a volt meter. Came up with my own wiring diagram. Also had to replace my key switch. All good upgrades in my opinion. Regards, Chris
  4. Kivin, Now its making much more sense!:) (about the duals) Awesome machines at that size. Felt like a giant powerful lumbering mass of iron balanced on its tip toes! I did not dare let the blade down and push any dirt. That still might happen before the weekend is over! Big old gray CAT 60 (I think) arrived from Titusville as I was checking on the stuff tonight. I will get some pictures of IH equipment and other tractors at the show. Still plenty of time to get there, 1/4 mile west of I-79 and Rt 198 Sagertown PA. Regards, Chris
  5. exSW, Heard/ Seen the train roll by one day at the show! It was a good show. i have a bunch of pictures. Rawleigh, Thanks! The TD6 is not going to make it to this show. Was considering painting the grill and taking it with a note that it couldn't make it. The weather has not been good for painting. Humidity has been 80 to 100%. We are hoping for a break in the weather to allow folks come and visit us at the IH show. We had 50 tractors there last night. Show starts Friday and runs thru Sunday. I did get to drive the TD18 at the Pioneer show grounds. It is sooooo much bigger than the little 6 I have. I didn't get a picture. Lots of leg room and seat room. Nice to have the two speed hi/low. Dual stacks and good running engine, that was rebuilt a few years back. The 18 moved along good and steering was responsive. I want to take it in the parade! Regards, Chris
  6. Folks, Just thought of another detail question. I have the aluminum "International" badge from the grill straightened the best I can. My question is what color should it be painted? Mine has some small portion of black paint in the back ground. But it has some red on the letters. I was wondering if the letters are supposed to be aluminum (plain no paint). Maybe the red I see was when they added the loader frame work and painted it? They might have gotten over spray on the letters? I was going to just paint the background black and leave the letters plain. I really dont think that My uncle ever painted it? But I guess that could have happened too? I believe I read that these are a little hard to find. So I was going to try to use/refurbish the original. Regards, Chris
  7. Louie, After seeing your very nice TD6 I have a long way to go. Thank you for checking in on me! Do you have a post that I could find that documents your work? I must admit that these forums can inspire me to do some things on projects like these. Mine is kind of a fix it, if it needs it, project. If this tractor died on me I am not sure I would do the work or spend the money to bring it back? I am really hoping that getting this hydraulic pump working solves that issue and allows me to move it around and do a job with it once and a while. I have the grill guard ready to go for straightening. May load and take it tomorrow. Regards, Chris
  8. mmi, Thanks for the tip. I did work just a little on the 6 tonight cutting off those nasty brace stubs for the grill guard down to the frame, Also stopped at a friends shop and I may take the grill guard to them to straighten, in their 50 ton press. This may help me get this machine back together. Currently our big IH show is keeping me busy. Regards, Chris
  9. Folks, Tanker, Thanks for the tip on the water pump. Haven't had time to look at that yet. Not sure I am going that far right now? PA Shovel, I hope to be on the grounds most every day. I have a red and white Cub Cadet with a bunch of implements. Tan pop up. Looking forward to meeting and visiting with you. Regards, Chris
  10. exSW, Folks Thanks! Is the availability of water pumps good?? I haven't started to look yet. I have been busy playing the last three days at a tractor show for the last few days. Ashtabula OH has a very nice show in Williamsfield OH. About 40 miles from us. Took the Cub Cadet train. Seen a vert straight and rust free IH pick up for sale there I think it was 1972. $3500. Our big IH show is coming up this week in Sagertown PA. Pioneer Steam and Gas Engine Society club grounds. Featuring any IH built products. I am going to take the 147 Cub Cadet and the train of implements. Wanted to get the TD6 down there but its is just not going to make it unless I get a lot of help! So that probably won't happen this year. I would have to get someone else to haul it too, as my trailer is not stout enough. exSW says I need to pull the radiator and water pump while I am in there! Will have to evaluate that. I may drain and flush the rad first??? Get to many things apart and it starts to look like a restoration project! Not ready for that at this time. Would like to see some of the IH forums members there! If you can make it look me up! I did get my IH decals (Maple Hunter Indiana) for the milk cans. Very quick service picked up two better implement sets at the flea market yesterday. getting stuff cleaned up and should start to paint some of it Monday. I will get some pictures! Regards, Chris
  11. Thanks, I have to get some primer on there soon. What would you recommend on the radiator? I wasn't planning one taking it out. I did power wash through the fins cleaning the exterior. This tractor needs a new temp sensing unit in the block, maybe even a new water temp guage. Regards, Chris
  12. Can anyone post pictures of the grill tool/s? I am working on a TD6 damaged grill and just using tools from the tool box that seem to work. BTW thats a pretty straight tractor! Regards, Chris
