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  1. Early seeded canola here this year was the first week of June and it looks pretty nice. But our last canola seeded about 5 days later than the first has caught right up. Things are growing fast. I'd say the flax is growing the fastest. We were 2-3 weeks behind normal seeding, but spraying was only a week behind normal. In fact flax is usually always on the long weekend to spray and we did it already. Canola will likely be bolting by next week. As long as the rain holds off things are starting to look decent, although the low spots are drowned out. Not even any weeds growing. And fields haven't dried up at all from seeding here either.
  2. Sometimes you get one like that. We had one heifer this year. She calved easy, then she got up and backed up and just stared at the calf looking like, "what am I supposed to do now?" In the meantime another cow calved in the next pen beside in the barn and she got up and started licking the calf. The heifer was watching the cow with her fresh calf and about 20 minutes later the heifer would take one lick of her calf, then look at the cow, then back to her calf. About 15 minutes of that then she figured out what to do and licked her calf dry
  3. That would be right around what that machine would be worth around here. Everything has gone up significantly. I know my 2011 mustang is worth more now with 3000 more hours than what I paid for it 8 years ago. I've never actually seen a Wacker in person but have looked them over pretty good online. For the price they are advertising at I've been tossing around trying one. One main thing stopping me is the biggest ctl they offer doesn't spec out big enough for me, unless they've added one recently. I asked a rental place a couple years ago about Wacker skid steers, as he runs any brand and handles some smaller Wacker equipment. All he said was they are cheap for a reason, and left it at that. I do see some used ones for sale and it looks like the resale price on them is not very high compared to other brands
  4. I'm not sure which is better. When our 3788 burnt the fire kept going for 5 or 6 hours because it made a pinhole in the front fuel tank and it kept shooting out till it burnt the full tank of fuel. Fire department couldn't get it out. Had to let it burn itself out. The rear plastic tank melted and burnt pretty quick
  5. I know I've mentioned it before but you won't regret the suspended booms. They've really come down in price the past few years too for ones like ours. Wet years is where you really don't miss thise little wheels lol
  6. It dropped on the crop insurance seeding deadline day here. Between guys cutting back and a pile of unseeded acres, I believe they have carryover they did not expect to have. Clearly shows the price was high for no real reason. Just a game to them big companies
  7. We've pulled the 14 wheel v rake with the 4494 a few times, round baled with it. 3788 running a 10" swing auger. Sometimes you gotta use what's available if another goes down. Then there has been a few years, and I think this year might be the same, where we needed a 4wd to pull the rake it was so wet. A couple times I sunk the 766 bad enough on the hay fields we just parked it and put the 4166 on it. Probably the funniest looking setup we had for a while was a 70 foot 500 gallon wheeled boom sprayer behind the 4494. It handled it no problem lol. Looked hilarious but never got stuck. Actually had to be careful with it because if you went though too much water it was hard on the booms lol. I don't miss that sprayer lol
  8. Urea dropped 500 a ton here 5 days ago. Never heard on anhydrous but it sounds like it dropped too
  9. There's alot of those TV 140 and newer tractors around in western Canada, but I've never dealt with any. One thing to check is are all the connectors and pins in the connectors good? Any squished out or just not making full contact? I spent a month chasing an electrical issue on my skid steer. It would give me a fault code but what it was coming up with was not the problem. I checked every wire probably 20 times, from plug to plug, before the wire, etc. Plug stuff in and it would work. Put everything back in place and then it would quit. Turns out the metri-pac connectors used in one of the plugs had pressed down just enough that it wouldn't make a good enough connection. Couldnt really tell by eye. Put new terminals in the plugs and good as new
  10. Sounds much the same as here. Finally had a nice spraying day today here. Other than the +35 but gotta go. Wasn't too bad till after lunch. A nasty storm just rolled past here. Was supposed to be headed right for us, with a tornado warning. It turned and is going southeast now, more towards @midnightmanarea. Half hour west of here had window smashing hail. Just rain here that I know of but it's still rumbling and flashing to the west. 4 days ago the western edge of the province got hit hard. Sheds and bins blown apart and flattened, trees down all over. Vehicles blown off roads. Just seems like no end to it this year. I have to pick stones yet but the fields are so wet that I need to do. I guess I'm just gonna have to leave ruts and that's that
