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  1. Must have a lot of hours on this one, the hole is all wobbled out😲
  2. Do you mind if I reuse the rubber from the last one?
  3. Ok all you tractor comedians. It's a rainy fall day when I should be in the field. But since we aren't. What is something you can say to a tractor that you can't get away with saying to a woman? I'll start I think you look better after putting on some weight!🥺 😂😂😂
  4. We started with an '05 liked it so much that we add an '11. Been pretty good so far. We got it on new year's day and haven't had an major issues. 103k on it now. The '05 has 232k.
  5. This is the full color scheme.
  6. Not a "brand name" building. Built by local construction company and materials from local lumber yard.
  7. The shed started getting color today!
  8. Most of them are just wearing plan tennis shoes. (Gym shoes, running shoes, whatever you call them in your area)
  9. The roof steel started going on today. Starting to look like a building 😁
  10. 54'x98' 18' sidewalls with 20'x40' office area from previous building foundation.
  11. Here is a better view. It's just a hydraulic clamp.
  12. After the first week it is looking like a shed!
  13. Actual construction started this past Monday.
  14. Then it was time to build up the pad. First tractor in the new shed, Lucy!
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