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  1. If your tractor is an International (utility)  and if you can find out the length I have some extra square head in my inventory I could spare.  They would be 5/8" diameter.  Per the 460 parts book the bolt number for the first set is 365333R1 and 365332R2 for the second set.  If a Farmall tractor the part numbers are 366110R1 for the first set of weights and 366111R1 for the second set.  They would be 3/4" diameter.

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  2. The person in charge at a local company that I did some hauling for years ago told me I needed to charge close to $1.50 per mile each way.  I charged him 10% less and he was happy.  The truck burns gas going in both directions; trailer and truck tires wear in both directions; you drive in both directions; so one should get paid in both directions.  Making good money on the sale?  Was the potential buyer the only one to respond to your ad?  A $300 or a $3000 sale?  All may factor into the final decision.

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  3. I dunno which is best.  We switched from gravel to hot asphalt about 5 years ago followed by two different sessions with seal coating.  We even went thicker that recommended as still have cracking.  The sealer from Farm and Fleet works but it is lots of work and, if you put too much on, it does not get hard.  But it is better than the gravel so better not complain too much.

  4. We all know about things getting cancelled.  Upon checking earlier today I found out that the shows in Pinckenyville, IL, Pontiac, IL, and Mt. Pleasant, IA  have all been cancelled for this year.  That means the only tractor activity for the year was a nice tractor ride/drive about two weeks ago.   Now to figure out where to go and when so the locks are not changed when I get home.

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  5. Heading out Thursday morning and hope to be there by early Friday morning with what I am bringing for a display.   Let's all hope and pray for good weather.  For me the last time around at that same location was one of the better shows for me.

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  6. Please re-think your 10 foot height!!!!!  I have been strapped with a 10 foot overhead door for nearly 30 years.  Once the roof is on there is no way to change the door height without lots of $$$$.

  7. A check of embossed numbers on the parts is the best starting place.  That is how I identified some horse drawn era implements that turned out to be from three different manufacturers, McCormick, John Deere-Hoover, and Oliver.

  8. Joel,

    I completely understand about the 4 row implements and the bigger tractors.  That is a main reason I stayed with the smaller tractors.  Even some of the 2 row and small point fast hitch implements.  Thanks for the compliment.

    On the hydraulic cylinders remember that many of the buyers when those tractors and implements were new were a result of the depression.  Every dollar saved was a dollar not having to be earned.  A few feet of row not cultivated never added up to the necessity of two cylinders.

  9. A good hydraulic cylinder shop can rebuild the fast hitch cylinder, your first picture.  There is one in my area so I may be fortunate.  The leaking hydraulic oil into the engine is a seal problem which is easily addressed.   Good luck with the project.  From the rest of your pictures you are deep into it.

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