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  1. Lou, Ray, Thanks for the tips on the old dozer hydraulic system. So if there is a filter in the tank how do you get to it? I am not near the machine right now and dont have the manual here. Not sure this is the std tank? I was thinking the pressure would be around the 1000 psi mark. Its on the list of things to do but down there a little ways right now. My brain is on this old shed we are going to try to throw up this year. Hope things are good in RED land! Regards, Chris
  2. Rick, Good old trucks, Hop you dont regret letting them go? I did a similar thing 20 years ago with a antique car. Most days I dont miss it. I just dont sell much but I need to get rid of some projects too. Good work on the TD6 keeping it going! Regards, Chris
  3. Rawleigh, There is no guage in the system. So I would need to plumb one in. Regards, Chris
  4. Folks, Any guidance on the lack of good hydraulics and trouble shooting would help. Neighbor mentioned checking hydraulic filter, but I dont see any. Anyone have a clue if there might be a filter in the system somewhere? These were made before we had spin on/off filters I believe. And I dont see one of those, but maybe there is some type of screen filter in the tank or line?? Regards, Chris
  5. Folks, Some shots of the TD6. Owen was at the controls. We didnt try to move any dirt. Regards, Chris
  6. Folks, Forgot to take pictures, but Matt brought the TD6 out and dropped it at my daughters. I am going to see if it will move some dirt? Not sure what the hydraulis need. But may need your help. It is a HYDRECO control valve. Where should I start to look for issues? Any suggestions would be appreciated!:) I will try and see how it does lifting dirt, and report. Regards, Chris
  7. Folks, So The TD6 may come home in a week or so but the young man borrowing it says it wont pick up any thing now. I assume something is amiss in the hydraulics. A valve or seals or something. This is the ATECO loader with the hydraulic valve body in the back behind the fuel tank. Any ideas where I should start on diagnosing the non lift issue? Matt did adjust the main clutch which he said the machine now acts way better and can actually dig into a pile and spin the tracks. Glad he is youing and spry, because I would not have been able to stand on my head and get down in the cockpit. This has very high sides and no easy access to the clutch area. I want to move some dirt with it at my daughters but the lifting issue is not going to cut it. I have pictures of the tag/ name on the valve body somewhere. But I am NOT a hydraulic guy at all! Will need your help if I tear into it. Regards, Chris
  8. td-18, Yes. Thanks! I have plans for a 10 foot ceiling height and 9 foot doors. My building is very near my house and another building and I dont think 12 foot eaves would look right. The only thing I have that would not fit in at this time is our camper. Its going to have to set outside! That is a very nice building you have! I was telling a friend about your work. He has my TD6 at his place and has found some better undercaraige parts that he would like to switch over. We will see. He did adjust the engine drive clutch, which had to be a real challange of standing on his head! Regards, Chris
  9. td-18, Wow 10 more projects! Awesome. Building questions: What size are your overhead doors? What is your ceiling height? I am working on a building design. Yours is nice and clean and organized! Regards, Chris
  10. James, Looks like another project! Congratulations! Looking forward to the progress! Regards, Chris
  11. Tj01, Nice work on your new WD. The cultivators look complete. Here is one of my AC's Regards, Chris
  12. Tanker, You have been very busy! Good to see the kids involved too! Awesome truck project! Thanks for the updates! Regards, Chris
  13. KoO, That was awesome walk around! Great that your daughter did this video! Wonderful that you have all these antique machines up running and moving! Thank you! Regards, Chris
  14. Tanker, Too bad you couldnt get the yellow one from Fat Charlie! Looks to be pretty complete! Regards, Chris
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