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  1. When dad grew it to combine he sowed it with the 620 press drills. The guys that still grow it here use air seeders and air drills. When we first did it for pasture we spread it on and cultivated it in. The last few times for pasture we went straight in to grass with the air seeder. Seemed to work good all ways but if we were growing it to harvest pretty sure it would go on with the air seeder
  2. Used to be quite a bit of rye grown here. Not so much in the last 10 years but there is still a few guys growing it. It seems to grow well here but I think the market for it is hit and miss We seed some fall rye in spring every so often for pasture. As long as it doesn't start to head out it will keep growing for a few years
  3. Had about an inch here. Over 1.5" 10 miles west I'm hearing. Too much already. We need more than 3 days without rain. Got some nice hay crops coming but I hope it dries up a bit because half the fields got water sitting
  4. We put an aftermarket T04 on the 4494 a few years ago. 1 year later I think the old one we took off was in better shape. So from what we experienced I would not buy the aftermarket ones that are half price and new
  5. Not sure about nh3 but I heard dry has dropped big time here. Yesterday I think actually. Crop insurance seeding deadline was yesterday. Coincidence??
  6. That same Jerry can is about 50 bucks here right now
  7. Brr! Felt like 39 here yesterday. I'll take your 10Β° lol. Nice little unit. How many acres to a fill?
  8. Actually met the guy half way so I still don't know the way up there πŸ˜‚
  9. I never called there. Seems like everyone could get or even had bias tires in stock but no radials. Just lucked out finding these ones by PA
  10. We really like it. There's a few things I don't care about, or think are built too light but overall it does an excellent job. It was setup on 9" spacing for seeding before we got it so we kept it at that. Which is why the air kit is still on it. Gotta pull that off one day. It has good trash clearance, never really plugs, and it stays in the ground good. We used to deep till in fall then use the cultivator in spring but now we just run this both time. Leaves a much nicer finish then the cultivator. Only downside being a Morris is the wearing parts on the shanks, but at least they are greaseable. And getting parts is pretty much not gonna happen. I broke a trip arm and haven't checked if they are available yet or not Nice looking wheat! Ours looks about the same. Everything was out of the ground within 3 or 4 days and really taking off. Hopefully a nice even emergence this year
  11. We're no strangers to wet ground around here but this has been a little excessive. The usual low spots is nothing our of the ordinary but there is water sitting where we've never seen it before. But with that nice wind and sun we had as long as I could pull through it and open things up it dried good and we had been able to seed almost corner to corner. Just these last 2 fields will be a challenge Seems like it's been tires and hyd hoses this spring. Fortunately we got lots of hose and we had spares for all the tires except this last one. The new tires I put on the one tractor was planned so just the rims both being not good was the only shock there lol. I actually just picked up a couple tires from your neck of the woods today lol. Was the only radials I could find in western Canada. I guess they don't make a 20.8R34 anymore so we're gonna have to switch over to something else at some point here now. But this will keep us going
  12. All the local places around here will do up to 3/4 and most can do up to 1". Our crimper only does up to 3/4 but so far that's all we have needed to do. It might be the return. It was the return one that blew on our 4166 the other day with the exact same fitting
  13. We make all our own hoses here but same idea. If we have to go somewhere for fittings to make one we buy extra and keep them on hand
  14. Here's some seeding pics These ones are self explanatory lol. The tow straps have been getting stretch tested alot. I will say that Morris deep tiller is pretty easy to unhook, drag out of the mud, and hook back up, all without a jack lol. I'm pretty good at it now We put a couple new tires on the 14 and I was surprised to see this on the old ones And a little rim repair. I'm not a great welder hence all the grinding πŸ˜‚ And for some more normal seeding And a few of the setbacks
