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  1. I could contribute lots too. Probably shouldnt admit that though hahaga. Last night I hooked the 1682 up. I got everything going and yep all is working as it should. Except the pickup wouldn't turn. It runs off the tractor hydraulics. Well I could see the motor was moving enough to tighten the chain. Figured well maybe it's tight from sitting. So I'm going back and forth around the tractor trying to help the belts turn. Nope, feels like it's jamming, and not gonna turn. Go back, check the hoses, etc. Nothing. What the heck. Looked at the monitor again and the pickup speed dial was turned right down...... turned it up a bit and away it went..... lol. Duh!! 😂
  2. Terrible situation there. That's never the kind of news anyone wants to hear, even worse when it's in your backyard. I heard last night they were in MB but exactly where I don't know. I could imagine to rcmp presence there. About 5 years ago there was a bunch of break ins and thefts here and ended up with a local cop getting shot. I've never seen so many rcmp and unmarked vehicles in my life. They had every road in and out of town blocked. Stay safe out there! And let's hope they can catch them soon!
  3. Well if you're really worried you can come east 😂
  4. I'll try to send you some of ours. We're still trying to wrap up first cut hay and having to leave spots on the last field with water sitting. We've never had to go around these spots before. And we've had wet years before. I can't believe how wet it still is here. But I guess it's going to take more than a week of sun to dry things up lol
  5. Thats a cool idea. I just changed 2 rear Good Year tires on the 1486 this spring. They both had Made in Canada on them
  6. No not that I know of. I wouldn't complain if it showed up in the yard though 😂 That would be about an hour east of me yet
  7. 66 and 86 are the same widths. Need spacers to put it on a 806. 1" spacers on each side I believe will do the trick. Or is it 7/8"?
  8. I just did the top end on my 08 rubicon 500 this past winter/spring/summer(Getting parts took a while lol). Right around 25000 km on it. I heard a pretty good ticking noise when we were using it last fall and then it quit. Couldn't get it going. Turns out the cam chain tensioner broke. Put the piston into the valves. Bent the valves, dinged up the piston, cam chain was extremely wore. Put in a good used top end, new piston, and hopefully get another 25000 out of it lol. Also one thing I learned is if you hear that ticking, or timing chain slap, stop and fix it then before it becomes a bigger issue! It's a big enough job but can all be done without pulling the motor. I had been looking for another quad for quite a while, and we had to play the waiting game for parts for this one. We needed a quad for spring around the farm, and good used rubicons rarely ever show up for sale, so I was going to just go buy a brand new one. Then just so happened a 09 rubicon popped up for sale no where near here but it also happened to be in my travels the next day. So I bought it lol. Now these 2 can keep each other company lol. Surprisingly both are on the go almost every day. Not sure how we survived with only 1 quad lol
  9. I think combine world was about the best price on new or rebuilt wobbleboxes. We've rebuilt a couple here over the years and really just parts alone are not far off what a rebuilt one costs. No harvest action around here yet. Another nice rainy day today. Still trying to finish haying but don't really want to cut when it's either raining or high humidity and not drying. We baled up what was down yesterday but even after 3 days around 30 Celsius the humidity was so high the hay was just borderline dry. On Saturday the top of the swath was dry and bottom was wet, so I raked it about noon. A few hours later I checked it and what was dry before was now damp and what was damp was now dry. It was hot and a nice breeze, but not drying at all.
