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  1. Full day of pulls with perfect weather!! Sorry no one else came by. I remember a few years back seeing posts from someone that pulled up in this area and talked about t town. My girlfriend grew up outside town and has family here so works out well. Come visit them and a day of tractor pulls!
  2. I have been short on time lately and haven’t been checking in much. All is well and came up to Teutopolis for the pulls. Just sitting here I. Perfect weather and wondered if anyone is pulling today?
  3. They are getting to be a regular sight on the side of the road taking dirt naps around here. Tried to look up how many are around but Tn wildlife can only est. from the number of road kills......heck I can do that! That's the govt for ya.
  4. red211


    Lost some trees over the hill from the house with what looked like a small tornado. Not my trees, but too close for comfort. Wasn't on the ground but twisted a stop sign, could have been straight line wind cause it was whippin pretty good. Had tornado warnings and I think one hit east of here a few miles, about the same path. Was a nice afternoon with rain coming in again, nothing too strong I don't think.
  5. My dad remembered when they expanded the levees around new madrid. He was a boy there and told of lines of scrapers the like I can't imagine. I am guessing that was after the 27 flood. They blew the levee below Cario back then and never again till a few years ago. Lost more $ worth of stuff in the spillway than Cario was worth, both times. Last time said no, not gonna blow it and at 10 pm boom, they did. Sure made a mess with sand covering good dirt and left a run down **** hole of a city to continue to fester and die. Govt decisions are almost always wrong!!!
  6. Nice, is that a hesston stack mover in the pic of the BS?
  7. You are just wrong!!! ?. I will take the snakes and warm every day. Snakes are rarely seen even out clearing, cold is everywhere and you can't get away from it!!! Y'all are a LOT tougher than me.
  8. How in the heck do you do anything when its that cold, I pretty much give up down here when it gets below 15* in the mornings. And I don't like it when it's below freezing!! Seems like everything breaks when it gets below 20. And these are F not C.
  9. red211


    Typical mechanic!!!
  10. Never been up there, an it looks cold to me too! Fil helped build that bridge, was on top of pier when they started spinning the wire. Said clouds blew under them at times. Seems like it took 30 minutes to walk from ancre pier to top of tower. Ended up staying to the end when they ask him to help punch put everything.
  11. I would sure take it if I had access to some. My symptoms have been minor and been long enough i am hoping to stay that way.
  12. You were here and didn't holler?? Guessing you came in on 24 which is 10 miles from me. Let me know next time I will buy some grub.
  13. They used similar systems for johnsongrass in the 70`80s. Seems like roundup was new and farmers used pvc pipe drilled and then looped rope into holes for wicks. Then mounted on front end loaders to very height and ran through beans with them. .
  14. Now if I had bitty or finney skills..........
  15. I would need lots more pics before I drove that far. Never seen big singles like that on a trailer, none around here for sure. Not sure I have seen a gooseneck that long that tilts but haven't looked either. Seems odd to me.
  16. Hope y'all miss it, sounds like you have a good chance of not contracting it unless they were hands on. I have had a runny nose and productive cough since week ago tuesday, not bad, just normal for this time of year. Slight fever monday evening gone in the morning. Daughter in nursing school makes me go test..... positive. Haven't been around anyone so that is good. Working in loader kind of makes it self isolating like field work does. I Should be good by saturday if all goes well. Lucky cause so far just feels like a very mild head cold. Take care of yourselves.
  17. Prayers sent from Tennessee.
  18. Heck man, go for it!! Mixing the mud is the hard part and as handy as everyone here is this is nothing for you. Level string and go at it, bet it would be as good as most and better than some you would pay! I did a small job for a friend in 09 and traded for a firepower wood/coal forced air furnace. No damper in flue and it has a 7" hole for the pipe. Had to get a 7 to 8 adaptor and run an 8" flue pipe. Talk about drafting when fire is going good and you open ash door at bottom! I have a plate I made to cover induction fan inlet so I can choke it off completely if needed. Put it in the basement and never hooked it to the ductwork, just heat the unfinished part to 80*. Less than 3 minutes I can have sheet metal pulled off exposing the stove which I could cook off of if needed. Don't rely on it for heat but I have heated the whole house so it can, and if power goes out in an ice storm like we get at times I won't be freezing up like the neighbors.
  19. I was going to say thanks to BJ FOR allowing this to survive so far. It is an important topic for the usa. That said I know we are skating the edges of rules set by owners of this great site and honoring those out of respect shouldn't be an issue. Poofing a thread here has nothing to do with the conversation at hand. Hope we can stay in our lane with this one.
  20. It makes sense so you can't sue red power for something I say on here, seems logical. When facebook starts fact checking and telling someone they are wrong but not the opposing side looks like it is crossing a line. Also arguments for monopolies when smaller companies start up and they use size and power to wipe them off the map. Not sure of the answer other than building server systems they can't control. I just want unbiased information, I can form my own opinion. If I don't like what someone says I can chose not to read it. Doesn't seem that hard.
  21. Twitter and facebook have been flagging, throttling and pulling post they deemed in violation of policy. That is legitimate, problem is twitter doesn't pull Irans sites calling for death to jews but pull president Trumps post saying it is calling for violence. Just one of many examples. Parler is a site unlike twitter but doesn't regulate free speech whether it be from the left, right or planet neptune. The left seems to have a thing about free speech, all for it till you say something they don't agree with then you should be banned. Twitter is a private company and should be able to do as they want, if I don't like it i can leave. But when you regulate some speech you are no longer a platform and are a publisher, then you no longer fall under the protection of section 230. I am not a lawyer and didn't stay at a holiday in express last night so would not even try to explain anything about this. Sure is funny that all three of the most powerful companies in the tech/world all seemed to gang up on parler at the same time. Why are they so worried about a small start up social media platform??? Common sense tells when I smell smoke..........
  22. Wonder if the humidity would help that part, sun is always bad in the warm areas whether its dry Arizona or humid panhandle of fla. Tennessee is a nice area, east is more hills, little greener and cooler. Central has a mix of both and the west is flat row crop and the warmest area. 50-30 high and low today, pretty average for this time of year. Ground was white Monday morning, was gone off the grass by 10. Plenty of humidity here in the summer, tornado season tends to be late jan through april.
  23. And they like to take care of their men. They run a nice house, and all that goes with it. Try getting that out of 30 year old, hens teeth......
  24. 60 year olds can cook, and know how to take care of their man. Old school in that area is nice.
  25. Funny, never had a twitter, opened a facebook last spring because I was helping on a class reunion. When this started I opened a parler and started learning how to use it. Within a week I have learned more about stuff going on then any time in my life. Just tell people the truth and most are smart enough to make the right decision. Seems the ones in power don't like that........wonder why???
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