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  1. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Folks, Good and the bad! Was being lazy. Decided to try the TD6. hooked the battery up. filled the gas tank, turned on the fuel. It fired up on the third try. I took it for a trip around the drive. Back in the home position I tried the stater several times and it worked good, fired right up. Until it didnt! Seems I am getting a short at the switch?? I will have to take the switch off again and see what happened. I think it may have blown the headlight bulbs too?? For setting several months the steering and brakes worked good! Regards, Chris
  2. My T20

    Very nice! Welcome back too! It looks to be in good shape for a 39! Regards, Chris
  3. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Folks, Making syrup has taken up a good bit of time lately. TD6 waits! Regards, Chris
  4. TD 6 lights

    Yes those look nice and in good shape. May need bulb work. They may be worth $75 each??? My best guess. Hard to find. Regards, Chris
  5. TD6 light bulbs

    I changed over to a non IH bulb due to a difficult time finding the original bulbs. The info is in my TD6 thread too. BTW That 6 is looking real good. Looks like a tight machine (tracks). Great idea on the light repair! Good luck. Regards, Chris
  6. Number 2 Progress TD 151Rebuild

    Night crawler, Great that you and your Dad could work on this amazing looking dozer! You guys do very good work and the details are awesome! Thanks for posting the pictures. Pictures as you worked on it would be great too!:) Regards, Chris
  7. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    North, Not yet. Lots of resting and staying warm and plowing the drive at least once per day too. Will try to get it going soon. Regards, Chris
  8. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Thanks for checking in on me!:) 20 degrees F out. Decided to install the starter and hook the fuel lines back up. When I got that completed my hands were cold and I decided to not try starting the 6 tonight. Regards, Chris
  9. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Folks, Picked up the repaired stater today. Roads were not real good. Several inches of unplowed snow on most roads. May try to get the starter on the TD6 in the next day or so. Hope things are good out there in RED land. Regards, Chris
  10. International T6 project

    That emblem turned out very nice! Did you clear coat it too? I just noticed, you have a nice brass extension on the neck of your rad. I dont have that on mine? So my cap does not fit into any thing to seal off. Regards, Chris
  11. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Folks, Starter is finished. Will pick it up tomorrow. If the weather is right I may put it on and try to start it. Yea I may have been trying for more than 30 seconds last time. Regards, Chris
  12. IH COE at Phily auto show

    Folks, I saw this picture and wanted to share it with the IH forum. Phily car show this past weekend. Regards, Chris
  13. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Folks, Well the starter shop called, sure enough I melted the solder from some internal connections! It would run sometimes and then stop on a bad spot and not try the next time. So they are going to try to resolder the armature again, where the damage is. It will be under $100 for the repair. FYI They can also get a re-maned armature for $250 plus install. Good to know if this one goes belly up! I think I was trying the starter too often and not letting it rest enough between crankings? They said it looked like it had been soldered at least one other time in its life too. Cheryl thinks I spend way to much on this old stuff that I have as toys! Well we cant take it with us and I got to see some nice country on the trip to the starter shop on a bright cold day! If your going to have one of these units around they have to be able to start! Right? Regards, Chris
  14. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Folks, Well North got me thinking about the TD6. So I put on the rebuilt starter switch and tried it. NO GO! I guess the starter has went south. So proceeded to pull the starter which is not the most pleasant task on one of these. But most starters afre not made to be changed often. Since I had it off a year ago, it wasn't too bad. Have to take the fuel lines off in that area, to allow it to come out. Will take it to local starter shop and see if they can repair it. I know these are hard to come by, so hoping it can be fixed. Regards, Chris
  15. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    North, Learned something today! Never had heard of flat Stanley! He has done some traveling and looks right at home on the TD9 plowing the long, cold, snowy, driveway! I think they will like the picture too! Hunkered down today as the temps are in the low 30''s, and snowing. Too cold for the sap to run. Just don't feel like doing anything, which is about the same thing I did yesterday, so I am continuing to work at nothing again today at the same pace! I am real good at procrastinating! Regards, Chris