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  1. Grant, Heading down to fair now for 4x4 truck pull I will take some pictures of the tractors! Regards, Chris
  2. Folks, Lazy this week! Its our local fair week. I moved 4 tractors to the fair yesterday. I don't have enough trailer to haul the TD6 so it sets at home. Weather is dark and dreary today. Supposed to get nicer for remainder of week. TD6 sets waiting for some work or attention. May try to start it just to see how it does. Been a couple years with this tractor now. The folks on here have sure helped me get through some basic maintenance work on it. Could not have got to this point with out your help! THANKS! I may have mentioned but I am currently working on a refurb, clean and paint of a off color WD45. That has kept me busy and broke all summer and will be completed next year hopefully. Thanks for checking in on me too. Regards, Chris
  3. Pete, Wow! You did a great job getting the TD6 clutches out, repaired and back in place! These generally have to have the brakes applied to turn on level ground. As I learned from on here you can turn on a hump much easier. I like your "press" under the draw bar! She sure looks good in the yard! I think it looks fine without the blade too! It has street pads so take it in some parades! They are cute little machines without the blades! Regards, Chris
  4. exSW, I moved the idler forwards and inserted a spacer ring to take up the gap. About 1 inch spacer was required on the left side and the right side actually moved and I used the original threaded adjuster to move that side about 1/2 inch. The tracks are considerably better than they were for tightness. It was a farmer fix. My Uncle Jack (previous owner) would have been proud of me!:) Was just thinking. That has been a year ago and one back surgery already! Wow time flies! Regards, Chris
  5. Hank, I have a pile of pictures, not sure if I have that shot. If I do it should be posted in here. Might be back a year or so? I also seen KoO on the forum yesterday. He may have a picture too? Knock on wood! My starter worked real good today. Folks, I did some work with the 6 filling some holes where I had stumps removed. This was not a large project, couple hours total, the TD6 did a good job of moving some dirt, and back scraping it fairly level. Temp came right up to the low end of the RUN temp on the gage and stayed there. Thermostat seems to be working good and I did not have any burp out at the neck of the rad so that farmer fix seems to be ok for now too. Thanks for checking on me! Regards, Chris
  6. The fancy restaurant pictures that are required for these type of dozer projects: Regards, Chris
  7. Folks, Since the money pit: I mean TD6, is operational again. And I went to several tractor pulls lately! It is time to take the wife out to a "fancy restaurant"! Probably Long Horn for steak fillet? Its the least I could do. I did pressure wash the TD6 today. Its a real leaf collector when uncovered! That back up light is next! Regards, Chris
  8. Hank, Thanks! Our son was over tonight and I had the TD6 running in a matter of seconds! The upgrades will make the machine much more work ready and dependable too. Regards, Chris
  9. Like a kid I had to go out and try it again. Engine was still warm. It fired up on about two revs. I just sat there and let it idle real slow in diesel mode! What a sweet running little machine. Forget all the nasty stuff I said!:) Uncle Jack would be happy! Lube bucket and tracks await! Hope things are good out there! Thanks for checking on me too! Regards, Chris
  10. Folks, Up date on the electrical system. Tried the starter this morning and nothing! Finally monkey with the old wires enough that I got just a slight reaction, but not enough to even turn the starter. Checked for 12 volt at the battery and the starter. All looked good till I engaged the starter then voltage dropped to zero. Starter shop recommended checking the grounds and leads. Well the hot lead from the battery is 65 years old, I had stripped the covering off and slipped a rubber hose over it. The original crimped end did not look very good. It was big maybe bigger than #1/0??. The ground wire was a #6 std car battery cable grounded to the frame under the diesel tank. So I decided it was a good time to take the worries out of this cable issue. Heck maybe it was part of my issue all along? Went to NAPA (the Nana and Papa store) and got new cables made using 2/0 rubber coated with crimped ends. New battery terminals to allow the spade of the new cable to be attached with a wing nut. Nice and clean and solid. Had them make the hot cable longer by a