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  1. It should be on the top backside of the radiator about 2" down from top. It is in plain view when you open air screen. Make sure lead wire is connected or not broken. Sensor could be bad also.
  2. farmerole

    mccormick W9

    You'd think there would be more around today with those numbers being built.
  3. Our '73 966 had diff lock. Mechanic told us not to engage it while slipping but to engage it before slipping occurs.. was hard on rear end to engage when just one wheel was spinning.
  4. Mennem Skin Bracer anyone?
  5. farmerole

    Tear jerker

    Our son had a successful bout with acute myloid leukemia back in 2002. He just graduated from college but was on the same floor with kids much younger. I can still remember the horror when a couple of those kids disappeared from the floor. We just prayed continuously for our son and all the others. My heart breaks for kids that go through illnesses while so young and trusting. I still choke up when thinking about it even though our son survived and is now an RN at the same hospital. Don't always know His ways but God is good! Prayers for your little one on the way!
  6. 88power is right. They are few and far between. We've got one that's an '85 with the HD axle. As the later serial number had the heavy axle option in more numbers, I've seen them on earlier model years, too. It will be hard to find just the HD axle.
  7. As a machinery appraiser, the general condition is the biggest driver in price along with the possible updates for the 50 series. The heavy axle is a bonus that would add up to $1000 to the base price.
  8. farmerole


    Prayers of thanks and blessings to those with livestock during extreme weather. I remember waking at nite worrying about the livestock. It's a vigil for the caretaker.
  9. I spent my teenage years on a W-9 gasser. Had a PTO driven hyd pump on it with no power steering. After a day in the field with 14 ft disk or 4-14s, you were pooped, couldn't hear, and eyes were full of dirt. Did a lot work and had good power but wasn't fun to drive at all day after day. Dad sold it and leased a 826 with a 710 5-18 plow. Was in heaven!
  10. We've got a 5088 and two 5488s...one with mfd. They're good tractors for the money IF they get proper care...like most tractors. When we bought the first 2wd 54, it was half the price of a similar houred 7140. Serial # is 4408 and has been major trouble free. The '84 5488 mfd was about 2/3 the cost of a similar 7140 mfd but has been rebuilt from front back after purchase even though it was supposed to have been rebuilt and updated before we bought it from a "rebuilder"...was not a good purchase $-wise. 5088 only had 3400 hours on it when purchased and was repainted. Was mechanically good except for ring gear and sentry. Replaced both and has been solid for same $ as an excellent jd 4440. Nearly everything can be rebuilt to specs by a good mechanic but there is no substitute for good maintenance and properly fluids. The 50 series aren't idiot proof like the Magnum but the well cared for 50 series tractors are a good value if you can find them. All ours have great paint, cab interiors and seats...a pleasure to drive.
  11. We owned a 6588. It was amazing what it would pull though we never pulled anything larger the a 30' fc and a 9 shank consertill. We found a 7288 nearby for sale ...$55K. 4 new tires, new paint, and new engine. Drove and shifted like a dream. We passed but wish we could have found a way to buy it. Always kick myself about it. It was beefed up in all the right places.
  12. Thanks for all the input, guys. Certification does take 3 years according to organic rules. Lots of paperwork for sure. Don't like the idea a planting beans with all the trash there will be for a couple years. First year has the highest risk certainly. We'll see what works out. BTW...Merry Christmas to all!
  13. It's 3 years from last prohibited substance to certify.
  14. My choice would be to fallow it the first year ...maybe sow sudax in it late June but landowner says he needs income off of it so wants it cropped. With that push, I'm suggesting we custom farm it for him for 2-3 years conventionally and then transition to organic.
  15. We have certified a farm before so we are aware of the paperwork. I'm thinking it will take 3 years just to get ground to a productive state... hopefully! Lots of challenges here.
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