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  1. WESnIL

    Weekend Auction Results-Genoa,WI

    So what was the price on the fast hitch planter?
  2. WESnIL

    International 404

    In my memory he has some parts that he made that are not available anywhere else. On some common stuff he could lead you in the right direction. For me he is a walking encyclopedia. Those people are precious and rare any more.
  3. WESnIL

    560 Red match

    So what is the cost of a quart of Sherwin-Williams IH red?
  4. WESnIL

    IH blue match

    IH 1150 B, Dupont 24160, PPG 10067, NAPA 533736A, Van Sickle 46074, and Tallmans Ag Specialty 74604 should all be matching blue. The last two are from Lincoln, NE. Notice the similarity of paint numbers. They are for quart size cans. It would not surprise me if they came off the same filling line with different labels. I have used both of them with excellent results. I like their glossy finish. They dry way slower than IH 2150 red for example in my experience.
  5. WESnIL

    Ih blue

    IH 1150A, Dupont 24160, PPG 10067, NAPA 533736A, Van Sickle 46074, and Tallmans Ag Specialty 74604. should all be comparable IH blue colors. Notice the similarity in paint numbers with the last two. Both are from Lincoln, NE. I would not be surprised if they are coming off of the same filling line in the same factory with different labels. Apparently Ace Hardware sells an IH Blue that is very good also but I have never used it. I use Tallmans or Van Sickle with very satisfactory results, mixing in some Flood Penetrol and IH thinner. All of my painting is done with a brush. I am most pleased with the glossy finish. For me any of the blues dry slower than the IH 2150 Red for example. Years ago I used some Sherwin Williams blue (available at their automotive stores) which is an excellent paint; it goes on very nicely. But for me it is a beer budget and champagne ideas/dreams paint. Here is an IH implement brush painted with the Talllmans 74604 Blue. That is a quart size number; the gallon number would be different.
  6. WESnIL

    International 404

    That would be: Wayne Kittleson 4911 Ridge Road Deerfield, WI 53531 (608)335-6218 wnkittles@hotmail.com About 10 miles eat of Madison, WI Hope this helps.
  7. WESnIL

    Another dissapointment from CaseIH parts

    I checked Fastenal's website. It looks like they have 3/4'16 in Grade 8 that take a 1 1/4" wrench. Their 3/4-16 high nuts take a 1 1/8" wrench but look 35 to 40% taller. If space allows that should be adequate holding power. Not much difference in price, about $2 each. Both in plain finish, not zinc. Hope this helps.
  8. WESnIL

    34-30 paint location colors

    Plow Chief with slat bottoms. There cannot be many around with that combination. Nice looking 211!
  9. WESnIL


    I elected to go with a cabinet sand blaster and have never been sorry. Mine has about 32 inch doors on each end (I only load/unload from the left door though.) and rarely do I have something that will not fit. More of a problem is having sufficient reach inside with one's arms reach being too short. My first sir compressor was a single stage 18 CFM 5 HP unit. It ran about 40% of sand blasting time when blasting large pieces where you are blasting a high percentage of the time. When doing smaller parts where you have to fasten them into a vice grip and such it ran a lower % of the time. Per the sand blaster manufacturer about 40$ is ideal air compressor run time. When that gave up the ghost I went with a 15 CFM tow stage compressor. The manufacturer assured me it was sufficient. My hope was for a quieter compressor. I was wrong on both run time % and quietness. Make sure you install a regulator set for 90 psi or so and a moisture trap. Mine also has the exhaust fan with filter. That works great with no in shed dust. One needs to clean that filter after one hour of sand blasting. Most manufacturers do not suggest using sand in them. Aluminum oxide, coal slag, Black Beauty, Black Diamond and a whole host of other sand blasting medias are available. When restoring tractors, implements, etc. they are a necessity.
  10. WESnIL

    34-30 paint location colors

    Personally I would not put much stock in the color of NOS replacement parts. The color that they sprayed was what was in the gun without concern for what they were spraying parts wise.
  11. WESnIL

    34-30 paint location colors

    IH Forever: So the only black would be the coulter blade and the associated hubs?
  12. WESnIL

    34-30 paint location colors

    To my knowledge there would be two versions, the 34-F20, which is a 2 bottom, and the 34-F30, which is a 3 bottom. Keep in mind either plow would have been available with Super Chief or Plow Chief bottoms. All variations would have colors: frame is red; moldboards, frogs, moldboard braces, furrow tail wheel brackets, etc. would be blue; coulters and yokes would be black; coulter shanks would be red; and wheels, gauge or furrow, would be white. That would be the IH 901 white for me. That white would apply whether wheel is steel or rim for rubber tire.
  13. WESnIL

    34-30 paint location colors

    That sounds correct. Mine is the 34-F20. It is all in pieces now.
  14. WESnIL

    34-30 paint location colors

    Do you know what model plow you have? It looks similar to the 2 bottom that I am working on now.
  15. WESnIL

    Hurry up and wait

    Those lines resemble those at ADM in Decatur, IL. Remember them but don't miss them.