foot. Ran it out side the left side of the cabin so that I am not stepping on it. And it doesn't run through the left foot brake hole in the dash now. Got everything in place and the tractor turned over immediately! Started within 10 seconds of cranking. Re-primed itself and changed over to diesel smoothly. Took it for a ride down the yard to make sure the steering clutches had some action. So $400 dollars later it seems like it is going to be OK. May be OK for a long time! Now some pictures. Also the temp Gage came up to almost the run mark, no boil over, no over heating. (I wasn't working it hard, it was just setting idling and a short jaunt.) So the correct thermostat seems to work! Amazing what can happen when you pay attention and follows the rules! Tracks were squeaking a lot. The Uncle that owned this is probably trying to tell me I need to look at those next!:) Running! Little blurry but moving. Glamor shots, wait there may not be much glamor here! Regards, Chris
  11. Folks, Installed the rebuilt starter and fuel lines last night after dark. Was a very comfortable evening job, under the lights. No real issues on the install. Just takes time to get the three starter bolts in place. Will try to start it soon. Hoping it primes up ok on diesel. Will also get a chance to see if the new Stant thermostat and radiator cap/ neck repairs function as they should. I believe this starter has been the most expensive project on this old machine so far. Probably have about $500 into just that item on the TD6. But, it has to function, so we keep going forward. (Kids and their toys!:)) Thanks for checking in on me! Regards, Chris
  12. Folks, Rebuilt starter is done. Will pick it up soon. Just a tad over $300 for the starter work. Just in time to get this TD6 back on line. May get a chance to move some dirt with it yet this fall too! Regards, Chris
  13. Russ, Yes, Hank has started his own thread too. All is good! Hope things are good in IH land! Regards, Chris
  14. Well folks , I did try soldering this radiator neck on tonight but just did not have any luck. Guess I just couldn't get the neck hot enough? So when I get the starter back we will see how the cooling system preforms. I still have that nice rear light to install, wire and add a switch. Regards, Chris
  15. Folks, The TD6 got some needed attention this morning. OK so first thing was to try the new thermostat in the lower housing and it would not fit. It could only go in the upper housing with the tubular portion going up towards the radiator. Which is opposite the little imprinted arrow on the outside. Anyway that was the only way it was going to fit. The end of the brass tube is open and I believe it is fed hot water through the bypass and into this area to heat the thermostat. Picture of no fit condition picture of fit into upper casting. So I got this installed with the new gasket: While playing with the radiator cap I flipped it over and realized that the brass fitting that the cap is supposed to screw/ tighten/seal onto, was in the cap, just setting there! Released that and began to figure out how to attach it to the cast top of the radiator. The brass fitting had some vertical cracks too. In hind site I should have let it set for a day to think about it. NO, of course not, forge ahead and begin to clean up both the tank and the brass fitting. and I was determined to braze it together. In hind site I should have soldered it on! I think it would have been a much better finished job. The brazing was too hot and I melted several holes in the brass which I had to fill. Not pretty and I had to grind them down. Not really sure I got much of a seal around the whole brass ring. I did get it attached but maybe only in a couple places? Brazed on to the cast neck, just about ruined it! I guess I could go back in a use solder to try to fill in the voids between the cast neck and the brass fitting. Right now its no worse that it was but may not be a 'sealed system yet either? Also put in a new rubber gasket for the radiator cap seal. The old one fell apart. I am beginning to think your "run these for a hour, and work on them for a week"!:) Regards, Chris
  16. Hank, Folks, Yes I think your about right on the weight. Mine with loader is about 12K lb. I think? But I have never weighed it. Lots of steel in a small package. I have the new Stant 13436 thermostat. And I see that it has a arrow that shows that the longer brass end would go down towards the block. May get this installed in next few days. May be hard to see, not a great picture. Regards, Chris
