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  1. There's a pile of them 4000's around here and I've never seen a factory cab like that before. But I guess most were open stations and guys added combine cabs later on.
  2. Not sure but I can measure if I get a chance. I know of a couple wrecked units hauled on a gooseneck deck over here with no issues. We just use a swather transport which is the height of like a car hauler
  3. Jeeze you guys, enough of the sled talking. Some of us are trying to finish combining yet 😂
  4. Not sure what to do? Nothing. That's the number you tell the neighbours 😂
  5. There's a few done around here, lots getting close, but still lots to go. I noticed today off the highway there is still lots to go, more so north of the valley. And yep, it's a different world north of the 45 lol. I always say we're like the arctic of southern mb 😂
  6. I do that with phone calls, never mind texts 😂. I'm bad for not looking at my phone when it goes off, then look at it later, read the text, but of course no service, so I figure I'll wait till I'm in service to text back then a week or 2 go by and I wonder why so and so hasn't texted back, then realize I never replied! I always say if it's important they'll phone me. And if it's really important they'll phone back when I don't answer the first time lol I like texting for getting parts. I'll phone for whatever I'm looking for and then the parts guys will text me back the diagram or the item to make sure that's what I'm looking for. It definitely has alot of benefits. And in poor service areas I find a text will go through but a phone call won't
  7. Not alot happening here. Finally had a few nice days where we could run 4 or 5 hours, and Monday was able to go well into the night. I think we got to the yard about 4 when it got tough. Been kinda snowing/drizzling of and on the last couple days. White this morning out. Canola is in the bin and dry so that's done. Now for everything else lol. There's no light at end of the tunnel yet here lol
  8. It was white here this morning but was more further east. Didn't take many pictures. Really don't want to see it lol. 3 years ago yesterday we got 2 feet of snow that never really left and that was pretty much the end of harvest. Hopefully in a couple days we can get rolling again. 45 miles west they've seen the sun every day and have been combining
  9. Really? I don't believe you hahaha
  10. I'm 2 hours north of the US border, and we used to go across for parts quite often. Really was no big deal. Haven't crossed for a few years now, but I'm sure it is back to how it was. As far as traveling, most of the time I can't seem to make it 25 km to town, yet its nothing to jump in the truck and go for parts or to look at equipment and put on over 1000 km lol. I don't get out much, but when I do I go far 😂
  11. Thats what I noticed too. The scenery seemed so much nicer in person. You got alot less leaves left there than we got here
  12. Cat tails in sloughs and grass after freeze up where it was too wet to cut, overgrown fields that haven't been worked for years, etc. We don't always have the option to graze these areas. Also I mow ditches and old roads, etc, at work
  13. I ran a 15 foot JD behind a JD 2755 for quite a few years at work. It was a good pair, but I definitely wouldn't have wanted any less hp. In heavy grass I would down to 1st gear and that's all it wanted. I did knock down alot of willows and poplars taller than the tractor with it as well, just do it in a couple passes and slow. Now I'm running a M110 kubota with a 15' Schulte. That's about a perfect pair. I've never really ran out of power yet and mow the same type of stuff. We pull our 15' Schulte on the farm with the 1486. Can still tell its there when doing bigger stuff, but it never powers out, just keeps chewing. One thing if you're going to be doing much for trees and shrubs or in rocky ground I wouldn't run without some type of window protection. I've seen too namy smashed windows from flying debris and stones. As far as 1000 vs 540, I've seen no difference. Both can break stuff lol
  14. Ours are always outside but if it rains between combining I just make sure all the elevator and hopper doors are open
  15. How many sailboats do you own???
  16. Got some nice fall colors around here right now. Took a few pics while greenfeed the last few days. The tamarack's are turning colour now too
  17. If he thought his last field had cuts going every which way, best not to come here. That's just normal for our country 😄 Got started combining last night. Canola is good and dry so hopefully the rain stays away and we cam just keep rolling
  18. I was wondering if anyone was able to see northern lights tonight. There wasn't much here other than it was a faint colour through the whole sky. Hopefully they start dancing and bringing in some good weather. Things are still wet here. Just finished raking some 2nd cut hay. Was too dry this evening and by dark it was too wet to bale. Heard of lots of guys rolling on wheat today anywhere from 19-22%
  19. Like this just got done hauling more bins home. Works slick on a bin mover. Sometimes we lift bins with a long pipe or pole on the loader. I got a backhoe arm on the skid steer and we chained a pipe to it. Found a old 620 packer wheel and it fit just nice inside the lid and was able to lift and carry the bins around the yard. Should be able to rig something up pretty easily if you have a decent tractor with a loader. That's a pretty light bin you have to deal with so shouldn't take too much
  20. If all the crops are like the canola I don't think it will be too spectacular. The canola looked amazing what we had been checking, but once we got swathing it is not near as nice as it looked. All the lower spots in the field are drowned out. Just too much rain for 2 months after seeding. But I guess we will know once we get into it with the combines. Has a half inch of rain today here. Sure made the yard greasy. All week looks like showers off and on. Then turning nice after that.
  21. Half done would be a nice feeling lol. If it stays wet like this for another week I'm sure we will be combining canola first. Seemed to do that for years then it turned around the last 5 or so. There is still guys swathing canola here yet. We got greenfeed still a couple weeks away from cutting too. Gonna be a busy October lol
  22. You guys are all going to be done combining before we get rolling in this part of the country lol. Been wet the past week and looks like a few more damp days. But I guess things are still green so if it's gonna rain now is the time
  23. My 02 gmc Sierra would come on the display if the oil level is low. You would think in the last 20 years they would have made it to show the actual level.
  24. I belive the tech 2 should do it. We always took and we did pump work on to a shop with the tech 2 just to confirm timing was good. There is a program you can get on a laptop and buy the cables bit I forget what the cost of it was. We decided better off just paying the guy here for his time. Like cattech mentioned, make sure that resistor chip is in the pmd. That sounds to me like it that is your problem, but it could be off timing a bit too. Your lift pump is working, right?
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