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  1. Looking for

    1970 International 826 on Ritchie Bros auction at Lethbridge tomorrow. S/N 2510132U009778 http://www.rbauction.com/1970-INTERNATIONAL--FARMALL-2WD-ANTIQUE-TRACTORAAT?invId=10482891&id=ci&auction=LETHBRIDGE-AB-2018569
  2. What did this 466 come out of?

    I'd say it's from a 2+2. I'm pretty sure the rear cover is the same as the 66/86 tractors. I don't recall a plug on the side of the pan. If I remember I'll go have a look on the 3788 and see if it has
  3. Phone cases

    A friend of mine has a life proof case on his IPhone. Really likes it and I haven't heard of any problems with screen sensitivity. I do know the first case only lasted about 6 or 8 months and then it started getting moisture and dust in somehow. He did get another one though, so must be alright. I have a otter box for my Samsung. Been good. I really should send it in since pieces of the plastic and rubber have broke off, but I'm not too concerned. The screen protector got filthy and I was having lots of trouble using the touchscreen, so I peeled it off and put a tempered glass one on. 2 days later it cracked. Now I think I shattered it today. Well at least I hope it's just the protector and not the actual screen lol. But the tempered glass is just like using the phone with no protector. The plastic ones are awful in my opinion.
  4. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    I just went through what your dealing with. I had been looking for another 3/4 ton for almost 2 years. Got really serious over a year ago. I wanted a 07.5-10 GMC 2500HD Duramax. Man is that ever tough to find one, nevermind a low mile one. I did find quite a few at dealers with 100k km or so on them but as soon as I'd call they would be gone. 90% of them went down to the US I was told. And they were all $30-40000!! I could've bought it for that price back when they were new! Or not much more anyway. Anyway, long story short, I picked up a 08 crew cab before Christmas. Exactly what I'd been hunting for, and for what I think was a reasonable price, and completely stock yet except for a 2" levelling kit. Private sale too. I have usually had better luck private than with dealers. So anyway, good luck with your search. I don't know how far you're looking for a truck, but sometimes there are some nice clean ones up here north of the border. And with our dollar down it probably makes stuff reasonable for you guys.
  5. Snowomobile trip

    I got a light 2 stroke and I still end up on my side cutting tight circles lol. I took my buddies 850 ski doo for a rip on Sunday. Now that thing is so effortless to maneuver. And responsive! Everyone said I rode the heck out of it, and I took it easy so I didn't wreck it lol. Just so easy to handle I just love the sound of most of the cans out there. There are a few though that sound like a calf balling lol, so I could see the angy cows comment.
  6. Snowomobile trip

    I guess you could call that carving 😂😂😂. Just kidding. Pretty good to get a 4 stroke carving like that. Looks like about the same snow as we got here now. Sure not melting this week yet like they were forecasting either, which is good. Should get a few more good rides in this winter yet. Don't you just love the sounds of 2 strokes with those noise makers on them? Lol. (I may be one of those guys😁) Not too many sleds have stock cans on once they leave the dealer.
  7. Loader 2350 Boom Cylinder seal kit

    We bought seal kits through a shortline dealer here for our 2350 loader about 8 years ago. They were actually labelled for a Buhler Allied loader, but were alot cheaper if I remember right. The kit had more o-rings than what we needed but everything worked perfect. I'd have to check but the bag with the part numbers might still be in the shop. But like was said, a good hydraulic shop will be able to fix you up with the parts you need.
  8. Snowomobile trip

    Looks like a good bit of snow there. I went out yesterday for a ride, and is there ever snow! Over waist deep now in most spots. I should be taken pictures but my phone was just about dead. We only put about 60 miles on but the whole time was spent playing around. So that was 60 hard miles lol. Only 2 belts blown out of 15 sleds. So it wasn't a bad day at all. Other than for the new sidewinder riding with us. It challenged a poplar tree, and the tree won lol. Lots of sleds out too. Fields looked like highways by home. Just solid tracks!
  9. sawmill work

    I don't think I've heard of that brand yet. As long as it works and does it's job, what more does a guy need. Those are sure some nice looking boards.
  10. sawmill work

    Thats a pretty neat design in that one. Looks like it wasnt a very tall tree. Surprisingly we've had quite a few guys taking spruce live edge as well. I'd love to have some different selections of wood here to do live edge cuts, but about all we got it spruce, poplar, and birch.
  11. Will I be happy with these

    I've made a set to use in a pinch. Works fine but I like the shorter adapters. Keeps it looking alot cleaner.
  12. sawmill work

    Looks like nice weather for sawing there. We never sawed a board since before christmas till 2 weekends ago. I refused to cut at -30 degree weather lol. What kind of mill is that? Looks like a nice little setup you got there
  13. More snow!

