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  1. Thanks guys! Still feel like I'm 20! Lol
  2. Both those are big around here. Used to be jokers when it was becoming a thing and now it seems the degelman pro till has taken over. Around here they seem to work pretty good. Seems like anybody that was no tilling is now running one in fall, and some run them in spring too. They sure leave a nice finish and a good seed bed.
  3. Had a bit of rain last night here too but didn't really amount to anything. Was snowing off and on all morning here and not much above freezing so far. Was planning on starting seeding end of the week but likely not till later next week. Supposed to be below 0 every night. Shouldn't have to scrape windows and plug stuff in to go seeding lol
  4. Nothing much going on here yet either. There is a few guys going. Ground is still pretty cold. Had quite the snow storm a couple days ago too but really not much at all for moisture yet. Nothing really growing yet. We need a nice warm rain. We're thinking if it warms up like they say we may get rolling on some wheat next weekend but I'm thinking it will be the week after. But gotta break the new motor in on the case so I guess have to do some field work soon lol
  5. I've seen Brandt sprayers with a similar setup around here. Pto sprayer pump mounted on the hitch frame and a pto shaft going from it to the tractor. As much as I know they work great. Dad used to have the pump with the pto coupler on it and hang it right on the tractor. Put it on the 1000 shift and giver. We sprayed with a 67 foot wheeled boom type sprayer for years with a hyd pump behind our 1486. Never once had any issues. Now with our pt high clearance I wouldn't even consider it. Not capable of running the pump and boom functions on our hills. The Case handles it extremely well, and
  6. I wish I had pictures from years back. Dad used to seed with 32 feet of 620 press drills behind the 3788. Then went to the 4494 on the drills and 3788 on the 32' cultivator. Was nice to not have to unhook all the time lol. Now we're pulling 28' JD 610 air seeder behind the 9130. Looking to upgrade now though. Can't feel the air seeder back there lol Here's some pictures from the past 5 years. Definitely not a big outfit lol
  7. We ran a 67 foot with hydraulic pump with our 77 1486 no troubles. All we were running off the remotes was the pump so whatever it ran at is what it was. You can adjust the sprayer pressure on the control box on pretty much any of those units so it really doesn't matter how much hyd flow you have. And we never had any issues in the hills either. That sprayer was always bang on for what ever rate we wanted. Now that we have a high clearance pull type that tractor doesn't have enough hydraulics to run it good unless on the flat fields. Pto pumps work fine too, but I don't miss those days l
  8. Wow! That would be quite the pull. Definitely couldn't do that around here
  9. Didn't get much at all. Enough to make the roads slick and slushy. Like everyone else it's hard to say how much cause the wind blew it all around. I would be guessing 4 or so inches maybe. A little bit north got hit pretty good I heard
  10. That will be heading right for us. Supposedly there is 2 storms that are going to meet right over us. Forecasting more snow this week than we got all winter. We will see I guess
  11. There is apps available to do guidance. I tried a couple free ones using my phone a few years ago but it wasn't great. Now if I would pay for an app I'm sure it would be alot better and would need a Bluetooth receiver. Which I think I am going to try this spring. I got a extra tablet and nothing to lose. Just need it for guidance
  12. I've been told the 500 is no longer repairable when it needs it. I'm sure someone somewhere is fixing them but just what I was told when looking. Same as the Outback s3. Around here those ones are sure no cheaper than any others. I've been looking for a better unit with mapping and guidance and probably will add auto steer and have it down to a trimble 250 or 750 if cheap enough, and the outback sts or stx. Although the new rebels are sure priced decent for brand new.
  13. Very nice pictures there again! I see your snow just left and some still there and we been on the field since Wednesday. I was thinking I coulda started a new crop year thread while you're still on the sledding one 😂 In a few days I might be able to add some sledding pics if we get what they're calling for. Not really sure what we're going to end up with
  14. I seen drills going in southern mb this past weekend. I was surprised. But we also started some fieldwork tonight which is absolutely unheard of lol. I'm sure there'll be guys trying to seed here soon once they hear we're making dust 😂 Be a month yet before we're putting seed in the ground though
  15. That's how it goes. Our corrals are actually drying as it's thawing right now but we'll get snow and it will be sloppy for a week. Yard is nice and dry right now. I actually don't need the Dunlop's around the yard anymore lol I don't think I'd be playing around turning canola right now. It's on the truck and straight to the elevator lol. I wish we had a bumper crop last fall. Could've used alot more at these prices. Oh well some is better than none
  16. I haven't actually rode for a month now. The snow has been gone from the fields since then. There is just snowbanks and drifts along the edges left now. Usually the snow is melting pretty good by now, but this was not a normal winter. I have been out sledding the last week in April a few times and there was still 1-2 feet of snow. I always say we ain't safe for spring till may long weekend lol
  17. I got my last ride in this past Wednesday. Had snow storm on Tuesday, but we didn't get much out of it. Was enough snow drifted along the lane and enough of a skiff in the yard I could finally move the sleds without getting muddy lol. Went for a spin on the field but had to go on the edges. Think I got maybe 400 miles on this winter. Very poor year. Really no snow left here now. Sleds are all put away now so I'm done with winter lol. Seen guys seeding in parts of the province already so I'm expecting snow yet lol
  18. Sounds like the circuit board may be bad. It is a problem on the 94 series case's
  19. Is it possible to get the original size? I've changed 2 here now that the the axle side was not wore at all and tried to find ones that are not the larger od and no luck.
  20. We got a few 362's at work. They all have been excellent saws. I don't think any of the 362C's have had any problems at all,unlike the 261C's we have. Alot of the time for us the 362 is too big for what we need to do, which is why the 261 seems to be the saw of choice . Big trees like pictured there, the 362's shine! Lol
  21. I believe this is the one for the spring time change 😆
  22. Southwestern Manitoba for me. 2 hours north of the black line
  23. Northern lights were dancing here last night. I got a few good shots but missed some real nice shots
  24. Did you get any of yesterday's storm? We got maybe 3" out of it, and most disappeared today. Sounds like there was a bit of snow further north. If we don't get a significant snowfall the season is done here. Water in all the low spots and bare fields now I've been eyeing up the new Lynx sleds that are finally available on this side of the ocean. But I never buy anything new so it'll have to wait a few years lol. I see your at least starting to look at the right brand...... ?
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