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  1. farmerole

    5488's the new 1206's?

    We've got a 5088 and two with mfd. They're good tractors for the money IF they get proper most tractors. When we bought the first 2wd 54, it was half the price of a similar houred 7140. Serial # is 4408 and has been major trouble free. The '84 5488 mfd was about 2/3 the cost of a similar 7140 mfd but has been rebuilt from front back after purchase even though it was supposed to have been rebuilt and updated before we bought it from a "rebuilder"...was not a good purchase $-wise. 5088 only had 3400 hours on it when purchased and was repainted. Was mechanically good except for ring gear and sentry. Replaced both and has been solid for same $ as an excellent jd 4440. Nearly everything can be rebuilt to specs by a good mechanic but there is no substitute for good maintenance and properly fluids. The 50 series aren't idiot proof like the Magnum but the well cared for 50 series tractors are a good value if you can find them. All ours have great paint, cab interiors and seats...a pleasure to drive.
  2. farmerole

    Differences in 2+2s?

    We owned a 6588. It was amazing what it would pull though we never pulled anything larger the a 30' fc and a 9 shank consertill. We found a 7288 nearby for sale ...$55K. 4 new tires, new paint, and new engine. Drove and shifted like a dream. We passed but wish we could have found a way to buy it. Always kick myself about it. It was beefed up in all the right places.
  3. farmerole

    New 80 acres

    Thanks for all the input, guys. Certification does take 3 years according to organic rules. Lots of paperwork for sure. Don't like the idea a planting beans with all the trash there will be for a couple years. First year has the highest risk certainly. We'll see what works out. BTW...Merry Christmas to all!
  4. farmerole

    New 80 acres

    It's 3 years from last prohibited substance to certify.
  5. farmerole

    New 80 acres

    My choice would be to fallow it the first year ...maybe sow sudax in it late June but landowner says he needs income off of it so wants it cropped. With that push, I'm suggesting we custom farm it for him for 2-3 years conventionally and then transition to organic.
  6. farmerole

    New 80 acres

    We have certified a farm before so we are aware of the paperwork. I'm thinking it will take 3 years just to get ground to a productive state... hopefully! Lots of challenges here.
  7. farmerole

    New 80 acres

    Ha! I figured it was a weed killer one could use before planting like Roundup. I'm gullible.... they're coming out with new organic treatments everyyear so had to ask!
  8. farmerole

    New 80 acres

    NY1486, absolutely ask! I would appreciate it. Well aware of the transition period if chems are used. Thankful for all the input. Neighbor sprayed Roundup in fall on crp ground that came out. Drilled notil beans into it the next spring and it looked great. A lot will depend on when the ground is finally cleared and how much trash is left. They're using a big brush rake that works the soil as it rakes several inches deep. Too wet right now.
  9. farmerole

    New 80 acres

    It was an abandoned nursery. Hadn't been touched for nearly 20 years. Going to have to have a migrant crew clean the land ...maybe twice before anything is planted. My preference is Roundup, etc. for a year or two and then transition to organic but still in discussion with the landowner. Lots of brush and 50-60 ft trees plus an old railroad bed cutting through the middle. First couples years are going to be a challenge given it won't be cleaned up until March/April.
  10. farmerole

    New 80 acres

    Landlord bought an 80 the was an abandoned nursery for 20 years. Wants to certify the ground organic. Land being cleared now but probably won't be done until spring. If it were my decision alone, I'd put sudax on it for the year and get it ready to crop. Landowner wants income off it. Given that, I'm thinking soybeans planted in June sometime after ground and weeds have been work up several times. The next year oats and seeding for hay for a couple years before rowcrops. Any other suggestions out there? Especially from guys that opened up CRP ground?
  11. farmerole

    Dicamba effects?

    Has anybody seen a reduction in yields on the acres on which dicamba was used? Where used, we we're rigid on label directions and the beans we're clean. But...we saw reduced yields of up to 15bu/acre side by side. Bean we're noticeably shorter and less pods, of course. We won't use it again.
  12. farmerole

    2+2's, what to look for

    X2. Any tractor of that age could have many issues if not from a good home...even then you never know.
  13. farmerole

    Axial-Flow Timeline

    Regarding SDman's comment shaker drives...can the early 1680 be upgraded to the heavy duty shaker drives? Bushing seem to wear out too fast no matter how careful we are with centering/tightening the bolts.
  14. farmerole

    IHC 966 first produced/marketed when?

    My Dad leased a new 826D in '71, a new 966 in '72 (a real dog), and leased another new 966 in '73 (better power but ran warm) which he eventually purchased. Based on that, I'm thinking the 66s were introduced summer of '71.
  15. farmerole

    breaking top sieve in a late 2388

    Hey 696IH, please explain the first paragraph of your alignment steps in more detail. We're having trouble with main eccentric arm bushings going bad way to often. We're going to take sieves out next summer and align and re-tighten everything after replacing bad bushings. Suspect the cross shaft may be twisted some.