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  1. That is one great looking truck!!! Still wonder why they had no ps on the 4x4 .
  2. And look right at home on the back porch!! At least down here it would. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. Friend had a C6 vette, took it to the dealer to install a switch in console. It worked but was worn and looked bad. Picked car up and radio system wouldn't work, they said hmmm, its old and just went out. Cost her $800 to fix. Same dealer mounted tire backwards doing a flat repair, she showed them and they took it back in, brought it back with tire in same place. Then she bought a new camero at same dealer so the vette could sit some, hated it and traded both in for a 16 vette with 4000 miles. It was a local trade for an 18 model. Sweet looking car and drives itself down the road. Trans started shifting up and down when running low 70s. Then started at different speeds. I was guessing convertor locking and unlocking. Started idling rough and a little noise in rt cowl area on light accell. Wanted me to go in with her cause she had bad experience before, talking to her like a girl when she knows more about cars than manager does. Also had a draggy start and then a few no crank so I am thinking battery and key fob battery on no start. The advisor pulls history of car and I am looking at screen as is she, list starts up. She said print that out, engine had spun a rod at less than 2000 miles. I am telling her they wouldn't repair that in a vette, I am sure crate engine. Nope, had tech rebuild it, then later a flex plate for vibration. Salesman had pulled car fax when she was trading and only thing on the paper he gave her was one oil change at dealer. She is livid but I keep her calm and said give them a chance. Cust pay battery and $8 key fob battery, trans fluid flush and change to different weight per factory bulletin. No rough idle, or noise detected. Trans seems better, still idles rough and noise in dash still there. Picked it up on Tuesday and last night wouldn't start and threw a code on dash, started after several attempts and is now draggy again. Wanted her to put 200 miles on it to make sure trans is fixed. I told advisor t before she picked it up this car needs extra care and go above and beyond. Not seeing above and beyond yet, they have one more chance. No dealer I ever worked at operated like that. Car was even dirty when she picked it up, heck the dealers I worked at washed every car even if it was just an oil change. They don't want this girl to go off and she is close.
  4. red211

    LowBoy rehab

    great work as usual!!
  5. red211

    LowBoy rehab

    So what was the reason for loosing dovetail, clearance, length, weight? What kind of weight will the ramps carry? I am guessing more than the trailer should haul.
  6. I believe Randy had a stroke several years ago and has never really recovered. That was worth the time to watch.
  7. I haven't seen any this year, don't know what that means......... I know we had two weeks of 90s in oct with two days of 99, hottest of the year. Freeze tonight, no fall for us this year. Didn't have a spring either so odd year all around.
  8. Glad they are both ok!! Kids are much tougher than we think, prayers sent nothing shows up later.
  9. And what is her costume??
  10. cat doesn't seem impressed!
  11. Had mild case of chicken pox when young. Doc said I had shingles maybe 15 years ago, mild case that didn't last too long. Last year I thought I had them again but different doc said it was just a rash. Seemed pretty similar so now I wonder if the first ones were not shingles. Now do I get the shots or not.... dang it.
  12. SWEET!!!! Good job Dad.
  13. I can't believe the diesel hurt the engine, just won't light with a spark. Guess it could wash down a cyl but it would have to run to do it, and diesel is a lubricant. Best friends dad owned a chevy dealer when we were in high school. One night he was out late in a demo truck and out of fuel. No stations open where we lived so he went by shop and found a 5 gal can full. Dumped it in and drove another hour. Next morning it wouldn't start, just smoke. Drained and refilled, no issues.
  14. When we lived in Stewartsville Mo house had them and dad put them on the pole barns he built. Never struck the house but hit the tv antenna twice. Not sure if that was a win or not.
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