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    Augercreek, I feel your pain; it's the same here for the Cubs and Cardinals on any of the national network broadcasts. Once I was upset enough to call and demand a partial refund. Might just as well have been talking to a stone on the other end of the phone. Maybe it is censorship at its finest, or just the start of it.
  2. Have a beverage with two Tylenol and walk away. If the feeling still persist, repeat the treatment. That one looks too far gone to be anything close to an economical tractor when the project is complete.
  3. A vote for muffler every day and twice on Sunday. Later in life your ears will thank you every day of the week and twice on Sunday too!
  4. Nice job! Just another typical example of your quality work!!!
  5. Check with Jerry Trcka, Evergreen Restorations, Inc. in Spooner, WI 54801. 715/635-8629 or 715/520-7876 Cell. tractorgauges@yahoo.com. He fixed me up with gauges and sending units for several IH tractors. Quality work and prompt shipping. From my memory (and it is getting worse) he will need to know 6 or 12 volt, Rochester or Stewart-Warner compatible, and depth of fuel tank. Hope this helps.
  6. I'll call you later this morning.
  7. Less than 4K hours and came with duals and axle mounted hubs. Only used on a 100 acre farm.
  8. If you want to see cheap prices on weights check out the Keystone inventory reduction sale on Aumann Auctions. Split rear wheel weights are currently at $25 for a pair or $55 for two pair. By my count 47 pairs for sale.
  9. Sledgehammer, No idea on the milling machine. I stayed and watched the lines of machinery sell.
  10. More sale results: IH 574 w/2250 loader - $13,000 460U w/Westendorf loader, not running - $4,300 John Deere 3010 utility w/ loader - $15,500 15' grain head - $1,000 843 corn head - $1,100 1965 Ford 600, 5 = 2, 16' bed, excellent paint, 36,xxx miles - $2,550 bumper pull 18' tandem axle trailer w/3.5K axles - $2,400 tri-axle trailer, no title - $3,300 6-30 John Deere rotary hoe w/Fast Hitch adapter - $900 JD 6-30 cultivator w/rolling shields & FH adapter- $125 Glencoe finishing cultivator w/harrow - $2,400 IH 470 (?) disk w/folding
  11. Check with Jerry Trcka at Evergreen Restoration in Spooner, WI 54801. 715/635-8629 or 715/520-7876 Cell. tractorgauges@yahoo.com. He furnished both tank sending unit and dash gauges for two of my tractors, 240 and 340 as I recall. Quality work and very prompt service. He will need to know Rochester or SW matching and depth of fuel tank as I recall. To me this is just another fine example of you get what you pay for.
  12. I can help with your Onarga purchase. 217/649-4834.
  13. Please continue to post pictures as you make progress on the project.
  14. Their longer models have higher GVW. If the shorter models fit your application better I would check if they would build one with the heavier axles. I am in a similar boat as I want a tilt bed with 10K GVW but most are 14K GVW. That maybe good insurance though.
  15. Thanks for all your history lessons for us less informed. Greatly appreciated!!!
  16. 1. Planning is continuing for the show. 2. Most likely. 3. Make your reservations now. You can always cancel. In past years I have known people with motel reservations over an hour away.
  17. DOCTOR EVIL, Can you update me on the logistics of the aforementioned plant and the 'old Farmall plant' in Rock Island? Wasn't the Rock Island plant by the river and now owned by the Mecum Auction people? Unfortunately I am not familiar enough of that area.
  18. I have a plow parts book with the #70 plow in it. PM me if interested in it.
  19. Per my parts book that plow takes a 4.00 x 12 tire on a 4 bolt rim, IH p/n 525286R92. Check with Mike at Duffield Equipment, 717/552-1951, for a rim. A local tire shop should be able to get a tire for you.
  20. North of one dollar per pound, more for the 75 pounders, with a slight discount for generic vs. IH imprinted weights. Or conversely in times of heavier demand a dollar a pound for the generic with a premium for the IH imprint ones.
  21. They must all be cut from the same cloth. Mine does not have a sense of humor either. Oh well, after 55+ years and counting at least I know what to expect.
  22. Mike at Duffield Equipment LLC, (717)552-1951, should be able to fix you up on coulters and shanks. Your favorite Parts Depot man can get you the deep suck shares from Parts Depot, Chilton, WI. PM me if you want to use my source. Word to the wise on the shares: some are 3 bolt and some are 4 bolt. They have different part numbers.
  23. J-Mech, 463252R1(2) is the deep suck 14 inch share and also used on 12" and 16" bottoms. Rainman did like my fingers and put one too many two's in the part number. The part number for the shin is 522314R1, available in both cast and steel under the same part number. Both shares and shins are readily available. I am doing the same thing to an IH 209A plow, the predecessor to the 420. It came with both cover boards and moldboard extensions. From my project I know of sources for both shares and shins. PM me if I can help.
  24. Now it just needs a custom made engine heat shield on the other side.
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