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  1. snowman656

    Case 1030 Hydraulics not working

    Ok thanks will try that.
  2. snowman656

    Case 1030 Hydraulics not working

    My Dad's 1030 had a bad hydraulic pump about a year or two ago. When we found it was bad we tried to see if could rebuild it and found out in a short order that you cannot get all the pieces anymore since it is a Cessna pump. So after a lot of calling across the U.S. and Canada we were able to get one that came out of a salvage yard. We pulled it apart and checked the gears and made sure that everything was clean. Put a new pickup tube seal in it and installed the pump, new filter, oil, and took the control valve apart and cleaned up to make sure nothing was in it, only found some pieces of seal in the control valve, cleaned and installed. We ended up hooking it up to our pivot tongue to start cutting hay this next week and have nothing. When you move the lever the line will jump for raising and lowering but will not do anything more than that. I am wondering if it is a bad relief valve that is in the tractor control valve but have not found much info to confirm this and there are not many people around here anymore who have worked on those older tractors to ask. Any ideas? Am I thinking correctly on this? Any help is appreciated.
  3. snowman656

    656 pto slippage

    Ok thanks for the input, I at least have a direction to go towards now.
  4. snowman656

    656 pto slippage

    Haven't checked it at all. Just got the tractor going this spring and had to get haying done. Where to you check the psi and what is the psi suppose to be?
  5. snowman656

    656 pto slippage

    I have a question on how to tell if your pto is slipping. When I was using it this summer for haying I was running a pivot tongue, square baler, and bale wagon with it. I noticed when I was cutting a alfalfa field that it didn't seem like it was running the pivot tongue like it should, I plugged up a few times with it and when I would clean it out and turn on the pto to finish cleaning the head out the pto would turn but sounded like it was ratcheting. I also had a similar experience when running my square baler, I got into some very heavy hay and plugged up as well, the pto did the same thing, I never had any issues with the bale wagon due to not much load on the pto. One of the reasons I'm wondering if the pto is slipping is later on in the summer I fixed my 4020 and used it on the pivot tongue and square baler to see if there was a difference, what I found and I know the 4020 is more hp than the 656 was I was cutting faster and didn't have any issues with the pto on the 4020. So is the ratcheting that I was seeing and hearing on the 656 normal? Or do I need to plan on rebuilding the pto on this tractor?
  6. snowman656

    Red tractor and a green corn chopper

    No it shouldn't, farmer that I worked for in high school had the same set up and we chopped haylage and silage with no problem.
  7. snowman656

    Baling rotary straw with an 8460

    I have baled with a Hesston 565A which is basically the same machine. I had the same issue that you described and what I found that works the best is to get a little dew on it and it will make nice bales and will not plug up. Hope this helps.
  8. snowman656

    D301 injector pre combustion chambers

    Book says hole in the precup should be between 5 to 7 o'clock orientation. I put mine in my D282 at 6 o'clock orientation and starts just fine.
  9. snowman656

    282/301 head differences

    Had a head done for a 656 a couple of years ago, you can only get the larger valves for them now.
  10. snowman656

    Hesston 565A Twine adjustment

    It is a clean cut when it cuts. Thanks for the info I'll take a look and see what I can come up with
  11. snowman656

    Hesston 565A Twine adjustment

    I have an issue with my 565A Hesston with the twine being delayed on the cutting it while it is tying the bale. All the rest of the tying cycle is correct except when it comes to the right side just before it is to be cut, so I end up with more wraps of twine on the right side than is needed. Since this is the same baler as a Case IH 8465 I was wondering if anyone has run into this issue and how to fix it.
  12. snowman656

    560 Diesel overhaul

    It was a 656 but yes that is me. Went through that 282 more than I wanted but learned a lot about it.
  13. snowman656

    560 Diesel overhaul

    I'm not sure how your pump is set up with your engine. If it is like the ones in the 656's there is two styles of pumps from what I have found out, the early ones had a advance on the timing gear and the later model engines the advance was in the pump. To me it almost sounds like your pump is not advancing and that could be why you are blowing so much smoke. Not sure if this helps or not.
  14. snowman656

    656 oil filter adaptor

    I got mine from the local Case IH, at that time they were around $150 if I remember right.
  15. snowman656

    Heisler 9 Speed Manual, Farmall M

    Would you be willing to send me info on them as well. I have one in a Farmall M as well but have no info on them.