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  1. Bosch is and always has been a German company . Their start of their operation in the USA was hindered by a couple of world wars ! This could be why IH brought in their own system if there was some resistance to German named stuff.....
  2. Quite why the factory used different pumps for different markets is probably lost in the mists of time. My 1952 WD9, ux USA has an IH set up but I have never seen a lend lease or any other European sold D6 or D9 with anything but Bosch equipment. Maybe IH could charge more for overseas sales so used the alternative supply chain. From what I read, the Bosch stuff was more expensive ?
  3. It does indeed although it is a 2049A ! That's great. I think I've cracked it. Seems yours had the IH replaced by the simpler Bosch one ?
  4. Could someone help please? I have a pump but not sure which International it's off. It's a USA build with various references :- APE4A-800-2049A 404183 1342 GVA 225 PK2 Thanks for looking Hope someone can put me straight...!
  5. Just a general enquiry to find out if anyone is parting one of these out. The main thing I'm having difficulty with is the hydraulic control lever and block. Can anyone help please ?
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