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  1. Mowed mine and the Mother in Laws around 4 times so far. Hers looks pretty good, mine.....
  2. Thanks for all the support and prayers, they really help. Main thing to this thread was to raise awhereness to watch Your brides for signs of health issues. They sure take care of us and family without a care about themselves. watch them close guys.
  3. She is now celebrating with family and worshiping at the hand of out Father. In the time frame of eternity it will be but a blink that You will join Her. It will seem like forever to Us though. Gods plan is always right so find strength and comfort in knowing that. Prayers sent for Y'all from Tennessee.
  4. Dave and Eric, sorry for Y'alls loss too. Lisa was 58, Ya just don't expect it that quick.
  5. I have been Mia here for a month and wanted to check in. I have been thinking about how to tell this story and what to say but still have no words that seem correct. My wife passed away unexpectedly a month ago. She didn't have any issues that We were aware of so it was a shock. We didn't do an autopsy but best guess was a heart attack. On a Friday night around 7:00 said She felt a little congested and hoped it wasn't getting sick. That night She got up with an upset stomach and all upper body ache. Laid around on Saturday and then asked to go get a flu test since She worked in the pharmacy at the hospital and wanted to be sure. Doc in the box said no flu, viral, and home again. Sunday morning she wasn't achy but stomach still upset. I went to church and then just hung out the rest of the day as she laid around. Monday morning She had moved to daughters bed cause she couldn't get comfortable so I asked how she felt. Thought she was feeling better so I told her to call when she got up and I ran and got a biscuit and dropped a vc off at a friends place. Was gone maybe 2 hours, called on the way home to no answer. When I got home bed was empty so I went to our room, light was on in bathroom and she was on the floor. I started chest compressions and called 911. After 2 transfers they finally sent a team. Maybe 6 minutes but it didn't matter. Not sure how long she had been gone but it was way past any chance. Needless to say My world has been upside down for the last month. Had one daughter in Ky at UK and the other was doing a gap year teaching thing in Spain. Got Her back on Wednesday, the one from KY in on Tuesday and visitation on Thursday with funeral on Friday. She had two sisters, one lives four houses up the street and the other 2 hours away in Alabama. Between them and the brother-in -laws they were saviors. I am not sure how I would have made it. My wife did all the paperwork for house and My business. I didn't even know how much money I had in checking accounts. I haven't paid a bill in the 30 years We were married, she wanted to do it all and I was good with that. I found the book with on line passwords but was still lost without their help. It is all working out and settling down. Young one is back at school and grades have been great so she seems ok. The other stayed for a few weeks and is back in Spain to finish out her commitment. She seems ok also, just got accepted to U of I in Urbana for a masters deal with full ride and extra money to live on. Apparently it is hard to get in there so that was a big deal I guess. Still trying to adjust to a new normal, been working daylight till dark so that helps. I am telling Y'all this to hopefully help make aware of what can happen. The signs of heart attack in woman are different so pay attention to your wives and don't miss it like We did. Also sit down with them and go over all the day to day "stuff". If either one does the bills, bank, kids, whatever make sure the other knows how to check bank on line, pay bills and when they are due. Kids bills like college stuff. Insurance papers, location and what to do in case. Heck it took 32 days to get her last check from work and it was due for direct deposit on the following Thursday. Make sure mortgages are not locked in one persons name. I was not on either girls accounts and couldn't even check their balances, the reason was she was with them when opened and I just never went by to get added. Sorry for the Magna Carta here, just hunting for the right stuff to say. I should have let Y'all know sooner for pray request cause I sure need them but just couldn't bring Myself to open the computer. She touched a ton of people but I had no idea how many. Pastor said first thing We had to have it all at Church cause funeral home wasn't large enough. Church holds 500 +, on visitation they opened the door at 4:00 and I saw the end of the line at 8:45. We guessed maybe 700 people came through and sanctuary was full on Friday with it raining the whole time. I have talked to many that came and to a person all say they have never been to a funeral as good as this one. That is odd to say but all agreed, there was even applause at the end. They are getting it together so I can share it and view again. Had three speakers including out pastor, all were close personal friends and it showed in the job they did. When I get a link I can post it if any wives want to watch, all say they left inspired to do more and step up. You truly miss how much the ones around us do till you see it from another side. Enough rambling, I need to wash my truck since the rain is coming and it's sunny right now. Thanks for letting me vent a little. Watch your wives close, and give them an extra hug today. Gods plan is not always our plan, but it is always right. Sure hope I don't miss the next plan for me cause I sure didn't miss my plan changing! Randi
  6. Yep, I always hold throttle wide open to get a full gulp of air. Great job raising a fine Young Man.
  7. I love this one, old barns are the best. Sad part is most of the old ones are not useful for todays farming and are disappearing. I have seen several around here loose some roof and in three years are falling down. It is a shame but as Adam said no use and not worth the money to repair. Most small farms left here will soon be subdivisions so why fix a barn that's in the way. How about some interior pics of some barns also?? I love to see how different areas set up barns to work.
  8. red211


    Prayers sent for them and all You livestock Guys. I remember Dad busting in the house one evening when in NW Mo carrying a new calf that was half frozen up. Took it to the tub and filled it with water. All I remember is Mom wasn't thrilled, don't remember how that one ended up though.
  9. red211

    Honda 250R trike

    Funny about those that don't know. My buddy wanted to race My new 82 CR250 in the field with His 4x4 in low. I tried to explain but His was "fast". He wanted to count it off, I said just go whenever, after He took off in about 20' I was roosting His windshield for the short time He was close enough. 4x4 guys always wanted to race My big block Mustang between telephone poles, Always told them to just go whenever. They would lead for maybe 10'.
  10. red211

    Honda 250R trike

    That sounds about right. The two strokes, like the Detroit diesels, sound like they turn more but don't.
  11. red211

    Honda 250R trike

    Lots of moving parts on a 4 stroke for sure. They turn a lot of rpm too, more than You would think. I am just a sucker for old school stuff anyway so I think I would look for a two stroke if I got in the market.
  12. red211

    Honda 250R trike

    With those balloon tires that thing would be a handful. Might be good in the sand dunes like glamis in Ca. Bet it could spit a guy off in a nano second!
  13. red211

    Honda 250R trike

    A true beast, all the big bore two strokes were animals. A guy from Poplar Bluff bought the first water cooled CR, I think it was a 500 up from a 480, after the races I hung out and He let Me ride it. I rode it for 20 minutes on an all sawdust track after a full day of races. For a few laps I didn't really think it was much faster than My 84 CR250. Then I got in a big loose berm and was a gear high.......that thing shot out of it like a rocket! I knew then it was much stronger than Mine. I stayed a gear higher everywhere and just tried to stay on. Nothing on earth is like riding a big bore two stroke!! The new 450s are faster because they are so smooth, You loose the feeling of speed till You get in trouble. You never lost the feeling of speed with a two stroke 500!
  14. red211

    Honda 250R trike

    I saw this add in Motocross action magazine and I knew I had to have one. Two months later I was the proud owner of the first 1982 CR250 that was in western Ky. I was not going to race, just ride in buddies fields. two months later I ran My first race at a county fair and I was hooked. Raced a real race the next weekend and didn't miss many after that for several years.
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