  13. Folks, I have some pictures for you. Welded the grill bars back in place. Welded in some new tabs for the hardware cloth. Several had rusted away. Also had some pin holes that had to be MIG-ed closed. I did not finish grind the inside of the grill where I welded it. Electrolysis tank set up and ready for the grill: Grill ready to go in tank: Here is the grill after about 24 hours in the tank, some wire brushing to get the black smut off, rinse and blow dry. I would like to try some high fill primer to cover some of the small pitting. Then a coat of IH ox blood red. This is a little over kill when the rest of the machine needs attention! I do have to get the hardware cloth for the inside too. Tomorrow will try to get our Cub Cadet items ready, cleaned, loaded for show in NE Ohio Friday. Regards, Chris
  14. Folks, I feel like this is more like a blog?:) Hopefully I am not boring you guys! Well the sheet metal grill was repaired to the point that I felt it could go in the E tank. So I set the tank up and we should have most of the rust and paint off by morning. It is pretty good sized so I will have to flip it to do the about 4 inches that is not under water. Plan is to prime and paint it before it goes back on. Our garden has been under water most of June. Dried out enough that I could rototill the weeds and plant some more seeds. We will see how that turns out. I will post some pictures. Regards, Chris
  15. Folks, Happy IH red, white, and blue day! I did get the TD6 grill welded and rough finished last night just before the very nice fireworks display in our home town. I think its going to come out good. I would like to get the E-tank going this grill would be a perfect item to clean up in there too. I will get some pictures as we progress. Cheryl told me its just another money pit. Well she is probably about right!:) I am going to try to work on the grill guard some today. As it needs much attention! Heating, pounding, grinding and welding work too. Hope you have a good safe 4th of July! Regards, Chris
  16. Kevin, Thanks! When I should be working on important stuff like track adjusters! I am off playing with a grill repair! Well that's just how I roll. If I can get the grill welded tomorrow, and it turns out OK I may have it sandblasted and then rattle can it in IH red. I have several items that need blasting, and I have been procrastinating on. A IH Cub Cadet # 1 cart, Brinley cultivator for Cub and Disc for Cub Cadet.Also a lagre and small milk can. to be painted IH colors and have IH decals applied. Would like to have these done for the local IH show in 2 weeks. I think I need to step it up a notch!:) I like the suggestions on the sweet maple sauces! I just had some on sharp cheese and Ritz cracker under it! The Hydraulic pump coupling cost me $60.00. This was a favor from a friend and probably does not represent the true cost? But he has the programming done and It fits my machine. I can help get anyone his number if you want to contact him direct? My guess is there is not much need for these? Do you think you need one? Regards, Chris
  17. Louie, Thanks for the positive comments! Means a lot. I think I may repair the grill guard and patch the area in front of the pump. Or change the front of the guard to be fully removable for pump service? This means that I need to take off the back ngle supports for the grill guard. These bolt to the frame and also bolt to the solid cross frame. Should be fun trying to get them out and back in too. Some under dozer work time required. I don't think I am going to take it apart like tanker. Just a few things that need cleaned up and repaired. Our show is in two weeks. Will see how much I get done before then. I would like to take it. Regards, Chris
  18. Folks, We have rain again today, I believe Cheryl said this was the rainiest June on record in our neck of the woods. So here are some shots of the grill work. For some reason I have a problem with grills and headlights!:) The emblem was even bent up a little. Not sure if I can gently bead last this? How do most folks restore them? If I remember they are pretty hard to find. So I am going to try to make this one presentable again. I gently straightened it and will need to do some more work to get the dings out. This is what the lower portion of the grill looked like. I was really skeptical if I could do any thing with it! The small bars were broken off on one end and twisted badly too. Second bar from bottom was missing: TD6 without the grill: Look from the inside. There is a 1/4 inch hardware cloth to keep the small chunks out. But There was still small stones wedged in between the screen and grill! Gently pried up the tabs to remove the hardware cloth. Some of the tabs are rusted away on the bottom where it was full of dirt for years: OK send it to the body shop: The tools were a 8 inch piece of railroad iron, a 3/8 drive extension, ball peen, 3/4 inch steel tube and some 1x1 x6 bar stock. Here shows as I moved down the grill. almost all the bars were bent inward to some degree. No magic here, just a couple hours in the sun: Will need to get the MIG welder out to re attach these bars: Straighten method: Much better! We might be able to save this one! This is the replacement small bar that I whittled out of some .065 thick material I had laying around. Its not perfect shape but may work. Hope I haven't bored folks with the pictures. Or maybe too many pictures? I like to take and share a lot of pictures of projects. I know the pictures from Tanker and Stageone and others have inspired me to do a little bit on the TD6 this year! Regards, Chris
  19. Kevin, Thanks! I did get started on the grill repairs. I will post some pictures tomorrow. Went better than I expected. More to finish and weld. It was a mess with bent and missing bars in the grill sheet metal. Not sure what damaged the grill? Especially when it should have been protected behind that heavy guard? When I got it off I power washed the rad. Had a lot of dirt packed in the bottom of the rad. Regards, Chris
