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  1. Tony, Thanks for the update! It is looking very good! Always nice when assembly starts too! Regards, Chris
  2. Folks, I talked to Matt where the TD6 resides and he had some news. The TD6 is under his new lean to on which I helped him put up, on the back of his sugarhouse. He also took his picker to the local tractor show grounds and helped the president pick the rest of the corn. He said they had several gravity boxes full of great looking red corn! He said it worked great! Nice to see this old equipment still working! Regards, Chris
  3. Thanks for the link , I was too lazy to look back! Great work on a unique machine! Those were some heavy bales! Regards, Chris
  4. Tony, Wow those are some big castings! We don't think about all the parts in a machine like this. The hunt for parts! Yes you have the three machines to make one, Sounds about right. One of the issues is that you wont have many folks that can chime in and help you with a issue. So no support other than us cheering you on to the finish. Hate to ask but what is the final color? I see lots of yellow in the last pictures! And I assume you will do some small amount of bailing for demos?? At our local tractor club we were given a McCormick 2 row corn picker. Our president has worked on in to get it running, moving, picking, and repaired parts and some new chains. But man is it worn and tattered. Another question which I may have missed? What was the driving reason to restor/ refurb one of these bailers? What year is this late 40's? We did not have a wire baler. Do you have a matching hay rake and mowing machine in the wings too?:) I do agree there are many levels of restoration. I call my work RCP "Refurb, Clean ,and Paint" Regards, Chris
  5. Tony, I have followed a couple of your threads! Awesome pictures and documentation! I had at one time thought of restoring Antique farm equipment. I think your thread will stop me from doing that!:) A couple tractor projects are enough for me! Your work is top notch! Regards, Chris
  6. Snush, Welcome! You may want to also post over in the construction portion of the forum! Good looking dirt pusher! I like the Holden! Regards, Chris
  7. Tony, The 806 bean cutter looks great! You did a nice job putting all that work into getting it fully functional! The little touches and fixing things sounds like what you do! I like it! Thanks for all the great pictures! Regards, Chris
  8. Pete, I would assume your neighbors dont give you much grief. Anyone with two dozers is a neighbor not to make mad!:) Regards, Chris
  9. Pete, Wow you have been busy. On the alternator. I had a exciter wire coming from the alternator back to the Accessories terminal. it had a small diode so electric would not go back to the switch. I dont think either #1 or # 2 were grounded. You have the other one going on the same post as the battery. But I cant remember which terminal was which? I do have electrical diagram around here somewhere. Could it be that you have #1 and # 2 terminal reversed? Regards, Chris
  10. Folks, I had a chance to see my TD6 tonight. Matt has been dong some work around his sugarhouse and he moved his New Idea picker with it. Regards, Chris
  11. Pete, On the gaskets: I sometimes find them inside a roll of gasket material from, NAPA. I picked up a set of hole punches and it makes a pretty fair looking gasket with a little effort. Nice work getting it all buttoned up! My hat is off to you! You have improved the machine and controlled leaks too! Regards, Chris
  12. Pete, Nice compact area! looks a lot like my work areas too! Good to be inside warm and dry! I was just teasing you on the switches! Are you able to find the gaskets and bearings for replacement? Regards, Chris
  13. Hardtail, Thanks! So back of engine, bell housing , in front of clutch. Lot going on in there! Pete, Your getting pretty fancy with all the switches and stuff! Regards, Chris
  14. Pete, That looks good. You are down in the inner reaches of that machine. Did you find the heart? Can you do a shot beack further for us to get a look at where you are working. Still dont have my bearings! (no pun intended!) You did good on the alternator mounting. You must get a welder! I dont know what I would do without being able to stick some steel together with the old Mig! Regards, Chris
  15. KoO, Very nice improvements to the Cat Twins! What keeps you going on these machines and your projects? Regards, Chris
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