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  1. If interested I will gladly send you a dealer decal as shown. Just PM me with a mailing address. I have been told that Maple Hunter, Texas division, not the IN one, will make dealer decals to your specifications. $5 each and a minimum of 5.
  2. SASW6, I am from south of the border. My attendance at the auction was multi-purpose - pick up some parts from WI, spend some time with a recently retired brother, etc. When my brother and I were looking at the blue 200 Lucy gave the story that Duane bought it from a KY tobacco farmer. And as Paul Harvey used to say "Now you know the rest of the story".
  3. Here are my notes in a more legible form from the auction. From the previous night's rain it was muddy but the sun and wind dried things out nicely by the end of the auction (3:00 PM). I trust Lucy and the family were pleased with the auction results. AUCTION RESULTS Pallet of Cub sidedresser parts - $140 Pallet of Cub fertilizer parts - $120 Pallet of cultivator parts - $75, $85 Bob Sled - $30 H, M Mower - $100 Hitch mount mower - $180 IH #8 Plow in Rustoleum primer - $110 Running Gear w/ lumber - $150, $160 Owatonna Elevator - $300 Auger - $50 McCormick #100 spreader, restored - $1,125 Potato planter - $55 Potato digger - $100, $225 McCormick grain binder - $3,500 McCormick corn binder - $1,500 Case corn sheller - $1,000 Flare wagon - $175 New Holland 1469 Haybine - $900 IH 181 8 R Rotary Hoe - $1,000 IH 183 4 R cultivator - $150 Avco 4 R planter - $400 Fertilizer buggy - $300 Pull type sprayer - $275 Gehl green chopper - $500 Gehl 2365 disc bine - $1,875 Danuser post hole digger - $575 Bale wrapper - $6,200 New Holland 258 rake – 2 @ $975 Hesston 4755 baler, not used last 5 years - $19,000 Gehl blower - $110 McCormick #5 chopper - $350 IH drill - $2,250 Brillion seeder - $3,400 IH #55 chisel plow - $900 IH 730 4 B plow - $950 Kewaunee 86 culti-packer - $1,800 Onan 65 (?) generator on trailer - $1,500 IH field cultivator - $400 White 256 disk - $2,000 Gehl chopper w/heads - $475 Gehl and IH p/up heads - $250 IH 715 combine w/head - $2,700 810 heads - $100, $250 McCormick drill - $450 New Holland 900 chopper - $2,500 New Holland corn head - $1,700 IH 311 plow - $500 IH 450 3B plow - $800 Drag spike tooth harrow - $1,900 IH Hydro 100 - $7,500 Heat houser - $325 SMTA, PS, NF - $5,800 Farmall 400 - $2,400 Farmall 350 F/H - $2,200 Farmall Super A w/1000 loader - $2,000 Farmall B w/partial cultivators - $1,000 Hyster forklift - $800 Farmall 230, no F/H. A Chilshom Ryder S/N tag - $1,750 Farmall 200 in blue Ford paint - $1,600 Super C w/F/H - $1,450 72 Olds Delta 88 - $2,100 81 Chevy 30 w/flat bed - $500 51 Dodge 1 ½ to 2 T w/6 cyl. And 2 speed rear stake bed - $1,100 79 GMC 25 4WD - $1,500 Farmall 130 - $1,750 Farmall 140 - $1,500 Farmall 100 - $2,000 F-14 with single front and steel rears - $1,350 Power unit on stand - $400 F-12 with rubber fronts and steer rears - $1,000 Cub w/mid-mount mower - $2,200 Cub with loader - $1,600 Yellow Cub w/white hood - $900 H w/loader - $375 W30 on rubber - $850 I-12 Industrial - $800 140 High Clearance - $2,000 IH 91 combine - $1,100 Cub mower, no sickle and broken pulley - $45 Mounted plow for C tractor - $180 1 pt. 2 way plow, no coulters - $170 1 pt. double disk - $275 1 pt. 2 B plow - $175 2 pt. small point F/H sub soiler - $400 2 pt. small point 2R planter - $1,100 2 pt. small point double disk - $1,250 2 pt. parts planter - $65 1 pt. 2 blade disk plow - $150 C-20 2 B F/H plow - $325 2 pt. blade w/weld-on F/H prongs - $100 C-21 2 pt. F/H mower missing parts - $55 Large bales of hay - $122. No prices on other hay/straw sold. Lumber. Several lots sold. Prices seemed cheap to me. Not sure all the prices are accurate. Very wet from rain the evening before but things dried out nicely by the end of the sale.
