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  1. Agreed A number of years back I found a company that makes a tarp kit specifically for combine grain tanks. Has fold down tarp bows and everything. Nice thing about this setup is that the water rolls off instead of polling in the low spots. Here is a picture of the setup on our 2377 in November 2019 after 8 inches of snow.
  2. Gift them some marestail. That will get their attention in a hurry
  3. You legally can only insure so much through the crop insurance program. He was over the limit working 8000 acres. So to get around the cap he would put chunks in other peoples names ( employees, people he rented off of, etc) But at the end of the day, it was all his crop. He pocketed all the money even though according to the Feds it was someone elses grain. Part im not sure on is the the people who's names were on these policys were in on it or not. So far he's the only one being fined. Another favorite of mine is the attempt at burying assets of the farm in his 20 year old grandson's name who has absolutely no prior background or obviously experience. Who do you think is going to be truly running things 🤔🤨. Supposedly the price tag on the operation is 20 million ( fine is 19 million). What 20 year old has 20 million in credit or collateral to put up for that type of a loan? Dad, my brother, a neighbor and I had a conversation on this. All 4 of us together couldn't come up with remotely near the amount of collateral to cover a loan like that. And we all have more experience than the 20 year old grandson. I brought this up as this is the 3rd farm of this scale in the state in the last 9 years that ended up with charges of fraud, racketeering or whatnot. Stamp farms, Boerson Farms ( still haven't got that mess settled yet) and now this one.
  4. My uncle is still doing some roofs and he's 71. Doesn't do it as often as he used to though.
  5. My state seems to have a knack at creating large crooked farming operations that eventually get caught. Here is the latest on right from my own area. https://www.dtnpf.com/agriculture/web/ag/news/business-inputs/article/2022/09/20/us-attorneys-allege-michigan-farmer
  6. Tractor pulls somewhere up that way tonight or Tomorrow night or another gathering if I may ask. You kinda listed the days they are pulling down to Hillsdale is the reason im asking. Im going there to watch the pulls tonight.
  7. Neighbor's mom is riding it out down there. She's up there in years and doesn't get around the greatest and doesn't drive really far from home anymore. Husband died in December. So her, and 2 neighbors are riding it out in her house. His mom, a woman who couldn't leave because of a dialysis appointment yesterday ( and you can't miss those if your kidneys are shot) and her daughter.
  8. Got one of those laying in the toolbox of the 786.
  9. Been thinking this a while now. Its like ive been saying. Its not necessarily that the human species is that smart. Its that everything around us is that dumb. Its like being the top of the class in a special Ed room. It doesn’t make you a Rhodes Scholar.
  10. We have a functional one on our hydralic press I can take pictures of if interested. Readable decal and majority of its paint. Not restored by any means though
  11. MXM's were the wiring nightmares. Not the original MX series that suceeded the 5200 series.
  12. Seems to be long term exposure to sea air makes you dumb as --ll. All the idiots running us down the path were from near the ocean.
  13. Know anyone with a crane truck? That's how we put up augers on our new to us dryer and pulled the top section up. Belongs to a neighbor. Not much but it works.
  14. Forgot to add our collection of saws
  15. We feed 4 outdoor wood boilers on this place. 3 heat houses and hot water. 4th heats the shop and a little well house that houses the pressure tank and well controls for the main farm. That one used to heat my Grandparents house when they were alive and still living there. With the house now empty. We don't heat it anymore. We store a year out supply both in piles outside and inside old corn cribs. The pictures are of everything we cut last winter piled up.
  16. Not sure in this case but it would probably be extremely difficult to do. DV 550s in the wild are as rare as hen's teeth. Probably one of the reasons why this one has a 436 in it. You also have to swap frame rails to go from inline engine to V-8 and vice versa. From the description of this place. Im willing to bet damn good money that he bought it in this configuration. Guys like this would leave the tractor to rust in peace in the weeds rather than put the money and effort to swap out engines and frame rails. So the frame rails that were with it originally are no where near the farm and probably got scrapped a long time ago. Engine is probably long gone too. What you have there is a 1566 with 1568 serial numbers. Its a 1566 in all intents and purposes with the afore mentioned parts MIA. A number of years ago a black stripe 1568 sold at auction near me. 550 had put a viewing window in the block. The engine was long gone but he did have the V-8 frame rails in the barn. Was decaled as a 1566 after the retrofit.
  17. We have the older kid brother to that grain cart. We have a 420.
  18. I found these advertised through Sloan. Named Grain Grabber 2.
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