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  1. A recent conversation prompted a renewed interest in finding a breakdown between gas and diesels built within an IH tractor mode. For example, there were about 7,200 Farmall 340 tractors built. How many were gas and how many were diesel? Are production records available for the answer? One could ask this same question but plug in a different model, 300, 350, etc. Even, or equally interesting, would be a breakdown of numbers produced within models with power steering or other factory option.
  2. Thrower rack wagons

    My choice for wood would be white ash. When growing up Dad made some racks for hauling for the canning company. That is some tough wood that can stand abuse. You have had lots of good ideas on design, dimensions, etc.
  3. Service manual

    Check with Mike Becker, The Paper Farmer, Chippewa Falls, WI 715/726-1942
  4. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    For fuel gauge and sending unit my 'go-to' guy is Jerry Trcka at EverGreen Restorations in Spooner, WI. 715/635-8629. Very knowledgeable and super fast service! His gauges and sending units need to be grounded. Don't forget they also must be compatible; Rochester with Rochester, Stewart-Warner with Stewart-Warner, etc.
  5. Vintage IH Decal Needed

    IL Forever, No private message received. The decal order is at the sign man; I hope to hear from him by the end of this week. Then hopefully I can consolidate everything and see what I have. I notice that you collect fast hitch implements too. Watch out; that can become addictive. Don't ask me how I know!!! There are over 20 around here. Going back to the 25 rotary cutter all my searches with IH literature shows nothing but red paint. The gear box end of the PTO shaft on mine is blue paint. Searches via Wisconsin Historical Society records indicate lots of blue in the later years of production. Tomorrow's mail should have some information that I can read in that regards. Now the dilemma on the color pattern to use. In my eyes blue really sets an implement off very nice. Decisions, decisions!!!! way425seif@gmail.com
  6. Vintage IH Decal Needed

    nepoweshiekfarmalls: Thanks a bunch. That will help greatly! I owe you one or two or more!!! IH Forever: I have extra gear box decals and doubles of all other decals. If you can get me an email address or something we can start there. Everyone: Thanks for all who replied. I lurk here often and seldom post. Dad always told me I could learn more with my ears and eyes than with my mouth.
  7. Vintage IH Decal Needed

    IH Forever: The picture is one from an IH ad I purchased off of eBay of a 25 Rotary Cutter magazine ad. Based on that ad that the better half blew up I determined the decal size is a nominal 8" wide x 6" high. Only the most correct police will notice if one I can get made is a quarter or half inch wrong size. Once blown up it is legible enough to read the top line which is "Safety First". After that it is all non-legible. I will talk with my local sign man tomorrow and get the 25 Rotary Cutter decal made. We can make more than one if you want one. The size of that one is/was determined by relative size to the IH McCormick decal just above it on the left rear discharge sheet metal. See pictures of mine attached. I routinely take progressive pictures during a dis-assembly, cleaning, painting, etc. to aid in re-assembly (If you can remember what piece goes where, etc. your memory is certainly better than mine.) and to verify restoration. I have the proper decals for the gear box and the IH McCormick decal that goes on the left rear discharge sheet metal. My only/last hope is to find someone with a restored 25 Rotary Cutter with proper decalomania or to find someone with a NOS decal sitting on a shelf. Even if the decal quality is not satisfactory for use the wording will be valuable in reproducing one. From a parts book search I can determine that the model 26 rotary cutter used the same decal (Logical as it was made in the same late 50s time period) and corn picker safety decals have different wording and thus not correct for the rotary cutter. Per the parts book my rotary cutter has the optional mulching kit but it is missing the bars in the discharge area that are also part of that mulching kit option. All of my sheet metal below the frame is corroded and beyond logical re-use. A local sheet metal shop with a shop foreman who used a 560 and 8" rotary cutter when growing up a farm will be valuable help.
  8. Vintage IH Decal Needed

    Maple Hunter has nothing. The Wisconsin archives have nothing. Owner's Manuals from that era only show the cartoon style that were common in that era whether they were for safety, lubrication, etc. So the search continues. If one could come up with the wording for the entire decal a local sign person could make one. The only wording legible in references I have found show the top line of the wording says "Safety First" across the entire width of the decal. At least all the space that is left inside of the black and white parallelogram border.
  9. Vintage IH Decal Needed

    My current project is restoring an IH No. 25 Rotary Cutter, circa 1955 through 1959. So the search for the proper decals starts. So far I have located all but one decal needed. I am running into dead ends in the hunt for the "Safety First" decal that is located on the left rear discharge sheet metal. Per the parts book the part number for the decal is 10001730R1. As applied it measures a nominal 8 inches wide by 6 inches high. The entire perimeter of the decal is the black and white parallelogram design common for that era. The top line of lettering/wording says "Safety First". In everything I can find the rest of the wording is not legible. Can anyone help with with a decal source or the correct wording for the rest of the decal? See the photo attached if that helps you. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. New to me pickup

    So, are you going to put some type of shellac or sealant on them?

    To my knowledge there are only two other restored blowers in the US, one in WI and one in PA. And I do not know model numbers but parts inter-change is limited between the models. There are two others, one in MO and one in PA, awaiting restoration. They get lots of viewing at shows. Some (non-farm) people do not know what they are used for.
  12. Left Side Plow Chief points shears Needed

    If IH part number 515713R2 is what you are looking for I know where some are. They are 12 inch left hand Plow Chief shares. Call 217/586-3844.
  13. Coulter kit for IH Sub Soiler

    1legonutt, You also need the correct cone and hubs. I learned the hard way on some #39 plow coulters.
  14. One sees IH Sub Soilers from time to time. Nearly all of them do not have the coulter attached. Per the parts book the coulter was an integral part of the implement and not an option. Would there be a need/market for a 'coulter kit' for them? I know where there is a complete sub soiler with the correct arm brackets that one could use for a pattern for their reproduction. The cones and hubs should be available to complete the coulter kits. Then the next question is what would those with coulter-less sub soilers be willing to pay for a kit. It would only be economical to make a batch of the arm brackets. Everyone's thoughts are most appreciated before I proceed further with this idea.
  15. 340 parts book

    J Rockford Clutch, P Independent PTO -540 RPM, R - T/A w/provision for Transmission Driven PTO, S - T/A w/provision for 540 RPM Independent PTO, T- Cotton Picker Mounting Attachment (Low Drum), U - High Altitude Attachment, V - Exhaust Valve Rotator Attachment, W - Forward and Reverse Drive Attachments, X - High Speed Low and Reverse Attachments, Y - hydra touch power supply w/12 GPM pump, Z - 17 GPM pump, CC - 3rd speed heavy tillage gear attachment. Hope this helps.