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  1. Jim.. thanks for the awesome story!! I felt like I was right there with you !! Would love to see old pictures if you have any? My old No16 was sitting in a barn since 1980 when I bought it in 2016!! Oil and greased it up and it went right to work and didn’t miss a beat!!☺️?
  2. Yup exactly! Took a couple tries but we gotta a system and rhythm down and no damage ??
  3. Yes sir! Lol ordered them last week ?
  4. Chopping corn this fall, 544 diesel and no16 one row chopper ??
  5. Awesome job on the restoration!! I will be putting cultivators on 340 narrow this spring, does anyone have good pictures of the brackets and hydraulic cylinder setup for the front gangs? Mine are missing and will need to fabricate some, or if anyone has a pair there willing to sell? Please let me know!! Any and all help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  6. Thanks I’ll check them out, appreciate it ?
  7. Thanks for codes and I’ll see what maple hunter has!! Appreciate it!!?
  8. Thanks for your advice I appreciate it!! Never messed with spring cans/ springs before so better safe than sorry!! We do have a good sign guy near me have to see what he thinks! Thanks again?
  9. Hey guys looking for some help with paint colors and codes for a IH 450 automatic plow I’ll be redoing this winter, need the code for the white on the spring covers and if there’s a set of reproduction decals available?? Also what’s the best way to take off spring covers? Heard there tension behind them? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks again
  10. Thanks for pics!! That’s what it looks like, fast hitch prongs are missing! You happen to be interested in selling yours by any chance? Thanks
  11. That’s a lot of cutting with a 1row chopper!! Thanks
  12. I’m located in Coventry ri 02816 where are you? Thanks again That’s good to know!! I’d really appreciate it if you could get some pics so I know what they look like!! Thanks again appreciate it
  13. Would you possibly be interested in selling those? Thanks
  14. I luckily had no problems at all blowing it to the back of wagon with extension, it was setup that way when I bought it
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