    8-10 inches here at 7 am when I sledded to work. Was fairly fluffy yet but as the day went on it really settled and got heavy and wet. Probably dropped to about 5 inches by lunch time. Lots of moisture in this stuff. It was really giving the skid steer and snowblower a work out today. I actually had to stop a few times because the hyd oil was heating up. Never had that happen yet in 5 years with that machine! A bit of a wind and some nice soft drifts I was hitting with sled on my way home lol. Still snowing too. Finally getting some snow this winter.
  14. Pull type combines

    Thats interesting. Dad went to buy a 17.5 head at a sale along the ND/MB border years ago and a guy asked why he wanted a small header like that. He said there's 25' headers around in ND. We never did find a header bigger than 17.5. But I guess they must be there somewhere
  15. Couple local roads

    Not when it's that hard
  16. Snowomobile trip

    Thats good to know. I'll probably leave this sled alone now since I don' want to dump much more into it, but I might just have to get that kit when I buy a 800. Although it'll probably just get me into spots that I shouldn't be, and in more trouble than I want lol I did weight the Jerry can full too. It was another 27 lbs. Plus the backpack what ever it is. I never did get it quick enough to weigh full of ice and snow. Although I got a ported track so not much buildup. It's all pretty light compared to hauling my fat a$$ around 😂😂 I say buy a lighter sled so I don't have to lose weight......
  17. Snowomobile trip

    The place we stayed at the guy had a scale, so we weighed our sleds, full of fuel and oil. My 2010 summit 600 etec 146" was 540 lbs. My buddy's 2014 summit 800 etec 146" was 544 lbs. The cat guy didn't want to weigh his, mainly cause we didn't know if the beam holding the scale was strong enough 😂😂 I was wondering about the dj clutch kit. Some guys swear by them then alot of people say just stock is better. I rebuilt both my clutches with stock parts and put a differet angle helix in and wow, my sled was a turd before. I couldn't hold a constant rpm and couldn't get a good pull in the deep snow. Now it pulls awesome! But if a dj kit makes it that much better, I might have to try it.
  18. Snowomobile trip

    A neighbour here has a 2016 I think 900 ace renegade. It's sure a nice sled for riding around here. Fast sled and really really good on fuel. He said not babying it he's getting mid 20's mpg. Can push 30 he said when he rides mostly trail. Im curious how the turbo 900 will perform too And as far as the colour thing, just buy a doo and get a wrap to match your suit 😂
  19. Firestone super NO tractions

    No firestone vehicle tire is allowed here anymore. They last good but no traction on snow and ice and poor in mud. We've had bad experience with firestone 23 degree radials as well, and front tractor tires won't last. With that being said I don't know what brand is best. Goodyear/ titan last ok but awful traction. And the BF Goodrich radials had more cracks in one year than a plumbers convention! The best tires we've found are 20+ year old duals that were stored in a shed somewhere. Those older tires would last!
  20. Snowomobile trip

    On our second day out at Revelstoke we go to the cabin on the mountain to sign in and a guy was up there. He says "3 guys just went up with brand new sidewinders. Boy did they ever look nice. But you boys will probably just ride on by while they're digging them selves out!" We all had a good laugh at that, and I never did see them up there. New sleds sure ain't cheap. I'm looking for another one now too. But it's gonna be a 15 or 16 800 etec summit. Although the new Polaris look pretty good. I've just been hearing too many issues with the 800's. And I'm a little stuck on Ski-doo lol
  21. Auction results

    Same way up here. But a truck like that would still bring $6-8000 here all day. Trucks are going stupid high
  22. block heater fire

    That's why our feeding tractors stay out side. Had a close call years ago. Dad plugged the tractor in when we got home and I walked by about 5 min later, all was good. Got to the house and looked out and could see a glow. Ran out and the cord where it plugs into the block heater was burning right on the orange 90° rubber part where it goes into the block heater. Luckily we had snow on the ground so I put it out quick but a couple minutes later could've been bad. And that was a almost new cord too. Had 2 neighbours lose their tractors to block heater fires. Not good.
  23. Snowomobile trip

    I don't recall the names but they work for sask power I'm pretty sure. Was 4 of them riding. Real nice guys
  24. Snowomobile trip

    Yes I'd like to stay out there for at least 2 weeks. Everyone says why don't I. I say cause my bank account tells me I can't 😂😂 so I know where you'e coming from haha. It really is amazing up in the mountains on a clear day. Foggy days just suck though. There is alot to explore too, but some spots if you get down, the only way out is with a helicopter, so definitely don't want to push it that far. On our third day, we ended up getting our selves a little deeper in than we wanted to and met up with some guys from Prince Albert. They took us down through the trees and in spots I'd never imagine going through and brought us right out to the cabin in the pictures. That was really nice of them and neat to see. They were on 163 and 174" so they could play around where us with our 146" were getting stuck. It really is worth the trip though, even if a guy just wants to ride the groomed trails from the bottom up to the top. Alot of nice views along the way, and even some moose the odd time lol. I hope I didn't hijack your post too!
  25. Snowomobile trip

    And a few more