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  1. red211

    One piece at a time...

    Yep, I always hold throttle wide open to get a full gulp of air. Great job raising a fine Young Man.
  2. red211

    Barn pictures

    I love this one, old barns are the best. Sad part is most of the old ones are not useful for todays farming and are disappearing. I have seen several around here loose some roof and in three years are falling down. It is a shame but as Adam said no use and not worth the money to repair. Most small farms left here will soon be subdivisions so why fix a barn that's in the way. How about some interior pics of some barns also?? I love to see how different areas set up barns to work.
  3. red211


    Prayers sent for them and all You livestock Guys. I remember Dad busting in the house one evening when in NW Mo carrying a new calf that was half frozen up. Took it to the tub and filled it with water. All I remember is Mom wasn't thrilled, don't remember how that one ended up though.
  4. red211

    Honda 250R trike

    Funny about those that don't know. My buddy wanted to race My new 82 CR250 in the field with His 4x4 in low. I tried to explain but His was "fast". He wanted to count it off, I said just go whenever, after He took off in about 20' I was roosting His windshield for the short time He was close enough. 4x4 guys always wanted to race My big block Mustang between telephone poles, Always told them to just go whenever. They would lead for maybe 10'.
  5. red211

    Honda 250R trike

    That sounds about right. The two strokes, like the Detroit diesels, sound like they turn more but don't.
  6. red211

    Honda 250R trike

    Lots of moving parts on a 4 stroke for sure. They turn a lot of rpm too, more than You would think. I am just a sucker for old school stuff anyway so I think I would look for a two stroke if I got in the market.
  7. red211

    Honda 250R trike

    With those balloon tires that thing would be a handful. Might be good in the sand dunes like glamis in Ca. Bet it could spit a guy off in a nano second!
  8. red211

    Honda 250R trike

    A true beast, all the big bore two strokes were animals. A guy from Poplar Bluff bought the first water cooled CR, I think it was a 500 up from a 480, after the races I hung out and He let Me ride it. I rode it for 20 minutes on an all sawdust track after a full day of races. For a few laps I didn't really think it was much faster than My 84 CR250. Then I got in a big loose berm and was a gear high.......that thing shot out of it like a rocket! I knew then it was much stronger than Mine. I stayed a gear higher everywhere and just tried to stay on. Nothing on earth is like riding a big bore two stroke!! The new 450s are faster because they are so smooth, You loose the feeling of speed till You get in trouble. You never lost the feeling of speed with a two stroke 500!
  9. red211

    Honda 250R trike

    I saw this add in Motocross action magazine and I knew I had to have one. Two months later I was the proud owner of the first 1982 CR250 that was in western Ky. I was not going to race, just ride in buddies fields. two months later I ran My first race at a county fair and I was hooked. Raced a real race the next weekend and didn't miss many after that for several years.
  10. red211

    I have no sympathy

  11. red211

    So, New York leaders...

    I think the New York law removed protection of the child of a failed abortion. Before if delivered alive they had to try and save it, which any normal Human would, but now they don't have to and cannot be prosecuted for the death of the delivered Child. How sad this whole thing is.
  12. red211

    Honda 250R trike

    And I thought the 250r three wheel man killer was bad, then You post this.... I shudder just looking at that thing.
  13. red211

    I have no sympathy

    They will get all back pay, for some reason I think all get back pay even the non essential that didn't work. Gotta love our bloated out of control govt....not!
  14. red211

    Handyman corner

    I like that, never seen one before.
  15. red211

    Honda 250R trike

    Ya, I have ridden one back in the day. A friend in My class got a new one in 82, air cooled since water cooled didn't come out till 85. He rode it all over the county and everyone talked about how fast it was. At the same time I had a new CR250 that was the second year of water cooled bikes, I was racing every weekend but with no tracks closer than a hour away no one ever saw Me ride mine. One day I was at a friends farm and He road up on the three wheeler. He never let anyone ride it but asked if I wanted to try it out. I hadn't bad mouthed it since for a three wheeler it was fast, just nothing like My bike was. I throw My helmet on and off I roost across the field behind the house. It was OK but didn't stretch My arms like the bike would. At the end of the field I slow down to head back, get it turning, hit the gas to spin it and it bites, up on two wheels, foot goes down and immediately run over said foot. Not bad enough to hurt or crash Me but enough to know I wanted no part of these ill handling Man killers. I roosted it back to Him, got off, said it was fast but no 82 CR250 and never road another one. Six months later He let another friend that had pestered Him since new ride it. Took off toward river bottoms and didn't come back, found Him the next morning. High sided it on a gravel road turn and went head first into a tree without a helmet. I saw too many crash at the races and those things would ALWAYS HUNT THE RIDER DOWN AND JUMP ON THEM. Didn't matter where on the track a rider would crash those three wheelers would find them and add insult to injury. By the time I had 84 CR 250, which was even stronger than the 82, most local guys had switched to bikes at the races.