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  1. Here is a video that slams both IH and JD

    All I could think was mystery science theater 3000......
  2. Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Sure makes anything I have small and petty, Y'all are sure tough. As MTO said don't be afraid to take help when offered or ask when needed, friends want to help so let them. Prayers sent from Tennessee.
  3. Bravo Iowa

    Way to go Iowa, Tenn had the no permit going but that didn't come up. I think they passed ex military and police don't need a permit to conceal carry. That's doesn't seem like rocket science to Me but what do I know, I'm just a bitter clinger.
  4. life in our corner

    Prayers sent for Y'all and all farmers from Tennessee. It burns Me to know end that the BEST people in this country get screwed the hardest. Will ask for prayers in SS this morning also. Hang tough!!
  5. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Sorry for Your loss, really don't think about loosing siblings till it happens. Prayers sent to all from Tennessee.
  6. Vintage Aerial

    Just spent an hour there, found the farm I was born on, House I went through High school in, My buddies farms and several others I recognized. Cool site for sure.
  7. 66 series, cab or no cab?

    I am betting it was on road and is now in the ditch/bank. I thought the same but then figured road gear was involved. Dad rolled a WD45 in a field, but was in road gear when He did it. Guessing that cow had Him a little ...frustrated.
  8. Has the flu bug been around?

    Buddy had it at Christmas, got sick that day. Said He didn't remember two days after that so it must have been mean. I was sicker than any recent memory but sure wasn't flu by the way it sounds. Wife said all hospitals were on a no decline since all are full. Had people laying in the halls waiting on rooms a few weeks ago.
  9. Back when You died like REAL MEN!!
  10. REbuilding a 4 row no till tobacco setter

    I bet they don't tear Your part up, course they're going to need a bigger tractor. Great job!
  11. Oh the differences in up bringing

    In NW Mo Dad had rented the farm to a cattle operation out of NY in the late 60s. They put a trailer on our place for a Kansas cowboy to live and take care of the herd on our place. They went bankrupt 2 1/2 years in and moved trailer. Well the grass was dead of course and the water was stubbed out with a cutoff on it. My friend from next farm was over playing when We got the great idea to turn water on and make mud.... Would run and slide though it, Mom didn't know of course since We always played outside and no one had to watch us. Lets just say He road home butt naked in their car. Didn't get in trouble either.
  12. Cordless Impact driver Milwaukee or Snap On??

    Every shop I worked in ran 150psi, I hated running air tools at 120 at home. Amazing what 30psi does for speed and power, I would take the added maintanence for the extra ummfff. Heck that was years ago and My IR humpback impact still works great, couldn't tear that thing up.
  13. L170 nh skid steer

    Nice find!!!! Always like to fix the tough ones, and for free.
  14. What USED to sell newspapers?

    I thought this exact same thing. They throw a local paper that is about four pages. Used to throw another that was adds made out of the slick stuff that was USELESS to start a fire with. The local one works well though so I don't complain that they litter My drive with it.
  15. What's your favorite snack

    This is good, in more ways than one! Got the old brain working this morning, I like most everything but thinking about a go too snack. When out during the day I don't usually eat lunch but if I end up around a store I seem to end up with a little Debbie oatmeal creme pie. Only 50 cents and oh so good. Cookies do seem to be a weakness also, as long as there are none around I'm good, but when they are... Target has a monster mix that is pretty good also. Funny, I like crackers and pb but never think about getting them. Mostly just a Mt Dew and I'm good to go.