  15. Nothing new here but rain, rain, and more rain. I don't know how much we've had this spring. Had about an inch on Sunday, then another 1 1/2 at least yesterday. Heard half hour south they got 4 yesterday so I guess I won't complain lol. There's water everywhere. Getting to the point where seeding will be done whether we like it or not. I bet we've had all of 10 inches since the snow melted. Had a nice 10 days of seeding here. Needed about 2 more. First seeded wheat is gonna be getting close to spraying now. Everything is out of the ground and looking good except for the seed in the bin yet lol. Flea Beatles are quite a problem I'm hearing here. Within days of seeding guys were spraying they were so bad. Couldn't find anything bad enough to spray on ours so hopefully it stays like that. I guess the one plus side to all this moisture is the pastures are doing very good except where they are flooded over, and the hay is looking very nice. Hopefully it quits raining enough to put up some dry hay this summer
  16. Most any place that makes hyd hoses should be able to make that up pretty easy. If they have the fittings in stock. Shouldn't be too crazy
  17. Never that but more times then not I'm wondering why it's so dark with my auto darkening helmet before i start welding only to realize I'm still wearing my dark safety glasses πŸ˜‚
  18. From what I gathered a Woodlands mill is an entry level Norwood. I know of some people that ran Norwood and had no complaints. I don't know anyone personally that has a Woodlands but I don't think it would be much different quality. When we were looking for a mill there were a few different brands of mills being run in the area but I'd say 75% of them were WoodMizer. Talked to guys buying the lumber and everyone had zero complaints about boards off a WM. We wanted a used mill, mainly because we never used one before and only planned to cut a bit of lumber. Well used were scarce to find at that time yet, and any that were around were within a few thousand of a new mill. We pretty much settled on a Norwood HD36 with the hydraulic kit. We happened to come across the WoodMizer booth at a farm show in the city and they had one to run for display. We ended up buying a new LT35 loaded up. They pretty much told us we would get what we paid for it back if we wanted to sell it down the road. Our plan was to cut what we had to that year and then send it off, but the mill is still here and we're still making lumber lol. No complaints with it except that some parts you have to get direct through WM, but they haven't been outrageous on prices. Actually they had the cheapest priced blades out of any we could find. Ours has the 25hp Kohler on it and I do wish we would've went with the next step up and got efi. In the cold weather it likes to give some fits, although so do I so we kinda go together good lol WoodMizer has some entry level mills with similar specs to the woodlands for about the same pricing from what I seen not too long ago up here. Honestly I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the more common brands. Dealer support would be a factor and the kinds of options you may want on it. If you're sawing for a hobby or sawing for production will determine that. One option that I will always tell people to get is the de-barker. We are running about 3 times as long on a blade because of it
  19. We were talking about that here. Should load up and head out for a week once seeding is done lol. Pretty sure that won't happen though lol Keep that rain to west yet for a bit too! I think everyone here needs till the weekend at least to wrap up or be close at least
  20. I saw a video just the other day guys are still sledding in the mountains with 7-8 feet of snow yet. I guess even here it's only been 2 weeks since the snow banks disappeared. It's getting near freezing here every night for the last week and you know the ground is not very warm yet. This weather feels like 1st-2nd week of May weather
  21. X2. I'll pay shipping too. Last year you couldn't find moisture here except in a lake and this year it looks like lakes on the field
  22. I've had to add the live power wire to the plug to run our 14/1682 combines. I just run a wire to one battery and put an alligator clip on it. Only need it a few weeks of the year
  23. Alot of acres used to get put in here with those drills. Dad used to pull a 12 foot 100 press drill then upgraded to 32 feet of 620 press drills. Then to an air seeder. An uncle here had a 510 and pulled it with a 560. Big field by the house used to take him 2.5-3 days to sow. He couldn't believe when we would pull in and do it in a day. And we got a tiny air seeder compared to most these days. He was probably putting in about 6-700 a year with that outfit for many years.
  24. Was able to unhook and chew his way out so no other tractor needed. But that was in the first 100 yards of the field lol. Forecast does not look good for us. It sure changed from yesterday lol
  25. We started planting today. Unfortunately it was the tractor. Good thing it was like canola and only shallow lol
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