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  1. What the guys above said, but are you 6 to 7 oz of air pressure with no seed in the drum or with the seed pockets filled? We run our cyclos between 8 and 10 ozs with the seed pockets filled. Too much air pressure and it will bounce seed out of the furrow, just need enough to keep the seeds in the pockets. Tie down the seed brush, with soybeans you are not worried about doubles, and use the graphite spray before you mount the drum. They are a great bean planter!
  2. Many GM gas and diesel engines have met their demise because of those crappy aluminum/rubber external oil cooler lines. Have had the line pop out of the engine connector, but like you, caught it in time. Just check your turbo shaft to see if it spins freely. Those line connectors in the block are NPT, so some have put in 90 degree fittings and hose barbs with transmission cooler hose. The fittings on the cooler itself has an o-ring fitting that is unique, so you either flare the aluminum line or change the oil cooler to one that uses NPT. Then you can either use hydraulic hose or transmission
  3. Happy Birthday Mike!! That new clutch cable sure works good!
  4. I have been to the Defenders of Freedom air show at the Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue Nebraska. They have had multiple aircraft you can get close to and touch including A10s, very impressive airplanes. What really surprised me was the F18s and others that defied gravity, short takeoffs, straight up flights, would hover nose straight up in the air and rotate, then flop over in standard flight position, and zoom off. I had no idea those jets could move that slow and controlled, even looking like they were frozen in the air, then fly away so fast. They could hover, but thier nose would be str
  5. If I remember right, the Golden Eagle will hunt mountain goats. It will swoop down on the goats and grab them, carry them off the trail they are on, and drop them to kill them. They will then feast on the dead or wounded carcass. There have been reports of Golden Eagles knocking hikers off trails, hunting them like they do mountain goats. The adult eagles are a very large bird with a very large wingspan.
  6. If that doesn't work, use an acetylene torch with not the torch tip, but the brazing/welding tip and carefully heat the nut on the steel line, but not the steel line itself. Should come loose when heated.
  7. Thank you bitty and Maynard, I removed the aux filter, but not the filter head and was trying to work with the filter head still there. I removed it fine that way, but fought it until it beat me and I posted on here and went to bed. They use dust control on our limestone roads here and even though I try to keep it clean it must have corroded somewhat and stuck both the swivel nuts on the hydraulic lines and made the removal of the filter head quite a task. Once the filter head was removed I did it just like Maynard's method and it went together fine. They really should have had fasteners to ho
  8. I was changing hydraulic fluid and filters on the 8940 and pulled the hydraulic suction screen to clean it and reinstall. The flat o-ring 1342641C1, was glued onto the backside of the plastic shroud 1348337C1 toward the inside of the tractor, and the exploded parts diagram shows it being between the shroud and the screen 1348335C1. Which way is correct? With it on the backside, it seems like the shroud and screen is constantly trying to fall out when I'm putting the base/cover 1342139C1 back on. Is there some tricks to putting it on and lining up the plastic shroud pin? My manual just shows pi
  9. If it's part of the shifting linkage, you can see the linkage with the pan off. Because of what you said happened, it kind of looks more like part of the reverse band. Be better to damage the band than to rip the cast lugs off the inside of the case. Been awhile since I've been inside a 4L80E, but will be probably tearing one apart in about a month.
  10. Strange, would expect to see something like that in High Hefner's mansion, hopefully if you turn the light on and off quickly five times it doesn't serve double duty as a hand lotion dispenser, that would change from strange to tacky.
  11. Eww, if the camels are treated like that, no wonder they always spitting at people.😱
  12. Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a good one!
  13. I've never met him in person, but I have always paid attention to his posts, I haven't seen him post lately and was thinking about him the other day, I'm glad to hear he is okay. The man is a wealth of knowledge, along with you other red iron mechanics on here that are kind enough to help the rest of us out. Sometimes just having someone else tell what they experienced doing something, helps tremendously. I should have said it earlier, but I'll say it now, Thank you!!
  14. At only 4 to 6 inches deep in the ground, don't want to risk hurting the 15 speed powerlesshift..................LOL! In elementary school we IH guys always said that Deeres were painted green so they could hide in the grass and watch the IH's do all the work. 🙂
  15. I'm glad it showed up right now Lorenzo, instead of in the field during planting season. When it's go time, it's go time, breakdowns make for long days. There is no such thing as a perfectly engineered engine, but the B and C series Cummins engines are pretty good. The 5.9L 6BT water pump only has two bolts holding it on and an O-ring for sealing. I set a new personal time record for a water pump change on a 2001 Dodge Cummins at 7 minutes from when I grabbed the breaker bar to loosen the serpentine belt until I finish tightening the second bolt on the water pump. The coolant needed chang
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