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  1. 340 was the D166 engine so different from the Continental 193. Wasn't the 350 a gas start diesel while the 340 was a direct start diesel with glow plugs?
  2. Check with Jerry Trcka at Evergreen Restoration, Sponer, WI. (715)635-8629 or (715)520-7876.
  3. But what do you do with an 806 with a bad motor? You will have substantially more in the motor work than your original investment in the tractor. And then consider hydraulic issues, steering issues, etc. to further lighten your pocketbook. A Super A, 100, 130, or 140 with its lower profile may work better in an orchard environment. You MAY find a decent runner around your price range.
  4. You mean the radials were enough more in weight to cause a problem? What did you do to lose the extra weight?
  5. The first one looks like a 185 (?) for a Farmall C. No longer have my reference books so going from memory which is suspect at times.
  6. Or of a Case at a recent tractor show. That Case has lots of miles on it and lots of time at various shows, etc.
  7. For your use a Farmall Super A would work. At least it has some hydraulics for any future applications, in contrast to a A or B from a similar time period. There is one in IA on Auction Time with a September 12 auction date. Check it out. In contrast to a Super C, 200, or 230 (or M, 560, etc. in an even larger frame) this would be lower profile with its benefit around tree limbs in an orchard application. These earlier, smaller tractors are easy to work on with decent parts availability. Some of the newer utility style IH tractors like a 484, etc. would also work but finding one and parts availability become more of an issue. Check out Auction Time and other online auctions for available tractors. Surely something suitable will show up in WI, IA, or MN.
  8. Years ago I had a vehicle with a pinhole leak in the lower radiator hose. It would not leak until after the engine was shut off and the pressure built up somewhat. Maybe your Canyon has something similar.
  9. 1949TURBOH, You need to go to RPRU next year as HCOP is only every other year in the odd numbered years. It corresponds to the year that the Farm Progress Show is in Decatur, IL. Some equipment and vendors go from Rantoul to Decatur. From what I heard with the shortage and demand for tents, even some tents will be taken down in Rantoul and go to Decatur. Ditto for the golf carts.
  10. 34394 built in 1971. My source does not give more breakdown by individual engine fuel.
  11. Pictures will not get much better than that one. Not feeling well so will miss today and tomorrow too with a Dr. appointment. Enjoy the show in spite of the weather!
  12. I just ran NY to Rantoul last week. As I recall I-86 to I-90 to 11 to I-76. Then things go downhill due to road construction and poorly marked detours but better scenery than the interstate. On one of the detours I was going back east. After looking at a map I went south on I-77. The bonus was going past the Pro Football Hall of Fame facility in Canton, OH. Some of the road and/or detour markings in IN are not much better.
  13. Here is mine. A 200 gallon tank similar to yours on a 4,500 pound tractor. It has been on two different tractors; 3 point lift capacity is a limiting factor. It is set up with three different ways to spray including the boom with five nozzles on the center section and 2 nozzles each on the extensions.
  14. FarmallTom: Wives's rules must universally be the same. Around here 'fast food' and a 'real meal' do not go in the same sentence. That's okay as I enjoy a good meal now and then as well.
  15. Around here "pigs in a blanket" are three small sausages wrapped around small pancakes. Add some butter and syrup, or better yet, some apple sauce and YUMMY!
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