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  1. Lol I should be playing in the snow today but trying to get a headstart on pushing the yard out and pushing snow out of the pens for the cows. It's a mess but if I leave it it's gonna be a bigger mess. Cows wouldn't even come in for water so I pushed a trail for them. Can't see nothing here yet in the open either so maybe tomorrow or this weekend I can go for a ride
  2. I noticed that too. Pretty much all those swathers and combines are not worth much now. Some of those augers are still bringing that much at sales now though. Where was the dealer in Neepawa? Mayor's is as far back as I remember.
  3. It's a whole other world north of the valley haha. Even 10 miles west didn't get what we got. We're in that "expect more in higher elevations" pocket lol. Wind is still up bit and a few flakes still falling. Took the sled to check cows. Didn't feel like walking with the snow over my knees. At least it's not that heavy wet stuff. Gonna be busy moving snow now before it melts and makes a mess First pic is same spot as one from yesterday. 2nd one is where the wind didn't blow. 3rd is where it did along the bush.
  4. That is cool! Neat to see the tractors and some other things are about the same price now as they were then.
  5. Yep 2 of them have more fuel in them than I had planned to be left so I might get them run out yet lol. Unfortunately I don't know if I can very far with the short track. Will have the older summit out to check cows I guess. It's between my knees and my waist now. Was quite the workout checking the cows and calves now Thats some nice ice. Is that just a runoff spot that froze over or a slough?
  6. I like those grey calves. We get a couple every year from our char cross cows. Got one so far this year. Heifer so will keep her around
  7. Well it's good and white here. No sign of letting off. Lots of wind so hard to say for sure but along the bush the fresh snow is almost to my knees. Probably all of 18 inches so far. At least it's not the real wet heavy stuff. 45 miles to the west they really haven't got much for snow. Not sure what the rest of MB is like. Is it still snowing in ND or done and moved on? First pic was before lunch on pasture. Was bare ground a few hours before. 2nd pic is in the yard early evening. And no she's not a short cow lol
  8. I pulled a 1482 combine a few miles with my 02 1500HD gm. It handled it ok. Wouldn't recommend going much further lol I've pulled and hauled alot of stuff home, and I gotta say the worst was a flexi coil air tank. Not heavy at all, but anything over 20 mph and the front would bounce like crazy. Was a long day being 130 miles from home
  9. It sure was. Ground is white here now. I guess it's here now. Heard on the radio they're calling this one Blizzard '22 lol
  10. Supposed to snow till Friday
  11. db1486

    high shipping

    I had stuff ship through Canada Post from Calgary a couple years ago. It went to Toronto then back to here lol
  12. The storm must be alot slower moving than was anticipated. Was forecast to start snowing at 11 last night for here. Woke up to no new snow. A few flakes starting to fly right now. I guess even mother nature is having shipping delays lol
  13. They're sure hyping up the winter storm for this week up here. Up to 2 1/2 feet of snow and 90 km winds. Usually when they hype it up this much we get nothing. Will know in a couple days I guess. It also wasn't supposed to snow today and it was off and on all day
  14. Most definitely did lol
  15. We got a nice bunch of cats here. They are all outside only. But I like them all. Someday they aren't too ambitious lol but they sure keep the rodents under control But this one has been my buddy since he was a kitten. For some reason he has really taken a interest in mechanics lol. If I'm going to the shop he is right behind me and usually trying to be helpful. Normally trying to pass me tools or get a better view of what I'm looking at as he's crawling over my face when I'm laying on my back under something 😂
  16. It really was a once in a lifetime experience I hope lol. Was a back leg that was missing. I wanted to keep her for a heifer. Would never have to worry about her kicking the calf when sucking 😂
  17. We had a calf born with 3 legs. Didn't take long to name her tripod lol
  18. Looking good there! If plowing snow ridges in the field counts then I guess you can say we're in the field too lol. Be a while before we're turning dirt
  19. Hope it continues for you there. It's no fun when it's too dry. We were very dry the last 4 years and finally got a normal snowfall here which has been melting very slowly and soaking in. Which is good because middle of Feb when it was -30 I drilled posts in and never hit frost or moisture to 3 feet down. Really no water sitting anywhere. Forecast is for another foot and a half of snow this week. If we get more than we need I'll try to send some down your way! Lol
  20. Should be able to buy a gasket kit with everything in it for alot less than buying each one. Or get them aftermarket
  21. We quite often would buy 2 that were raised together and sometimes they would still fight. But most of the time they are better with each other than with the other bulls here
  22. You don't have to fast forward to now, it's always been both ways. We've looked at some things over the last 20 years that the pictures were 100% accurate, then some were like you say taken so it looks better. And that can be both private seller and auction/dealers. About 5 years ago dad went just over 2 hours to look at a grain vac at a auction sale. The pictures all looked really good. When he got there I guess they never took any pictures of the side that was all smashed up. He told the auctioneer don't you think you should put pictures of the while unit up. He told him that's just how it is. Then about 15 years ago we went 5 hours to look at a pair of 2+2's. The owner said they were all good shape, tight shifting, etc. Well when we got there sure they looked ok, but mechanically they were not as good shape as he told us in the phone. For small stuff I've bought lots sight unseen, and even a few bigger items at auction sales if it's cheap enough yet we'll take the chance just going off pictures. So far everything has been all that it was described and shown to be. But as a rule one of us will try to go look at what we're interested in before buying it, especially on bigger items. Even if it's 5 or 6 hours away and might mean making a special trip just to look. There's been enough times that making that trip to look has saved us from buying some misrepresented junk
  23. Most likely yep. This whole Rotella shortage is kinda different too. Some of the places I talked to have no problem ordering it in, just the price is stupid. Next place was right out of bulk and not sure how soon till they're tanks would get filled. Then another place never did run out of bulk, just was low on pails and jugs. Sounds like it was more of a packaging issue than a oil issue. I found enough for the year for us and there is more available. Just no more 70 dollar pail sales at the big box stores.
  24. I've been seeing this Klondike oil around in the stores more and more but have no experience with it. I doubt it is the same as Viscosity Ultraction but can't say for sure. I also haven't looked at the prices of the Klondike brand. On a side note, I do see that Canadian Tire Motomaster oil is now made by Shell
  25. I'm not on Facebook but I contacted the area rep from the viscosity website and was very happy with how quick he was to get back to me. He was helpful and got me to the closest Viscosity dealer, which unfortunately is 4 hours away, but not a big deal. Hopefully they can expand their dealer network in the future
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