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  1. red211

    How We Gonna Do This?

    He wouldn't have the "company" He has now either........ Looks like a no brainer from My house.
  2. red211

    Worth a look if you haven't seen it....

    That was great, love to see the machining of components.
  3. red211

    We`re #1 in PA!!!!! Yee Haw!

    Oh, and no state income tax. Bet Your kickin Us on that too..
  4. red211

    We`re #1 in PA!!!!! Yee Haw!

    CONGRATS!!!! We are 40th on gas and 46th on diesel. Your kickin Our But.
  5. red211

    Tokyo Drift

    I have seen ..... none of them. Funny cause I love hot rods.
  6. red211

    Wacker PD3A with Honda GX120 4 HP run issues

    I am leaning fuel delivery issue also. Cap vent, fuel cut off strainer is the area I find most of the trouble in.
  7. red211

    1456 seat cushion

    That seat is what finishes off the 1456 in My mind. Seems like getting an original look has been tough in the past.
  8. red211

    Favorite Bate for killing mice

    I use these also. Throw them in first couple of layers of straw and never had an issue. Loaded up one day and had several packs laying on top that I didn't bother to pick up. Next morning in the barn one was empty and laying 20 feet from the straw. Thought that was odd then found the other two packs empty too. Figured right then it had to be a coon or something. Next morning the pail that was up on a hay manger was laying on the ground, open with the rest of the packs empty. Bet that coon saw colors!!!
  9. red211

    Say a prayer for

    Prayer sent from Tennessee.
  10. red211

    Life of a Feed Delivery Guy

    I would not use a single chain on a clevis, if machine moves chain will just slide through clevis. I would use four chains with four binders on four corners, but that's just Me not wanting a ticket from DOT or loosing a load. It is not the normal haul that gets Ya, it's the time You have to avoid the four wheelers that cause load to shift.
  11. red211

    Maybe I should slam my hand in a door now

    No gear heads here.........😉
  12. red211


    A lot of Young thugs out there. I never leave any weapons in a vehicle at any time.
  13. I see a lawsuit by the operator for improper storage/overloaded racks. No way that should ever happen. If He made it He won't have to work again.
  14. red211

    Maybe I should slam my hand in a door now

    Thought You were going to run an old Jimmy 2 stroke! Think I would rather slam My hand and drive one cross Country than go to the mall.
  15. red211

    Wind farms

    Kind of related, a few years ago someone got big govt money to build a very large solar panel plant in Clarksville Tn. All site work done and buildings were going up all over. Anyone want to guess what is going on there now.........