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  1. Red power guys, I am still here! Dont check in much as I over on another forum working on the 32 Dump truck project. (Ford Barn) in the 32 to 53 section. Anyway the IH TD^ still is around I was leaning on it yesterday ! Hope things are good. Cant remember how to load pictures on here I believe it changed?? Also getting the shop ready for winter. Regards, Chris
  2. Tanker, Great work on your truck. Your making great progress! It will be a good driver for you and the family! I am working on a old truck now too. Your tire work is similar to what I was just into also. split rims! Regards, Chris
  3. Folks, The TD6 has a new life. I tell Matt he should play the lotto. He advertised for TD6 fenders on a Facebook IH site and had them within 24 hours. A little rough but functional. He and his dad did a nice job building seat frame and new seat and back for the little dozer. Matt has plowed several times with the TD6 pulling the John Deere trip plows. He even let me plow with it! It sems real happy to have the loader off its back too: I told him since its a farm tractor now he should move the lights down to the side of the grill. He didnt bite. Regards, Chris
  4. Folks, Me and the TD6. My uncle would be happy that the machine was not scrapped years ago. I had a lot of fun working on it the past 8 years. It has a new home and a new lease on life. Matt is threatening to put a much fresher undercarriage under it. Saving the rear sprockets which are pretty good. Will be a nice machine for playing now. Regards, Chris
  5. Folks, Matt invited me to help remove the grill guard on the TD6. Here are the remains of the loader system: Matt on the TD6: Up on some blocks: The flying grill guard. I think he is going to hang on to this if he ever would get a blade for the machine. The new look: The old girl seemed relieved to have the loader weight removed! I drove it around some and it moves and turns much easier without the extra weight too! I told him he can move the lights down to the side of the grill now that its a farm tractor again! Regards, Chris
  6. Folks, I talked to Matt and he has converted the TD6 back towards just a crawler, He has removed the loader and most of the frame work. I am trying to talk him into removing the clunky grill guard also. The grill is pretty good on this machine and should show nice. That was one of the things I had considered doing to the TD6 too. It will make a nice show tractor that can do some pulling work too. He is considering plowing with it. He will need a set of fenders and some other items. The loader frame may be for sale? I may be able to get some pictures download that he sent me? Regards, Chris
  7. Folks, Thanks to all the folks that helped me along the way with the TD6. Matt picked up the loader a week ago. Maybe he will post some pictures? Hope things are good in Red Land. I will try to check in once in a while as I still have some IH units (Cub Cadets). Regards, Chris
  8. Still own a TD6 and spring is coming. Would like to get that hydraulic hose replaced. Not sure when Matt is going to secure this unit?? Time will tell. We only rent this stuff! Regards, Chris
  9. Pete, Nice work on the hydraulics install! Looks great! Regards, Chris
  10. You sure are doing it right. I like your approach! What a lot of work to take it down to the castings and bring it back! Awesome! Thanks for the pictures! Regards, Chris
  11. TN, Folks, Yes I think this machine would have went for scrap or be still setting in the shed at my uncles old place. With the help of a lot of folks on here and brute strength and stubbornness we got it back to functioning unit. Its going to a good home near by so I can go run it if I need to. Thanks for the positive comments on the shop too. I have been working on a forklift even though its pretty cold in there it's out of the wind! Regards, Chris
  12. Hardtail, Dav, Folks, Yes the back is almost as good as new, that was Thanksgiving 2017. Adding some things in the shop to allow for some lifting. Jib crane with electric hoist and a F40 (Allis-Chalmers) fork lift. Working on the fork lift is just as challenging as the TD6! Found this in the wilds of Albion. Drug it home. Am switching it over to pump gas. Money pit just like the TD6. So its my newest project. Currently having a shop rebuild the tilt cylinders. Drained and replenished the coolant today. Fighting some nuts and bolts but most of the machine has a typical 1/2 inch of grease and dirt as a protective coating! The jib crane: Only a 8 foot hook height but better than anything I had. 12 foot boom swings 180 degrees. 2 ton Dayton electric hoist. Humm not sure why my pictures are not showing up? Yea Matt knows about the Red Power forum. Will see if he can post some things too. Regards, Chris
  13. Folks, I am in the process of selling the TD6. Yes its going to a friend Matt who is in some of the pictures. He has a lot of IH equipment so it will have a good home and not far away. I really appreciate all the help I received here on Red Power Forum concerning this old loader! I learned a lot and had a lot of fun and one back surgery form working on this machine too! Regards, Chris
  14. Merry Christmas from our family to you and yours! My red machine rests this time of year. Hoping to get it operational next spring with replacement of leaking hydraulic lift cylinder hose. Regards, Chris
  15. td-18, I know this is not what your looking for but thought I would share some pictures of this heavy grill guard on my TD6. [img]https://i.imgur.com/MvJT55d.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/NoKfODl.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/0gaNBpw.jpg[/img] Regards, Chris
  16. Mogulman, Wow! You are all the way in on this 6! Nice work on the machine! It really looks pretty darn good before you started taking it apart! Not sure I have it in me to take one apart that far. But they sure are cute as a button with no extra blades or buckets on them! Thanks for posting all the great pictures too! Merry Christmas! Regards, Chris
  17. td18, That is a project you can be very proud of! Hope it makes it to the cover of some nice IH magazine too! It looks amazing! Regards, Chris
  18. AKloadstar, Looking real good with the color combo! I like it! Thanks for the updates! Regards, Chris
  19. Peiro, So glad that your wife was ok! Tractors can be fixed! Sounds like your going to tear into it next spring. You will find the problem then. That picture from Mike. There is no load of wood that is that important! Regards, Chris
  20. Tony, You may have inspired others to tackle some of this old machinery also! Exceptional work prior to getting the paint applied! Looks really good from the paint shop. Thanks for posting Regards, Chris
  21. Dan, Great story about the rescue of this machine! Love the pictures and the thought that nuts and bolts are still removable. We have instant lock tite weather here. infact Locktite should look into using water, salt and drastic temperatur changes in their products to secure fasteners Sure works here in NW PA. Looking forward to your adventures. One thing you have is large equipment to work on large equipment. A huge plus! Regards, Chris
  22. Rawleigh, That is a great Idea! Thanks for the suggestion on the inline gage. Found the TD6 today. Yep hose going to the left lift cylinder has a hole. Not going to be easy to remove. Need to drain and pull the hydraulic reservoir. Havent done that before so a new adventure. Also the lift cylinder may need to be disconnected at the back to allow the cylinder body to move forward to allow access to the bad hydraulic hose connection . It started right up on gas and moved over to diesel easily. Tested steering clutches. All good. Regards, Chris
  23. Folks, Ok I just glanced at the views for this thread: 62.5k views ??? Really? Folks must be using it to fall asleep at night or something ?? I think I may go look at the old TD6 and try to cipher out this leaky hydraulic line issue. I dread that because I am sure it will not be a easy, or fun project! We need some picture of it anyway. And I need to bring my Allis D17 home too. Hope things are good in Red land! Regards, Chris
  24. td18, Thanks for the info on the shop walls and the weight too. I need to go start and tarp my TD6 for the winter. Great looking tractor! Sure is a inspiration! Regards, Chris
  25. That is not the ideal spot for a track to come off! Hope that worked out ok? Looked like it snapped back on? Regards, Chris
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