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  1. Not any 50s around here that I am aware of, and I knew the fan was different, so I thought the direct drive fan was one of the changes, but nevertheless, the fan is different on a 50. Here is what the 89 series brochure says are changes to a 50 including the larger capacity fan and larger exhaust, makes sense they only offer the larger exhaust now, turbo diesels like a better flowing exhaust. According to the brochure, the upgraded external three point cylinders were available as an option for the 40 just like you said.
  2. What was said above, plus larger exhaust pipe and I think the engine fan is direct drive, no fan clutch. Also, the external lift cylinders for the three point should be larger.
  3. Umm, I don't think that would be a good idea, he was more excited when it showed up at the shop than I was, plus he said he wanted me to have a comfortable seat when he is driving, yikes, I can already see I will be forced into early retirement of driving tractors. LOL I guess that's better than when my other nephew who was wanting to know who was getting my tractors and ground when I die.? I keep looking up now to see if the vultures are circling, wonder what he knows about me that I don't? LOL Good to hear that 1480x3 has the same seat as you showed and I bought. I did not know if I would have to remove the inside grab handle or not, I did not want to, nor drill extra holes thru the interior cab foam on the inside fender for the brace like some of the other seats. I bought mine thru All States Ag Parts.
  4. Lorenzo, my nephew loves riding with me, and my 8940 has the fold flat armrest to widen the seat which he always rode on, but he has outgrown it, so I just bought a buddy seat which looks almost identical to what you posted. Have not installed it yet, but it has factory fabric, folds flat, uses existing bolts to mount it, and has a seat belt. I liked the fact it did not have a brace to bolt thru the cab foam attaching it to the fender like some of the others did. Some make you remove the inside door grab bar for clearance, they said I didn't have to remove it for the the one I bought, will see if that is true. I should have bought it a year ago so I could have a review of it, but just didn't realize how much my nephew had grown. I think his parents are sprinkling Miracle Grow on him when he sleeps. LOL
  5. I am not familiar with the 4260 sprayer, but if it just uses a cable from the cab to the hydro pump like the 14 and 16 series combines have, where the clevis pin goes thru the propulsion arm on the hydro pump, the propulsion arm hole would wear oval-shaped and not allow full movement to allow full road speed. We would just pull off the arm and weld the hole back to the original size and replace the clevis pin. The combines would gain their road speed back after the repair.
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