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  1. I just loved the way it looked. It reminds me of what it was like riding on it as a kid. I grew up on "Old Big Red" as we call her.... I hate the way it looks now. Front rims don't even match and to be completely honest it looks like crap with those wheels and the loader
  2. Was curious if anyone still ran the 7.5x20 fronts on these old gals... it currently doesn't have them on it because it has a loader but im wanting to put them back on it cause honestly it looked alot better cause they're original to the tractor. What brand tire would yall go with? Tractor still has the loader on it but I don't really care. It's basically retired and most action it ever sees anymore is an occasional bale of hay put out for the horses or some small job around the house. Not worried about the front end sinking down cause this tractor don't see much mud at all anyways. Thanks in advance! Don't see many 856's with these front wheels on them
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