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  1. 19 hours ago, stronger800 said:

    I like it. 

    now throw a 250hp or so tune in it, and you’ll have something lol.  
    It will build boost faster an accelerate at just a all different level.  

    Then he would have to go chute climbing in the mountains. Point it straight and hang on lol

  2. 20 hours ago, poor farmer/logger said:

    I’m hoping to get back out to Hudson Bay sometime this winter just not sure when. Probably not till late season unless my friend invites me up to go ride again that uses the cabin 40 miles or so north of town. 

    I'd like to get up that way for 1 ride this winter. Buy we're off to the mountains start of the new year so better see how that goes first lol. Maybe late Jan/ early Feb can go north for a few days.

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  3. Nice sled! I'm sure you'll like it. There's a couple that I know of out here and guys seem to like them. I see a few tracks around here but not really enough snow yet. I also haven't dug any of mine out yet, and now that it's -30 I'm not overly enthusiastic about it either 😂

    I heard Hudson Bay/ Swan River areas got a pile of snow and is nice riding right now. I was hoping to do a weekend up that way before Christmas but I don't think it will happen

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  4. Between those 2 machines, here, I personally would take the Deere. I liked the visibility and layout better, and found it more comfortable for me, and also incredible dealer support here. If it goes down there's another one being delivered to keep ya going, or at least that was the case. Also no DEF to deal with which I really liked for our winters. 

    But, if you're planning on running a mulcher, I would lean towards Cat. I have no experience with a mulcher, but have been told by deere guys and others who have run them that they don't have enough cooling or capacity to be able to run all day every day. Also another note about mulchers that quite a few different salesman of different brands have told me is that they are extremely hard on the loader and the radial lift machines will stand up to the abuse much better. 

    At the end of the day either one can go down. The one with better dealer support and the one you would rather spend all day, every day in would be the one to go with. 

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  5. 19 hours ago, Steve C. said:

    I'd like to see them bale the straw.  Bet they don't bale big rounds.

    Would be easy picking lol

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  6. 7 hours ago, Big Bud guy said:

    Around here neighbors are experimenting seeding flax and peas together or a brassica crop and a pulse crop.  Suppose to reduce inputs mainly fertilizer.  

    I've heard of peas and canola but not really much at all of it being done. Supposedly works really good. 

  7. On 11/12/2022 at 1:22 PM, acem said:

    Also consider there is significant differences in height and width of the same size tire from different manufacturers.

    I have an import 18.4x38 that is the same height as a Goodyear 18.4x34...

    The old good year dura-torques are significantly shorter than the dyna-torques

  8. Interesting article.

    Not cb, but last year I was mowing at work in the middle of the bush, where I would normally only get 1 fm radio station. I was cruising through the channels just for curiosity and I was picking up alot of new stations. About 9 or 10 that came in crystal clear. Lots more with some static. But of all those, not a single localish channel from Manitoba or Saskatchewan was coming in. All the ones I was picking up were from Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, couple other states, I forget which ones. I found that pretty interesting. Sometimes I can get stations from North Dakota or Montana, but not too often. I wonder if there was something like sun spots causing it or what the reason was. It lasted about 3 days, and I think it was the clearest on a overcast and drizzly day. 

    Dad always talks about talking to truckers from all over the US when he had cb's in all the equipment. He said there was lots of Mexican chatter on it quite often too. We're quite a ways north of the Canada/US border

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  9. 22 hours ago, nomorejohndeere said:

    Depending on the size of battery to be jumped and its state of charge and how cold it is determines alot

    Decide whether you want a compact easy to carry deal or a bigger bring the onions type

    I've had(stolen) a Noco that was great for my motorcycles and lawn mowers and such.  They make several sizes larger than what I had.  I have a a Gooloo now that is rated for more than the Noco was but I can't get it to jump start squat.  It has a charging port but will only charge my cell phone battery 2.5 times.  Some of the smaller ones make huge claims, they must have worked for the MEDIA.

    I had a JumpNcarry 660 that was great until it slid off the flatbed at an intersection.  I would recommend.

    I needed a jump pack this last winter and grabbed a Harbor Freight Viking as it was on sale and close by.  Air compressor model.  It's a tank.  It just started my dead duramax, two dead batteries from the dome light left on, in cool weather.

    For occasional use I wouldn't get the best so when the battery dies just get another......

    I tried to get the Costway that Project Farm recommended but was not available.

    That's too bad the gooloo unit didn’t work for you. I've bought a couple of the gooloo units off Amazon because they were cheap. I was pretty skeptical being 1/3 the price of a Noco. First one was a 2000 I gave to my sister to keep with her. She hasn't used it much, but the few times she needed it, it worked fine even with sitting in the car all winter. The next one I got is a 4000 for the farm. It's become one of those things I don't know how we lived without it. It'll start anything here. 4494 had bad batteries and they wouldn't take a charge anymore. Couldn't get it to go with boosting off my duramax. Put the pack on and turned the key and it was running. 1486 we were fighting a drain on it and it would go stone dead in a few days. Put that on and turn the key and away it goes. And that was below freezing not plugged in.  

