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  1. Had one older guy tell me the wild oats doesn't know which way to grow if the rows are crooked lol
  2. I was through there yesterday and wow is there water! Hope everyone is staying safe and somewhat dry. It's not good, but I noticed the creeks and rivers here have dropped a fair bit in the last few days so it should be dropping there now. You know it's gonna be bad downstream when there's bridges being washed out on the little creeks near the starting point of it all. The amount of water that has come out of the park this year is unreal! Things just seem go from one extreme to the next. Last year we had fire bans everywhere from March on and this year is flooding. I know we were dry before but I think mother nature can turn the tap off for a bit
  3. Actually it's been snowing all day off and on
  4. Everything was white here this morning. Snowed off and on all morning. Heard the highway through the park was snow and ice covered lol. The long range forecast don't look good here either. Hopefully we can get on the fields early next week but I don't know. Heard of a few guys got going for a day or 2 on top of the valley south of here but that's it
  5. We used to run used tires here alot, but it seems like whatever sizes we run so does everybody else because there's hardly any around. Then it would be just whatever brand is available. And like VT said it turned into changing tires alot more that it should've been. For what I can find new tires for it isn't worth the hassle to save a few bucks a tire. And anything pretty new guys want more than what they are worth new. Been there, done that. If it works for ya, awesome!
  6. Sounds pretty similar to here. Still not ready to roll equipment wise here anyway. The yard just starts to dry then it rains again. Tough to work outside. Been working in the shop and playing the waiting game with parts, so that's been eating up days too. Most of the snow is gone now but there is still some banks along the bush and on some of the sidehills yet. Calling for snow here all day tomorrow. Wouldn't be a may long with no snow! Lol. Maybe I can update with some field progress by June lol But I guess we're sitting not too bad here. Southeast MB is flooded out and anywhere along a river around here has flooding problems. Bridges are washed out, roads washing out, and it won't stop raining. Alot of sand bagging happening not far away. I've never seen these little rivers and creeks overfill the way they have been for the past week or two.
  7. Thats seems like alot, but I guess everything is higher every day. I would go with at least an 8 ply on a half ton though. Anyone I know with a newer truck switches from the stock 6 ply pretty quick. Seem to always be going low in the winter, and gravel sure kills them here. A month or so ago I picked up a new set of 10 ply to have on hand for my 3/4 ton. They were 50 bucks a tire more than not even a year ago, but still under 1000 bucks after taxes. Although, I do install myself. And they are also not Falken's
  8. Popular one around here is a tire "thread" and a bolt "tread". And it's definitely not the younger generation lol. There's actually a whole other set of words and terms around here but 99% of that is a Ukrainian accent thing. It's definitely easier to except, I mean accept, it than change it 😂
  9. Been tire shopping here too. Was told yesterday Firestone isn't making any tractor tires till 4th quarter. There is new tires around, just not much selection and higher priced. We were going to put all new on one tractor last year but was none available what we wanted. Now they're available but 400 bucks a tire more. Oh well, the tractors not much good with no tires
  10. I saw a full moon, like a harvest moon, rising, then when I came out of the shop there was only a sliver of it showing. I was thinking where the heck is the moon disappearing to?? Then I remembered lol. Never did go back out to look at it
  11. I ain't no welder but give me a grinder and some 7018 rods and I'll have it fixed up till it breaks again! Lol Alot of good advice here, sounds like it should be no issue. Our hydro 100 has the axle tube welded up and the loader lives on it. It's never been an issue. We bought it like that so who knows how many years it's been like that. Weld 'er up and put it back to work! Good luck!
  12. Yes they do. Those 3 are well known and well kept. I been past a few times but I've never actually stopped to tour them. Someday. I was pretty small but remember when alot of these small towns had the elevators shut down and tore down. Still a few left that some local farmers bought and keep in good shape, but more of them are falling apart now. On a side note on elevators, we sawed some beams that were pulled from a elevator a few years ago. They were stamped 1932 I think it was, and they were just like cutting fresh cut spruce. In fact one or two of the beams actually had some sap stick to the blade
  13. I've got a cheap camera off Amazon in my track skid steer that's on all the time. Been 7 or 8 years now and it's held up extremely well given the harsh environment it lives in. Some of the infrared bulbs are starting to go but I got a spare camera for it when I bought it. I bought a wireless one with 2 cameras and am putting it in the air seeder right now. If it works good I will get one that you can have all 4 cameras on one screen on the 9 inch monitor. There's so many different options out there for cameras. All different sizes of monitor and cameras. Just gotta look and buy one and hope it works lol. A&I handles the Cab Cam brand, which are more money but I think a pretty decent product. They're a heavier duty product
  14. Looks pretty cool, but I just don't think it will have the same excitement as a snowmobile when your climbing the side of a mountain and hit a tree top, or a Boulder, or get stuck 3/4 of the way up, only to get the sled out and watch it roll to bottom as you slide on your butt picking up the plastic pieces on your way down
  15. Yep my 08 rubicon is apart right now with 25000 km. I'm still gonna run it but getting parts has been brutal. I been looking for another one for a few years but either they got lots of miles or they want 10 grand yet. Found this 09 rubicon with under 6000 miles. So I bought it lol
  16. Even got to test out my birthday present to myself today 😆
  17. Thanks guys! The sun was shining and wind was blowing, looking more like spring every day! Can't believe another year gone already lol
  18. Still got snow along the bush. Had to see how deep it was yet lol
  19. We still got snow along the bush and edges but most is gone now. Been having rains almost every day since Friday now, but the snow is just hanging on. The yard had just dried up very nice and now it's a big mess again. Those are some nice pictures there. I got a few last night over near the sk border. Was lots of little rain storms rolling through everywhere.
  20. I was touring Southern Saskatchewan a couple days ago and had to stop and take a pic. Getting to see less and less old elevators around. One was pretty rough shape
  21. They do. I've worked with a few. And some people are all worried about methane gas from cows.....
  22. There's a alot of different organic products around that can be spread on or mixed with water and sprayed on. I think every organic farmer I know owns a sprayer for those products. I think the granular to spread on is not quite as common around here, but I know there are a couple products available
  23. No shortage of snow here this year. I guess mother nature made up for the lack of it last year. Its almost like a real light snow again here this morning. Not going to amount to anything I don't think. Just south of home a few miles the fields are pretty bare but lots of snow along the edges yet but from here north there's lots of snow. If we're doing fieldwork by May long we'll be doing good. Seeding I don't know if it will be that soon. Last week of May probably
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