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  1. Been by that many times when I was a youngin, isn't that in Edwardsville or Alton?
  2. Missed a few. 12500 farm stick blower no speed limit. All IH but three 6920s. All greenies hopped like bunnies with the third having to shut down and got run over by sled.
  3. 10700 class was full of v8 s. Two real clean Oliver’s 1-2.
  4. 966 wins first stock class. 9700 lb
  5. I have arrived at t-town pulls!! Set up on the west side mid track under the trees for shade Farm stocks pulling now. 856 pulled it to the beans so a reset on the sled stopped Him short. So far a nice 966 is on top. How’s here?????
  6. NECESSARY to the security of a FREE state
  7. red211

    I'm back!

    Glad you can see daylight again. How about some pics of the rice process? It is so different than beans or corn. Running in the mud is part of it and always looked fun as a youngen. What does that do to the compaction of your soil types.
  8. You need to run a remote jump stud and maybe a quick disconnect in an excess able location.
  9. Rode hard and put up wet.
  10. Prayers sent from Tennessee.
  11. Ok, with a week to go I am bumping this up again. Can’t believe no one is going to be there. We have several members that live close enough and sure seems like I have read in years past that some pulled there. Am I the only red power guy going??
  12. Heading to the beach with wife’s sisters and family. Riding in the van with nothin to do. And feet are not my thing, although a friend always said if a girl had nice hands and feet.......
  13. Are Y'all going to teutopolis in two weeks?
  14. Yep, tough deal. Prayers sent from Tennessee.
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