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  1. WESnIL

    Tried Spraying some Corn Tonight A little Muddy

    Ditto on the 3 point sprayer with less than full tank.
  2. WESnIL

    utility tractor

    Ditto on the 656 to hydro 70. From that vintage the problem will be finding something in 4 x 4. MFWD and a 55 gallon barrel on the 3 point filled with concrete and you should be good to go.
  3. WESnIL

    ex mark mowers?

    Wes806, How do you like your Exmark mowers compared to your Scag mowers? Just curious as I am trying to decide between the two for my next purchase with a nominal 60 inch cutting width.
  4. Can you start with a parts book and a part number? Have you tried salvage yards? Do you have any helpful radiator shops in your area?
  5. WESnIL

    Planted more trees...

    Do not give up on your ash trees!! I cannot emphasize that enough. They can be treated with an injectable. It is done around Mother's Day and consists of a small hole (1/4" diameter if I remember correctly) and then one uses a syringe to inject the solution around the base of the trunk, about one hole per inch of truck diameter. One must be certified to do the application but it certainly is cheaper than replacing trees. The vials stay on the tree for a period of time and then you remove them and the hole closes via tree growth. One can use chemicals good for one year or for two years. As you expect the chemical companies know the economies and have priced the two year stuff higher in price than the one year chemical.
  6. All I can do is encourage you. Here are two pictures of a 3 1/2 year project that took lots of patience and steps backwards to finally take the last step forward. The seller said that all it needed was some seals in the power steering pump. His other job must have been either a used car salesman or a politician.
  7. WESnIL

    Upgrading Trucks

    I would seriously consider a Ram. My 2500 has the 5.7 with 6 speed automatic and 3.73 rears and it will haul anything I put behind it. At the top end that has been about 7K of tractor and implements on a 2,000 pound aluminum trailer. Under certain road, load, and wind conditions I will lock it down into 5th gear and you never see the speed vary. Reasonable ride quality when empty realizing that is/should be the norm if you want hauling/pulling capacity on the other end of that ride quality scale. Using it as an errand type truck it is easily capable of 16+ mpg. In talking with Chevy/GMC owners I doubt that the GM 6.0 will accomplish those numbers. Loaded fuel mileage can be in the single digits but it gets the job done.
  8. WESnIL

    Servis whirlwind terrace plow

    Don't let a scrapper get it. I feel fortunate to find mine; it is the one with the 3 speed transmission. In my mind $250 to $400 would be in the ball park. Tires can be found but if you don't have the terracing plow you don't need the tires. If it is for display and not use some no longer available parts are less of importance.
  9. WESnIL

    Need new kid hauler

    Have you considered the mini-vans? I sure liked ours when we had it. That is until we traded for a sedan and now the better half will not consider one again. Lots of choices for creature comforts and third seat, etc.
  10. My memory says that there is a snap ring in there. Check closer.
  11. WESnIL

    1256 hitch

    If it is like the pipe inside a pipe wide front ends a lot of patience, penetrating oil (NOT WD-40), patience, heat, patience, may be some pressure, patience, etc. It took me almost 3 weeks to free up a wide front and I had three cum-a-longs pulling in three different directions. One day I noticed some movement and then it was easy. Good luck.
  12. WESnIL

    IH No. 25 Rotary Cutter

    For show only. It will go to some local shows this summer and I may take it to RPRU 2019 next year. And definitely to Penfield in 2019. It's too far to haul anything to AL this year. The wife agreed to go to RPRU 2018 as her first ever tractor show so I don't want to wear out the welcome too fast too quick.
  13. WESnIL

    IH No. 25 Rotary Cutter

    Thanks for all the compliments. It was a very enjoyable and rewarding project.
  14. What about that guy in Michigan? Unfortunately I cannot provide a name, town, or phone number.
  15. WESnIL

    1919 no. 8 beet cultivator resto.

    Now I learned something today in the snow. I did not know that ". . .project I didn't need" was in the vocabulary of a restorer.