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  1. Happy birthday, ihfarmer1586,kylec1787,IH88,F30

    Happy birthday guys.
  2. Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    Or a JD 270 diesel. We have one in our backhoe and I swear if you walk by it with a cold drink with ice in it, it won't start without plugging it in.
  3. acytelene price increase?

    That's funny. We just picked up a a tank of Acetylene and a tank of Oxygen last week. The price for the 2 wasn't bad at all. I'll have to ask Dad what exactly he paid for Acetylene.
  4. 540 manure spreader

    When would be a convenient time to talk with you?
  5. 540 manure spreader

    We have a junk 550 that is kinda complete minus the rotted out floor that we have replaced so we could haul firewood with it. I have no idea what condition the gearbox is in as it hasn't been ran in 25 years.
  6. 540 manure spreader

    Areally you referring to the apron chain gearbox?
  7. 86 series top fender mounted lights

    Are you asking about the ones set in the actual fender next to the red tail lights or are you referring to the work lights I've seen mounted on top of the fender?
  8. Value of 966 mfwd

    Seeing you are from Michigan. Where is this at?
  9. whoooooaaaa

    Here in Michigan he never would have made it that far going down the road at that speed (he is moving right along) The roads are so Damn rough that the potholes, heaves, and dips in the road would have had him on his side with the load in the air going down the road at that speed.
  10. Yeah those are Magnum weights.
  11. Odd bearing sources

    The Brillion Culipacker we pull behind behind our grain drill needs bearings on each side of the packer axle. We had a spare one in a cap from a parts packer we had laying around which leaves one left. Dad priced one out through Brillion and walked away with sticker shock. I'm looking for cheaper options to look at. I'm enclosing some pictures of the bearing still in the cap on the one we have. The dimensions of the bearing are 2" ID, 2 1/2" OD, 3 " long. No taper to the bearing, it's the same size on both sides. It's a needle bearing. I tried a place that specializes in bearings but the guy behind the counter said he had never seen something like that so I've struck out so far. When the price of scrap got so high a few years ago a lot of these got scrapped and the ones left the owners are still using so getting one off a parts machine is almost impossible around my neck of the woods. The photos are of the bearing and holder we do have. The ball pulls apart in half, gaining access to the bearing which pulls out after splitting the ball. The last picture is of the one of the old ones still on the packer.
  12. Odd bearing sources

    I'm sorry. I didn't update my progress on this project. It slipped my mind until now. I actually didn't get it torn apart until the last day of March because of other projects. I put the spare bearing from the parts packer on then pulled the other side apart and measured up the wear on everything on that side. I spent some time online typing and came up with some heavy duty needle type bearings with the demensions I needed as well as the necessary durability I needed as well. 3 of them fit perfectly where 1 caged bearing goes. I ordered them and got it all back together last Friday. Hopefully I did OK, it was considerably cheaper than the caged bearing. Here is a picture of what it looks like except mine has bigger rollers inside.
  13. 1486 Hard Start when cold

    Do you mean a Aneroid? If you are AMBAC 100 did not have a aneroid that I know of, at least not in a traditional since that I know of.
  14. IH 5100 Soybean Special

    The trailer idea the same principle as the John Deere 7000 series corn Planters being pulled onto Donahue trailers to be pulled down the road I assume?
  15. Tariff ,Chess

    The same goes with those of us feeding cattle or pigs for slaughter. I'll admit other than my 4-H steers it has never really bothered any of us. Of course if you are brought up from the beginning you consider it entirely normal. Maybe we are a bunch of cold hearted SOBs. I don't know. We give our cattle a good life until it's time to go. I feel good about how we do that. Those of you that deal with the hunting crowd. My hats off to you. You guys have the patience of Saints. Deer hunting in my part of Michigan is such a royal PITA it's unbelievable. We've pretty much shut our ground off for hunting because of all the crap we've dealt with, and even then we catch people trespassing. I use to wonder why my Grandpa when he still owned the main farm would get so grouchy when deer hunting would start then I got my farm and in short time completely understood why he did. I like fall harvest, hate deer hunting.
  16. 7240 tractor fuel gauge display.

    It seems like our luck that on our tractors it is always the bottom sending unit. That way it was a bigger PITA to change.
  17. 110 IH Silage Box

    South Central Michigan. Albion area. If you look at a map of Michigan you will see where I-69 and I-94 cross over each other. Go east along I-94 and you will come across Albion on a map. Why do you ask?
  18. 110 IH Silage Box

    Reminds me a lot of a Kasten silage box.
  19. Tool box

    IHC5488 posted the toolbox and mount. Thank you. Mine didn't have the Case IH logo on it but I did get it as a birthday gift 12 years ago. I'll admit that it is constructed heavier than the original IH toolbox. 12 years later and it still looks good.
  20. 7240 tractor fuel gauge display.

    We also have had a bad connection once. Ours was under the floorpan of the cab where the lead comes off of the auxiliary fuel tank and ties into the wiring harness. it was a intermittent problem but I finally found where it was loosing connection.
  21. 7240 tractor fuel gauge display.

    My experience with Magnum fuel gauges is when the sending unit goes bad the fuel gauge reads every other bar.
  22. Tool box

    The one on my 7120 have a not have a L bracket sticking out. It has a piece with a ledge that sticks out slightly from the frame rail. There is also a eyelet that is in the middle that lines up inside the box with 2 other tabs. There is a rod that goes through the eyelets and tabs. When you want to remove the box, pull the rod, tilt the bottom up away from the tractor to get the eyelet out and away from the toolbox and then lift up and you're off. I'll try to get a picture of the toolbox and bracket either tomorrow or Monday for you to show what I'm talking about.
  23. Tool box

    All the above. The toolbox on our FWA 7120 was dug out of a dumpster by my Dad at my Great Grandfather's auction. A little paint and it looks good. I also have a 30 caliber Ammo box on my H. I can't remember who made the one on my 7120 as it was a birthday present for me. We do have a toolbox like the one pictured above on our 786. If you want originality the IH one is your ticket. If you want a tough toolbox there are other tougher options then the IH one. The IH one is just a stamped steel one out of not very heavy steel. It does the job but don't expect it to not have a ding or 2 in it.
  24. Looks like you need a bigger roof to put them all under. You almost have the entire 86 series lineup. All you need is a 1586, Hydro 186, 786, 686, and a Hydro 86 to complete the collection. Can't wait to see them all fixed up. Enjoy your collection. Someday when I don't have so many irons in the fire I would like to get a 986 for old times sake. We had one when I was growing up.
  25. IH auction

    He had quite a farm toy collection from what my Grandma and Mom said too. From what I was told, he had shelves around all the rooms in the house that he displayed them on. I assume the gravel pit must have been towards the river. I know my Grandma's place was flat until a steep drop off going towards the St, Joseph river.