  17. Pete, I used the Electrolysis tank for the grill cleaning. If I have it up and running ists the go to method for cleaning rusty stuff. The other work was just grunt work with a wire brush and I use Rustoleum primer and top (coat rattle cans). Nothing special on this end. Mine is not a restoration. Just a clean, fix and paint if its broke project. Your doing great! Yes do these types of thing while your young. Great experience and the energy factor is up there too! Your metal plates looks good to me. Another thing this old guy can tell you. "Do the hard part first" If you get that done the rest will fall in order! By the looks of your work you could do a restoration. These types of equipment are great for practice. You cant hurt them and not many folks are going to judge them. Enjoying your thread, and Hanks too! Every time you fire this old girl up your great grandpa will be right there with you too!:) Its kind of like a wayback machine. (you may have to google that one) Regards, Chris
  18. I agree with Kevin next to the dirt pusher the can is a nice piece! I think the youth part of this equation is kicking in big time. OK and I have to take a stab at this dont get offended. But I bet your not married and do not have any kids!:) If you have both then you have a great start to life too! You have made a lot of moves to get this going! Enjoying the pictures, they do tell a lot about this type of antique project! Do you pan to restore it too??? Regards, Chris
  19. Hank, No problem get in touch with me anytime. I am not very well versed in these I just happen to have one!:) I need a garage like that! What are you pulling the trailer with? Regards, Chris
  20. Pete, Thanks for the answers on the clutch packs. The experts will be along in a while to help analyse the clutch status. Sounds like you did not have a choice but to open it up and work on those. I am not very knowledgeable on those, never having a steering clutch apart. Your doing good work. I would wonder about the fiber discs? Are they in good enough shape to reuse?? And also can you get the steel plates smooth enough to function?? I dont know the answer to either one of these? Just thinking about clutches in general, and you dont want to have to rip this apart again. Folks on here reminded me that if it steers, you need to move the machine every 6 months or so just to keep them from locking up. Regards, Chris
  21. Pete, I have that bucket pump too. but mine is not in as good of shape, and I haven't got it working yet. Electrolysis might work good to clean up those steel clutch plates. A 5 gallon bucket would work good as the tank. Its slow but its working while your sleeping and or at work too. I did see your wooden handled tools! Awesome that your using family tools too. It can mean a lot as you trudge your way through a project like this. I cant help you on the gasket material. Sorry. Search on KoO (King of Obsolete) he has some awesome pictures of his work with these "cats" as he likes to call them in the great white north. Keep the pictures coming. Its kind of a self therapy to take and post the pictures too. At least for me!:) So I have to ask? Did it steer at all? Were the clutch pack rusted tight together? The reason I ask is that mine did not steer good at all until I adjusted the brakes, close to spec. I did not pull the clutch packs in mine. Which I hope I never have too. My loader frame would be very difficult to work around/ over! Regards, Chris
  22. pbach, Wow! First welcome! You have done real good on this machine, At 22 your doing good and when you have this TD6 running and turning it will be working for you until your 80!:) Love the pictures, you have really dove into it. way beyond what I would have done. Has working for CNH inspired you to begin the restoration on this family tractor? I now have to go back a look at the pictures in a little more detail. Your post and pictures remind me a lot of my own posts. I take pictures of the good the bad and the ugly. As you mentioned that may help some other forum member get motivated and or provide answers.Your work on the clutches will pay you great dividends. Regards, Chris PS: I went back and looked at the pictures. (Thanks) You have a excellent grill, and front IH emblem (they are hard to find, yours can be restored). Your under carriage looks like new! At least compared to my very worn TD6. Your not afraid to get in there and take things apart. And put them back together too! Amazed that the lights worked! Entire machine looks to be in pretty good condition too!
  23. Folks, Broke down and ordered the Stant 13436. So should have that in a few days. Maybe will work on mounting that nice rear light. Regards, Chris
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