  10. Our Massey had a similar issue last year. Would run fine for a while then statt to lose rpm. Would stop combining and sometimes it would pick back up but sometimes it would stall. Let it sit a few seconds and away it would go again usually just a few minutes. We weren't getting good flow to the fuel filters and the pump was cutting out. Put a new pump on and same issue. Turns out there was a check valve on the suction side and it filled with crud. Pulled it apart and cleaned it all up and runs like a top. Not sure if there is a check valve on yours somewhere but worth looking for
  11. Your not alone lol After a month of running mower in the bush, spending all day by myself, lacking social interaction, I too ponder some things like that lol Although yesterday was a different situation. I have a Bluetooth FM transmitter that I connect my phone with to the tractor radio, because it's pretty slim pickin's for stations in no man's land. Anyway I'm running a kubota with powershift, which has the little up and down buttons to shift. Well I started going along again and I'm pushing the up button and what the heck, tractors not shifting. So I push a few more times, no difference. Then I realized I was changing the song on the radio each time....... 🤦‍♂️😂😂
  12. It was gone when I went to pick my stuff up so never got a chance to check it out. And I never even thought to ask where it went to 🤦‍♂️
  13. More cab tractors than open around here. They're well before my time, but I'd say from the 56 series on cabs were pretty standard up here. Just going on my observations
  14. That's what I noticed too. If it's still there when I pick up my purchases I will have a look at it
  15. That would work good. I recall a guy in southern mb had a big setup that he could dump 1 or maybe 2 in and it would last all day. We would have to grow alot more flax if we needed 2 bales a day to burn lol
  16. There was a plant at Elie that used to buy from all of MB and a good chuck of SK. Up until last year, so now as far as I know there is really no market for it other than a few bales here and there that people want. Most of ours turns to ash lol
  17. Not much to add in crop progress here. Things are looking very nice. Some canola is done blooming, some still going. Been in full flower over a month now. Wheat is starting to get that colour change to it, so likely be 3 weeks away. Haying is still ongoing. Down to the very end but after a week and half of no rain mother nature decided she needed to catch us up and gave us 2 inches yesterday morning with a good storm, and another good shot tonight. We probably got a couple tenths tonight at home, but sounds like inches again a few miles east. I guess dry is not a word we can be associated with this year lol. Here's a few pics from the past couple weeks
  18. We're parting out our 2+2 that burnt a few years ago. That 14 is burnt bad, but not near as bad as this one. There really isn't much salvageable on it, but we've got a few things so far. 1 out of 8 rims was ok, rest are warped. Dual hubs are fine. Cast centre's seem to be ok. 2 were scorched pretty bad but 2 still had some paint on them. We pulled the shift covers off and they were burned bad. It cooked the inside of the cover. The gears in the speed tranny got that burnt look to them too. Overall I guess just pull what is decent. We're gonna split it right down and see how bad the internals are. It just had a new clutch put in so I'm curious to see if it got affected or not. Front driveshaft is gone, just the yokes on both ends, that's how hot it was Also I really would be happy if I never have to deal with burnt equipment again. Everything is harder to deal with and so dirty.
  19. There's an LT35 they can come and run here. I'll gladly stand back and watch...... I mean..... supervise... lol
  20. Here's a fresh one from tonight. Got everything ready rolled up before the rain
  21. I agree! Guess I haven't taken any pics of it baling this year yet. I like all 86's but something about the 14's that just stand out for me
  22. Anybody use Krown products? I got onto the KP53 and have had excellent luck with it. Used to use ATF/Acetone alot, and still do, but I find this known stuff to be pretty good. PB seems to work ok too, or liquid wrench, but not near how this does
  23. Won't be much if any native hay cut here this year. But the tame hay is pretty nice so it all evens out for us. Guys that depend on the slough hay are not quite as lucky. That's good there are still people like that around. Last year here was not a good year to have to buy hay. We usually sell a bit of extra hay. And we have a few local customers that buy every year. We probably could've got double what we did if we sold to someone else, but these guys buy every year, and when the market falls out and hay is worth nothing, they still get from us and don't worry about if they can get it cheaper else where. At the end of the day it all evens out, and I know I wouldn't pay the high price if we needed to buy hay. I've been told we're too fair sometimes, but we're happy and they're happy
  24. Finally yesterday and today have been nice drying. Alot of hay getting rolled up but looks like tomorrow night and on wet again. Can't wait already so keep knocking it down and hope we catch a break lol. I hope it smarten up for harvest buy the dryer is ready and propane tank is full lol
  25. Talking of impacts I was dead set in buying a 3/8 stubby but when the guy showed me the 1/2 one and it was basically the same size so I went with it. I dont have much for 3/8 impact sockets yet do figured this made more sense. And 600 ft lbs with this one. I don't use my high torque 1/2 very much now. I think the 250 ft lbs stubby impacts are a touch smaller yet too. I'm really thinking I need one of then now too, maybe 2 😂
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