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  1. X 2 on peddling it. You have enough baggage to take the distance without dragging along a paper weight.
  2. What a huge loss! I was there for both RPRU events. My equipment was in that building at the most recent show. Both SD trips were among the most memorable of all of my Red Power shows.
  3. We installed a 13K Champion 1 1/2 years ago and have been very happy with the unit. It is a propane unit and sits next to the utility entrance pole and 15 feet from the propane tank so that part of the installation was very easy. Less than $6,500 for everything. :20 exercise every Friday morning. Very well pleased and would do the same thing again in a heartbeat. Other dealers with other brands wanted to put a separate panel in the garage so the generator would only service selected circuits. We can service the entire house. Check them out!
  4. "Seller just a little short on I-H knowledge" or is it that the auctioneer is a little short on effort. More and more one sees on-line only auctions with little to no information on a listed item. I have even seem listings from multiple consignors where they did no even list the location. That makes it tough to bid. And to make matters worse no loader tractor, etc. so one is on your own from the time you bid.
  5. Mike at Duffield Equipment in Williamsport, MD. (717)552-1951. Steve Rea at Ploworx in Salem, OH. (330)332-9386. Steve Smith, the Plow Peddler, in Republic, OH. (419)618-0017. After that, good luck in my experience.
  6. Check out a Dodge Grand Caravan or similar vehicles. Yes, I know they are no longer made so one would have to select from existing inventory. Every manufacturer has a mini-van or similar vehicle. Wife likes a sedan so guess what we drive?
  7. Depending upon the model there were three different plow (plough) bolts, all with a tapered head, used on IH/McCormick plows, the normal #3, less common #7, and even less common #4. If you have a close up picture maybe I can help you out but shipping may be prohibitive.
  8. X 2 (or more) on the need for pictures!
  9. Furnish a good one for a pattern and my local sign man can make them. PM me.
  10. I have a supply of new coated square head bolts and nuts, from 1/4" up to 5/8". PM me with your needs and I'll see how I can help. Norma Jackson of Morristown, IN 46161 is a supplier of square head bolts and nuts as well. 317/431-4803. Hope this helps.
  11. On second thought those pictures need to be on the walls in ag suply stores, farm implements dealers. court house lobby, restaurants in as large of a picture as the wall allows. If that is not fall and harvest and farming and country I don't know what is.
  12. Your last photo needs to be turned into a wall display. Or with Old Glory either of the first two are also most appropriate.
  13. That is lots of red in one place. Someone put lots of elbow grease and effort into that collection.
  14. An I-240 should be a small enough and narrow enough tractor to fit between the fenders on any manufacturer's trailer, normally in the 83 inch range. Most of those commercially manufactured fenders were a nominal 10 inches wide. Two fenders would be 20". Subtract that from 102", the maximum overall width, and one gets 82". Bet the I-240 is in the 75" to 78" overall width outside of tire to outside of tire.
  15. It sounds like moving the levers back and forth cleared the air out of the system.
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