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  1. That's a common setup around here. Not sure I would want any smaller than a 1086 on a 13" but it should run it no problem. A neighbour used to run one on a 1086 and one on a NH 9030 bidi
  2. That is correct. I'm in Manitoba and yes it seems like it's either too wet or too dry. Tha past 4 years have been getting dryer and dryer. This fall has been dryer than normal though. Usually have to quit by 9 for the heavy dew and can't get going till 4 or 5 in the afternoon. This fall can go 24 hours and not get tough most days. It is kinda nice not needing to carry tow straps in every tractor though lol
  3. I could handle harvest with a few breakdowns. No trips to your neck of the woods, yet anyway lol. I almost called out there for a tie rod, since it broke the ball stud, but we got a truck one and going to make up a new one. I welded the stud back to the ball without welding the socket part solid and so far its been holding but too much hilly fields and road travel coming up to chance my welding lol
  4. Harvest is cruising along here. It's really spread out this year. Started wheat Aug 16, then had a 2 week break with rain and then we were rolling again sep long and it's just been going on something everyday. And fixing, seems like lots of fixing lol. Finished the cereals a week ago today. Ran not bad. No bumper crops but we've had worse. Overall wheat was just below average for us and oats was half of what we're used to. The straw situation is terrible too. We dropped every bit we could but still ended up chopping quite a bit where there was nothing. As it is I've been chasing swaths trying to make a bale. Where we would normally get 1.5-2 bale an acre this year is maybe .25-.5 bale an acre. Canola is all down, and hoping to try combining the first stuff later this week. Swaths look not bad but we will see once we're in it. Lots of regrowth and late flush. It's a sea of yellow between the swaths on lots of everyone's canola fields. We got one field of flax that is full bloom again now too. It's gonna be a mess I'm sure. And for the first time I can ever remember, we are going to do some second cut oats for greenfeed. Looks as good as first cut was lol As usual, here a few pics from this fall
  5. It's beautiful haying weather here right now. Been getting in to more sloughs since it's so dry and the hay is drying like it's July. I've been trying to bale straw the past few days. Such a struggle. So little straw and so short. As soon as you touch it it crumbles in your hands. Been trying to catch a dew and bale during the night but it's been windy and no dew every night. Finally today it was not as dry of a day and it drizzled last night and I was able to finish it up. I think it went 4 acres per bale lol. Oh well, this weather is great for harvest
  6. Our hydro 100 did the exact same thing. When it was cold there was steering. Not great but not bad. Once the oil warmed up it was very stiff. Put another hand pump in and works the way it should. Oil was bypassing in hand pump when it warmed up
  7. They guy we bought it from had it for that reason. He said he would go till he got stuck with the 4630 jd then go home and get the 4166 and pull everything out himself then keep going on the jd. He said he wouldn't run the 4166 all day cause no a/c but I think he just did that for entertainment lol
  8. Used to be a 4186 in the area here. Was the exact same as our 4166 except it had a/c. Like other's have said the rear steering can be troublesome. Ours has gone through a couple of the linkages. In 4 wheel it follows perfect but 2 wheel I can't get get it to return to center. For all we do with it we live with it. One thing I found is to run it in 2 wheel steer till the oil warms up. Seems like in the cold weather is when we would have troubles if trying to use 4 wheel steer from start up. We have blade on ours for pushing snow, and that it does awesome. I like that little tractor. We pulled our 28 foot air seeder with it for a few years and it handled it just fine. Now it just does what it needs to throughout the year and pushes snow and skids logs all winter. I wouldn't want to farm with one as my main 4wd but I also wouldn't be without it. Such a handy tractor and will go anywhere when it is wet. It seems to just float and still pull. I think it seems to do better in the wet ground than our 9130. I think it is balanced just right
  9. They do tend to float around nice without much tread. And I do agree these taks can be very hard on tracks. When I bought my machine it had camoplast zig zag tracks on it, about 60% tread I would say. When I changed them I had put 1400 hours myself on them. I'm thinking they had all of 2000 hours on them. They were very rough shape already, missing a couple bars, big chunks gone, but we're still working. I ended up putting them back on this spring after the new ones let go. That's a whole other story. Anyway, I snapped one of them clear through like yours pushing trees this summer. I'm surprised they lasted like they did. So the new ones I put on this time were the camso ones. And to my surprise, they were about $600 per track cheaper than 2 years ago. What brand are the Canadian ones you got? For my machine there is only 2 or 3 brands available, and only a couple styles. Your size and smaller has alot more choices
  10. At least yours are fairly worn down. Mine were like new yet with only 700 hours and they did that. No warranty either. Stay away from tuff bilt tracks
  11. That looks like the forecast we just come out of. Looks like some decent weather coming up here now. Got probably not far off 6" of rain in the last week and half. Things are really not that wet though. It's really soaking in. For most guys the rain was too late but it sure helped the pastures and any later canola
  12. Sad part is feed wheat price is that price or maybe even a bit higher now. Pretty hard to let it go as hrs. Especially if protein is down a bit. I heard of some guys paying 10.50 right now for feed barley too. I'm kinda expecting hrs price to jump up since I've heard alot of wheat taken off already was not much better than feed. I guess time will tell
  13. Well harvest is underway around here. Was to Winnipeg a week ago and not much wheat left to go around there. Lots of canola down too. Crops look terrible off the road. Further west you get and the better things look, still not great but not bad considering. We started combining on Monday. Never would've thought we would be going Aug 16. That is unheard of in this area. We were straight cutting wheat, beautiful sample, and testing 13. Not desiccated. Quite a few guys going like that too. Heard of some swathed wheat that was testing under 10. We did all that was ready and the rest had some green, but we got a rainy week now so that's ok. Canola is still a couple weeks from going down for us. Heard of flea beetles in the area too. Also had a bit of hail knock out some crops this week Not much for pics. Too busy lol. Couple of the neighbours across the road going same night we started
  14. If you got cleavers they will wrap up on the reel alot of the time. Same size seed as canola too. We had it bad in spots but got it under control now
  15. Anytime I stop at Mcd's for breakfast sandwiches it comes out to 10-15 bucks. Most places I can sit in and have a real breakfast for well under $10, and be full and not have to find the nearest gas station. But then according to someone there is no good food here in Canada so maybe that's why McDonald's is more money 😂
  16. Oh boy another one I can take part in! Lol. Here's our 4166. Bought about 10 years ago from neighbour that had it as long as I can remember. It's a bareback and only 2 hyd. Used it to run the air seeder in a pinch at the time then we put a blade on it a few years later and now it just does what it needs to. Mostly disking and pushing snow. It is our skidder tractor too in the winter. There sure isn't much that little tractor won't do.
