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  1. sugarmaker

    TD18 at Steam Show

    Thanks Kevin, I have not. I may try him. Regards, Chris
  2. sugarmaker

    TD18 at Steam Show

    Folks, Our local tractor organization is looking for clutch and pressure plate parts for the TD18. I know there are at least two other guys searching for these too. Just thought I would take a shot and ask for directions on here. They may have contacted some of the antique parts suppliers too? Sorry I don't have any part numbers. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Chris
  3. sugarmaker

    T340 splitting track

    Ray, Brute strength and awkwardness come to mind first. Then I would get the bigger hammers lined up. I have not had to do this, but I dont think welding will help things. any bit of penetration not removed during grinding is bound to bind the pin. Regards, Chris
  4. sugarmaker

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Red Power Folks, Deer season in PA everything stops and waits!:) Regards, Chris
  5. sugarmaker

    TD6 Crawler Adventure

    Pete, Your doing good! I like the E tank process, guess cause I am cheap and lazy. Seems to fit both areas! Your parts look good after electrolysis and then in primer! Keep after the old machine. Good pictures and documentation. Regards, Chris
  6. sugarmaker

    TD6 Crawler Adventure

    Pete, Sounds like you need to buy Hanks machine!:) Question: the last picture of the thermostat housing parts, have those been through the electrolysis process? Mine are usually just about bare metal with black soot on the surface after that length of time? Your bucket look like its set up ok. Are you using washing soda in the water too?Getting good bubbles off the part being cleaned? Maybe you didnt post pictures when parts are coming out. I would expect one part to be pretty much done in 8 hrs. On paint I just use rustoleum primer and then rustoleum sunrise red for top coat. Might be cheaper for just small parts. Humm Your Stat looks correct I just fumbled around and never found it at Stieners?? You making good progress! Nice that you have it inside too! Thanks for the pictures and updates too. Off to work on venison processing. I will check on you later. Regards, Chris
  7. sugarmaker

    Fordson F Tractor project

    Dennis, That front axle looks good. Must have been a good strong design from Ford. That tractor is not a lightweight! Thanks for the update. Regards, Chris
  8. sugarmaker

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Folks, Winter seems to have begun its grip in our neck of the woods. Another gray day, but I feel thankful we are not washed away, or on fire like some of our members in Florida or California! (FYI Erie did get 6 to 10 inches of snow on last Saturday!) We just finished up archery season in PA. Seems like I have been hunting for a month, wait I have been!:) Looking forward to the first day of buck hunting with the '06, the Monday after Thanksgiving! Last year I barely made it out due to back surgery! Dang I am glad I had that done! Hope things are good! Regards, Chris
  9. sugarmaker

    Fordson F Tractor project

    Dennis, Thanks for the update! Good luck with your hip. The tractor will wait! Regards, Chris
  10. sugarmaker

    Fordson F Tractor project

    Dennis, Just found this! Great pictures of your Fordson Build! I had a chance to get close to one this summer. I decided to paint the one in front of our show grounds entry gate in Sagerstown PA. It is in really rough shape. I do have a picture of my dad on a family Fordson in about 1924 (he was 4 then). Even the dirt looks old in that picture! Your doing a great job and yes as someone mention you will have a lot of money in it! BTW any updates?? Regards, Chris
  11. sugarmaker

    Ih T5 low profile

    163154, Wow i think you did need a clutch! Good job finding and documenting the parts. Regards, Chris
  12. sugarmaker

    TD6 project

    Blkrull, Not a expert on these but I do have one. Sounds like something is stuck in the mid range position! (Thats about the best I could come up with, sorry:)) The guys over in the construction section might be able to help too. I have gotten a lot of good information from them to make improvements on my TD6. Looks like a good clean machine you have. Regards, Chris
  13. sugarmaker

    International T6 project

    Wow! Great tractor and pictures! You have a awesome backyard! Looks like you have a young helper that is interested too! Thanks for posting these! Regards, Chris
  14. sugarmaker

    Working a TD25C in modern times?

    AU, Sorry to hear about the tractor. Hope you can find another close to where you need it too. Regards, Chris
  15. sugarmaker

    TD 6 compression release lever

    Hank, I have tried to resist the urge to tear into any of my tractors unless they had some know problem and would not run. I am doing a OT orange tractor now that will be worth maybe $3k tops and I will have way more than that into the engine and the refurb clean and paint. These old tractors tend to be real money pits when problems arise! I think I would try to get it running now that you have it turning over. IF you have to reverse the ring gear then maybe pulling the engine is the only option. Anyway you have the engine ready to just about come out with all the stuff in front out of the way. Pull it change the ring gear. (see if you can get a new one, might be easier than rotating that one??) Then stab the engine back in the frame. and fire that puppy up! BTW my TD6 could use $5k of undercarriage work that its not going to get unless the wife hits the lotto! I have put probably $1.5K into it in just little stuff, like starter, battery, alternator, hoses, parts made, parts reworked. And I try to do as much as I can, like your doing. Your doing real good! Keep at it. Better than stuff a lot of folks do for kicks! Remember every kid wanted to push dirt or trees! Regards, Chris