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  1. 20-25K to the right buyer. Paperwork on repairs makes a big difference.
  2. My Grandpa had a B and an M (I have the M now) and my Dad had a w9 and an M. Had 3 good IH dealers nearby. I continued to buy red until FIL and I stated farming together. He had AC. We compromised with Green. After FIL passed unexpected, I drifted back to red and don't regret it as JD dealers were just plainly arrogant. I haven't had a JD dealer even stop at my place in 30 years even though I had some green stuff during that time.
  3. My list at 68...started down hill at 35: left knee scoped, injured playing basketball and reinjured loading hogs - surgery, torn tendon in left elbow - surgery, partial tear of same tendon again and right elbow tendon a month ago - no surgery...will live with it, dvt in left calf from knee bruise, broken rib loading cattle, hearing aids and glasses, slight scoleosis of spine, some arthritis in hips and knees. Went to 50 year hs reunion and feel pretty good about myself after seeing and listening to classmates. Some of my teammates/classmates can hardly walk among other problems. Can't run but don't want to, I can walk upright and still farm at a slower pace. Better than the alternative! Being older is preferred along with all the aches and pains. To all you young guys...enjoy your pain free youth!
  4. farmerole


    Guy near me had a 7288 for sale 10 years ago. Had OH'd engine and 8 new tires, great paint and interior for $55k. Drove and handled like a dream! I passed because of parts being scarce for some areas but wish I would have pulled the trigger in retrospect.
  5. I can remember years ago Max Armstrong relating a similar story during a Catepiller strike at Montgomery, IL. Seems some farmers crossed the picket line to work. Believe it was a steel fence post one of the farmers found with his combine. If Max is reading this, I'm sure he could fill in my memory on this.
  6. X2 with snowshoe. Had the same thing on my 5488 and 5088. 5488 just needed a shine up on valves but 5088 needed a replacement.
  7. farmerole

    IH radiators

    Had one of our 54's leaking just below the top tank, too! Have a really good radiator shop locally...fixed leak, boiled it out, and repainted it...$400. They are a bear to take out but fix the original if possible.
  8. Good feeling to have an "old friend" back. Felt the same way when I got my Grandpa's '51 M back. In the process of restoring now.
  9. They recommend serrated bars on rotor for grates with disrupters on them. Keeps material moving and prevents bunching.
  10. Seem to remember the spool stack left outside of can work in conjunction with one another to operate auger swing and hyd cylinder engaging the feeder house. Been a few years but know we had the same problem with 1680 and found a bad wire.
  11. Thanks for the info fellas. This site is soooo helpful...amazing!
  12. I've heard heard the 90/94 series case tractors shouldn't be run in reverse while the PTO is running such as running a rear mount snow blower. Is that true?
  13. Thanks guys. You have confirmed my suspicions. I'll probably stay red in the same horse power range as long as it has both 540/1000 PTO.
  14. Mostly retired from farming corn/soybeans this spring but still have 35 acres around my buildings going into organic hay. Looking for 100-150 hp tractor for hay operation. Prefer red but came across several White 2-130s with 4-6000 hrs for 10k or so. They appear well cared for. Anybody have experience with these series tractors? Run away?
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