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  1. please confirm the white roof is not IHC factory paint, Thanks
  2. Sorry I know you dont like CL ads but this is a new one for me, was this built by international??? 1953 International Moving Van - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)
  3. yes I have driven my 264 travelall san diego to seattle but get higher gears for comfort and its better on the motor, enjoy
  4. Not sure on hub options but those are hard to get, I have a set that was made using the original wheel center, post pics of the truck. USA
  5. Enjoy your trucks we are very blessed. Enjoy your family and keep your IHC original and keep it in your family forever. USA
  6. I am sure you guys saw the old IHC Bus removed from Alaska by Helicopter bc it was famous and in dangerous location. USA
  7. I have 3 trucks with 264 motor, really simple runner I rebuilt one and really baby it with nice oil and it seriously runs like a sewing machine. You can do what you want with that motor if you play with your gears in front/rear end. you should be able to find a core and do it up. In N California if I can help - John
  8. FREE FREE, 1968 IHC Dually flat bed in Yosemite, CA area clean title come and get it. Ran when parked but been sitting for a long time. Solid Body, Too good to crush. Email me at: zechmechanical@hotmail.com if interested. Bless - JOHN
  9. give thanks he is buying I am just looking for him, wow IHC trucks are getting scarce and pricey these days.
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