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  1. Being plastic and yellow from aging, my gut tells me it is not an original part.
  2. I truly can say that I have never been disappointed in any that I have been fortunate enough to attend. Rain in LaPorte, IN, very hot in Du Quoin, IL the first one but that is about all of the negatives for this old duffer.
  3. Grand Island. About 150 miles west of Omaha. June 15-17.
  4. Should he be nominated for a Darwin award?
  5. August 26 through 29, 2021. Rantoul, IL.
  6. Those pictures look like a #21, #24, or #28 fast hitch mowers made for small point fast hitch tractors like the Farmall Super C, 200, and 230 tractors or the large point fast hitch tractors like the Farmall 300, 350, etc. The last picture shows fast hitch prongs plus a whole mower. Does he have two for sale?
  7. I am 40 miles from Rantoul. A neighbor's field is arm pit high now. No heavy drenching rains so far this year so no ponds in any fields from what I observe.
  8. WESnIL

    Plow ID

    If Steve Smith from Republic, OH sees this, most likely he could identify.
  9. WESnIL

    Broken off key

    In years gone by I had success with a plain old tweezers. Your favorite lubricant ahead of time may help as already suggested.
  10. Yup, the front frame weights for the Farmall 240, 340, and 404 tractors and the accompanying slab weight. And, yes, the same bolt pattern as the Super C tractor.
  11. I'll be there Thursday and Friday if things go as planned. The last one was super hot but it was still a great show.
  12. WESnIL


    Augercreek, I feel your pain; it's the same here for the Cubs and Cardinals on any of the national network broadcasts. Once I was upset enough to call and demand a partial refund. Might just as well have been talking to a stone on the other end of the phone. Maybe it is censorship at its finest, or just the start of it.
  13. Have a beverage with two Tylenol and walk away. If the feeling still persist, repeat the treatment. That one looks too far gone to be anything close to an economical tractor when the project is complete.
  14. A vote for muffler every day and twice on Sunday. Later in life your ears will thank you every day of the week and twice on Sunday too!
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