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  1. Ok detail guys, what is the proper black paint # for 50 series tractors? High gloss seems pretty Stark. Satin finish seems to look better.
  2. I had same issue with my 784 years back. Agree with ksfarmdude. Add 2-3 gallons over the full mark and see what happens. Mine level is at least 1" over the full mark.
  3. farmerole

    Why God?

    We went through this with our son. Two days after college graduation he was being treated for AML. Chemo/radiation then again two months later full body radiation for 4 days, hot chemo, then a stem cell transplant. He survived and is prospering. Is now an RN at the very hospital he received his treatments. It is a helpless feeling because everything is beyond your control. We just prayed constantly and thanked God for strength to see this through. Was life changing for our son and entire family. Do not EVER give up HOPE.
  4. Walk away. You're going to spend several thousand on parts on what you see! Even if you do repairs yourself, going to spend a bundle. Other machines out there for the same money that are better condition.
  5. Service is a joke at most of these chains. Farm & Fleet and Menards seem to be more service prone in our area. Sears is a joke and can see why they are broke.
  6. We bought a Treager almost 3'years ago and love it. Food is perfect Everytime. Treager has some great cooking tips and recipes on their website.
  7. My pickup was acting same way and found the filter/dryer was full.
  8. We cultivate if we can since it always seems to change the crop for the better in a few days. As tight as the ground is this year it will help get air into the soil. Believe it was the U of Minnesota that did research on cultivating years back. They found a consistent 5bu/ acre corn yield bump from cultivating. Good way to scout the entire field at the early stages.
  9. Sounds like the flow divider valve is sticking. It's on the right side underneath cab floor. If not damaged it can be cleaned up good to go. Had the same thing happen to 5488 and 5088.
  10. My Dad owned a 966 a neighbor bought a 4020 the same year. Ran both a lot. 966 would out pull the Deere but Deere was quieter (both had year around cabs) and more nimble Byron pure power...966 hands down winner.
  11. Dang spell check...hey IHC5488, what are you looking to trade for?0
  12. Get IHC5488, What are you looking to trade for?
  13. We went Napa gold two years ago after cutting open oil filters from each. Nearly half the price if one buys during Napa's sale periods. cih engine oil are getting over the top expensive, too! Thinking about switching to Rotella 30w ...about $30 less for a 5 gal bucket. I never go more than 100 hrs on an oil change on IH engines. Not trying to start an oil thread.
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