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  1. WESnIL


    I think it was Quality Plating in Sterling, IL. They did a 340 hood emblem for me years ago. The 'before' and 'after' pictures show quality work as their name implies.
  2. WESnIL


    There is a place in Quincy, IL. Check out Red Power magazine for their ad. There is another place in northern IL but the name and town does not come to mind.
  3. My biggest concern would be satisfactory output from the hydraulic pump to adequately power the loader with some acceptable cycle times and lift capacity. So that may translate into a PTO pump. Does that lead to a plumbing nightmare? For me it would but you can more correctly answer that question. Dad re-plumbed some fittings on our Super C to run an orbit motor to power an elevator for bales, ear corn, etc. Its performance was acceptable at best.
  4. I cannot find the invoice or can to find out paint number. It was purchased from Dust and Son of Champaign County, 1702 N. Cunningham Avenue, Urbana, IL 61802. (217)328-3431. I will be there tomorrow and hope to get them to computer match some 1020's faded red McCormick paint. Hopefully they can mix something in a matte or flat finish. In my experience mixing to a paint code number gives better results than trying to do a computer color match.
  5. It's not on an IH tractor or implement but here is a picture of 901 white purchased from my local PPG dealer. When applied and still wet it looked too beige, almond, or tan in color but it dried to a nice white color. That 901 supposedly has a green tint to it but my eyes cannot detect it. It took lots of masking but I am very pleased with the final result. The other colors are all brush painted with an aerosol clear as the final coat.
  6. WESnIL


    Buy it as it sits. Get it running and you just did some free mechanic work for the seller once he sees he has a running tractor to sell and you are not the only fish (buyer) in the ocean.
  7. The straight pipe sold for $30,000; the muffler version for $31,000. 856 with loader hit the gavel at $17,000. Don't know what the 33588 brought. Sorry!
  8. WESnIL

    Ih 901 paint

    My local PPG dealer mixed me an aerosol can of 901 white. Upon leaving the store it appeared to be too almond or beige in color. After spraying the color appeared to turn lighter and it looks good. My eyes cannot detect the supposedly green tint. We all know there is no hardener in aerosol paint but I sprayed clear as the final coat.
  9. Why wouldn't an oven pre-heated to 125 degrees or so work too? That would eliminate the messy water issue with its potential for rusting the installed parts. But, a work of caution here: Use the oven of any sort with discretion on a day when the better half is away. If done correctly there would no evidence left in the kitchen.
  10. In my memory RPRU is not sponsoring the tractor pull due to liability reasons. Some other organization may sponsor the pull and use the grounds and event to draw the crowd.
  11. Yes, as manly a bumper sticker has said 'Don't complain about the price of food with your mouth full'.
  12. Here are two from my 2017 calendar, January and April. Hope they load for this computer illiterate!
  13. If I do another one my idea is to make the pictures for each month two pictures. The larger or main picture would be large with a single tractor or group picture of tractors and then a smaller insert picture of an implement. Lord knows that there are plenty of implement pictures around that would have to be sized to fit the application. Most printing places should be able to handle the details far better than I can explain.
  14. I did that same thing for 2017 and hope to do it again for 2021. For me it meant doing all the legwork and then finding a printer who would do it without breaking the bank. Unfortunately he went out of business so I'll have to start shopping again. As I recall I had 40 or 50 made and gave all away except for the one that I kept. It makes for a very nice gift that was well received.
  15. That is exactly what I was trying to describe. You are correct; the same thing only scaled up to Category III.
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