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  1. Same thing here. Been calling for some big rains here the past couple weeks but weve just been getting showers from them. So far we've worked through spots that we couldn't go on till July last year. Lots of ground moisture here though at least to get things growing. I'd say this spring is looking pretty much like a normal spring around here. 2 years ago was very dry and early and last year was very wet and late, so I guess it's nice for a change lol
  2. Just some Canadians 😂. Poor farmer is a long ways west and north of me and our area is always later. Of course I like to joke that right where I am is the arctic of Manitoba lol. Some guys have been going on wheat here for a week now in spots but sounds like most everyone else is gonna get rolling start of the week. We did some field work over a week ago but gonna start seeding today if it's dry enough. Been getting some rain showers off and on here the past week and things are greening up. Frost and snowbanks should be gone now lol
  3. Never seen one either. I would think somewhere right behind the fuel tank like dirt floor said would be an ok spot. I've never really heard anyone wanting to add a tank like that before. But then around here, most everyone is like us. When we leave home with equipment not too often does it come back to the yard for fuel. Fuel up from a slip tank once a day and keep on going. Maybe strap a couple 5 gallon jugs to the fender? Lol. I'm not much help
  4. Right now is not the time to be buying an auger it seems lol. We've been looking for a 30ish foot 8 inch here for loading out of the bins and wow are they ever in hot demand. I'm not sure what a new one is worth but I'm sure alot of these augers are bringing almost new price
  5. Looks like does a decent enough job. We been looking at some of these different style cleaners but haven't made the jump yet. What kind of capacity can you do with wheat for seed?
  6. Snow is melting today pretty good. Not really any dirt showing yet except where the wind peeled it off. That deep snow was just where it drifted along the lane. But I did ride across the field no problem. Would make a really good base for the season 😂
  7. Ok this my last sledding picture for the season lol
  8. Got the last (I hope) shot of winter here the last few days too. Didn't get the 20+ inches like they were forecasting for us. Ended up with 6-8 I'd say. Wind blew it all around. Just melting today now
  9. Always had good luck with cascade here. Tried the liquid cascade once and it did not work near as good
  10. It's beyond crazy around here this spring. Tractors and any kind of big truck are the hot items it seems
  11. I forgot about schapansky's sale today. Oh well things have been going too high for us here. Honestly if we didn't have a good customer base that pretty cleans us out every year, we have thought about doing lifts and putting them on a consignment auction. Lumber and fence posts always sell stupid high. Higher than the stores lol Ritchie Bros have always been high in their fees, which I've always factored in. Used to buy small stuff at their yard auctions once in a while, but now with the minimum $100 buyer fee won't be doing that. Good thing it's not on farm sales yet though. Otherwise I'd be broke this spring just from the buyer fee with all the small stuff I got
  12. If it wasn't for cows I'd probably put alot more miles on lol
  13. I've always figured bobcat had the wheeled machines figured out pretty good but for tracks I'd look at others
  14. I was a little bummed, but oh well next year I guess lol. Shoulda gone Easter Sunday but family wanted to have supper. Not sure who decided to have Easter supper on the last good day for sledding 😂 Sounds much the same as here. The yard was dried up really nice. We were actually going to start milling now. Snow had all melted and ground firmed up pretty good. But the snow got to us about 6 o'clock I guess. Good 2-3 inches on the ground already I'd say. Gonna be sloppy now for a whole again. I hope it doesn't turn into the storms of last spring. We has 2-3 feet instead of inches overnight right about this time too
  15. Those are some nice trees there! All standing stuff youre cutting or any green windfall? We wrapped up in the bush last Tuesday. By Tuesday afternoon the fields were pretty much bare and water running to the top of the skid steer tracks through the bush. It let go in a hurry here. Also very little frost in the bush. We were breaking through in spots and mud squirting up lol. It went from too much snow to work in to about all gone in 4 days. There was sure lots of big green spruce that went over last summer/fall. I have no idea how many trees we ended up salvaging. I was getting tired of it already lol. Probably 30 plus big ones like in the pictures, and way more smaller stuff. 20 inch bar on the saw for reference. And sadly I didn't get out for a last sled ride. Too busy with calving and logging to get out. Supposed to maybe get hit hard this week so might be enough to drive them around and park them for the season
  16. Yep Young's stuck with Viscosity. They're the only ones so far that I know of. Except for a case construction dealer in Winnipeg, but they don't sell bulk. Definitely a big savings. Their 15w40 was 4.50ish a liter on their sale too
  17. If you go for a road trip south you can get the viscosity hy-tran for alot cheaper. Last year between it and the CNH stuff here was about pretty close by time I factored in fuel. This year 4 pails would've been enough cost difference to cover my fuel
  18. These are all over the place around here. We have a 2 wheel one like pictured and a 3 wheeled one. Then there are the side loading ones that lift the rear wheels off the ground too so you can go as fast as you feel comfortable. Our 4000 with auger header I haul on the 3 wheel one, anything wider we use a side loader. I would look into renting a mover like this if there is one available there before trying to load on a deck trailer
  19. Been a while since I've used dewalt very much but when we were using them everyday at work one winter we had a couple batteries go bad. I've heard that alot about dewalt too, great tool, terrible battery. We ran dewalt and Milwaukee side by side that one winter working outside down to -30 and the Milwaukee would last 1 1/2 times as long per charge, and we never had a battery go bad. Both units using 2.0 batteries. Around here the 5.0 batteries usually come on sale pretty often in 2 packs. I think dewalts are a bit cheaper than Milwaukee, and last 5.0 I bought were $218 for the 2 pack. That's cdn dollars too
  20. Thats interesting! This is the first I'd heard of it. Yea they were across the mountain from me at the closest spot, about 50 miles away. Hope they have a safe journey. That would be quite a neat tour
  21. Yep lots of decent snow yet. Alot of spots are packed like a highway but can still find places to play a bit. Looking at the forecast I don't think the snow will disappearing too quick either. I'm not sure how much those belts are now. Last one I bought a year ago was 180 I think. But I still have some that I bought for 100 bucks a few years ago. Pretty sure this new sled uses the same belt as my other ones so I got spares yet Wind just picked up here this evening. About 50 km/h winds so far and getting windier. It's peeling the snow off out in the open and sure making it miserable out. Must be what you had there
  22. It's amazing how many miles a guy can put on without getting far away. I went for a tour Sunday afternoon/evening and was never more than 8 miles from home but got home with 55 miles on, 1 bar of fuel, and completely exhausted lol. Oh and a blown belt haha
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