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  1. is t town going to pull in August? I know that's a bit off.
  2. You would think most would have lost the weight they put on locked up in the kitchen by then!
  3. Have a friend that had last uncle pass not long ago, one cousin was executor and lets just say several things disappeared first thing. Then the rest was offered up for auction. It was a huge mess with Him somehow coming out with most of the land. Crook!
  4. I saw 83 in the truck. Mowed yard again, really growing this week. Another one today but not as sunny.
  5. We need pics of this, sounds dangerous!! Just my kind of machine...
  6. Brother in law flew me up to Grand Rapids last Tuesday to pick up daughter that flew in from Brazil . On the way back somewhere either s Michigan or Indiana I saw a tractor working some ground. We were up to 17000' so hard to tell other than I saw it turn on an end, looked like a chisel or disc. I think too wide for a ripper but could have been.
  7. Whoo Hoo, great news.!! We all need that.
  8. red211

    Corona virus

    Thanks Steve, a breath of common sense in a time when it seems most is gone.
  9. Just one of many reasons!
  10. Glad you are keeping us in the know, hope she doesn't need help but I know there is a rescue train from there till she gets home!! Great group of guys here for sure.
  11. Talking about the smells, I did a job over in Carthage Tn a few years ago, since it's 1 1/2 hour drive in the dump truck I didn't want to go back. Loaded up and headed back after dark. I usually take back roads in the truck and it was a warm spring night. Smelled pretty much every smell the country has to offer from cows to fresh turned dirt to fresh cut hay and pastures sprayed for weeds. Not sure I will ever forget that night ride, I do miss living on a farm!!
  12. Nothing more relaxing than checking cows just before sunset. It just seems quiet and peaceful, cows are getting settled and it's just nice. Sister in law was raised in town, small town but never really got out on a farm. She is a year older than me so seen a few mornings, but a few years ago she visited a friend of hers. Three of them get together once a year and that time they went to this girls place. It is a nice cattle farm around owensboro Ky. One evening they road out on the side by side and checked the cows, she came back and was telling us about the trip and told that story, said it was one of the most peaceful things she had ever experienced. Tell us something we don't know! So blessed I got to experience that growing up!
  13. I do like anti-lock brakes.....for almost all those on the road cause they can't drive and pay no attention!! Helps keep them from running over me. AS for those of us that know how to drive and understand the advantage of a well placed brake or power slide, not so much.
  14. It was good then, and the bull rings were the best for sure. You could use a scanner and hear the drivers and crew, lots of colorful stuff on the radios. I used to listen to the MRN feed on the scanner at the races. Lots of good jokes when they went to commercials. Pointing out "stuff" to look at and the like. Then someone complained so they had to clean up the dead air time. Steal a feed and then complain!! People.....
  15. FE motors sure like the fuel, not sure why. Put a 390 in the 70 Mustang in the pic above, love those engines!
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