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  1. In the shop area I'm just putting in a old Modine forced air LP. I haven't decided on the main building yet. Still a toss up between in-floor or overhead radiant.
  2. The cement that is there is really the old cement from the chicken coop that we took down. We are going to cement out the new shed this spring. That old chicken coop cement doesn't look to bad for being around 70 years old!
  3. Yep, heating shouldn't be a problem. 2x6 outside walls and the 8" posts on the shed side. 14" in the ceiling.
  4. It's been awhile since I have posted an update on the new shed/shop. All construction is done, electrician started yesterday and should be done by Tuesday, heat will be up and running by the end of the week.
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking at setting up my 4600 field cultivator with a spray kit to put on Treflan. Do you guys know if there is a place that has complete a bolt on kit, or can you show me your own creativeness on your machine.
  6. Better than anything! I got the whole clan in one spot😁 Oh, yeah. They all match too☺️ Even the dog got and IH chew toy😂😂
  7. Thanks guys! Looks like a beautiful day in the mid thirties, the weather, not me that is!😂😂😂
  8. Engine not running, I haven't taken the air cleaner off, I would assume it's a 2bbl.
  9. amsashooter

    Carb help

    Hey guys. I don't spend much time on this page, mostly in the coffee shop and general IH, but figured this was the place to ask about this. This is my 1974 1800 loadstar with the SV345. What do I have going on here???? That is either smoke or a vapor coming out.
  10. A couple years back a few years ago I was also looking for a bolt 22. I've already got a Marlin 60 and a Remington 597. Both good guns, but wanted a bolt gun with open sights for true riflemenship.(if that's a word?) Like OT said, look at the CZ's great gun! Open sights at 100 yards I can knock a baseball around all afternoon! I got the 457 training rifle. Long enough barrel to feel like a real rifle.
  11. Everything these guys said. Other than that, could be a diaphragm in the carb.
  12. I just happened to see this at the local dealer. A customer tractor.
  13. Looks like it I coming along nicely! I hope to get the floor on tomorrow.
  14. Do you mean you have some? Or you are looking for some?
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