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  1. On tools soak them in a solution of muriatic acid. Use a plastic container and soak them outside due to the fumes. Oh, and don't breathe the fumes.
  2. Yes, like so many other things in life, everything seems to be relative anymore.
  3. What a drastic difference in age and technology in the two tractors in the first picture. Just think of the gains in technology in that time period.
  4. You are not alone on making mistakes. I made a similar mistake on my 340 with 12.4 x 36. I should have went with 13.6 x 36. With the 12.4 x 36 on the rear and 6.00 x 16 on the front she noticeably walks uphill.
  5. Jeff Foreman in IN J P Tractor Salvage in MO
  6. Wonderful idea! Nice job too!
  7. If plans don't change I will make my first and last visit all at the same time on the way home from Red Power. It only adds 10 miles to the trip.
  8. The Farmall 230 on the Darst sale did not have the front rock shaft. It looked different that way. Per IH literature the front rock shaft is not listed in basic equipment or extra equipment. The 230 on the front cover of the 230 literature that I have shows a tractor without the front rock shaft and page 5 shows a close up of the tractor from grill to battery. That does not show the front rock shaft either. Very interesting to say the least.
  9. Per IH literature, 7 inch spacing, 28 blade, 8 ft. 6 in. width @ 1,691 pounds. 7 32 9 7 1,814 pounds. 7 36 10 9 1936 pounds. 7 40 12 2,287 pounds 7 44 12 11 2,406 pounds. 7 48 14 2,669 pounds. 9 inch spacing, 9 ft. 24 blades @ 1,704 pounds. 9 10-4 28 blades @ 1,835 pounds. 9 12 ft. 32 blades @ 2.216 pounds 9 13 ft, 3 in. 36 blades @ 2,292 pounds. Hope this helps.
  10. They do not appear to be social distancing but they already have tractor fever. That definitely is some scenic country for a ride. With all official Fourth of July activities cancelled for this area a friend and I hope to organize a 40 mile ride for that day. Twenty miles or so, stop for lunch at a local restaurant (Maybe inside seating will be legal by then. Otherwise we will do a version of the old A & W drive-in.), and then twenty or so home via different route.
  11. There should be valves to back off similar to on a hydrostatic mower. It takes a 9/16" wrench to back them off on my mower. There is one for each side.
  12. It looks like a small point fast hitch mower, model C-21-P if a single spring in the back or a C-24-P if two springs on the back. That would be the correct mower for a Farmall Super C tractor. It sure would be nice to have a dollar, or a dime, for every acre I mowed with one of them.
  13. KWRB, And one can further slow a tractor down by tire size. An A or a B with 9.5 x 24 vs. 12.4 x 24 have drastic different road speeds. Don't ask me how I know. As we all know and understand smaller diameter to increase power, larger diameter to increase speed.
  14. That is super nice! A friend and myself are trying to put one together for the Fourth of July. We shall see.
  15. To my knowledge that tail wheel blade is not available. You may need machine shop to drill the holes/ That is not mild steel. And take along your old tail wheel for a pattern.
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