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  1. sugarmaker

    Here we go again, déjà vu

    Folks, My 2 pennies, I think he is still crawling around on and under the machine!:) I would agree that if you could get it running it might be worth bringing home. The owner could probably give it to you and it might be still too much for it!:) Just saying, I have a lot of dollars time into my little one and even added a back syrgery too. But I still like it and its a good toy and has done a little work too. Regards, Chris
  2. sugarmaker

    T-6 crawler rescue

    Chris, Yea its not my money but sure seems worth the $100 just to have it up near the barn/house/garage, for the kids or grand kids to play on and make tractor noises! Now we dont want you doing that!:) Also will make a heck of a story to add to the family memories of the farm! Yea you have to go get it! Take lots of pictures, post them here and set back and watch the fun! Regards, Chris
  3. sugarmaker

    TD-14A Parts to save

    I can tell you from experience that the rust will not look too bad when you need a spare part. Generally rusted parts can be cleaned up pretty easy compared to not having a important piece in hand! I am still finding parts on a old tractor setting here. Good luck. Pictures might help too. Regards, Chris
  4. sugarmaker

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Folks, Not much happening except for cold weather the next few days. It would be a good test for the TD6 starting upgrades if I attempted to start it mid week, at 9 degrees F! No projects for it this winter as the snow has been taken care of with the Ford Jubilee! Might fire it up and move it up in front of the sugarhouse for kids to look at during our big Maple open house in 2 weeks. Just a warmer picture as a reminder that spring will be coming at some point! Hope things are good in RED land! Regards, Chris
  5. sugarmaker

    Td9 blade on td18

    I think our tractor club may have a blade system off a TD18 that may be available? Its the less desirable blade system beginning with Ian......son (SP). But its a long way from California. Regards, Chris
  6. sugarmaker

    Repainting metal 101?

    Folks, Happened by on this topic. Yes the electrolysis process works well its a line of site process so it won't get in holes unless you place a anode in there too. I use it on a lot of sheet metal. I have it set up outside and generally run it at 2 amp. Arm and Hammer washing soda is what I use in the water to promote the process. Have done many parts over the last 5-6 years. IH, AC, and Massey. I like it for sheet metal as it removes most of the paint too. No its not acid dip and its not sandblasting! But if you have a tank and some time its way better than grinding paint and rust. Generally I feel I have a hard time keeping up with the finish work. It works all day and night!:) Here is a picture of a WD (Allis) fender in the tank: Electrolysis did not get it 100% but there was some plastic filler on this fender. Lots of time and its going to be ready for paint this spring. Here is the WD grill in the E tank: New screen and some body work, in primer. Regards, Chris
  7. sugarmaker

    International T-6 crawler decals

    You might try posting in the construction portion of the forum also. Regards, Chris
  8. sugarmaker

    T-6 crawler rescue

    Chris 656, Welcome! Of course it can be brought back to working order. Just takes time and money! Maybe the good news is it ran when parked! Sounds kind of corny but at least no one has messed with it, other than Ma nature!. My guess is if the track was back on it would tow back to the house in neutral. That said I could be way wrong too. being under water may have done some serious damage. KoO gives them a bath once in a while but I think he gets them dried out pretty quick. Good pictures and you already have some time invested. I think I would try to get it back near the shop. Not sure how easy it will be to get the track back on?? Good luck! We will keep encouraging you! Regards, Chris (one of the other ones) with a TD6
  9. sugarmaker

    Engineers.....Fact check me on this design....

    Hi, I am sure not a expert on pulling sleds. I would like to see pictures of the double tree pulls! I was helping at our local show last fall and the track was slick (rain) and the guys were pulling the sled out the gate. Several folks much more knowledgeable than I suggested putting the log chain across under the pan. I was a little skeptical, since I hadnt seen that done before. But it stopped the pullers in about half the distance. I was impressed and learned something that day too. Regards, Chris
  10. sugarmaker

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    exSW, I agree! This one seams to start pretty good now that I have the starter and primary wires in good shape (rebuilt/new). Looking for that big snow for a excuse to get out and play with it! Regards, Chris
  11. Dizzel, I think it it hard to find a "GOOD" used dirt pusher! I am no way a expert or a operator of these machines. I just have one! You could say I got it for free. When I decided I would try to bring it home, I took time to get it running first and then to see how it moved. Since then it has been taking money every chance it gets. I try to get equal amounts of work out of it, but like me it's old and tired and just laughs at me. Something fails on it and it gets to rest while my wallet gets lighter!:) I have learned a lot about these machines and am glad I got the chance to play with one! Every old kid should have at least one of them. I don't have a trailer heavy enough to haul it so that is limiting me from spending even more money!:) You will find one that fits and works for you. Regards, Chris
  12. Eric, Good job moving the TD9 to a new owner that can use some of it! Good luck with the newer TD7 too! Keep us posted! Regards, Chris
  13. Hector,

     Do you have any TD18 clutch parts?



  14. sugarmaker

    TD6 head gasket

    Ken, Any progress? Regards, Chris