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  1. I saw this on a commentary this morning. Is the USDA really going to look that bad by the end of harvest? DTN Progressive Farmer has done a Digital Yield Tour across the Corn Belt using satellite imagery, rainfall data, temperature maps and other public data. They examined the eastern Corn Belt yesterday and estimated the Indiana and Illinois yields to be 28 bushels per acre less than the USDA estimate and Ohio was 24 bushels per acre lower than the USDA. A final tour yield is to be released later today.
  2. I walked into the living room with a 1911 and a bottle of oil. Drizzled a little oil and started wiping it down, and said "what was it that you are here to talk about?" He took it all in good humor. I also showed him the set of 1871 open tops that she shoots😁, he was nervously impressed! 😂
  3. So this wasn't a surprise to Mrs. Shooter and myself, because the young man came to ask our blessing. But (not so) little shooter #1 is going to be getting married! Best part is neither one of them are extravagant people. She is actually thinking about doing a machine shed wedding! Going to be an interesting next year. One getting married, the last one graduating high school, and me retiring from the Army! Now I really need to get the new shed built!
  4. The new planter worked well this spring. (Other than the predicted marker difficulties). Seems to have put in a real nice stand of soybeans 😁 No, I haven't gotten the hang of end rows yet🤔
  5. +30 basis!????!! We are at -45 for Dec. and -41 current 😧
  6. It's definitely behind this field, but it came thru ok. There may be some other fertility issues on the field also 🤔
  7. Mrs. Shooter and I went walking in the fields this afternoon. All things considered, the crops look pretty good. I had a window to get corn in on may 7th. A lot of guys around here were still putting corn in last weekend. I got the last if the beans in last Saturday. They are already up and looking good. 8 days! some of the corn is showing what looks like phosphorus deficiency. Hopefully comes out of it as the roots go deeper.
  8. A bit newer than mine, does great on 16 row! Nice find😎
  9. 666 with the seed trailer. New to me 16-30" 900 planter.
  10. Here is my spring so far. 1256 finishing up last falls plowing this spring.
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