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  1. I was thinking the same thing. That piece of OSB costs as much as some boats.
  2. They call flying the greyhound ( bus service) of the sky. If you've been on a Greyhound bus out of Chicago. You know what I mean.
  3. Well, things changed for me. Originally we weren't going to attend because the wife wanted to go up North. Then originally governor idiot looked like she was going to ruin the 4th here in the People's Republic of Michigan with her Covid rules pre CDC rule change. Wife got ornery and said no way our son was going to miss out on his first 4th of July. So she started looking at things in Indiana. I made a comment about Red Power being in Illinois. Mostly as a joke. Next thing I know, she's got a house rented within reasonable distance of the show to stay at a couple of days. And we're going
  4. Who says anything about eating them. I want them incenenerated. Make sure nothing survives and comes out.
  5. Problem is both are in short supply anymore
  6. I can't remember. Was it a M&W turbo on it? Or something else?
  7. A D358 can hang right in there too. We have a 786 with the 358. It runs out of traction before you run out of power.
  8. Well, Ammo is too scarce and expensive to waste on clay pigeons anymore. But yet I want to watch something explode, so here we are. 🤔😆🙁
  9. Bet his handlers knew there was such a law. ( Pelosi and Harris)
  10. Sorry I haven't got back to you on our problems with our 3850. Been busy side dressing NH3 and doing 1st cutting hay. My explanations were going to include pictures of what im talking about, hence the delay.
  11. Conway Twitty "That's my Job" is a good one for the list too.
  12. Yes it was. Seriously the Communist did their damndest to keep everyone in. That was the whole point of the Berlin Wall. No information out, or in. Can't leave. They'd shoot you rather than allow that to happen. You guys haven't built a wall along the border or started shooting people trying to leave. But from other descriptions. It isn't much different.
  13. Again, sounds like East Europe during the cold war.
  14. Where do I begin. If they have been developed over several decades of research. Why have these unintended and unknown side effects, however prevalent they may or may not be not discovered ( or disclosed depending on how you look at it) until after the general rollout happened. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine side effects in women as well as the Astra Zeneca effects or the recent findings of inflammation of the heart on young men who took the Pfizer jab. If indeed they have been working on the vaccine delivery system for decades. Wouldn't the effects or possibility of side effects be known
  15. Sounds like the Iron Curtain of Eastern Europe during the Cold War.
  16. How different are the 3800s to the 3850s? We had a 3850 and it worked but it wasn't without it's problems. I can elaborate our issues with it if wanted.
  17. Kinda like Norieaga did in Panama in the late 80s by establishing a bank to launder drug proceeds. State gets their cut and everyone is happy.
  18. RD was a IH built injector pump. They discontinued building it part way through the 06 series production run. They were then switched over to the Roosa Master. To answer your questions Parts for these pumps are very hard to come by and when you do, its going to cost you some money to fix with all those scarce parts. Roosa Master pumps in that era were like dandelions in the spring. They're everywhere and easy to source for parts.
  19. Oliver never had yellow wheels that I'm aware of. They were red for a while then they were white towards the end.
  20. Too much for what it is. Honestly if it were cheaper I would be interested. It's set up like the one I got for cheap at the end of high school and rebuilt the engine ( hydro was still good). Was a sweet tractor for running our square baler. Had it 3 years and early July 2005 I loaned it to a buddy's family to bale hay since they were short a tractor because one went down. Thunderstorm came up on them and they took it to the barn. After they went to the house, lightning struck the barn and set it on fire and my 656 burned with it. I want a narrow 656 gas hydro more for nostalgia sake
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