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  1. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Seed corn the last 3 years has definitely been a regrettable purchase.
  2. Letter Series at Work

    This is my son’s H my father gave him, my grandfather purchased it during WWII after being put on a waiting list for over year. This tractor was the beginning of of a lot of red paint to come to the farm and we still find jobs for it when we can. Thanks for the thread I’m pretty sure everyone in my family has learned to drive on a letter series.
  3. Pay Pal fraud??

    I have had good luck with PayPal, I sold a a tractor 3 States away for over $30k the fees were high but the buyer covered them and we were both covered by PayPal it worked smoothly. Bank wire is still my preferred way if cash is not an option.
  4. Touchy subject

    It has more to do with respect than anything I’m pretty sure it hurt my dad more than me to have to paddle my ass because that’s how I felt when my kids got it but My dad never counted to 3 for me and I have never for my kids just a look and a little respect. I think I got one spanking from my old man and what my kids got probably wouldn’t count in comparison but it was effective in both cases. A spanking and a beating are far different! oh and I never had a “time out” what ever that is I got in trouble I worked and prayed for a time out!
  5. New federal tax form

    Thank you I love it!!!!
  6. Something you don't see everyday

    Probably less inputs than corn or beans so you are on the right track!
  7. Anyone ever have a hat like this guy

    Someone needs to make that patch!
  8. dairy herd sales

    I have to say the dairy industry now is one of the saddest things I’ve experienced, my neighbor had to have surgery after the first of the year and I milked his cows for him and it is probably the nicest heard I have been around great production and components, under 50,000 scc. He is looking to sell out before spring and find a job because he has 4 more years before he can retire and his best offer is $1,100 a head. I sold in 2010 for $1450 and these cows are better than mine were. I know this will piss a few people off but throw the immigrants out that are working for $10 an hour and the problem is solved!
  9. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    My dad always said “wind from the east fish bite the least” His sayings my mother hated the most “raining like a two cu**ed cow pissing on a flat rock”
  10. Deutz

    Probably ran better upside down! Jk lol!
  11. Seeking some Ford advice

    I wish I could help I have been in and out of those engines more than my wife of 15 years and heat is always there being the problem not nonexistent, maybe you have the best problem that could happen but I doubt it! I’ve had 3 6.0 fords and still have my 06 I’m guessing a thermostat problem never had an air lock the degas bottle wouldn’t evaporate almost instantly.
  12. What's the story on this Magnum?

    I have yet to find a better planting tractor than the 6588 I had.
  13. Black Stripe 1066

    We run red blue and a yellow one so we are pretty color blind also, no green though I think my dad would roll over in his grave if that happened!
  14. Black Stripe 1066

    She looks pretty sharp compared to the other tractors.
  15. A waste of Michigan Tax dollars

    We had the same issue here but they were willing to compromise and used stamped and dyed concrete, it has held up fairly well and is still nice to drive on but after 10 years of road salt it is starting to show it’s age.