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  1. We've been putting safflower in the feeder.
  2. Even the birds around here know that RED is the only right color! (Red breasted Grosbeak, for those who don't know birds)
  3. Could there be an alignment issue with the seed drum and manifold?
  4. I was planting beans yesterday with my new to me 900. It was working well, except row 4 was planting at almost 2x the rate! I'm sure it wasn't the monitor reading wrong, because I had to unplug the seed manifold twice. I was planting at about 135k, row 4 was going 245-298k! I should add, the right side was even across all eight rows What's up????
  5. Got the 1256 lightened up for fertilizer cart duty. Had to remove some iron. After that I flopped the duals on. MAN WORK!
  6. That's what I was hoping for! Weekend farmers need all the speed we can get!
  7. It's a horizontal fold. It folds like the Lindsay/Melore drag. Lift up, fold back. Here it is on a RGN trailer to give you an idea how wide it is.
  8. I just realized that I haven't put any pictures on of my new planting rig. šŸ˜² I'm sure people have been banned for lesser infractions šŸ˜œ
  9. To you guys that have one, how well do they pull down the road. I have about 340 miles to bring it home. I looked at the operators manual, they appear to be pretty heavy. I'll be pulling it with the pick up.
  10. I can do a nine shank with the 1256. It does better with the duals on.
  11. amsashooter

    New joke

    Over your own head if she's really badšŸ˜µ
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