    What really sold me on these booster packs, is our combine has a big v6 Mercedes in it. 11L I believe. It's a slow cranker with 1 4DT in it. This fall the battery was getting weak, would start good warm but barely crank cold. We would boost with the trucks and eventually it would flip fast enough and take off. But put this little booster of a thing on it and guaranteed it would spin fast and fire off in about 5 seconds. I used it every day. It never missed a beat, and the thing is 3 years old now. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, midnightman said:
    On 11/7/2022 at 3:28 AM, db1486 said:

    Come 20 miles north and you'll think you're at the north pole 😂  There had to be at least 8 inches when I came home just after dark


    Lol. I was up there last night. Had to get a load of bales. Not ready for winter yet, so I came back south!


    I was to Brandon today, and yea it looks like a normal fall day for us from the valley south. Just a skiff of snow lol. I also knew when I was within a few miles of home because the snow started falling again lol

  11. As for used trimbles, last I was told is the 500 is the only one not supported anymore although I'm sure there are other places that will repair them. They still sell the 250, not sure on the 750. I haven't really looked at new units for a couple years now so not sure what all has changed.

  12. 5 hours ago, midnightman said:

    Winter arrived here overnight.95F20C89-2CB1-4F96-AC32-32E987B2F4EB.thumb.jpeg.0dfd76e7da57533cf25860f2a04f831e.jpeg

    Picture from my brother this morning a few miles North of me this morning.3E91FE4E-6070-4F63-8A6B-45C8F54C1258.thumb.jpeg.9394231bc22e39c2529a9826bd7b1b29.jpeg

    Snowed a little bit all day. We probably have at least an inch now too.

    Come 20 miles north and you'll think you're at the north pole 😂  There had to be at least 8 inches when I came home just after dark




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  13. Our macdon are a different base than the IH. Look the same, but not. The 70's/ early 80's jd/macdon are more similar but for some reason I think it was a little bit smaller of a wobblebox. The knife drive arm is way lighter too. I should go have a look. Have a spare of each. When we needed parts for the IH ones if I remember right it was only IH and New Idea that were the same. Buy I could be wrong

  14. Do you run crop lifters when it is down like that? We had wheat that was flattened by snow a couple times and don't have a pickup reel on the straight head. Lifters made a world of a difference. I imagine it would help to keep things above the water better

  15. 9 hours ago, poor farmer/logger said:

    Still hope for it to freeze dry then at least. Hopefully the snow stays away for a while yet for you.

     Snow is mostly gone here again but it’s still wet. I must be getting old, I didn’t even fire the sled up this time 😂

    I was out touring Saskatchewan today lol. By foam lake you could definitely go for a ride and then by Regina there's some pretty good drifts in the ditches

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  16. 14 hours ago, poor farmer/logger said:

    Did you guys manage to miss the snow? Hopefully didn’t rain much if it did. 

    We had just enough to put a skiff on everything. Had quite a bit of rain. Probably up towards an inch. Not really sure how much. Took the guage in at half inch so it wouldn't freeze lol. I'm glad we missed the snow. It looks more like winter in sk. 

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  17. On 10/21/2022 at 6:17 PM, yellowrosefarm said:

    Cut some 2x4's today from a blown down poplar. 21 from one log and 24 from the next, with a bonus 2x14 plank almost all heartwood.





    Those are production logs! I love it! Best I've had is 9 6x6 out of a log and 24 2x6 out of another one. Both 16 footers. My pilers were not impressed when I started slicing 3 2x6 at a time 😂

  18. Oh boy can keep that white stuff there you guys. I was gonna go towards Saskatoon for parts today but the guys there said don't. I guess I'll wait a couple days. Just rain here so far with a bit of snow but no amount really. Had over 1/2 inch of rain this morning already

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  19. On 10/21/2022 at 7:01 PM, ky966boy said:

    Had a 565a ok when hay is dry very good day when a 567 Deere rolled in to replace it . Full of high dollar octagon bearings odd size only dealer could get . Don’t get me wrong it made a lot of good bales for me but it had its quirks.

    What kind of bearings? So far any bearing we have needed the bearing supply we go to has them all in normal stock, but generally they are cheaper through agco or cnh. From what I know so far the bearings our old 5580 use are the same in the newer ones

  20. 8460 is the same as a 560 Hesston. First of that style of baler. I'm not sure if they were all fully auto or if they had some hyd tie versions. From what I understand the early ones had the "brain box" on the baler itself, whereas the later ones had everything in the monitor itself. Early ones were known to have issues with that around here. There isn't many of them around here anymore, but sure is a pile of 565 Hesstons and 8465 CIH. Also a New Idea 4665 is the same. Most around here are fully auto, which are 565A/ 8465A. But there is also quite a few with manual hyd tie, dump. They are 565T/ 8465T. They are a well liked baler around here, not many issues with them that I know of. They make a nice solid bale. We've ran 5580/5585 hesstons for years and we're looking to upgrade. We looked at quite a few 565/8465 but felt it wasn't enough of an upgrade for us. Ended up going to a CIH RS561A, same as a Hesston 856A. Not much difference in the bale chamber, but it has the wider pickup and different drive setup. So far we love it and are looking for another. 

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