  20. Folks, Less talk more TD6 ATECO Loader photos! New coupler for hydraulic pump to crank spline driver. I think this is going to work good!: in the tractor: Moved to taking the grill guard off: flat head type bolts along the frame: cut diagonal brace ( which had been welded many times): under the tractor ref material torch and a 10lb hammer will fix about any thing. off comes the guard: probably weighs 100 to 150 lb.: attachment holes along the bottom of the frame A different look without the helmet: Grill work needed if I want to get into that too! Wasn't the objective to just fix the pump so I could finish the aprons on the sides of the driveway!!:) Regards, Chris
  21. Folks, New coupling looked awesome! It needed some gently filing, along with the inside of the driver. The coupling fit the pump spline very nice. Should go together easily. Tonight I pulled the front grill guard weldment. Torch and cut off wheel were the tools of choice. Using a cutting torch under the belly of one one these, is a great experience!:) I found that the rear grill guard supports are also bolted to the solid cross sturcture. So I need to decide If i need to take those off? All the bolts are loose. Debating putting this guard back on? I really don't plan on loading rocks. Ok maybe it could happen!:) I will take a look at the work needed to rebuild and reinstall it. The headlight it had been resting on was damaged in one area. So that will need to be repaired too. The tractor grill has some lower bars missing. Any good grills out there for sale? I will try to post some pictures tomorrow. I ran a tap in the fours holes that hold the pump. The saga of a old IH machine continues.:) Regards, Chris
  22. Folks, Had a chance to look at the TD6 front guard a little more and I think it may have to come off, before I put the hydraulic pump back on. It is all loosey goosey. The bolts are all loose and I have cut off the right brace. The left brace has been repaired many times in its life and could uses refurbished. The guard is currently resting on the top of the head light. Not a good thing for the light. Seems that one thing leads to another. Not sure if the grill guard will come off with the bucket in the down position? May try a cherry picker for lifting and try to get the bolts out which are behind the tracks on the lower frame. The new coupler for the pump is done, so Rhett and I will take a trip to pick that up today. Regards, Chris.
  23. Trucker, Thanks! That was not a good photo. I did locate the zerk in the tube and it took grease as it should. Sounds to me like you know a little bit about these old TD machines! The new drive coupling is being machined (wire EDMed) today and with any luck I should have it tomorrow. Going to try to clean up that bent guarding today. I just ordered a new porta power from Northern tool. I blew out the plastic seal in the old jaws of life. So I will have a bunch of extra stuff if it matches up with the old portapower unit. Regards, Chris
  24. Tanker, Oooooh! Ahhhh! very nice, and the assembly is always the best part! All your hard work is coming together. Works even better if you have run a die in each and every bolt hole and made sure the bolts are in good shape. So are you going to put on street pads/ Maybe I missed it! Sure is looking good! You and family can be proud! What did you do on your rollers? I have been spending quality time with my TD6 also. but more oil and grease than anything else. Oh yea I have track adjusters I could work on! I have been yaking about them for a couple years now! Regards, Chris
  25. Folks, Well I could not find a good local number for Hydreco. So I went to plan B. I sketched the design for the new steel coupler and sent it off to a friend with a tool shop. He has wire EDM capabilities and this should be perfect for that. Also got the Hydraulic pump cleaned up a little, It was caked with 40 years of grease and dirt. Also rinsed the inside out and spun it a few time and the gears look pretty good. I really don't think there is a problem with the pump. BUT just in case there is I have modified the plumbing connections to allow for easier access and removal of the said pump. Added unions on each side and new pipe to the hose connections. It was about $25 and made this seem like it may work better. The new coupling design will have full length outside splines to span the worn out area in the center of the driver. I know its not going to have the misalignment features of the original barrel shaped one. But if it goes bad again in 65 years, the great grandson will have to fix it:)! Thanks guys for the support, Especially Louie! I looked in my parts book and it did not have the same picture he posted. It had a different drive system shown. Hey I also found the grease fitting on the engine side of the driver and pumped the area full of grease! Here are some pictures. Old coupler on the pump: pump shaft: grease zerk is in there somewhere, not easy to get to . Had to jog the engine over to get lined up. Tractor driver internal spline: New street ell's and half of the unions, thghtened these on the hoses. Pump with short nipple each side and other half of union. That's it till I get the new coupler made. Well I may try to straighten out all the bent guarding. 1/4 steel will need some torch heating and gently persuasion With several large tools! Tomorrow I am off to help stain a building at the local tractor show grounds and also to help harvest a field of barley with a antique binder. I may take the camera for that project. Hope things are good in Red land! Regards, Chris
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