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  1. 806 PTO?

    Thanks guys. I was hoping that it was just a loose tube that needed brazed. I wasn't sure if the 1.5" overfull would be enough to get past that hurdle. I hope to pull it out and rebuild the clutch and braze the tube.
  2. 806 PTO?

    I have an 806 that was used heavily on our TMR mixer for close to 20 years. It never had a problem on the mixer but it seems to now. 2 issues. 1- PTO wants to slowly turn when not engaged. I can live with this but it is a little annoying. It will quit turning when I hook up an implement. 2- PTO will shut off when going down a relatively steep hill raking hay. I have done the famous over fill to see if that helps and it hasn't that I can tell. It is about 1-1.5" overfull. What is my problem or do I have 2 problems. I am not afraid to work on these but I do not want to do unnecessary work and not fix it. Thanks
  3. IH gas 301 timing

    Thanks everyone. My distributor is working correctly then. I will try another new set of plugs then I will have it narrowed down to the carb or possibly the governor. Again thanks for the help.
  4. IH gas 301 timing

    Hello all. I am a newbie here and I have what I feel like is a simple question. Working on a gas 806 and I set the timing by ear and was pleased to only be off 2 degrees from book specs. The tractor likes to sputter when I rev it up. Doesn't seem to change much when it warms up or when cold. I was told that the engine timing shouldn't change whether at idle or wide open. Is this true? If so I have another issue because it changes about 15 degrees from idle to wide open. I took the distributor apart, cleaned and lubed the weights that seem to be free. What am I missing?