  4. Your planter should have several sprockets on one shaft and several more on another shaft. Study which one is the driving shaft and which one is the driven shaft. Go from there and figure out what change in used sprocket is necessary to slow down or speed up the affected shaft as needed. You should be able to use the same chain once you chain your sprocket choice as when you use a larger sprocket on one shaft you will use a smaller gear on the matching shaft. Post a picture for more help.
  5. The sheet metal can be a post ad purchase with his part of the royalty fees.
  6. The search is on for some IH middlebuster implement parts as follows: PO 28 182 Block, right; PO 2912 Runner, right; and PO 2913 Runner, left. Hopefully the stars will be aligned; the parts can be found; and the restoration can be complete by mid June so the implement can get to RPRU 2019. Any help, leads, etc. re greatly appreciated.
  7. I have a Club Car gas powered four seater. The back seat folds down in to a work space if you will. I custom cut a piece of 3/4 inch plywood and put it on that flat surface to save the golf car and it makes a wonderful portable work bench. Around here $1,500 will hardly buy a junker. Likely you need to add a grand or so to your budget for something decent and reliable. When the grand kids come they take care of any carbon problems. That was not a problem years ago when I had some land 1 mile via road. That mile of wide open running kept it running good.
  8. That is a model 1-F11 plow for the Farmall Super A, 100, 130, and 140 tractors with single point fast hitch. It is missing the 'handle' that is used to flip between right hand bottom and left hand bottom manually at the end of the furrow. That same plow in two prong fast hitch design for the Farmall Super C, 200, and 230 tractors had a chain/cable mechanism which flipped the plow automatically when the fast hitch was raised.
  9. Where are the duals? Did you have to do any modifications to the 340 wide front to mount it on the 230?
  10. I doubt you will find a serial number on an IH 411 or similar vintage plow. At least there are no serial number tags on my 211, 209, or the 411 that I had. See picture of a 211. The 411 would be the same basic fast hitch front frame but with 4 bottoms. The 209 will built lighter.
  11. Illinois Route 47 north of I-74 (Mahomet) is good until Yorkville or so and then it gets to be more urban driving. The southern portion is highway/rural driving with small towns that are no big deal. When I was driving semi that was a standard route one day a week. Just take your patience pill and you will be okay. With your experience and knowing you have a loaded trailer behind you allow more stopping distance, following distance, etc. Going up I-39 and then going back east to your destination near Elgin is just too many extra miles. Been there, done that.
  12. WESnIL

    New to me 3088

    Are you going to introduce the stablemates?
  13. A friend has a Colorado diesel with about a year's of running on it now. He gets 27+ highway and loves the truck. If I ever no longer have the need to pull a trailer that may be one to consider. It would beat the 12 to 15 mpg I get now.
  14. A friend always told me one is not enough and ten is not too many. My wife, a math teacher, does not agree with that math. She can sniff a new/different tractor before it even gets in the driveway. Another friend told me that it is easier to get forgiveness than permission.
  15. Do a Craigslist search via Searchtempest or your favorite search engine and you will find lots of C's, Super C's, and cultivators for those tractors available. The problem is their location. Once you drive 300 miles (just using that number for sake of conversation) and save $330 it's about a wash. I can refer you to a man out east with cultivator parts available. In fact he is going to meet me at RPRU 2019 in Bloomsburg, PA in June with those parts that I need. I would much prefer a Super C with a fast hitch. That is what I grew up and learned on and have a soft heart for them. The iron in my shed tells the same story. My gut feeling is that you can find something as good or better for $1,500 or less. Most likely much less. That being said I am also guilty of paying too much for too little, go to an auction and come home with the same empty trailer, etc.
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