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  1. sugarmaker

    Ih T5 low profile

    The construction portion of the forum might be of help also. Nice looking machine you have! Regards, Chris
  2. sugarmaker

    Loader bucket/dozer bucket TD6

    Will, You mean like this? Mine is a older early 50's model. Our little TD6 earning its keep. This TD6 was equipped with the ATECO (American Tractor Equipment Company) loader when my uncle bought it in the mid 50's. He used it in his sand and gravel business for 20 years. I got it from his estate several years ago. It runs drives and steers but is worn. You can fine my thread in the construction forum. I have no idea how many were made. Your TD6 may be of a different configuration. Regards, Chris
  3. sugarmaker

    Starting a farm from scratch In WV.

    Will, Good luck with your farm! I need to get down to West Virginia to visit where my great grandfather lived 100 years ago. That is in Gilmer County. The TD6 steering clutches are said to be some tough projects. The construction forum would be a good place to visit. Lots of experience there on these TD6 machines. Regards, Chris
  4. sugarmaker

    1948 (?) TD6

    You might want to post over in the construction forum also? Lots of TD6 guys there too. Good luck with your project! Regards, Chris
  5. sugarmaker

    Antique pull rant.

    TP, Good comments! I agree, some take it way more seriously than others. Yes the pre and post pull politics are exciting. LOL Regards, Chris
  6. sugarmaker

    Antique pull rant.

    TP Your probably right, I should not have entered this coffee shop portion of the forum to follow someones comments on tractor pulling equality. I had a long night that ended in me pulling 90 feet further than the other tractor in my class, a poor running John Deere. The fundraising (fair) pull was not run well and the rules were pretty loose. I paid the $10 and pulled. The forums are a place to vent when things go wrong or right. I agree with your last statement. If it can help someone else then we have succeeded. I dont have the best (tractor) out there and dont plan to buy it or build it to be the best either. But I do plan to play by the rules and try to learn and become more competitive as I go. I assume you read my post (with picture) close enough to see that Its not me in the picture. I am very proud of my grandson. He did real good with our old stock tractors! Regards, Chris
  7. sugarmaker

    TD6 Clutch replacement

    Hank, Well doesn't sound like your going to give up. Good luck on finding what the turning over issue is. Sounds like your doing all the right things to allow for minimal resistance from the engine. Regards, Chris
  8. sugarmaker

    Antique pull rant.

    TP, Not really sure that was necessary, but if that's your opinion your entitled to it. I really wouldn't have cared who won these events. I worked the flagging for most of the two day fund raising event. I have been beat by all of them many times in the last few years. I was very surprised that our tractors were competitive at all. I think my take away is that certain track conditions and driver skills can be factors in the outcome and can help level the playing field. Maybe if I had the years of experience that you do this would have been obvious. Since I am fairly new to this I am still learning. Man I sure hope you don't have any kids, or grandkids or great grandkids. I would feel a little sorry for them. So we had some guys that got caught caught cheating with springs in there govenors or throttle. They threw a fit. Does that sound about right to you, so would they be on the crybaby or cheater side, or do you just call them winners? Maybe it was the part about beating a lot of good IH tractors? No that can't be it because your G does real well whipping on those old red tractors. I have coined a new phrase after some of the things I have seen at local fund raising pulls and on here lately. I call them "Pulling Bullies" . If the shoe fits wear it! Oh and have a great day too! LOL! Regards, Chris
  9. sugarmaker

    Antique pull rant.

    Folks, Found out what my problem was with this antique pulling thing! Got a new driver! My grandson Nic. 8 classes during 3 different pulls over a 2 day period, and placed 6 times with 4 different stock tractors that we own. Out paced tractors that normally leave me in the dust. (sorry, even a bunch of really good IH tractors) Good driving skills and soft wet clay track seemed to be the ticket. But as others have mentioned the crowd was light to non existent for some of these pulls. Regards, Chris
  10. sugarmaker

    TD6 Clutch replacement

    Hank, Not even close to a expert on these questions. But from gleaning info on here and general stuff that I have done I would say that the clutch may be able to be replaced with the engine in frame. But I believe that the ring gear would probably have to have the engine removed to replace that. Good luck with your "6". Regards, Chris
  11. sugarmaker

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Grant, Folks, May not be the best pictures. The sun was just setting and made a lot of weird shadows! These are the tractors we took to the Albion (PA) 1953 Ford Jubliee, starting to look used because we are using it to brushhog the daughters property. This was my first large tractor purchase about 4 years ago. Was restored about 10 years ago by previous owners. Next is my grandson Nic's 1950 Allis WD. This was his grandfathers, my dads first Allis on the farm. I did a refurb clean and paint a couple years ago. It was very rough when I bought it from a family member who had farmed with it since the early 70's This 1950 Allis WD came from the same Uncle that had my dads narrow front WD. I did the refurb, clean and paint just prior to the other WD. It was very worn in all areas! I purchased this 1958 Allis D17 about 2 years ago at a local auction. Did some minor fixes. It has been a good tractor. I like to pull this one. Still in its work clothes it has had one paint job in its life. Wrong decals and wrong color grill. This 1950 WD is my friend Gary's pulling tractor. We will be pulling all these at the fair on Friday and or Saturday. I am hoping Nic pulls all of mine too. I will be helping hook or flag. Regards, Chris
  12. sugarmaker

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Grant, Heading down to fair now for 4x4 truck pull I will take some pictures of the tractors! Regards, Chris
  13. sugarmaker

    TD6 Crawler Adventure

    Pete, Thanks for the update! We will be watching. Regards, Chris
  14. sugarmaker


  15. sugarmaker

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Folks, Lazy this week! Its our local fair week. I moved 4 tractors to the fair yesterday. I don't have enough trailer to haul the TD6 so it sets at home. Weather is dark and dreary today. Supposed to get nicer for remainder of week. TD6 sets waiting for some work or attention. May try to start it just to see how it does. Been a couple years with this tractor now. The folks on here have sure helped me get through some basic maintenance work on it. Could not have got to this point with out your help! THANKS! I may have mentioned but I am currently working on a refurb, clean and paint of a off color WD45. That has kept me busy and broke all summer and will be completed next year hopefully. Thanks for checking in on me too. Regards, Chris