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  1. I've always gotten mine after the fact. They are available separately.
  2. I have a CZ 527 in 22 hornet. Wonderful gun! Actually gets boring to shoot, every time you shoot it goes through the same holeπŸ™„πŸ˜ I really like the set trigger on the CZ's. I've got three of them, 204 Ruger, 22 hornet, and the long barrel 22 trainer rifle.
  3. Whatever size you want. Just don't let the kids get carried away stacking.......πŸ™„ (it did make it to the yard)
  4. Took a selfie in the corn yesterday. Not too bad for June 20th.
  5. I have no clue what the lift capacity of this thing would be, any ideas?
  6. Took a road trip to Kansas over the weekend to bring a W450 back to MN. Not many wheatlands in this area. Question for you guys, will the loader on this fit on a regular 450? Its a Du-aL loader.
  7. And that is why you have to make up compound swear words!
  8. I went to check on the HRC (human resources command) site this morning, and there it is. MY 20 YEAR LETTER!!!!!
  9. A fully loaded up 56 is hard to beat for style!
  10. But it's soooooo sexy sounding πŸ₯°
  11. I just heard my 1256 with a straight pipe for the first time.......😯 I need to go grab a tissue.....😲🀩
  12. They ain't no fun to do in a HMMWV either. Put a 200 amp alternator in the wayπŸ™„
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