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  1. We've had good luck with the Michelin LTX tires, but haven't ran your size. Quiet, smooth ride, decent traction on packed snow and ice.
  2. We shared the same birthday, he was just a year older than me. RIP Bruce.
  3. Beer, Bourbon, Whiskey, Wine, we're the class of 89. My small school was full of alcoholics, we lost three kids at separate times due to being too drunk to drive just during my high school years. Funerals were held in the school gymnasium, my fellow students would weep and cry at the funeral, then get wasted that night. Students would slam bottles of beer between classes in my locker area and pitch the empties into the trash can that had clear plastic bag liners. The teachers would just ignore the alcohol breath and the janitors never said anything about the empty beer bottles in the trash. The parents didn't think anything bad about it, they supplied the booze. I was not involved, I never did drink.
  4. Thanks VortecZ, that is what I was wanting to hear. I did some checking and I can get the whole SPI product line thru my bodyshop supply, which is in stock, except for the basecoat colors. They carry SPI basecoat "black", but not the other color basecoats, instead they carry their "house brand" basecoats. I was wanting to go with a standard basecoat like SPI Dark Red that does not have to be tinted to match because I can always get more later and not worry about them getting it tinted right. I am short on time this spring, but am going to get some SPI Dark Red basecoat and clear to try when I have some free time.
  5. Thanks for the response. Are you using SPI's "Universal Clearcoat" or their "Universal Clearcoat 2.1 VOC"? How close was the PPG basecoat to the SPI Dark Red basecoat, could you see a difference side by side? What paint code did you use for the PPG basecoat? I looked up SPI basecoat's price online, considerably more reasonable than what PPG red basecoat costs here. Sorry for all the questions, but I know there are alternatives to the high priced PPG that are also quality paints.
  6. Fantastic work VortecZ!! I especially like how you carried the two tone into the door jams and door edges, nice detail. We have done the same rebuild on a Dodge Cummins and a Ford Powerstroke years ago. Changing the cab instead of trying to repair it was the quickest and best way for us to repair too. Just unplug the wiring connectors, remove cab, replace cab, plug everything back in, no damage to anything that way. You used SPI Dark Red basecoat on your Magnum too, what clearcoat of theirs did you use? I would like to try some of their products and I like how your Magnum and F350 turned out.
  7. I am not familiar with the 4260 sprayer, but if it just uses a cable from the cab to the hydro pump like the 14 and 16 series combines have, where the clevis pin goes thru the propulsion arm on the hydro pump, the propulsion arm hole would wear oval-shaped and not allow full movement to allow full road speed. We would just pull off the arm and weld the hole back to the original size and replace the clevis pin. The combines would gain their road speed back after the repair.
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