  11. Thats how we were here last year. Seeded through everything and worked through everything in fall again. Lots of unseeded acres around here this year. Just one extreme to the next. But I guess at least there is moisture. Last year we were wondering if anything would grow it was so dry, and this year you can throw a seed on the ground and it will probably grow. Mind you what we mucked in won't be too great either. I'm not sure which I would either have. Dry is alot less stressful. Somewhere right in the middle would be perfect lol. At the end of the day around here it seems to balance out. The hills will produce good this year but nothing in the low spots, where as a dry year is the opposite. Be no slough hay to cut this year either, but the tame hay should be quite good, if the water goes down off the fields
  12. When dad grew it to combine he sowed it with the 620 press drills. The guys that still grow it here use air seeders and air drills. When we first did it for pasture we spread it on and cultivated it in. The last few times for pasture we went straight in to grass with the air seeder. Seemed to work good all ways but if we were growing it to harvest pretty sure it would go on with the air seeder
  13. Used to be quite a bit of rye grown here. Not so much in the last 10 years but there is still a few guys growing it. It seems to grow well here but I think the market for it is hit and miss We seed some fall rye in spring every so often for pasture. As long as it doesn't start to head out it will keep growing for a few years
  14. Had about an inch here. Over 1.5" 10 miles west I'm hearing. Too much already. We need more than 3 days without rain. Got some nice hay crops coming but I hope it dries up a bit because half the fields got water sitting
  15. We put an aftermarket T04 on the 4494 a few years ago. 1 year later I think the old one we took off was in better shape. So from what we experienced I would not buy the aftermarket ones that are half price and new
  16. Not sure about nh3 but I heard dry has dropped big time here. Yesterday I think actually. Crop insurance seeding deadline was yesterday. Coincidence??
  17. That same Jerry can is about 50 bucks here right now
  18. Brr! Felt like 39 here yesterday. I'll take your 10° lol. Nice little unit. How many acres to a fill?
  19. Actually met the guy half way so I still don't know the way up there 😂
  20. I never called there. Seems like everyone could get or even had bias tires in stock but no radials. Just lucked out finding these ones by PA
  21. We really like it. There's a few things I don't care about, or think are built too light but overall it does an excellent job. It was setup on 9" spacing for seeding before we got it so we kept it at that. Which is why the air kit is still on it. Gotta pull that off one day. It has good trash clearance, never really plugs, and it stays in the ground good. We used to deep till in fall then use the cultivator in spring but now we just run this both time. Leaves a much nicer finish then the cultivator. Only downside being a Morris is the wearing parts on the shanks, but at least they are greaseable. And getting parts is pretty much not gonna happen. I broke a trip arm and haven't checked if they are available yet or not Nice looking wheat! Ours looks about the same. Everything was out of the ground within 3 or 4 days and really taking off. Hopefully a nice even emergence this year
  22. We're no strangers to wet ground around here but this has been a little excessive. The usual low spots is nothing our of the ordinary but there is water sitting where we've never seen it before. But with that nice wind and sun we had as long as I could pull through it and open things up it dried good and we had been able to seed almost corner to corner. Just these last 2 fields will be a challenge Seems like it's been tires and hyd hoses this spring. Fortunately we got lots of hose and we had spares for all the tires except this last one. The new tires I put on the one tractor was planned so just the rims both being not good was the only shock there lol. I actually just picked up a couple tires from your neck of the woods today lol. Was the only radials I could find in western Canada. I guess they don't make a 20.8R34 anymore so we're gonna have to switch over to something else at some point here now. But this will keep us going
  23. All the local places around here will do up to 3/4 and most can do up to 1". Our crimper only does up to 3/4 but so far that's all we have needed to do. It might be the return. It was the return one that blew on our 4166 the other day with the exact same fitting
  24. We make all our own hoses here but same idea. If we have to go somewhere for fittings to make one we buy extra and keep them on hand
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