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  1. WESnIL

    plow points

    The first two places I would check would be: Duffield Equipment, Williamsport, MD. 717/552-1951 Andrew Ginter, New Carlisle, IN. 574-292-0248 I could provide more but this is a good start.
  2. WESnIL

    Which weights??

    My preference is a barrel filled with concrete. If one needs more weight add as many small pieces of scrap iron as possible. Steel is heavier than concrete. A draw bar for wagons, etc. out the back of the barrel is a no brainer too. If I had to do it over again I would leave the concrete down two to three inches from the top for chains and other things so they don't fall out. If one wants/needs more weight put some suitcase weights on the extra pieces of steel inserted at the time the barrel was made. I had to modify mine when trading tractors; the 3 point hitch arms on the new tractor did not lower as far as the old tractor. For additional clearance I made a base out of landscape timbers and planks to set it on.
  3. WESnIL

    Fast hitch implements- where to find??

    Don Cler is his name and still there but I think he is thinking about hanging it up soon. Like all the rest of us that are getting long in the tooth the energy and everything related to that is not there any more. I was there about 5 weeks ago. Nice guy!
  4. WESnIL

    Fast hitch implements- where to find??

    Yes it is. If plans do not change it will be at Penfield this year.
  5. 9:1 vs. 10:1. Unless you are changing rear end ratios you will not notice the difference. Yes, that is 10% but in my experience you will not notice the difference in performance. I had an Alllison automatic (Don't remember the model number right off.) in a 2007 IH 4300 with the dreaded 6.0 engine set at 230 HP. That truck had a 23,500 GVW to stay under the 26 K limit. After purchase an IH salesman at another IH dealership told me my low end starting ratio was too high (or too low however you choose to look at it) but I never had trouble starting a load including gravel pit, loose ground hauling dirt, etc. Somehow he wanted a final ratio of 100:1 but that appeared only realistic for cement trucks, tandem trucks with gravel dump bodies with lots of soft ground starting load opportunities, etc.
  6. WESnIL

    Fast hitch implements- where to find??

    The most popular disc plow would have been the 2CK-FTC200, or C-200 for short. for the small point fast hitch tractors (Super C, 200, and 230) or 34-F300 (NO. 300), which was a 3 blade or 34-F400 (NO.400) which was a 4 blade for the Farmall 300 and 400 tractors with large point fast hitch prongs. They also made a 3 blade model for use with the 340 utility tractors. Anymore the easiest to find may be the C-200 but be prepared to find one missing parts including the gauge wheel or at least the rim for the gauge wheel tire. For the small point tractors they also made a 2CK-FTC14 (2C-F14D) that was a 4 blade disc plow with curved disks. It was so heavy one would need massive weights on the front of those small tractors with the C-123 engines. They are out there; one just needs to search many places and be patient. Most will have massive corrosion issues on all parts but still easily restorable.
  7. WESnIL

    Fast hitch implements- where to find??

    Auctions, Craigslist, websites, etc. There was an auction in KY or TN last month with 14 fast hitch implements. Wish I would have gone but stayed home so the $$ stayed in my pocket. There are plenty of projects to finish around here before dragging more projects home.
  8. WESnIL

    Auction Results

    That sure beats the price of an 806 LP that sold at a Mecum auction that i saw on TV. My memory says they dropped the hammer on that one at $3,500. I would be sick if that was all my work and money going down the drain. Heck, I may even crack open a cold one and I don't drink.
  9. WESnIL

    56 corn planter

    Plates are readily available. Just google "IH planter" on eBay and it seems like half of the listings are for plates. If planting in any kind of trash-like conditions the disk openers would be much preferable. Ran one back in the mid 70's. There are simple reliable machines. Just don't expect the options, planting accuracy, etc. of today's machines.
  10. WESnIL

    International 404 battery box

    Check with Wayne Kittleson in Deerfield, WI, just east of Madison. He is an 404 guru. 608-335-6218
  11. WESnIL

    Cobblestone vs. Regular Plowshares?

    Thanks Matt!
  12. WESnIL

    Cobblestone vs. Regular Plowshares?

    Super A: I do not know how to receive a PM. Can you call me or I call you?
  13. WESnIL

    Cobblestone vs. Regular Plowshares?

    Super A, Call me on the shares. 2175863844
  14. WESnIL

    Cobblestone vs. Regular Plowshares?

    I have what you want. Mine is 515713R2. Somehow I misplaced my parts book. Otherwise I would check if it was regular or cobblestone. PM me. I don't know how to PM you.
  15. The word in the first picture is 'moldboard'. One can make out 'caution' in a later photo. I have taken pictures of one at a show but they got lost somewhere/somehow. If you find the correct wording I would appreciate the information so I can add them to my plow.