  17. A truck got hit on the Trans Canada Monday night too in eastern Manitoba. Burnt the dash out I guess, but I never seen any pictures. Happened shortly after I was past there. Lots of big bolts that night
  18. Deere is a slower machine? I ran all all 3 sizes of deere ctl a year ago at work and the 325G and 333G I thought motored along pretty good. Seemed the same as the 259 cat we had too. I actually much preferred the deere. Roomier cab, just as quiet, little nicer controls and able to change some setting I couldn't seem to on the cat. Had a bit of trouble with the cat with sticks and stuff getting at the lines and wires to the final drives and that speed sensor kept getting unplugged. At the end of the day both nice machines but I'd take the deere. I'm looking up upgrade my own machine too and I like the deere, just not the price lol. The new design of Kubota looks pretty decent, but I haven't seen one in person yet. Will definitely be checking them out. But I'm pretty sure I will be going with a Tak. I just demoed a used one with almost 2000 hours to see how it is when not new, and I gotta say I was impressed. Original tracks and it rode really nice yet, quiet in the cab, and I could actually hear the radio no problem. But what I really like is being able to set the aux flow to exactly what you want, and having the preset functions to toggle back and forth when using different attachments. Pretty decent display and camera on it too. From what I seen they are still a big workhorse but now caught up to others in the cab and creature comfort department. I personally like the pilot controls but know lots that don't.
  19. And here I thought I spent too much time working alone........ Keep em coming lol
  20. Our macdon wobblebox's were just a little bit different I think. Seems to me the one on our old white 6200 haybine was lighter built We got a spare 4000 one and a spare macdon one for the 960 header. I know they're very close but I thought there was something different about them too. Macdon and JD were exact same for sure
  21. 5/8x2 is what I measured on ours with a lock and flat washer. Used to break them once in a while but rebuilt the wobble box and no more trouble. Check to see if there is any play in the pitman arm. Turn things by hand and see. Might be time. Are the bolts tight that hold the wobblebox down? Also like was said the serrations on the arm look wore. Did you change the block on the head that attaches to the arm too? I took a quick pic of one of ours what it's like Where did you get the knife head? I haven't seen any with the grease nipple to the front.
  22. Have I got a deal for you! Just kidding it ain't going no where 😂 The 766 doesn't get worked too hard anymore here but it gets run most of the year. I used to round bale with it and it would keep side by side with the 1486 in our hills. I always said it's the 85hp tractor that doesn't know it. It even ran the 914 combine last fall, and it ran it very well. Thought I has more recent pics of it but can't find any. The loader stays off now so looks a bit better lol
  23. Been smoky here off and on all summer but today is bad. Smoke was rolling in yesterday and this morning couldn't see half a mile away. Clearing a bit now but it is still thick and strong. Smells close. I seen something that there is 140 fires burning right now just in Manitoba. A few of them are pretty large areas. Can't expect much else with it being so dry and storms rolling through with lots of thunder and lightning and very little rain. I know some guys from here just went to northern Manitoba to help out, and some others just got back from BC helping with the fires there.
  24. We got both. Love the 8' for the main farm trucks, but very hard to find a decent long box truck around. Also depends if you want regular cab, ext cab, crew cab. Also by short box do you mean the 6.5' or 5.5'? Big difference there. We've never ran toolboxes in any of our trucks and got along just fine with the 6.5. Now the last truck we got is crew cab with 6.5' with toolbox. The toolbox is nice but kinda a pain. Would rather put it in the long box. Biggest thing is what are you doing with and what do you need. Everyone is different. For us it's more important having a truck capable of pulling then having a 8' box. And honestly it is easier to clean out a short box than a long box ?
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