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  1. 1. Planning is continuing for the show. 2. Most likely. 3. Make your reservations now. You can always cancel. In past years I have known people with motel reservations over an hour away.
  2. DOCTOR EVIL, Can you update me on the logistics of the aforementioned plant and the 'old Farmall plant' in Rock Island? Wasn't the Rock Island plant by the river and now owned by the Mecum Auction people? Unfortunately I am not familiar enough of that area.
  3. I have a plow parts book with the #70 plow in it. PM me if interested in it.
  4. Per my parts book that plow takes a 4.00 x 12 tire on a 4 bolt rim, IH p/n 525286R92. Check with Mike at Duffield Equipment, 717/552-1951, for a rim. A local tire shop should be able to get a tire for you.
  5. North of one dollar per pound, more for the 75 pounders, with a slight discount for generic vs. IH imprinted weights. Or conversely in times of heavier demand a dollar a pound for the generic with a premium for the IH imprint ones.
  6. They must all be cut from the same cloth. Mine does not have a sense of humor either. Oh well, after 55+ years and counting at least I know what to expect.
  7. Mike at Duffield Equipment LLC, (717)552-1951, should be able to fix you up on coulters and shanks. Your favorite Parts Depot man can get you the deep suck shares from Parts Depot, Chilton, WI. PM me if you want to use my source. Word to the wise on the shares: some are 3 bolt and some are 4 bolt. They have different part numbers.
  8. J-Mech, 463252R1(2) is the deep suck 14 inch share and also used on 12" and 16" bottoms. Rainman did like my fingers and put one too many two's in the part number. The part number for the shin is 522314R1, available in both cast and steel under the same part number. Both shares and shins are readily available. I am doing the same thing to an IH 209A plow, the predecessor to the 420. It came with both cover boards and moldboard extensions. From my project I know of sources for both shares and shins. PM me if I can help.
  9. Now it just needs a custom made engine heat shield on the other side.
  10. If I can do it anyone can! On the 266 cultivator I was very fortunate to find one that was complete, albeit rusty. This one is simultaneous lift with the fast hitch powering the link that goes over the rear axle to lift the fronts. It was missing one of the arm that fasten to the upper fast hitch arm so one was fabricated using the one from the other side to make a mirror image arm.
  11. Does that come as a real surprise?
  12. Look at the seller on that 560. Then do an internet search for plows. Notice the prices on his plows. You will notice the trend real fast.
  13. The picture with the hydro and New Idea picker with the farmstead and the valley in the back ground should be framed. That is beautiful!
  14. Per IH literature the #60 came with rigid or trip beams in "4-furrow reducible to 3, 3-furrow, 3-furrow reducible to 2, and 2-furrow sizes". The #70 was "Available with trip or rigid beam (trip only for the 6-bottom), in 6-furrow reducible to 5, 5-furrow reducible to 4, 4-furrow reducible to 3, 4-furrow, and 3-furrow sizes. Six bottom has full-castering rear wheel.) The literature mentions 10 inch deep plowing with the #60 and 12 inch deep plowing with the #70. The brochure mentions 12, 14, and 16 inch bottom availability.
  15. WESnIL


    Give her a good bath and it will look like a completely different tractor.
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