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  1. Now that I posted this. I can see everything again. Odd.
  2. For some reason I can post a question on here. But can't read anyone else's. Anyone else having this issue ?
  3. Good roads then? Here in Michigan we find tire casings all over the place from blowouts. Road alligator is slang for that here.
  4. You guys haven't seen nothing until your Dad runs a road alligator into a rotor . Dad was running beans at my place. He was running along the road and the field runs right next to the road with little between the 2. Apparently a truck had blown its tire there and the tread casing flew into the field. Dad was running dusty beans into the western setting sun and didn't see it. It went in and bound the rotor up tight. Took 5 hours, chain, backhoe, the big wrench with a cheater pipe on it with 2 guys on it to finally clear it out.
  5. Different setup. More like a 30 series IH 2wd. The slap shift on the speed gear shift is the high and low sides of the same gear through the Torque Amplifier.
  6. Sorry for your loss. It is always there unfortunately. In a perfect world I would have had one more brother about 2 years older than me. Something happened 6 1/2 months into the pregnancy and they lost him.
  7. Brother lives in Jackson? I live 20 miles West from there. Albion/Concord area. I'll see what is happening on the farm when the time comes if I can make it. Hopefully I can.
  8. Nice 7120. What year is it? We have 2 7120s. Both 1990 models. One a FWA and another 2wd. Also recently added a 2wd 7230. Funny you call yours a old girl at 4300 hrs. Both of our 20s have that beat by far. The 2wd is approaching 8000 hrs and the FWA is over 9000 hrs. Even the 30 we just bought is higher hrs than that
  9. Anyone live near Sumner Iowa and know about or attended the Leyh farm auction held by Sweeney Auction Service? Saw someone post about the crazy prices there. A 1979 3588 with what was claimed to be 3050 hrs on it sold for 34,000 dollars. Nice tractor by the pics but wasn't original because the cab paint scheme was like a 60 series instead of a 30 series 2+2. What gives?
  10. Here are pictures of what we've got to work with. Gravel company is supposed to rake this and then we finish cleaning up. Hasn't happened yet. So I doubt we get the hay the cousin wants planted on it this year. That's the worst of it as we have more to reclaim.
  11. Seriously? They painted it and put new decals on it. But couldn't be bothered to at least come up with a fuel cap for the tank. So we run it around looking like a Molotov cocktail.
  12. The one in person auction was 15 miles from home. Consignment sales are held twice a year in one location which is 27 miles from home. The other is held once a year in the spring and is 31 miles away. I don't remember now if they held that one this spring or not. When I was at the auction a number of years ago with the round baler I should have bought. We were 45 miles from home. Saw one other guy we knew with his son.( they bought a New Holland 315 square baler with a kicker at the auction) that was it. No one else. Here a very large majority of the auctions are online only. Neighbor sold out and was online only last fall.
  13. Webasto. Some German company. The first I heard problems with them was the fact that in a rainstorm, the hardtop was as leaky as a screen door for a hatch on a submarine. Then I talked to someone who was on the inside that yeah. They were I'll fitting at best. He wouldn't say outright that it was the wrong dimensions that were manufactured. But it was insinuated that there was this issue and a breakdown of communication.
  14. Problem around here is. 1, farm auctions aren't as plentiful as they use to be. You are traveling a ways to go to one and chances are you're not running into people you know if you're far from your home base to have a social event. 2, the rise in online/ not in person auctions. In the last year and a half I can list only one in person farm sale around me. Everything else has been online sale.
  15. Working at reclaiming another part of the gravel pit on my Uncle's. You have it easy compared to us. Should take a picture of all the rocks that are still there.
  16. Never used a plow beam but we do have a cultivator beam as part of our homemade header cart for our corn head.
  17. Same here. We've been to more auctions that at the end of them the only thing we've accomplished is burn through part of a day with nothing to show for the time spent. We've only walked away from from a auction pi--ed that we didn't buy something 3 times. One time was a 5220 Maxxum with low hours. In the long run that turned out to be the right decision because a couple years later I bought our second 7120 Magnum which is big enough for most the stuff we need, wher as the 5220 would have been left behind as the equipment got bigger. Blessing in disguise. 2nd time. I went to a consignment sale where they were selling a bunch of thrower racks on running gears. One of our boxes had fallen apart and was unrepairable and I went hopping to score a deal on one. Boy was I wrong. Damn bidding took off on them all and I didn't score a one. Problem was I missed out on the Silage Special John Deere round baler with all the fixings that sold for cheap. They sold it and Dad and I looked at each other and said "did that just sell for what we think it sold for?! SOB. That is one I screwed up on. Ended up building a new box on the existing running gear which wasn't this good of a gear. The other one was Dad getting stubborn and not buying one of the New Holland 358 feed grinders that sold North of us. Dad has made a bunch of excuses why he didn't go in more on any of the working 2. I wasn't able to bid as the wife and I were having a baby when the sale closed. Still mad about that one as we still haven't found a decent grinder in our price range.
  18. I've heard something very similar from multiple sources but it being a genuine verifiable source. No.
  19. Heritage Iron is one of my favorites
  20. We have a set of them that we removed from my Uncle's AC 190xt when we mounted the Farmhand loader on it for him. He said he had no use for them and told us to keep them. We haven't found a use for them ourselves and are sitting in the old woodshed with lumber and misc parts we haven't needed yet. Here's a pic of them on a parts diagram I have of his tractor when I worked on the hydraulics last spring. Ordered the service manual and got the parts catalog too.
  21. This is a public service reminder to be careful around power lines when working in lifts and the likes. Local elevator is putting up a large grain bin and upgrading the leg and grain dryers to boot. Of course there is a construction company in there doing all this with a full crew. Apparently last Tuesday afternoon 2 guys were working on one of those telescopic man lifts near some high voltage power lines. Something went wrong between the operator moving it and it jerked him up into the power lines. 14000 volts caught him in the head. There was another guy in the basket with him but was quick enough and jumped from it. Broken arm, leg, collarbone, concussion. But bailing probably saved his life. Kid didn't have a pulse when they got to him but was resuscitated and sent to U of M hospital in a coma. They pulled the plug Thursday. No brain activity whatsoever so clinically brain dead. Young guy in his early 20s and left behind a fiancee and young son.
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