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  1. When my Dad bought his '93 K2500 6.5 TD with a 4L80 and 4.10 gears, I happened one day to come up behind him on the interstate in my '86 K20 with a hot 400 small block. I pulled right even with him when I was in the left lane and looked over at him and smiled and floored it at 60 mph, he punched it at the same time and stayed door to door with me until we hit 80, then he just pulled away and I got a good view of his taillights. His truck would bury the speedometer and the needle would quit moving and the tach needle would keep climbing. When the tach would hit the yellow zone, he would let off and the tach would drop for a while then the speedometer would start to fall. Those 6.5 turbo diesels are faster than you think.
  2. I am not familiar with the 4260 sprayer, but if it just uses a cable from the cab to the hydro pump like the 14 and 16 series combines have, where the clevis pin goes thru the propulsion arm on the hydro pump, the propulsion arm hole would wear oval-shaped and not allow full movement to allow full road speed. We would just pull off the arm and weld the hole back to the original size and replace the clevis pin. The combines would gain their road speed back after the repair.
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