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  1. Just have small acreage now that I'm retired but the consensus of guys with farms 1500 or less was the big implement dealers just don't want to waste their time on us. True, we weren't going to buy new paint very often but still had to buy parts which are now overpriced. The last years my son and I farmed, we saw one cih salesman in our yard. Haven't had a green salesman in 30 years even after I called about buying a new loader tractor. He sent me an email quote and said to call if I had questions. (Sigh)
  2. Looking for a quicktatch assembly for a 2250 loader. Any sources out for these? I'm sure they're an aftermarket or custom made item.
  3. Regarding SDman's comment shaker drives...can the early 1680 be upgraded to the heavy duty shaker drives? Bushing seem to wear out too fast no matter how careful we are with centering/tightening the bolts.
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