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  1. I may have jumped the gun on the issue. I flipped the bearing over & the holes are countersunk. So I can see how it should work. But still had enough of this aftermarket crap.
  2. Overhauling a dt414 here. Almost didn't go with reliance due to past issues & what I've read on here about them. But I thought maybe they got their issues figured out and ordered a kit & everything else anyways. Go to put the main bearings in & the piston squirters are covered up because the holes are too small in the bearing. 1/8" hole v/s 3/8 hole! Good thing I'm doing this on a stand & not inframe! I guess I'll go get a set from IH today. Where is a guy supposed to get these kits from nowadays? OEM is over priced & not the same quality anymore. I talked to maxifor
  3. I have an old school one that is round like a basket ball on wheels. Has a diaphragm in it. Fluid on top & air up the bottom. New ones look like a weed sprayer. Fill it with brake fluid, pump it up to 30 psi, hook it up to the master cylinder where the cap goes and open the bleeders to let it flow out. Pumping the brakes the conventional way just doesn't seem to get all of the air out of the hydrovac.
  4. I've gotten a few from Rebuilders Enterprises Inc in Illinois 800-489-9860. They rebuild & test them. Be sure to bleed the brakes with a pressure bleeder.
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