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  1. Im assuming with the Coulter cart in front? The overall length of them especially when swung into transport would perhaps be a issue? I have personally never seen one. But not saying it's not possible.
  2. Wife has a 2019 Kia Sorento if you want to know about that. Definitely not on my list of favorites vehicles.
  3. Just a thought. But most of their Handlers (Buffet, Gates to name a few) are heavily invested in Railroads. This could be a way to tip the scales in favor of Railroads.
  4. This is red. Add all the taxes it gets worse
  5. 4.24 off road delivered today. 4.39 Gasoline delivered to the farm. That's a painful bill
  6. As of now we're planning on going. 210 miles for us. Probably as close as its going to get to me. And its closer than last year's we went to so it makes sense to try for it.
  7. From what I can tell. The 7100 and 7200 Auxiliary tanks are the same. I compared the tank to the one on our FWA 7120 and it looks identical. And the 2wd 7120 we have is the same. Never had the privilege of being around a 8900 series up close yet to know what the differences in the tanks are
  8. Anyone know of a classic style Magnum that is being parted out? We have a problem with the auxiliary fuel tank on our 7230 bulging out. Far enough in fact that the tank rubbed on the tire and created a hole in it. Examining the tank i figured out what may be the issue. The vertical bracket circled on the diagram isn't there. Whoever had the tractor before us must have had the tank out and never put the vertical brace back on. Eventually without that brace the tank got weaker and bulged out. I managed to get the last used Auxiliary tank Worthington's had but they didn't have the vertical brace. So im looking for one. Yeah, i know i can make something but I'd have to get some C channel the right size because currently we don't have any on hand. And 2 it would be so much easier to find someone who has salvaged a tank but didn't need the brace so it was left behind. Get it and slap it in. No fabrication required. Any help will be appreciated. I have calls out to a few other places hoping someone has one
  9. Same here. I don't think i haven't had to prepay for gasoline in 15 years. The crazy place i don't have to prepay the last i knew but may now is the truck stop we fuel the semi truck up.
  10. We're down to 20 acres of corn to plant. Ran out of starter fertilizer this afternoon and can't get anymore until tomorrow morning. Though there is a decent chance of rain tonight and if it comes to fruition we may not plant again til Tuesday or Wednesday though Wednesday has a decent chance of rain too. Get corn done then switch back to soybeans and finish them up. Since we only have 80 acres in. Did have one big disappointing problem arise yesterday afternoon. The auxiliary fuel tank on the 7230 developed a fair bulge in it and it contacted the wheel and it rubbed a hole in it. Dad got out to fill and the inside of the inside tire was wet and it was drooling fuel. Got the tractor back to the farm and put the dwarf tractor back on the planter like the last 2 years. ( guess its a good thing we haven't gotten that 12 row planter yet ) and kept going while my brother and I drained the fuel from the tractor. Its probably sitting until we're done planting unless we have a prolonged rainy stretch happen
  11. Next day? Compared to a minimum of 2 days if not more? If shipped USPS you'll be waiting a week. Not saying you're not wrong. But sometimes a day makes a big difference in getting something in ahead of weather. If i can be going any quicker. Im willing to pay a little for it. Not 40 dollars for a 10 dollar piece but a little more. That's just absolute highway robbery. Of course maybe im the only one with that type of urgency to get it done.
  12. If its not something you need yesterday. This works fine. If you need it now. Waiting 2 to four days may not be feasible for some to get going again. The story ive heard was they went in thinking the part they needed was in stock. It wasn't. They really needed it and they were there anyway so they went on and ordered it and when they picked it up and saw the receipt they blew a gasket. They expected some shipping but for as small a item it was. Getting hit 40 dollars is BS
  13. One of the bigger ones around. Hutson's. They got their toehold in Michigan when they bought out Bader's and D&G which were both already multiple store dealers already.
  14. Deere dealer operating north and east of here has started charging a minimum of 40 dollars to have parts that are not on stock at the dealer. Imagine buying something that is 8 or 10 dollars and to get it cost 40 no matter what.
  15. Hope your Dad gets to feeling better soon. Not trying to hijack your thread but i have some more pictures from our spring so far. Have 80 acres of beans in then switched to corn and been at that since Monday night. Do ok progress when the planter stays together. We were going to upgrade planters this last year but with shortages and whatnot we didn't get one and we're going one more year with the 6 row. Bought the 7230 last year to pull a 12 row and it ends up on the 6 row
  16. This one was for sale in my neck of the woods 3 years ago
  17. Is it sad that im impressed they actually got someone to actually do this instead of telling someone to do it and find out later it still isn't done.
  18. So what are your ideas smart guy? Nothing ventured is nothing gained so if you don't ask you don't know if someone has what you need or not or will possibly gladly cover your need. Everyone has a off day.( I bet you do too) but i rarely get lit up like you descibe and i am not always the easiest to get along with.
  19. The keyless chucks on our Dewalt cordless drills have worked fine. However we have a Dewalt corded drill that is keyless chuck that doesn't work worth a damn. Stupid thing while drilling starts slipping on the bit no matter how tight it is. Need to do a swap on it sometime
  20. Should show you what sometimes perches on the silos at my house. Try looking up on a hot day and see 3 turkey vultures sitting up there looking at you
  21. I agree 100% As ive mentioned before, im not to far from his area ( about 30 miles southeast of there) so i know the area. But haven't bothered them out of respect for their privacy.
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